Virgo Scorpio Compatibility

Virgo Scorpio compatibility, ask compliments each other, page work well together, website like this and make quite a perfect union together. The Virgo partners are a little shy and timid and hence will admire the Scorpios poise, strength and stubborn nature and would trust them very easily. The Virgo feels, that the Scorpio understands what the Virgo is feeling or going through effortlessly, and this works very well for the Virgos! The Scorpios add emotional stability to their relationship.

The Scorpio is an emotional partner and prefers to take control over the relationship, and the Virgo wont mind it at all, as the Scorpio give them a lot of space. The Virgo is willing to give the power in the Scorpio’s hand as they are on the gentler side.
When in a relationship, initially the Scorpio partner would be very talkative, but as time passes the role reverses, and the Virgo partner becomes the chatty one, this is a very normal trait of the Scorpio partner, they become the silent lover once they are comfortable with their partner.

The Virgo is analytical, intellectual and at times can become overly critical which is not like by the Scorpio partner, as they cant stand being criticized. Both the Scorpio and the Virgo partner like alone time, and are not very sociable. The self confidence of the Scorpios make them super sexy, any other person in front of a Scorpio will feel low in self confidence, so its always better to just enjoy their self-confidence.

When it comes to physical intimacy, here again, the Scorpio leads and the Virgo enjoys being lead. The Scorpio tempts the Virgo to indulge into all sort of passionate things. Together they enjoy the intimacy to the fullest. In the long term of their scorpio virgo relationship, the Virgo will realize that the Scorpio appreciates its style and confidence to live life.

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Virgo and Scorpio compatibility ratings

Compatibility:               4

Communication:         5

Sexual chemistry:        4

Ratings are out of 5

Virgo Woman and Scorpio Man

The Virgo woman and the Scorpio man together make a powerful combination. Both the signs enjoy doing their jobs well and are likely to be very adept at whatever they do. To impress the Virgo woman, it is very important for the Scorpio man to be dressed well, in fact, very well. Appearances play an important role in a Virgo woman’s life. If you are saying something to the Virgo woman, you better mean it; otherwise don’t say it at all. She likes small gifts and likes to know that she has been noticed.

In order to be noticed by the Scorpio man, the Virgo woman first has to show her efficiency and her power. The Scorpio man lusts for power. If he has not noticed you for the first time, he will never notice you again, so in this case, first impression is the last one.

The romance in this relationship comes late, after all the understanding is done. This combination likes to lie beside each other and sweet talk. This relationship has a secret hidden affection. The Virgo woman and the Scorpio man would make a wonderful work partner and also great friends. Any project they will undertake together is bound to be successful.

Virgo woman and Scorpio man are very satisfied when it comes to physical intimacy. It’s like a ritual to them. They know what the 1st move is and what the second is.

If it’s over between this combinations, they do have a certain amount of trouble to let go, but when they realize that it’s for their benefit, they move ahead, without dragging their relationship.

This Scorpio and Virgo combination is great for marriage. Both the partners are devoted and completely loyal to each other. They will always try their level best to keep all sorts of negative elements away from their relationship. In their relationship, everything has a definite start and finish; rules are well defined. To understand deeply you need to study compatibility based on entire birth charts.

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Scorpio Woman and Virgo Man

The Scorpio woman and the Virgo man are a very unlikely combination, and have the capability to destroy the best in each other, after they have had their share of initial obsession. Scorpio is a very strong sign and if it’s a Scorpio woman, then her interest is power, which has base of sexual skill, whereas the Virgo man is not very interested in power, but in integrity and uprightness. The one common point between them could be their desire towards any object. The Scorpio woman will always look for some sort of sexual connect, where as the Virgo man is in the lookout for his soul mate. Hence this combination is very unlikely to date.

In the relationship between a Scorpio woman and the Virgo man, usually the Scorpio woman is the one who chooses him. She likes to move fast, and all the Virgo man can do is willingly participate. The Virgo man is very romantic but she is not satisfied with just romance, she leans towards sex and emotions. In this combination, it’s the Virgo man’s job to balance their relationship. She is his fantasy, and at times it is hard for him to believe that his fantasy is coming true!
If it is over, it’s not pleasant, as the Scorpio woman has the reputation of being bad, if it doesn’t work out her way. And if the Virgo man decides to end, he will do it very carefully, keeping his honor untouched.
When it comes to friendship, they can be exceptionally good friends. The Virgo man helps the Scorpio woman sooth her life and she supports him and gives him the required push towards his career. As friends they will gel perfectly and will have a lot to talk and chitchat. It can be a decent marriage, only if the attention is on work, making a family and having kids. Both these signs in their very own way are perfectionists.

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  1. Every thing that was said about a male scorpio an a female virgo was true. i was just intersted to see what info about my realationship. I am married to my sweet heart now for three yrs . we have dated for eight an have had one child. I would like some info about aquarius males thanks:)

    • why? is the Aquarius your secret lover?



      • Their sun signs aren’t the only contributing factor to their overall birth chart. They also have many planets to consider. Even if they’re great matches in the sun, they could be polar opposites when it comes to their rising, moon, mars, (ect.) signs. Also, things such as race, upbringing, and experiences may contribute towards the poor relationship.
        Sorry to hear that it’s bad for them.

