Virgo Capricorn Compatibility

Virgo Capricorn Compatibility, buy information pills A partnership of equals, a perfect and a mature combination, one of the best matches that have all ingredients of being soul mates. If we go to see the similarities between the Virgo and the Capricorn, it’s a never ending list. Both are extremely hardworking, caring, mature, intelligent very rational, emotionally balanced.

Both the Virgo and Capricorn always seek approval for every little thing, and guess what, both of them approve of each other! They need encouragement and possess common sense and practical attitude and are down to earth. They like sitting indoors, instead of going out for parties.

Virgo Capricorn couple is highly organized and very concerned about their image. Security and stability is very significant for them and they will be there for each other through all kind of phases. Both of you admire the way each other lives their life. The Virgo and the Capricorn are true perfectionists when it comes to work or important projects, they will never take something which they are aware, they cant give their best.

Capricorn has a very selective set of friends which is a successful and inspiring set of people, which even the Virgo approves of.

People might find this combination to be dull and unsexy, but it is untrue. Both of them are deeply erotic, to get the best out of the each, they need a good partner and nothing better than a Capricorn Virgo relationship.

The mutual trust and the understanding that the Capricorn and Virgo combination share will only bring out the best in each other, there won’t be any fear of criticism, but only inspiration. They focus only on quality than quantity!

The Capricorn Virgo couple have the potential of being powerful on all levels of life. This combination consistently works hards, ears, and then invests! To understand deeply you need to study compatibility based on entire birth charts.

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Virgo and Capricorn compatibility ratings

Compatibility:               5

Communication:         4

Sexual chemistry:        4

Ratings are out of 5

Virgo Woman and Capricorn Man

The Virgo woman and the Capricorn man together are one of those divinely durable and compatible matches. Both of them by nature are conservative, they are those couples, who are the ‘married with children’ types. Nothing very exciting about them, they are just mature, secure and sincere towards duty.

The Capricorn man will find the Virgo woman at the office where she flirts around meaninglessly! That is just her way of not being rude and keeping a pleasant atmosphere. If you have to approach her, don’t be fake, just say what you mean, and mean what you say! The Capricorn man usually keeps his feelings under blanket, with the fear of rejection and hence he might act indifferent.

The Capricorn man will love it if the Virgo woman flirts with him, just a slight touch on his arms, and he would be delighted, its sensuality that he falls for. You blush, look innocently at him, and he will happily keep you forever.

The Capricorn man should never expect to hear about the Virgo woman’s past. She would not like to talk about it. Romance is deep-seated in these two. Both the Virgo woman and the Capricorn man constantly put each other on pedestal. This is the woman the Capricorn man will totally cherish and the Virgo woman will be absolutely patient with him. This couple is very self-sufficient and can be great friends. They would do very well, if they share a common responsibility. Both have flawless integrity.

If this ends, it will be ended by the Virgo woman, because the Capricorn man cannot stand the blame or guilt of break up.

They have an excellent prospect of marriage after a courtship. If we have to talk about physical intimacy between the Virgo woman and Capricorn man, it would be right to say, that when they are together, there is lot of it! To understand deeply you need to study compatibility based on entire birth charts.

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Virgo man and Capricorn woman

The combination of a Virgo man and Capricorn woman is a truly sacred combination, well suited towards the demands of society and marriage, but also sturdy in friendship and romance. Both signs have an affinity towards shyness. These two bring out the best things in one another. Virgo men are great flirts to be precise harmless flirts! Both of you first try to find out if the other is respectable or not. Not that they are judgmental, but since they are respectable individuals, they would want their partners also to be the same.

To impress the Capricorn, the Virgo man should just be himself. The Capricorn woman will appreciate that you are not wasting her time and mean what you say. She is practical and no-nonsense as the Virgo man is. She loves to be a helpful. The Capricorn woman would like to talk about her responsibilities, and will enjoy talking about how things are. She would like to share her future plans with the Virgo man. Conversations between these couples will be more serious than actual dating. The Capricorn woman was born responsible. The Virgo man has a romantic side to which the Capricorn woman will respond beautifully.

When this relationship is over, both will respect each other forever and will have very fond memories of the time spent together, no matter where their life takes them.

They share such an amazing understanding; their degree of rapport is so awesome that sex is bound to be pretty heavenly.

There will be many affectionate moments of delicate nature that only the Capricorn woman and Virgo man could create together. Both of them are passionate about goodness, kindness, and virtue. Once they are friends they will stay together through thick and thin! These are two are good planners and are likely to succeed at anything they do, including courtship. To understand deeply you need to study compatibility based on entire birth charts.

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  1. Michelle

    I disagree that Virgos are good with Capricorn. I know loads of Capricorns and there are too many misunderstandings between us. Capricorn does not understand Virgo and they do not try to. They are constantly trying to find fault with everything Virgo does. Capricorn concentrates too much on the little things and could easily fly off the handle over something that Virgo believes to be extremely stupid for example: Capricorns are very tight with money and obsess constantly about the bills and electricity etc. This gets on Virgos nerves. Virgo is good with money and does not overspend but we do believe that we should be able to cook and shower without being cursed for cooking something slowly and ‘wasting esb’ or have a bath without being lectured about the importance of saving water… etc. Also the Capricorn man can let things get on top of him, he can drink too much alcohol and sometimes become an alcoholic, and when hes stressed out he makes sure the whole house is stressed out. Virgos cant stand this. Virgo sees the Capricorn man as weak, pathetic and embarrassing.. Im not saying all Capricorn men are like this but I know I dont want to date one. My dad is Capricorn and no thank you. He drives me insane. We fight constantly. Hes also controlling, possessive, jealous, doesnt trust my mother for no reason. acuses me in the wrong all the time and upsets me by calling me nasty names when hes in a bad mood. He has good qualities too like hard working, loyal, we always know where he is etc. and my sister adores him but for me Capricorn is my worst match. Give me another Virgo or a Taurus :)

    • U basicallyy answered what I was gonna ask; “is ur father a capricorn?” My father is a scorpio, (we fight constantly) and now I have a bad taste for scorpios, even though were supposedly a match. U cant expect urself to envy caps if ur around one 24-7. Im sure ur trying to get away from them as a matter of fact. In all honestyy, it takes a REAL fucked up person to get me irked. Michelle, im just gonna consider u one of tha bad apples on tha tree…cuz i tend to get along with virgoes. But u cant make someone like u. It seems like u got ur mind made up on Caps, because ur dad is a cap. I dont see any other correlation as to why u dont get along with caps. jus by reading myy shit, im sure u can tell im an understanding, very even-tempered guy. I may over-analyze sometimes…but correct me if im wrong.

