Being a skeptic, I didn’t had big hopes from the report. But my relationship problem made me buy this and I want to say a BIG THANK YOU! The report is awesome! It was damn accurate, it was like reading a diary written by one of our most closest friends. The best thing I learned was understanding the thought process through which my partner made decisions, loved it! have a few less fights now :P

- Rocelyn Gonzales, Ohio.

I loved the reports, the only thing that helped me understand my relationships in my bad times was the report. Thankssss!

- Alisa Linders,  Chicago

I never understood why I couldn’t get through my girl, her moody nature always came back! The report really helped me understand the difference in our thoughts and tendencies.

- Jack Bennett, Nottingham

I couldn’t believe how true the report is! I really felt you were one of my close friend writing. The part about difference mode of communication was really the missing link between us. :D Mer sē!

- Arianne Solo, Paris

My dating was fun once I got the girl’s nature and the chemistry with the report! can’t ask for anything more.. I am almost there.. :)

- Winston Andres, Queensland

Being in a relationship is a lot more fun when you know how to handle the quarrels :P Your report made me do that easily. Our differences though we knew earlier, most of them became pretty clear and made our bond stronger by working at it.

-  Alex Gwozda, New York.

All I want to say is a Thank you. I was very confused whether I should fall in relationship or still keep looking. I was never able to make the decision, the report made things clear for me. The guy was though different than my nature, he had qualities I highly appreciated. I don’t regret my decision  at all.

- Johanna Spitzer, Hampshire

The report was very long and helpful for me. Never understood how it works but cant deny how wonderfully it works. Being in arrange marriage it was very crucial for me to understand my partner and the report helped me a LOT!

- Arun Shahstri, Mumbai

I have been studying sun signs in astrology and it always duped me coz once you know the person closely, you see many shades of his nature. The sun sign thing just tumbles then. Thanks to your report I understood how each sign has its effect on different part of an individuals nature. I knw my guy better now ;)

Mrianne Palmer, Palma De Mallorca, Spain

I found the readings very accurate and they were very scientific in nature, better than the psychic reading I took, which were based on hunches and intuition.

- Alanna Sullivan, Santa Barbara, California

Thank you very very much! , it was insightful! It was something which I already had as my inner voice, the report just made it clear for me!

- Cathleen Colias, Casablanca, Morocco

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