      • Sorry to hear your parents aren’t working it out well enough, but I have to disagree with your statement. Yes, I am married to my sexy hunny bunny and we do really get along well, yet when we bicker it can get a bit chaotic but in the end we truly do seem to understand, and love one another… Maybe it does sound as if your parents don’t get along at times, but sometimes just as any couple in the world, there are times when things are a bit hectic so they alleviate their anger amongst one another, yet in the end they love each other enough to mend their bickering and remain united.

        • Some situations like with parents and their relationships aren’t always as simple as this. Both my parents are pisces and we should get along great, but they both seem a bit superficial to me. Im scorpio and I personally get along INCREDIBLY well with literally every single Virgo in my life, its just such a dynamic back and forth of mutual trust and good communication that we can’t help but get along. What I have seen is when the Scorpio doubts themselves they look at the Virgo differently and that always hurts the relationship. The key is honesty.

          As for the aquarius thing, iv’e found that aquarius deep down is very affected by judgement, they really care what people think about them, even, no, especially if they don’t let on to it at all.
          They can be a bit superficial, I can almost see them think, but that doesn’t mean their not good people. They don’t always understand my approach to things, but when I work at meeting them where they are we get along great.

      • well then you should see me and my boyfriend hes a virgo in a scorpio and were almost perfect together no problems at all between us. it aslo depends how much time they spend together me and my bf only get like a couple hours

        • what do you do together to make things spicy lol if you get what im saying. im the scorpio and my bf is the virgo. and i have a hard time getting him to get mt romantic side. we have no other probs we are great together im just want him to come on the me going to you know? like that feeling when you first meet!

          • tracey Hi Bobbi Yes, as a farm animal one is coemtplely reliant on the kindness and vegetarian lifestyle of the farmer I think well looked after pigs must have rather wonderful lives all that food and mud to roll about it, surely that would be at least a little relaxing?

    • i am also a scorpio boy and going to marry with virgo girl <3<3

    • As I think you know, I’m a rabbit, and also a Pisces no wodner I hate conflict, love creative stuff, am crap at business and am hopeless at speaking or doing anything in front of an audience (that catwalk show was a major challenge!). That fabric in the dress is definitely Japanese did you know that the Japanese have a legend about a rabbit living on the moon and pounding sticky rice to make cakes?

  2. wow! this doesn’t mean that i’m a virgo but i’m very impressed… and certainly agree.

  3. I’m a Scorpio man and I dated a Virgo woman and I can tell you the devoted and loyal part is not always true since she left me to go out with other guys all the while she told me she loved me and wanted a life with me. They are not true to themselves let alone the man their with. They will always hit the road when they are bored with the relationship they are in.

    • Not true in all cases – I am a virgo woman with a scorpio man and although this is fun to read it isn’t set in stone – it all depends on the individual – just because your unfaithful ex was a virgo it doesn’t mean we are all the same. Fidelity is incredibly important to me, I would never stray and wouldn’t even think about it – I hope you meet someone who deserves you x

    • this isn’t always true, not all virgo’s are like that. youre a stubborn scorpio. thank you come again

      • Mychel Magruder

        Haha very funny! good stuff… i was born on 9\11. virgo’s dont get the credit we deserve. especial in bed. everyone thinks scorpio’s are the freaks of the zodiac but remember we want everything to be perfect in bed. i dont cheat. being the blunt virgo woman i am, i will just break up with the person if i feel i am goin to cheat on. scorpio’s arent the freaks they are the insensatives ones of the zodiac. most are double standard. most are stubborn, but they tend to make u believe that they are someone else when u start dating them. then outta nowhere boom, there true nature shows. your x probably left because your just started to be yourself….

        • This is so not true when we find the one to be with er are so loyal and true.maybe it just was not meant to b.

      • True, if Scorpios aren’t humble and willing to understand, they might as well just not even talk with anyone, let alone Virgos!

    • Ta-Tanica

      I have to agree with you Mark on that one. I got married to a virgo man and it turned out your Right there not true to them selfs and all they do is feed you a bunch of lies and bull shit.

    • That is not always the case it depends on the person and their upbringing environment.. I am virgo and have been married for 22 years and it has never crossed my mind to cheat or leave my husband. So you cant blame everyone that is a virgo because of one bad person maybe it just wasnt the right person for you.. I hope you find your soul mate rather it is a virgo or someother sigh..

    • This is so untrue it is not even funny. You might have been one who found one of the rare virgos that acted this way. I am a virgo and I can tell you, I always stay loyal to my friends, family and especially my partner! Even when I am bored in a relationship and not getting what I need fully I never stray. I know things will pick up. If they don’t and we decide we need to split then I will go my own way, but never before. Most Virgos do not cheat and are not like that.

    • im a Virgo girl and yes sad to admit its true some Virgos are not always loyal after the relationship loses its sparks. i find that when the sparks are gone i dont see a reson to continue the relationship. as for what she said, it might be that she was trying to get the spark back, iv found myself doing this a few times, saying things you dont always mean to get the man to give you more attention to bring back the sparks but it hardly ever works.