    • virgo is the sign of critizism. Just because it seems capricorn does not try to understand virgo deosn’t mean thier not trying. Also capricorns like to feel finacally secure. They don’t want to worry about bills all the time we have other things to do. Trust me i know i’m a capricorn. Maybe your father feels insecure,and misunderstood. you should try to get to know him. he might seem controlling but its probably because he wnts you to have a good life, and furure. He won’t say so though. Capricorns have a hard time expressing their feelings.

      • OMG your true and the other day I was talking with a friend that a cap. and when I say all he wants is legal money he wants to know if he leaves me on this earth can i take care myself and his kids (WOW) i neveeer believed in this astrlogy thing but its scaring me

    • This is very interesting because I am a Virgo women in a long term relationship with a Cap and what you described to be a Cap’s problem is actually mine. I am very cheap and often stress over bills and try to conserve everything from electricity to water, where as he manages money well but doesn’t sweat the small stuff. I see him as strong in areas that I am weak especially with patience as most Virgos are not patient and Cap’s are.

      • We ar in the sam situation, Iam a vigrgo with a cap I dont really stress over bills and trying to save on stuff cause that just natural water bill gone be that and light will be lights. but hes really good with money helping when I need to understand he has patiens and I do also. althooough neither one of us like to go out much hes way more sociable then myself.

    • Hello, Well I’m not sure about Virgo Woman and Capricorn Man compatibilities. I’m a Capricorn woman and I’m dating a Virgo man and let me tell you it’s the best relationship I’ve ever had! =) He’s amazing and we click and understand each other so well…yes Capricorn’s have an opinion about everything but my Virgo always makes me see a different view about things. The communication between us is incredible. He’s caring and understanding and I’m unselfish with him…I’ve dated a Capricorn in the past and blah no thank you. The only sign’s I consider dating at times is Cancer and Virgo men because they are romantic signs. But I’m so happy with my Virgo man and we’re already talking about the future and planning our lives together…too soon?…not sure but I’m letting my heart do the talking for once becuase I know this time it’s worth it. =)

      • Paige Shabazz

        I agree souly with Ms. Kelly….Im a Capricorn Woman madly in love with a Virgo Man….I have never been more complete in a relationship or as ‘we’ like to call it a romance! This dude makes my heart pound in every since of the word. From our intimacy to our immaculate conversation…Nothing is questioned…EVER! I was’nt a believer of “soulmate” until now…Im mAad hApPy with my Extra sexy Virg.

      • I totally agree with Kelly.
        I think that everyone is different and it is known that sometimes you are not what your sign says you are, and maybe this is the case for Michelle, Becuase I totally disagree with everything you said about a cap. I am a cap woman dating a Virgo male, and I couldent be happier right now in my life. I have had it pretty rough since my divorce, and I think that this is the man that Im meant to be with. YAY FOR CAPRICORNS & VIRGOS being together!!!

        • I agree that Capricorn woman and Virgo male can be a stellar combination. Individual proclivities still matter though, I would think.

          I’ve known three Caps – one with whom I shared a distant but meaningful sexual connection, one is a good friend, and a third with whom I shared intellectual/emotional/sexual chemistry, though she was a lot older than I and had a few issues going on. But I met one just the other day and she completely knocks my socks off. She is one of the most attractive women I’ve ever dated (perfectionist?) and we had an instant connection before even seeing each other that was every bit as emotional as it is physical. We share a love of arts & culture, travel, sport, cooking, being outdoors, etc. She is very domestic but INCREDIBLY sexy!!! Nags her family, but affectionately. And pines away for me as I do for her. The sense of comfort we bring to each other is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. She puts my mind at ease, I actually feel like with her I can drift off… gently down a stream, as the song goes. My subconscious is completely available.

          I’m smart enough to know that time is the only true test of anything. But if it’s this incredible now, then… well, you get the picture!

          Ours are both odd signs, without our really even realizing it. The key is to bring out each others’ mystical nature, if you can. At least that’s what I think. I once heard a Taurus describe Virgo as the zen of the zodiac. If you both relate to the concerns that bubble deep underneath the surface, I think it works. Capri and Virgo are meticulous about the details of the physical world, so it’s easier for us to learn to trust and plug into each others’ gentler natures.

      • I agree that Capricorn woman and Virgo male can be a stellar combination. Individual proclivities still matter though, I would think.

        I’ve known three Caps – one with whom I shared a distant but meaningful sexual connection, one is a good friend, and a third with whom I shared intellectual/emotional/sexual chemistry, though she was a lot older than I and had a few issues going on. But I met one just the other day and she completely knocks my socks off. She is one of the most attractive women I’ve ever dated (perfectionist?) and we had an instant connection before even seeing each other that was every bit as emotional as it is physical. We share a love of arts & culture, travel, sport, cooking, being outdoors, etc. She is very domestic but INCREDIBLY sexy!!! Nags her family, but affectionately. And pines away for me as I do for her. The sense of comfort we bring to each other is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. She puts my mind at ease, I actually feel like with her I can drift off… gently down a stream, as the song goes. My subconscious is completely available.