  4. I am a scorpio woman and i am happily with a virgo man he makes happy in every way and makes me feel like no one has ever made me feel i dis agree i love my virgo man and will never do anything to hurt him i will do ANYTHING or him yes some of it is true we like sex but every relationship needs a sexual connection but no not every scorpio woman moves fast so their is alot of things that are true and a lot of things i disagree with i’ll put it that way

  5. waenhir

    Agree with marie too. Scorpio woman here. It was my virgo man who wanted to get into the sex first and he seduced me into it. Until today I am still surprised at how good he was at the seduction and catching me off guard and willing on the first date which I would never ever do with other men! What was more amazing about him is that while i thought it was only a one night stand, he came back, not for more sex but for connection. He is so cute and great to spend time with although he is a little controlling and suspicious at times but it isn’t overbearing and he can be pacified easily too. I crave sex more than he does but when he gets into it, he can be quite the lover in bed.

    • Waenhir, I completely agree with you. I am a Scorpio woman and I met my Virgo the same way. In the begining I must say that he was more sexual than I, but with time comes comfort, and everntually I opened myself completely. The Scorpio is the freak in this relationship, though he would argue, lol. I honestly couldn’t see myself with anybody else. He completes me in ever aspect, like a river running along a bank. Earth and water.

    • I completely I agree, my Virgo man was a virgin and we both wanted to wait. He was the one who ended up seducing me! And I was surprised at how amazing of a lover he was for his first time, the chemistry is just fire. He loves to be the one in control, but I like it that way:)

  6. wow. this is totally true for me and my boyfriend. he’s a virgo. that’s really interesting.

  7. what they said about female (scorpio) and male (virgo) is true in a way but, not true. be and my boyfriend have been dating for a year. although i do like alone time. sometimes it’s to much. i don’t understand how it is unlikely for this realtioship to happen. we both complete eachother. and work very well togeather as we do apart.

  8. Please 1 a lot more post about that..I need to have this post to complete my assignment in the college, and it has same subject with your article. Thanks, wonderful share.

  9. I’m a virgo woman and I’m in a realtionship with a scorpio man (for 3 years). Allot of what this is saying is very true. My scorpio is VERY demanding and loves to be in charge. This relationship is like none other that I’ve ever experienced. It takes the most work but has been the most rewarding with regards to love and loyalty. My biggest problem with my scorpio is his attitude, he can be very NASTY and that is a deffinite turn off.

  10. John Smith

    Umm…. What about gay couples? Does the division of one partner being a man and one a woman change anything?

    • VirgoNScorpLuv

      I don’t think it would make any difference with a gay couple. Signs are true no matter if it’s male/female, female/female or male/male. I am a female Virgo dating a female Scorpio & it is very true about the whole Virgo/Scorpio compatibility. I really don’t think it matters what sex you are. It’s all about the signs & person!

    • Jhonatan

      As a Virgo gay dating with a Scorpion man I have to say many things I read here happens to us….. My scorpion almost all the time take the control when we are heading to sex… He is so confident and make me understand he is my complement in our life…. We’re also not so social maybe because gay couples are not so common here in my country Dominican Republic. Anyway he is so sentimental, proud, very sex active me by the other hand so hard worker, perfectionist, sexy, a little bit shy, easy to handle when it comes to live the life.

  11. the one with the woman scorpio and man virgo i think was wrong because me and my partner are nothing like that

  12. I met my bestfriend and boyfriend in 8th grade and the attraction was immediate. I am a virgo woman and he is scorpio male. Almost everything was exact. we are both extremely loyal… As a virgo i am always loyal and never even think about cheating! I could wait years for the right guy to come along also…

  13. hi im a virgo female n although im with a Sagittarius at the moment, i was once with a scorpio for 2 years. IT WAS HELL. i mean, alot of this was accurate for me, BUT he wasnt loyal. at all. 2 years of cheating over and over and over again. It WAS correct in saying it took a while to let go. for both of us. But we both realized (like it said) that it was for the best and now we are living separate lives. Even though the relationship ended the way it did and even though there was always loyalty problems, that was the ONLY problem. Everything else just… clicked. Im not saying that all scorpios are cheaters. And im not saying that if ur in a virgo/scorpio relationship, its not gonna work. Because chances are, it will :] My case was just the exception. The potential was there, he just didnt make good choices and tht had nothing to do with his sign.

    On another note. I find it a bit humorous that virgo/scorpio relationships are so smiled upon and virgo/saggitarius relationships are known to be a disaster, yet 1 yr in and the happiness i feel now is far greater than any ive felt with scorpio.
    Ironic? i believe so lol

    If youre in a virgo/scorpio relationship, i wish u the best of luck :]
    may u have the happiness that this compatibility assures you <3

    much love, Kira.

  14. well im talking to a virgo man nd im a scorpio woman there are some mysteries lingering around dat still has me wondering nd even tho committment still hasnt been officail yet nd usually i like a straight forward its still is good to be patient in the end cuz to scare a virgo away might leave you scard for good trust i have a best friend nd hes a virgo also :)

    • same here. my bestfriend’s a virgo. and we compliment each other. and it seems like he’s hard to get but I can feel that he really likes me. and he wanted me to wait for him.