        I’m smart enough to know that time is the only true test of anything. But if it’s this incredible now, then… well, you get the picture!

        Ours are both odd signs, without our really even realizing it. The key is to bring out each others’ mystical nature, if you can. At least that’s what I think. I once heard a Taurus describe Virgo as the zen of the zodiac. If you both relate to the concerns that bubble deep underneath the surface, I think it works. Capri and Virgo are meticulous about the details of the physical world, so it’s easier for us to learn to trust and plug into each others’ gentler natures.

        (Posted below as well, but at the end of the thread and it got smushed up against the side ;-( – Darned perfectionism, heh.)

    • Its not about the sign you are. A person is who they are because the way they were raised and events that took place throughout their lifetime. Its stupid to say your dads a controlling asshole because of the time he was born. Get real. Every person is unique and are who they are because every aspect of their life has steered them into having that personality, whether it be bad or good.

    • I disagree completely with what you’re saying. It sounds like you are a total opposite Virgo and have seen total opposite Capricorns? I am still young and have been with my Cap for 8 years now. The above description is us completely.
      In a perfect world we can look to the zodiac and know who we are compatible with but that’s not real. These Zodiacs are to be taken as a very ‘loose’ rule of thumb.
      We also cannot forget that even if we are born into our zodiac sign, life will always change us – possibly into the total opposite.
      It sounds like your dad has horrible trust issues – was his mum good?

      You will hate me for this next comment Michelle. Believe me.

      Most cases when kids don’t get along with parents well into adulthood, it’s because they are EXACTLY the same as that parent.

    • Brandon Allen

      Virgo male here, holding bearing and flexibility should get practiced. My mother is a capricorn and we have a great relationship.

    • I am a male and a Capricorn. After reading your story, have you ever taken a long hard look in the mirror and maybe come to the conclusion that the problem might be YOU. So easy to blame someone else. You get out of a relationship exactly what you put into it! Are you the type to always blame others for everything but think you are the only perfect person on planet earth. Get a life! Grow up and learn to deal with what life throws your way.

    • Virgo and Capricorn. I am so happy with my Virgo Man, and he is sooo in love with me. My Virgo man has been different than any other sign that I have had a relationship with. I didn’t think that a man like him exsist. He is very considerate of me, he loves to communicate with me and he loves to surprise me. Sex is awesome too. I agree with the site’s analysis of the Virgo man and Capricorn woman.

    • I have read, with great interest, the comments for and against a Virgo Woman – Capricorn Man relationship. I agree with just about everyting each of you have said. I am a Capricorn man. I have gone through many phases durng my life and I have been each of the men you have described. I have been the guy totally focused on work and earning, to the exclusion of just about everyone and everything else in my life. I have been controlling and obsessed with achieving one thing or another. I have been in long term relationships with two different Pisces, which supposedly were my perfect match. But to tell you the truth they were both flighty, undisciplined and had the odd habit of losing things all the time… wallets, purses, phones, credit cards, check books, car keys, etc. I know this is not that big a deal, but all the time, over and over again!

      I have a Virgo woman in my life. We are just friends and have never dated in a romantic way. We have met to go dancing or attend cultural events while a part of a larger group,but not on a date. I teach dancing at a world famous dance studio, so I am at dance events and dance locations often. Anyway, she is beautiful, smart, successful, charming, elegant, a lovely person inside & out and just about any other positive adjective you can imagine to say about a person. I admire her as a person and respect her as a parent, daughter, friend, neighbor, etc. I want to cross that line from friend to lover, but I want to do so because I tink we are totally compatible in every measurable way. She refers to me as her handsome friend Dave. I believe that the one thing we have in common, as far as romance is concerned, is that we both want forever. I want to invest my love into one person only, every day, for the rest of my life; and, I believe that she is looking for the same thing. Are we truly doomed because I once was all of those negative things? I don’t think I am any of those things now.

    • Just cause your relatonships dont work doesnt mean its set in stone… I am a cap girl dating a virgo guy and we are incredible together.. caps arent cheap.. they work hard, have bills also, but like to provide and if you have someone in the family that blows money, I can understand why someone would be cautious and worried…
      my guy is respectable, playful, conscientious, likes his freedom (which its a guy thing) and I as a Cap give him full reins.. you have to take in the age, the sex, where the partner is in his/her life and remember there are many other planets ruling underneath and you are just not a straight cap or straight virgo.. my virgo and I are 10/10.. just cause you date one doesnt mean they are all the same…. Virgo people are very analytical which proves it in your opinion.. sorry but I will take my Virgo male-Capricorn female relationship anyday over others I have dated.. we have a bond that does not ever go away… :)

  2. I dont think Capricorn and Virgo are a good match either. Virgos are independent and like space sometimes but Capricorns can be very clingy and also a bit over emotional when in love. To everyone else they appear to be cool, calm, relaxed etc but when in love they are melodramatic to the extreme! Virgo wants someone who is very masculine, someone who will protect her, someone who is passionate about her, someone who will destroy anyone that ever tries to hurt her! she wants that kind of fierce, unconditional love and lets be honest- Capricorn cant give her that… Hes too.. whats the word? work orientated- money conscious etc. All work and no play… Virgo likes to work hard and takes pride in her work but once she leaves the office she wants to have fun.. She wants a strong man who will take care of her and make her feel safe. I think Capricorns are feminine to be honest.. give me a sexy Taurus any day :) im still waiting to find my own perfect Taurus.. Based on my own experiences with three separate Capricorns. I feel that they are not manly enough for me.