    • Confused Saf

      I am sort of dating a virgo male who has a relationship with someone else. Do not ask me how I got into that one for that is not my style as I am a very jealous and possessive scorpio female. I try to understand his moods. I am intense and he is scared by that intensity. So being someone who loves my space and not trusting easily, I go with the flow and back off but when I do he says I neglect him all the time. Hmmm! I cannot get him to open up at times like right now as I am feeling rather neglected since I need my now time too as the other person that he has. He told me he loves me lately and that was a big shock for he does not talk about his feelings and I tell him many times that he is cold and heartless and do not care about me. Do not know if I believe him. You would spend time with someone you love as much as possible right? Guess it does not help my situation much as he is a committed person who dedicates himself with his other relationship or lets say has invested too much into it to leave. I do not want him to leave her for me…I want him to do it for himself because it would make him happy. I mean there is a reason he cheated in the first place right? I think he is confused right now as in what to do regarding still seeing me. I feel he likes what we have so he wants to keep faithful me rest down, just in case, knowing that the scorpio me will be committed to the end. That is causing me to feel very resentful which is why as much as I love him and we are good together, I am thinking of breaking it off for my peace of mind. I want a secure, meaningful long-lasting relationship. Have some decisions to make…so confused!

      • If he is with someone else, I promise you if he leaves her, he will do the same to you. That has nothing to do with signs and everythimg to do with that person and their bad decisions. The problems with most relationships now days, is nobody knows what they want. And when they finally do find someone they want, they take it forgranted, and as soon as things get rough, they start looking else where. A word of advice, you can fall in love with anyone, and even on those days when you don’t “feel” in love, work at it… if you don’t have to work at it, chances are it’s not worth it.

  15. Hello all! Im scorpio lady and I’ve been w/ my virgo man for 5yrs and he’s the one that’s not shy in our relationship. But he’s the best he treats me better then my 2 boyfriends from the pass I just hope this one last. I have always been cheated on im hoping and praying he don’t mess up something good.

  16. Scorpio man & Virgo woman

    All seems to be pretty close . My girlfriend (Virgo), ended up lying , manipulating and cheating on me with a heroin dealer . Shot up for almost 2 weeks at his hotel and never changed her clothes or anything . When I called family and friends to try and figure something out they all told me horrible lies she had said about me . I loved her with all my heart and was working us into getting a place together . Her friends told me later on that she was a liar and manipulator and that because I wouldn’t mentally be broken down by her tactics she used me as a excuse to party . Now she constantly calls and emails me trying to get me hurt even more with a rollercoaster of manipulation. I keep telling her that she is exposed and to just be honest but she doesn’t and blames me for everything . I’ve thought that she might be a sociopath , all the traits and red flags are there . So I looked on mugshots and discovered she has 17 prior felonies . All drugs , assaults , thefts I was completely shocked . So now I’m worried about a disease . If she’s having random sex with druggies and using needles I should be very nervous .

    • Indeed you should! Im sorry about that, reality is not always fair. Good luck, I mean it!

  17. I’ve been with a scorpion male (I’m a virgo female) for about 3 years, on and off. A lot of what is written here is true. But, I’m as passionate as he is and he’s as perfectionist as I am. He also likes a powerful woman, in some ways even dominant! He can let me take the reigns because of my stubborn personality, so he steps down his dominant side a bit. I love my alone time as well as he does, and I’ve made sure I’ve laid down those rules. We both respect that. I have let go of the relationship before easily, whereas he hardly lets go…often, swimming his way into getting back together. We now how to satisfy each other in bed and we both strive to satisfy each other.

    I’d also like to add that he is more focused in sex, and a connection of that type is all he needs. I, on the other hand, can be infatuated with the sexuality part at the beginning but will quickly get bored because I crave a deeper intellectual connection. I make up for that by surrounding myself with friends. He’s actually taken notice, and tries to be as satisfying as possible in that sense.

    We’ve worked our relationship by respecting each other boundaries and getting to know each other deeply. I can be very cold and unromantic but he tries to bring that out in me. I guess we do have a good connection after all. I hope this helps others Virgo-Scorpion pairs :-)

  18. VirgoNscorpluv

    I do believe the Virgo & Scorpio compatibility is a very strong magnetic one. I am a female Virgo with a female Scorpio & I have to say the chemistry is explosive (in a great way). My previous relationship was also with a Scorpio & it was also explosive. That relationship lasted for 8 yrs (off & on). I say off & on because she cheated. Sooo, this Virgo can’t stand for any disloyalty & dishonesty I broke it off. I cut all ties with her until eventually she found a way to contact me & I loved her soo much that I decided to try it one more time. The second time around it was great but unfortunately my luv for her was not the same. (Once you cheat on a Virgo you will NEVER get the same Virgo you 1st had). Now, my current relationship is with another Scorpio & so far so good can’t complain. She is hot, magnetic & so freaking mysterious it freaking kills me! All of you Scorpios out there can you please tell me what the hell is up with the mysteriousness & deep eye contact??!! I love it but I want to know what the hell are you guys thinking! My girl is killing me with her stares (I LUV IT BUT I CAN’T READ HER & for a Virgo that’s a killer). So yes Virgos & Scorpios are definite a match made in heaven if both signs can learn to relax & stop being so stubborn!!!