    • capricorns are a feminine sign…i hope u realize that. Cuz u said it as if u had an epiphany. U say “work, no play”? I say, “U bitch too much”. Idk wtf caps u been around, but were loyal as can be when in love. Clingy? We play for keeps, if ur giving ur cap any reason to worry (as in cheating) well maybe UR doing something wrong….cuz REAL women love a man thats loyal and that is devoted to her eating habits ;)

    • LOL…I am not sure what Capricorn you have experience with, but for the most part they are the exact opposite of “clingy” and “emotional.” Perhaps the Capricorn you had experience with had experienced loss, or trauma, or any number of other additional factors that may have contributed to their neediness.

      • I agree I wish my Cap would be at least a little clingy after 2+ years of being together. Virgos eventually open up and let walls down where as Cap’s just keep them up and like even more space than us.

        • i agree. capricorns are the opposite to clingy, what is that person on about. haha
          im a cap and im far from clingy i love my own space. we do have emotions but we are not over emotional. we love the other half and to be honest i do think cap and virgo are the best compatibility. they work well as a team :) they always have raw energy which makes the relationship even more exciting

    • I have a friend,she’s a Virgo and her man is a Capricorn. I do see that he is a bit clingy but i know that this guy is really in love with her. This Capricorn is masculine and I know for a fact she knows that he will protect her no matter wht. I am a cancer and im dating his older step-brother that is a Pieces. I know that Capricorn’s and Cancer’s are supposed to get along pretty well. Im jus trying to understand wht he see’s in her. she is a freshman is high school and the capricorn is a junior/senior to be.

      • Capricorns can be clingy and needy sometimes. But, they mature the more they get older and experience different relationships. I’m a capricorn, i use to be clingy and needy. As time went on, i learned to be more independent, and toke on a take it or leave it attitude. I dated a virgo woman and we became really good friends. And if any man, woman child or beast tried to hurt her, you damn right i would protect her. A lot of bad boys come from the sign capricorn, Nicholas Cage, Al Capone, Muhammed Ali. Yeah Bad Boys.

  3. I have nothing but belief in this i am a virgo man …. been married 12 years while we get along great i am married to a cancer/gemini depending on the year it changes we are good roomates and thats about it … Now take 2 weeks ago i ran into an old friend form grade school… she a capricorn…. I a virgo we instantley locked eyes and are falling deepely in love even though we are apart in different states.. i know it may sound hard to belive but true love is true love … we finish each others sentences and just mesh together and i can see myself growing old with this women …… This article basically states to a “T” exactly the to of us… While it may not suit every person it is a pretty good assumtion form what i can see……

  4. I’m a Capricorn and I understand fully what the first two posters are saying. I am clingy (in relationships only it seems, I could care less about people otherwise) and I do obsess over small details. I can get over-emotional and I can fly off the handle. But please, the idea that Capricorn is ‘work-obsessed’ is so outdated. A stereotype, and an incorrect one. It’s like saying all Pisces are daydreamers, or all Libras are going to be morbidly sad. We work hard, but I can guarantee you, the Capricorns are smart enough to realize work isn’t everything. Put that to rest.

    That being said, I do admit, from personal experience, the Virgo-Capricorn relationship is one of the strongest I’ve ever seen. The two do just have some uncanny ability to understand, pacify, and enjoy each other. I’ve only been really close to three people in my life, and two of them were Virgos. But yes, below the surface, they are some areas for potential conflicts. Virgos are independent and strong-willed. With the wrong Cap, this could turn into a walking travesty. But with the right Cap, albeit a mature, understanding one, the Cap just knows to pick its battles, love the Virgo regardless, and let it do what it will do.

    I suppose everyone is different and has different wants and desires. I personally have never been able to just ‘mesh’ completely with the Taureans I’m supposed to be compatible with, like I suppose, the first two posters just haven’t got on Capricorns very well. I do know, that me personally, I wouldn’t be able to live in a world without Virgos.

    • I agree with you, and I actually happen to fit the stereotypical model of what a Capricorn is. I eventually “outgrew” the emotional neediness you discuss in relationships once I hit about 30 years old…but then again…Capricorns are not always the fastest moving individuals, they take awhile to get there sometimes. Once they start though, they get there fast.

      I Love Virgos, they have always been the best match for me, whether in friendship, or in romance, they seem to give you just what you need.

  5. Im a male capricorn as well and i think nothing of work besides its work.haha I also do take my partner (A virgo)and have lots of fun I dont know about not being a srong man cause i am i beleive ppl are diffrent and not all cappricorns are ment to be with all virgos just cause i am a capricorn doesnt mean i completely match the astrology’s discription but i will admitt i do get very clingy but who doesnt like to be held i dont talk so much about how i feel i show it its just easier that away

  6. I’m a Capricorn woman and I’ve been “wrongly” involved with 2 Virgo’s. They were both CHEAP! They might mean what they say and “can” be romantic but they will spend money only themselves. One cheated on me every time I turned around. And I met the other one while he was still married and didn’t bother to tell me until the next morning. They were alike in too many ways. Why would I be attracted to a dirt bag Virgo?? I will not ever date another Virgo…ever! I might be attracted to them for whatever reason…they must appeal to the “victim” in me…but not ever again.

    • Ginatae-Capricorn

      Virgoes are very snicky

      • I think sometimes we come off sneaky or (snicky) because we don’t always know how to tell the other person that they are doing somthing wrong and we don’t want to hurt their feelings.

        Virgo’s are concerned with money and maybe the things you were spending money on did not seem like a sensible thing to your virgo. I tend to think that Virgo’s are not cheaters. If they really loved you they wouldn’t cheat on you….not saying anything negative about who you are as a person, just that I know a couple of Virgo’s and none of them have ever cheated ( not to say that it doesn’t happen) I cheated on an ex, but it was because after mulitiple hints that the relationship was not working but being too scared to end it myself, I ended up cheating instead. ( not justifying my actions just explaining how it got to that point)

  7. Ms Capricorn

    I am a capricorn woman and have been married to my virgo husband for 6 years and our relationship is great we fit eachother like a glove. Now a taurus on the other hand i can not n deal with they r cheap, cheaters, liars, lazy and always seem to b n a foul mood. The other signs i am good with is a scorpio if i wasnt married to a virgo i would definitely b married to a scorpio and if not a scorpio a Leo…

  8. Patience

    I’ve been dating a Virgo for a month and one week and five days and we are perfect for each other we have the same interest and we’re glued to each other. I honestly think Caps and Virgos are a good match but there are some that don’t match and it takes time to find the perfect match.