    • Marie-Lynn

      Im A Virgo(Female) Dating A Scorpio(Female) Too & I Totally Agree With VirgoNScorpLuv. She Gives Me Them Deep Looks & I Can Never Read Them Either, But Everythinq We Do Together Is What I Love The Most & Everything About Her. We Been Together For Almost 9 Months Now, Were Going Throuqh Touqh Times Right Now Because Of School But Were Still Going Strong No Matter What ! I Hope You Guys Relationship Goes Well.

      • CrystalLove

        How is the sex with a Scorpio female? I’m a female and there is this crush between me and this scorpio female? I was told Virgos get bored easily. Which is true because I’m a virgo myself. But I was told by many that scorpios bring the other side out of virgos and we become like monsters in bed. Also are scorpios more emotional that virgos and extremely vengeful?

        • Yeah if a scorpio is not humble, their life can be ruled by anger, revenge, and sadness. As for being emotional, yes, VERY, but in a good way, a very thoughtful and complementary way.

  19. So true my scorpio man is the best lover i ever had he gets me to do things i never thought i would. He could just touch me and i melt love him so much and yes we have our problems but i love him no matter what

  20. I’m a scorpio female and I recently met a virgo male. Yes, he was shy initially but for some reason he’s not been so with me. I don’t consider myself controlling, unless its about how the laundry is folded! Lol. But I digress… this man is a work of art to me. He’s one of the sweetest, gentlest men I’ve met in a very long time and I can’t wait to see what unfolds! He makes my heart smile!

  21. I am a scorpio female & my Fiance is a virgo male ! the theory was accurate for the most part haha. but the part about us being friends if we were to ever break up will NEVER happen lol i just cannot be his friend we have been together for too long for me to be “just a friend” but thank God we know what it takes to make “our” relationship work :) i just like to roam through different sites about our compatibility !

  22. As a straight Virgo female, I met a Scorpion male just last week when I was on a training course. I have never known chemistry like it. I thought it was visible from outer space. I love the sound of his voice and I completely agree with what you’ve said about the eye contact – it is quite uncanny and beyond intimate. I am finding already that it is hard to pin him down in words exactly what he wants and how he feels about me but I am willing to drop my defences and give this incredibly masculine man a fair go. Good luck everyone!

  23. I am a female Scorpio and have been with my female Virgo (wife as of 2008) for 17 years. We have had our rough patches, but what I can say is this is an amazing love combination. It takes time to build the trust between the two of you, which you so desparately need to completely open up to another, but once you do watch out! You have the capacity for soulmate relations with incredible, spiritual, out of body experience love-making. Never, never, cheat on the other. You can’t get back that connection if you do (breaking trust). Stay honest even if it means hashing out some tough stuff. As a Scorpio that’s what I want. Also don’t let me be a turd. Call me on my crap. I will respect you for doing that which makes me a better person/partner. The eyes thing. That’s just us scorps trying to see what’s going on inside your head, or we are trying to seduce you to the boudoir. After all, that’s where Scorp and Virgo can drop all the negative dalliances and remind eachother of why they are together and what it is really all about–deep passion and pure love. Stick it out with the one who gets you like no other. It will be worth it.

  24. im a virgo male and im talking to a virgo female could that be possible??? i never been or talked to a scrapio female???

  25. I am a Scropio female married to a Virgo male. He was shy when we were first met (where we were just friends), it took him awhile for him to have the gut to tell me that he likes me, and he even said it in a very shy way, like whisper in your ear “I think I like you” followed by a kiss. Once we have became bf/gf he got some jealousy problem but it was all understandable (being a scropio I like my own space and freedom, so that cause plenty of arguments between us, but we somehow always work it out). Like his sign, he gets a little possessive of me. As a bf or husband, he is not the romantic type but he will surprise me once in awhile (also he is not very creative on this side of business, so just give him some hint). Few things for sure, he will always remember our anniversary of our wedding, when did we become bf/gf, and birthdays. He also know how to take care of me. When I was pregnant, he did all the housework after he came home from work, and cook me dinner. Now, after the baby has arrived he helps feeding, changing diaper, bathing, cleaning the bottles, and other related housework. I can’t complaint too much about it.
    Ok, after all the goods, here is the bad: he will critize me how the floor isnt clean enough…etc, how I shouldn’t use the computer for too long, what i am eating that unhealthy, and get pissed at some situation that you can avoid and stay pissed for a long time. He is like a big baby sometime…and he will expect you to comfort him and let him whine. Yes, he will stay mad longer than me. Sometimes I would have to back down, so he will feel that he is important to me (sometimes he literaly do that just to see how much you are into him). Overall, good husband and good father. Bad social skill.=p

    • Jenny, I have to agree with you. However my Virgo(Male) was quite the opposite. He was very straight forward when we were dating and I appreciated that because it made me have to be less forward. I don’t have a problem letting my guy lead but I do have a problem when I think the way he is doing so is wrong. I am guilty of control issues and that’s where we butted heads. I had to back down a lot but since he was so into me, he translated it into maybe I wasn’t as into him.
      He constantly looked for that reassurance but other people got in his head so much, he backed right out of the relationship before it began regardless of what I tried to tell him.