  9. I am a capricorn woman very deeply in love with a virgo male and it’s the best feeling I have ever felt in my life. Yes he’s critical and yes I am somewhat clingy, but together we have mastered each other and learned what one another likes and dislikes. I’m not quite sure why the physical and emotinal attraction is so deep but I’m not willing to loose it over the minor things!

  10. i think this true,i think that both the capricorn and the virgo have to want to commit to each other to a long meaningful relationship and if they tend to refuse well then its obvious they well get nowhere.they have to want,give in and open up to each other.i have 2 yrs and 3 months and we still crazy over eachother

  11. HAHAHA I am a virgo women and I am interested in a Capricorn man and the example you gave for the virgo woman and capricorn man is exactly what is happening between us. lol

  12. Im a cap and have had 2 long term relationships with virgos but both didnt work out due to distance (I moved for my career – typical cap I can hear you all sighing!). They two guys were quite different on the outside but certain elements of their personalities and the way we connected were very similar. Virgo is a sign I know instantly as they are easy going and accepting – I feel instantly comfortable and at ease with them which is very important to me as I have to feel secure with people (yes I worry a lot about how much people like me – in romance and in friendships…hence I prefer long lasting friendships and relationships with people I know and trust – I dont flirt about with just anyone, again in both friendship and romance terms – or let me rephrase that; I do (ever hopeful) but I get hurt!!)

    Anyway, what it says above is so true, or was for the first virgo guy anyway. We just seemed to fit together effortlessly. When we first got together it felt like fireworks and it didnt take much to get the relationship off the ground and we were pretty serious pretty quick. Remembering it now is making me wonder why on earth I am now wasting my time with all these other fickle signs that just want to have “fun”! (whats fun about one night stands, flings and casual flirting that never goes anywhere?!)

    Virgo is less clingy that cap in relationships yeah, and more independant (even selfish at times which I find hurtful as I tend to be pretty selfless when in love..) but apart from that difference, which Iv always been able to overcome, its pretty easy and natural. Both take relatiionships seriously, both have similar aims in life, similar tastes, similar views….I think the only thing that is a fairly constant source of irritation is that cap is more proactive – I always feel like Im taking the lead with everything and wish virgo would get off their butt and think of things before I do! Especially as Im the female and want to feel looked after. But with little nudges they get it eventually and long term I think this issue has subsided.

    Iv never been with a taurus but am close friends with a couple. I found it harder to form a friendship with them though as they are more guarded and dont have the same gift of the gab that virgo has, which puts me at ease and gets me to open up. They are also quite fixed and stubborn which cap can be too so there can be clashes.

  13. Why are u haters hating on capricorns and
    also do u all believe in this mumbo jumbo horiscope?
    U don’t base people’s personality on their zodiac.
    Also I am a capricorn i get along fine with virgos
    and I’m not controlling. The only thing capricorn do is worry
    about the future the majority of the people throughout the world are
    capricorns its the most zodiac in the world. Virgos just want freedom and space just capricorn are realistic people don’t dream on just dreams but actually learn to do something about it even if it is worrying about the bills but thing is they balance everything out. The world’s famous people the brilliant ones are capricorns.

    But still don’t base your opinions on stupid zodiacs
    base it on who the person is when you meet them and get to know them.

    • I totally agree you cant really base ya relationship off of zodiacs alone because the way ppl are raised and the type of environment they come from also plays a part in what type of person they are…

  14. Capricorn Men or Capricorn Woman..
    I don’t get along with either one. Caps have to be the center of attention but not in the Leo way, a quiet pouting way.

    The are jealous as friends and as lovers. For some reason they have one incident in life happen to them and they assume everyone else will act in the same way. They are incapable of looking at any situation in a new way. Drinking if they are not overworking they are drinking.
    You can sell them anything if you tell them its top of the line and nobody else has it. Married spouses are included in there list of prospective dating partners. A married lover is a safe person because they won’t go anywhere else. Especially if the married lover has the prospect of a huge divorce settlement, then all bets are off…This would be an ideal marriage partner for them……Now they do have big hearts IF YOUR A CRACKHEAD LOSER….LOL..Money, well they fall for any hard luck story but don’t outwork them or out compete them..They will help the crack head over the good worker any day of the week. While they will love a spouse who brings home the bucks they will hate having to share the spot light and control with the spouse so in time…The poor girl down the street with the drinking problem could be there new wife while they hang the old one out to dry…because they have got to be the best. There jealous ways can not bare to allow a spouse or a friend or a coworker to outshine them.

    That really is the problem with the goat…And the children of Cappies..
    Good luck to the in-laws…Once your kid marries into a family where mom is a cap…All the holidays will be dominated by the Capricorn MOM…Unless THE IN LAWS HAVE A BIGGER HOUSE OR BETTER BUSINESS CONTACTS..IF YOU HAVE THE MONEY….HOLIDAYS WILL BE SPENT AT YOUR HOUSE….lol…Capricorn parents are always looking to break into the next social ladder…

    Caps just buy them something expensive and tell them how wonderfully better than everyone else is and they will be your best friend…LOL

    keep them away from your bank account, credit card and your wine cabinet…

    PS excuse the typos…

    • Capricorn

      Wowsers!!! I met a Capricorn female like this….LOL!

    • Ginatae-Capricorn

      Yes1 Yes! Yes! I agree. Once you hurt a cap, it’s done and over with. We trust NO ONE!

    • Uncle Harlem

      Pause. It seems to me that that may be YOUR experience with Capricorns. I could easily “go in” on you because alot of what u said is NOT fact but your opinion (which Virgos are NOTORIOUS for expressing). But why? Ha, although I agree that Caps have a lot of sh*t with them, why do virgos feel that they don’t? Virgos by far are the MOST critical, distant and evasive people at times who PROJECT THEIR FEELINGS, INSECURITIES AND CRITICISM ON OTHERS. THEY need JUST as much attention as us Caps. They criticize everything YOU do but CAN’T (or won’t) take ANY back. Hmmm. Virgos that are under developed are ALSO users, can drink a freaking CAP under the table and can be violent/physically abusive if YOU don’t DO what they say. Need I say more? I love Virgos but what u said about CAPS was dead a$$ wrong. Want to control everything? Not all CAPS are like that. Want to blame the entire world for what happened to us? Ha, not the case. We are guarded and slow to show feelings, what about Virgos? Are you NOT the same way? Do you not CHEAT on your lover constantly? Do you not cut someone off if they don’t AGREE, THINK or BELIEVE in what you do? Hmmm. Caps are like every other sign, they have flaws, faults, a painful past and are always misjudged and understood. I am only getting at YOU, not stating that ALL Virgos are bad. They are by far a loving sign of peeps! But they will break your heart faster than a Cap but can’t take it. I rather be a misunderstood Cap anyday than any other sign. But a Virgo can say what they’d like: They NEED us and LOVE us and we are one of the ONLY signs that will tolerate their isssh! At least a Cap will fight for you! A Virgo will leave your a$$ there to get beat up and epxlain later on how it was your fault! LOL. Go Goats!!!!!!

      • Uncle Harlem

        And I am by far in love with Virgos. Just the developed, mature and openly willing types, lol. I love me so Virgos!

      • Hahahaha….”virgo will leave your a$$ there to get beat up and explain later on how it was your fault”

        Sad, but I know exaclty what you mean…and I am a Virgo…we def have our downfalls

  15. I am a Virgo women who is deeply in love with my capricorn guy. He is not super clingy and he protects me all the time. I love him!!!

  16. Christeen

    I think that Virgo capacorn couples work perfectly together. There is always a time when they fight and disagree about things but after all is said and done they are the only ones that can really but a smile back on each others faces. I believe , as a Virgo women, that capacorn males have that deep love for there partner that can never be broken. They turn out to become your best friend. Now I have dated s leo, a cancer, and a fish :) and with all of those relationship I had to try so hard to make every day work out. With my capacorn it is ad easy as a walk in the park because he knows what I’m feeling at all times. So I believe that it is 100% true, that virgos and capacorns are a match made in heaven

  17. VirgoNScorpLuv

    Umm, I have been surrounded by Capricorns (male & female) and I know I’ll get an online lash here but they are freaking annoying. They only talk about themselves & are selfish beings (@ least the ones I’ve dealt with). I am a pretty easy-going & rarely let anything get to me but man oh man Capricorns are annoying. lol (SORRY CAPS) I’ll stick with Scorpios & Virgos! See ya!

  18. LusciousVirgo

    I must say i absolutley love caps! i am a virgo women and have met a cap man and he is so great! right now we’re friends but i really hope for one day for us to grow into love with one another. He is down to earth (like me) and there is never a dual moment between us. I am a bit shy around him but yet so comfortable.

  19. CapluvVirgo

    I love this site and I think it is accurate. I am a Cap female in love with a Virgo. He is the first Virgo I have ever dated and I am hooked! We mesh well, very well! I love to spoil him in every way and he spoils me just the same. We are different when it comes to spending money and how we show our appreciation for one another. He loves to save and spend moderately. I on the other hand, love to shop and travel all the time. However the bills are paid first. I think once I reached 30, I began to really learn how to enjoy life. I have always worked hard, but never rewarded myself and others like I do now. It was usually all about helping others, but I have learned to add myself in that equation as well. I do adventurous type things more as well and as long as I plan accordingly, my Virgo is right there with me. I do take the lead and he follow. He will put his foot down if I go overboard and will let me know he doesn’t approve of it. He knows how to handle me well and our temperaments are a match. We do both naturally attract each other and it’s an emotive chemistry that has been created over time. Going on 2yrs with my Virgo and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. We get closer every day.

    Now my only brother and best friend are also both Virgos, but they are like night and day. My best friend is like the man I’m with who is kind, down to earth, conservative, not thrifty, and love hard when they have found the right person. My brother is thrifty, irresponsible, down to earth, but very needy and I think that is because my mother spoiled him his entire life and so he is lost. SO I think it depends on the sign, their up-bringing, surroundings, beliefs, etc.

    • Ginatae-Capricorn

      You took the words right out of my mouth, because my boyfriend is a Virgo and I’m a cap. Love it! Everything you explained about you and your boyfriend, you topped it all off about me and my boyfriend ;)

  20. CapluvVirgo

    Oh yea, I am clingy at times and aloof other times. Its like I go in a phase. We both have Libra moons, so that may help

  21. Venedy911

    Well…I am a cap female and I think that the description of the woman is pretty accurate…I’m not a workaholic and don’t tend to stress over money but I am always thinking about the future. I am a little clingy but not really in the jealous sense…it seems like when I get in a relationship I am extremely overwhelmed with feelings for the other person. It is sickening…lol…
    I totally engross myself with the other person and go from the “semi hard bitch” to this wimpy, what can I do for you…over analyzing every moment we are together and overwhelming my partner.
    I feel like that kid in the cartoon that gets a kitten and loves it to death! Squeezing it’s neck till it can’t breath anymore.
    Every man I have ever had an interest in has said I am the coolest chick they have ever met and want to spend all their time with me but in a relationship I turn into something completely foreign to me and them. As soon as the relationship is over…because most assuradely kill it….I am back to my normal self. It’s like having an outter body experience!lol…I don’t even know who I am and I cannot control it!