      I believed that we shouldn’t take things so fast as opposed to what the site says of Scorpio women. Here again, he read that wrong. I liked the possessive side of him, because I have it too. However, I can control my actions where he may not have been able to. Sorry to say he broke it off with me because he just couldn’t shake his insecurity about me not wanting to be with him; I did want to be with him, very much so. (Ain’t that some BS) He said I took too long to make my decision to become his girlfriend.
      We were seeing each other for two months exact(i DO NOT think that was too long of a time to be with him before making it official, but then if we were already acting like a couple I don’t see why he had to push so much for the title. isn’t that what the girl does? I felt like I was the guy in this situation (the one who doesn’t want to commit so fast). The time together was perfect and he admitted he was head over heels for me, I was perfect to him (He was talking marriage, kids…which made me kind of say (with a grin might I add), SLOW DOWN but that’s only right. Two months is not a long time, here again.

      I was going to accept being his girl right at that point but when I said yes, he said no! I don’t know if it is his stubborn attitude that I should have said it when he wanted me to but that’s ridiculous. We definitely fooled around so it wasn’t about lack of sexual contact (I never gave it up though, but he respected that).It’s been four days and now we aren’t talking and he made it a point to say he is getting back out there “in the dating game”, which I know is a lie (he knows we complimented each other amazingly and we were near the end of our dating phase into the actual relationship. Why start over?). I can’t pinpoint this situation and what to do at all. He did seem to stay upset longer than I do and let stuff worry him more than I did. Should I just give him time to breathe and try and get him back or what?

      I don’t give up so easily and I want what I know should be mine. Help!

      • Erm, i have enough virgo relatives & bf in my life to grant me suffice experience. Do u know earth signs are very particular fussy about who they want as mates. Alot of virgo are capable of surviving without a partner & choose to marry much much later in life in order to find the right one. They are quite detached (not much of that passionate clingy cant-live-w/o-u stuff) especially at the start but as such, they easily maintain cool calm dispositon OR ICY COLD about attachments. My unt said to her bf when he let her turn up alone at his first family gathering: Either u come here or u’ll nv c me again (He’s a nice guy btw n everything was fine up until then) & she aint lonely- shes perfectly fine with plenty of guy friends which are platonic. My other relative refused to get married until many many years breaking up with a cheater yet she was happy all those years with busy personal life of family & friends. My cuz used to chastise almost every girl his serial-dating bro likes. This is how my bf of 7 years ask me to be his gf: Will u be mine & if u reject me, I’ll never disturb u ever again forever? Mmmh talk about passionately in love wanting a person: nuh-uh. His besty whose a virgo so so desperate for a gf yet with a nice girl in front of him: mmh shes a bit wild (but his wild himself) Theres always something that will hold them back when it comes to love. They’re fussy ok? But this same fussiness ensures a level of DECENCY of the kind of mostly gd people they let into their lives! They don’t like ppl with drama or attitude or disobedience, no nonsense, they like well-behaved decent goody ppl so thats great too. v v detached AND THEY SURVIVE JUST PERFECTLY FINE & HEALTHY w/o wanting somebody. In fact, its friends who come after them ask them out after many years. They aint a CHASER, if u know what I mean, not like leos or taurus or cancers who will come right after u with ardour amour passion. No, virgos DO NOT CHASE or hang on. Thats why when they do FINALLY settle down after such hard discriminating process HAH, than u’ll c their controlling & possessive & jealous & demanding side if u ever cause any reason for them to feel that way. Still, the things they demand of others, they GIVE AWAY just as much OR MORE of themselves w/o calculating. Btw, as much as they’re fussy, virgos do get fooled by geminis who are able to attract them with their happy cheery funloving positive disposition thinking they’re all good but only to find out later, in the commitment & responsibility department, they are worlds apart. Geminis are the one who can make virgo forget their hard critical ways.. ironically, n even bully them cos they’re so taken in by geminis attractive sunny ways which brighten up their harder side (not just lovers, for family siblings too). For virgos, their love dont come cheap & by that i mean, they don’t just give themselves to anyone less of devoted committed to them (even if on their part they can be detached)but when they DO give themselves, they really are freely of service to the person (lover, family, friend) u can be sure of a job well done be it party logistic, responsibilities, children upbringing, taking care of seniors, sourcing out good presents & needs of family. Love department, mmh, unless u inspire much love attraction appeal to them, they can be absent-minded. Ive had lots of virgo friends and relatives who when they care about me they are really concerned & take great pains over every little thing to perfect my needs to ensure im well cared for but THESE same people hehehehe to their partners, unconciously- sometimes not THE SAME LEVEL to their other halves. They DO EXPECT their partners to adhere to certain standards & protocol though. It really depends. Like i said, if they dont care they really cant be bothered esp the romance part but when they do care (plus they have great chemistry with u) they will be particular, they will FUSS over u, get that, fuss, haha! N u can ask much of them….

        • I do have to emphasize though, Virgos are very organized down-t0-earth decent people who like the same of others. If ur just like them in that sense well, u can be sure things will be cool between u guys. No pretense, no negativity, no nonsense, just straight forward practical honest to goodness stuff- it’ll be gd. Just be easygoing, that will pull thru everything just fine. And, if they get fussy or harsh, just stay in the “casual” social circle, dont disturb their work area or personal stuff or get involved in any part of their lives that they are very particular of. Stay away, ur asking for trouble. U’ll only see their wonderful good side from then: great chemistry, jokes, goodwill, respect, peace. Dont disturb them where they dont like to be disturbed. Let them be- let them whine & get over themselves. And just be SINCERE 100% & well-behaved or dont bother. Cos virgos dont like superficial phony insincere ppl. Just like scorps.