  22. Hi Venedy911, I agree. But I think that is our over-protective “misunderstood” head – we want the best and that’s it. I think you should consider the other side of it, most men don’t get us. We need to feel secure, that’s important, and especially when we are – we need that maintained. I am of course only talking about myself but I really like who I am, completely insane and all. I accept it and at the same time when a new guy comes along adjust accordingly, being ambitious we are incredibly giving. I am extremely tight with money but that’s a upbringing thing; if I don’t have it I won’t spend it. Plus being ambitious, I think about the future a lot. I have found I get attached to men, and its hard to let go – but I’m learning that for how longer I have that persons attention I will enjoy them. Life’s too short to be stressing about it all, we are who we are and I’m definitely excited about the new Virgo man in my life. I take all the astrology attentively and with a sceptical head, and I think its good to have a multi-dimensional approach to life. Especially the good and bad of these star signs ;) ! Enjoy dating hehe! PS This Virgo man is lush, we see what happens…

  23. I’m a Cap women. People usually say that i’m workaholic & have a stone heart. My friends call me “asexual creature” :( . Yes, i’ve never dated. I enjoyed being single. And, you see me here today. I was attracted by a Virgo man at the 1st time we met. Of course, i didnt know he’s Vir at that time. He makes me behave like a “schoolgirl”, searching everywhere to know how to win his heart. Not sure if it is good or not. I simply feel so tired now. I hate the feeling of missing someone terribly.

  24. I am a Virgo woman and I am in love with a Capricorn man. It is simply incrediable how well we get along! Most of my family, associates and friends are jealous of our relationship. He has me on a pedestal, and spoils me rotten, I on the other watch out for him, with his eating, sleeping and emotional health. The only thing I think you need to be concerned about with the Capricorn is their possible need for a drink, as they someimes have difficulty with their emotions. My guy, has greatly reduced his need for alcohol as we talk and play and he is fine.
    All in all, he is the very best!!

    • I am very happy for you and your man. I am a Virgo woman who has found my soul mate in a Capricorn man. While the world is not perfect, our hearts fit. We balance each other in ways that make us both even stronger. No matter what anyone may say, challenges, both intneral to the relationship and external (economy et all)can and do happen. You have to choose to work on them and find solutions.

      I say follow your heart, believe in love and those you love, communicate and always seek the best for those you love. If you do have true love, then you will have your happy ever after.

      Blessings upon you and all the world.


  25. Confused Virgo

    I am a Virgo female in love with an older Cap man. We fell head over heals for one another, within one month we were completely emerged. He is super sensual and a great friend to have. He listens and truely cares about my well-being. The one flaw I find (as does he in himself) is that he tries to “father” me a bit and give me advice I wasn’t really asking for (not that that’s horrible…means he cares).

    My issue now is I think he fell for me too fast and got scared and now has pulled away completly and “ended” what we had going for us. he said he likes to get to know someone before really getting into a relationship. (He was cheated on by his gf/fiance of 4 years–commitment issues) We stopped communication for two/three weeks (broke my heart) then started up communication as just friends. it is so awekward because we went from intimate to just friends in three weeks. Now he flirts with me and still gives me that “look” like he still wants me, but he won’t make a move. I play it off like I don’t have any deep feelings for him because I don’t really know if he still likes me intimatly and don’t want to be rejected…but I’m wondering if he keeps distance cuz he still has feelings but thinks I don’t. catch 22 really I guess…

    Can a Cap man please give me advise on what you think he may be thinking/feeling…should I move on, or take my time and build the friendship up…? Should I tell him my feelings and go from there or will that freak a Cap out more…?

    • Capricorn Hero

      Hey ConfusedVirgo, well hes into thats for sure. Im a Capricorn man and if If im talking to any girl, its a girl i like. seriously, I dont try to socialize with girls i dont really give a shit about. It seems like a waste of time so your in the good. But it sucks since he had a bad relationship. I just had a bad exp too and its hurting me like crazy, from a virgo women….i think you should go on a date? did ya? flirt with him show him he can “TRUST” you and some commitment. just have a good time, but let him heal up. dont ask anything about the relationship, your not gonna get out much. DATES!!!! have fun and see what happens, reply if it went well

      • I agree with CapricornHero, we a natural skeptics. If he’s had a bad relationship experience and pulled back it’s because he knows he’s not him best self for you and doesn’t want to hurt you in the process. We’re good at not letting what has afflicted us affect others, we protect by any means neccessary, even to a fault. Now, I would advise you to be consistent and not overbearing. Leave him to his private thoughts and his personal space but, contact him and intial dates. I was once swooned by an Aries and LOVED his persistence and tenacity but was turned OFF by his lack of consistence. WE LOVE CONSISTENCY AND KNOWING WHO WE CAN COUNT ON. Good luck!!

    • Sending you warmth and good wishes that your hearts desire is reached.

  26. That is so true!!!!! I am the virgo and thats how I really act and that is really him. The way of my thinking really matches what ur saying and we dont really argue at all becuz we are both patient and yea lolz :D

  27. I am a capricorn Woman and i have been dating a virgo Man for 4 months 2 wees now and we have been amazing together. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me, he is loving, caring, understanding, protective and supportive in every way. I dont think i will ever fall for another guy in my life, we have started talking about the future, and from what he says,surely he is not going to leave me :-) . Cap and Virgo’s are a match made in heaven.

  28. excellent!!!!!everything is accurate.i’m happy with my virgo bf for almost 5 years.