    • hahaha. Didn’t u already know most virgos will drive u mad with their cleanliness & micromanaging? Guy or girl virgos. Virgos are great in doing all these stuff, all the fine details of work & burden in the family, but for these same reasons they are very critical & particular with others TOO. Its fine with their own selves but it will drive others crazy how they obsess & nag over every single tiny perfection in carrying out TASKS, even menial ones. Perfectionist tendencies tend to lead to alot of whining. Mine would whine about work stuff for hours before he’s ok & we can joke around & go out have fun. Spontaneous moment of passion Scorps like me do get dragged down by such party pooper draggy episodes such as these but other than that, yea its good. The same things they excel at: routine work, household, paying bills on time, stability, doing things proper, responsibility, are the same things that when others sux at or not up to standard make them critical & brooding. We all have our good & bad. Just go all out to please the things that are important to him, avoid the things they don’t like. N yea, arguments, while Scorps can be rage & full of fury, Virgos are whiny & naggy. Naggers. If they don’t do it to ur face, they’ll be quietly nagging on the inside under that calm down to earth surface LOL. (:

    • im dating a virgo man and as a scorpio who is a little spitfire he does have a hard time keeping up with me. we are a match made in heaven though. we have a woman at work who set us up and she believes we are a stronger force than we realize we are. we have had a few hard times but we love each other with all our hearts. he is shy but its an amazing match for the fact that i am very outspoken. we get along very well. he is a loyal man who has sworn to me he loves me and will never leave me. he also is very afraid to get married but has slipped by saying to his mom he feels i will one day whenever i say the word be his wife. that will not happen for a few years and we have both agreed that would be great. he is so good to me and its so new to me that we butt heads because im not used to being taken care of and hes a nuturer so i am at the moment learning to swallow my pride and allow it every once in a while. hopefully all goes well and we are able to tough it out.

  26. I am a scorpio woman with a serious desire for a certain virgo man I came across 2 years ago… We have been good friends the whole time and I feel some potentially AMAZING chemistry between the two of us but I feel as if he is sending me mixed messages. I swooned for him the moment I laid eyes on him and we have had plenty of physical contact (spooning, no sex haha) But I cant read him and it drives me crazy, I have no idea whether to make the first move or what. I guess what I’m asking is how do I hook this guy?? And what is going on in his head :/

  27. I’m in a relationship with a Scorpio man and the Virgo female and Scorpio male is just us!! He makes me very happy at times we have our moments but were still strong. And we also work together. Different department but same location that never interferes with our relationship. I am very luck!!!! <3

  28. Roshin Simon

    Yes its true.. I am a Scorpio man and i truly love my Virgo girl and we are going on our 3rd year with full pack of love.During the time there is less than 5 we are in not in a common opinion and that will too will not last more than a day….and we are going to marry next year..

  29. I’m a Scorpio female and the Virgo male messed me around and made me believe all the meaningless words he said.
    He hurt me and I can’t believe I was naive enough to believe it since I’m usually cautious when it comes to love.
    He gets with everyone and so I agree Virgo’s get bored quickly… but I’m not getting over him and we didn’t even have a relationship.
    It was him the seduced me and tricked me into liking him.
    HE’s very sexually enticing and devious although I would like to be friends with him he won’t talk to me.
    Shouldn’t have fell for it…

  30. Chloe, I’m sorry for what happened to you, but there are BOTH bad Virgos and bad Scorpios. I’m a Virgo myself, and I’ve read letters from Virgo girls that had DISASTROUS sex with Scorpio guys!

    Friendship comes first – sex can wait until you’re able to see the REAL nature of a guy and you’re able to trust him. If a guy just wants sex and just plain doesn’t care, get rid of him!

  31. True, Lisa. Thank you, that’s very good advice and I’m actually doing that anymore I’m nearly over him as well as all he wanted was fun and I’m sensitive when it comes to matters of the heart

  32. I am a scorpio woman and I have just started seeing a Virgo man. He is older than me but he is very attractive. We have made out a couple of times, but I like him so much that I do not want to have sex with him because I want to get to know him more. I want to build a friendship, and I tell him if your plan is to have me in your life, then you can wait. It’s cute, but I enjoy getting to know him and just spending time with him. I disagree with moving fast part, because I know I can move fast, I do beleive he can handle anything I throw at him. However, we are all grown. And it does depend on what type of person your dealing with. It’s always best to take your time and get to know the person before you jump out the jet and have sex with that person.

  33. I am a virgo women who is very sociable & energetic. I love parties, & interactive events. I am nothing like this virgo that all the cites are saying i’m like. I am the total opposite. Plus, my scorpio lover is not really quiet, and he reels me into him. But sometimes i think he tells me all that he says so that i’ll keep interested and stay. Hmm, don’t know. Any thing?

  34. I am a scorpio woman dating a virgo man. the relationship started very quick and the chemistry between us is amazing. unlike any other man i have ever been with. he is so caring and loving. calls me adorable constantly. we connect mentally and physically on all levels. by far the best relationship i have ever had. he also mentions that he tries to read what my eyes and smile are saying. scorpios tend to give off this deep seduction without saying a word and virgos fall right into that. they adore it and it makes the relationship filled with explosive passion. you can not go wrong with this match. it is heaven.

  35. I am a Virgo woman who has a 4 year history with a Scorpio male. We recently had a little Capricorn who is amazing!! But i feel as though he is not as into this as i am. Our relationship has been really great and it has been very bad. I know he is loyal to me, even when we are apart and i have always been loyal to him. I have noticed that since our daughter was born (she is now 10 mos) he is not the man I fell in love with he seems miserable and much more selfish than normal. He has not been a good emotional support system and pretty much has me do all the work. if i ask for help, he gives me an attitude. If anyone has advice for us please do tell. Currently we are having an off period, but i have hope for us. I just am completely unsure as to how to go about this. He seems like a stranger now.

  36. I am a female virgo dated a scorpio male on and off for a few years unfortunatly he wasn’t in the right place in his life to carry on a relationship but we hardly ever argued and it was very magnetic. I just recently started talking to another scorpio and I am extreamly intriged by this man as well as unusually comfortable.

  37. I am a virgo woman who was married to an Aquarius man for 9 years. He never stopped talking (about nothing) and making promises that he didn’t keep.He never gave others a chance to speak and he didn’t care that he was the only one talking. He was secretive about money (never let me see how much he made or where he spent it), bragged about his intelligence ( he felt he knew it all) and lied over and over about the dumbest of things. Our sex life was only good in the very beginning…I had to be the aggressor every time and he was boring to say the least. He didn’t seem to want sex very often like I did. He was only interested in his pleasure and not mine. Now I am with my scorpio man and I feel like I have finally found my soul mate. He is an open book, doesn’t play games and is so exciting and comfortable to be with. What he says is what he feels and he is protective, strong and unpretentious. He has a sense of humor that adds fun to our teasings and he is incrediable in bed…teaching me all kinds of things that I never thought of. He thinks I am wild in bed (and I do love my sexuality) and I know he knows just what he is doing to me. My mom is a virgo and my dad is a scorpio and they have been married for 60 years…now I know why:)

  38. scorpios(males) are hard to talk to at times, and at times are very hard to get along with especially when it comes to virgo and scorpio relationships. when it comes to relationships, it’s very hard to trust them, and they will break your heart. Come on now their sign representative is a scorpion.

  39. I’m a Scorpio Woman and I’m completely in love with my Virgo Man. We’ve been friends since we were eight years old and decided to turn it into a relationship, which was the best decision ever made! We fight sometimes but it’s never anything serious and we make up right away. He makes me feel unlike anyone has ever made me feel. He’s honest, intelligent, handsome, courageous and sweet. We already know that we’re going to get married and have children someday. Our personalities are just so opposite that they meld together completely. We still get excited to see eachother. I was once with his Aries best friend and we fell in love while I was with the Aries. It was crazy and romantic and passionate. Love makes you do crazy things. I’m in love with my amazing red-haired Virgo! :) :):) <3333

  40. Also, when we first got together I wanted to take it slow. He did as well since he was ironically a virgin. But the second day of being together we just completely fell into eachother and ended up making love, and it was absolutely the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. We have an amazing chemistry, physically and mentally. I’m just completely happy whenever I’m around him. I swear I melt whenever I see him or he holds me. He’s completely perfect for me. I never knew that I’d find someone who treats me so well, I’m almost glad that all his other girlfriends broke up with him due to his lack of emotion. I like his lack of emotion because it gives me a challenge to try and figure him out, I think his constant organizing is absolutely adorable. We have different views and that keeps intellectual conversation arise. I’m glad that I’m his first, only, and hopefully last. He tells me that I’ll never lose him, and he isn’t afraid to stand up for me in front of other men. He’ll tell other men that he doesn’t “fuck” me if they ask, he’ll proudly say that he “makes love” to me, I love that he defends my honor. It proves that I mean something. His stability keeps my mood in check, I have depression and am emotionally charged, as I am a Scorpio. But he just makes everything all better I haven’t had a severe depressive state in the months that we’ve been together. We live about a twenty minute drive away so we don’t see eachother that often, but everytime I do there are nervous flutters in my belly and chest. We haven’t been with eachother that long but we know that we’re right for eachother. We’re eachother’s soulmates. I wouldn’t trade this man for the world, and damn, I really want to see him now.

  41. My virgo boyfriend is the greatest thing to ever happen to me! He’ll always pick me up when I am down, and is completely understanding of my mood swings. He can look into my eyes and read me like a book, he always knows what I’m feeling. This man has filled me up with so much love inside it’s absolutely insane. I’ve never felt such an intense and comforting love. I am never alone as long as I am with him. I’ll always need my virgo man :) :):) He makes me indescribably happy <3

  42. im virg, he’s scorp and it’s been two weeks, he asked to break up. we’ve been trying for a year… it’s really tough. im going almost crazy trying to not call. my scorp (him) demanded i never call again. but it’s been a year thats weve spent every day together, v hard to let go… i dont know if this miracle can happen but i wish he comes back. i cant really chase/call, he just screams at me when i do… he said if there’s ever a chance it’ll be him calling and me calling just irritates him… i dont know. really hope to be one of the couples here testifying theyve been married for years, virg gal scorp male… please… i dont know…

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