  29. Im a happy virgo woman with cappy husband! We r perfect! Love him so!!!

  30. Its been 22 yrs!

  31. Ups & down r part of life! I do agree ur bkgrd will affect ur life/being as well. But if it works it works & ull always have to work on ur relationship:-)

  32. I am a Virgo, and I loved every Capricorn I have ever met so far~ (In a best friends way) … Well technically, I am an Ex-Libra, but whatever. Capricorns are party animals, and I love that. <3

  33. I’m a Virgo who’s deeply in love with a Capricorn (unknown to him). He’s the only guy I have ever loved and we make a great friends. But he loves his current girlfriend they won’t break up anytime w
    Soon. I don’t think I will ever love anyone but him. It’s so ironic that the one thing you want most of all you can never have. I’m praying one day he’ll love me in return. Who knows maybe he’ll see this and cone back to me.

  34. Ok, I have been bitten by the Virgo bug. I have been knowing him for about 6 months. I, Cappie to the core, have been with-holding on telling him things about core self. I, like most Caps have been the ‘backbone’ of my family, raised my little sister and brother, watch 3 family members die by fatalities, and took to raising my mother in lieu of my father’s death. I love HARD, I know. But, I struggle with being exposed. Let my sister and mother tell it, I am heartless, and it sickens me to no end. However, I have come into a new revelationship in life, I’m doing me, if you don’t like it, hit the bricks! I’ve NEVER had an ex that has not come back and wanted to rekindle love. I don’t look back, I can’t, I’m not built that way, lol. But, secretly, I’m tormented to no end inside because I want to believe that someone will see me for who I am. How do you let down those guards, lol, HELP?!

  35. virgolovescap

    I am a virgo woman and have been married to cap man for 22 years.. It has been great yes he can be emotionally distant but you always know that he loves you he just cant say it but he shows it in the things that he does..

  36. Its not about the sign you are. A person is who they are because the way they were raised and events that took place throughout their lifetime. Its stupid to say someone is who they are because of the time they were born. Get real. Every person is unique and are who they are because every aspect of their life has steered them into having that personality, whether it be bad or good.

  37. Jacqueline

    I am the virgo woman and my husband is the capricorn man…..I love him unconditionally, however I left him because he cheated on me, I thought we had a love that would last forever, but as soon as I left him he shacked up with the girl he cheated on me with….and now I am heartbroken and raising our two children without him, the pain I have gone through since all this has happened has been traumatic and very unbelievable…..I miss him so much, but he wants to see where this new relationship goes….I am just shatterered:-(

  38. I’m a Virgo and I admit I’m Savvy (tight whatever) however I dated 2 Capricorn neither were one and the same some traits that where typical (but never a bad thing) in my experience it’s been short but a fun ride. Please don’t misunderstand me it was short for reasons of locality and age difference and cultural differences. although if I were older and not so fearful of my heart feeling what I really felt then I would give a real shot!.

    I am currently seeing a Capricorn and it’s amazing because from conversation to our differences to sex .. just WOW!!!

    I’m not gonna base it all on sun signs but it’s a start the rest is up to us right .. I’ll admit I am a stickler about compatibity and I wasn’t aware of birth dates until recently and it so happen that astrological we’re compatible. I gonna be bold this time because feeling something good so I’m gonna bet all my chips on the table.

    it’s not gonna be peaches and cream all the time I get that but i’ll bet when you have these feelings “fortune favours the bold” “No risk No reward” .. Pressure makes Diamonds people. all the best

  39. Adrian Nightingale

    Wow this hit right on the mark lol my mother is a capricorn and we have a lovely relationship even though we had disputes through life but hey we are the best of friends and now i’m talking to a capricorn woman after getting out of a two year relationship and for some reason it feels so right so i like this match and the description of what yall have even though a sign shouldn’t determine how a personality or relationship going to be but it does play a big part in your life because every horoscope i read of a person ends up being the description of the horoscope read so i think horoscopes are really on point!!!

  40. Tiffany Kristofferson

    I’m a Capricorn woman and I’m seeing a Virgo man, and I’ll tell ya’ll what, this is by far the best relationship I’ve ever been in. Not to mention (but yes, let’s mention it anyways) the amazing, mind numbing, toe curling, euphoric sex! My Virgo and I just click on everything and we can talk about anything with each other and neither one of us gets annoyed with the other one about anything we say or do. We are just so accepting of one another and we trust each other fully. I never have a doubt about anything he is doing or saying. Never in my life have I ever felt so comfortable so immediately with another individual. The funny thing is that this started as a strictly sexual thing at first because we had both just gotten out of bad relationships and just had needs but didn’t want emotions or any of the drama so our mutual friends got us together. We hit it off so well so quickly that we just couldn’t deny that there was something great there. It’s incredible, romantic, spontaneous, sexy, fun, fun, fun, trusting, intellectual, etc, etc, etc. We both have all the stupid little pet peeves that Caps and Virgos have, but we both somehow appreciate that about each other and well, we just work and it’s awesome :)

  41. I am a virgo woman who had a short fling w a cap along wonderfully but the fact that I have a bf of 12 yrs freaked him out even tho we live several states away now. More recently I had a cap crush who I’ve known 4 many yrs who knos my bf & dated his ex girlfriend after they broke up come a long distance 2 c was a fabulous wkend but he seemed a bit angry & anxious the day he left. He is planning another trip up but maybe its best to not even go there again? My bf is a scorpio & we have a deep dysfunctional relationship. I think history is overriding my true feelings but I’m afraid of getting hurt by my cap lover..what 2 do?

  42. I agree that Capricorn males and Virgo females are good together. I am a virgo female and I am in a relationship with a Capricorn male and I plan on keeping it like that. He is very down to earth, He may have faults but I still love him no matter what. We make our jokes with eachother. It doesn’t hurt either of us. I love him to death. I don’t care what anyone says about him. He’s the one for me.

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