Taurus Cancer Compatibility

Taurus Cancer Compatibility, have the potential to be called the ‘soul mate’ couple. This duo has the ability to make other couples jealous!

Taurus Cancer Relatiopnship is a great combination with various elements in common. Valuing the home and family, working towards financial security and stability, interest in food and cooking are to name a few similar elements. Where there is a Taurus-Cancer couple, there is a natural comfort zone.

To build a comfortable home is one of their priority and they take a lot of effort and interest in it. As partners they are very loyal and affectionate and understand each other’s needs and genuinely try to provide them!

The Taurus and Cancer couple provides an exceptional emotional depth to their relationship that is very captivating and flattering!

There is a huge amount of trust between these two partners, and if they establish harmony at the very beginning of their relationship, they have all chances of spending the whole life together.

The Taurus and Cancer partner do not like to socialize a lot and prefer to stay at home and spend quality time with each other. They are an affectionate and sensual pair and enjoy the touch and feel of each other. If you are in one such relationship, just don’t let it go, because this one combination is more or less perfect and very harmonious.

If you go to search for negative aspects in this relationship, you will find very few. Both the Taurus and the Cancer partner can be jealous and possessive about each other. Both being stubborn, always want to be in control of the relationship. But then again, both of these partners are so naturally loyal, sincere and affectionate towards each other that any big issue is very unlikely to manifest.

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Taurus and Cancer compatibility ratings

Compatibility:               5

Communication:         4

Sexual chemistry:        4

Ratings are out of 5

Taurus Woman and Cancer Man

The Taurus woman and the Cancer man together they establish financial security. Their common goal – a harmonious environment; and their only centre of attraction – a comfortable home!

Devotion, persistence, patience are a Taurus woman’s forte which are adored by a Cancer man. There is a genuine sweetness to this relation. It would be correct to say that domestic bliss is made for the Taurus woman and Cancer man combination. Holding hand and watching sunsets together are a very typical trait, which this couple enjoys. The Taurus woman will make sure that she establishes an environment of coziness. The word is affection and not passion for the Taurus woman and Cancer man, and there is affection in abundance present amidst them. This couple is the type that would like to snuggle up in each other arms throughout the night. Fiery action is not their cup of tea. They are warm and responsive towards each other’s love.

The Taurus woman helps out the Cancer man to have a practical outlook towards life, to which he is extremely grateful to her, and on the contrary the Cancer man contributes to her security by helping her with her material needs. His action makes her feel content and secured.

This taurus cancer couple, having a home centered universe, it is needless to say that they are an excellent combination for marriage and they are very interested in children. Cancer men earn well and if the Taurus woman makes his life at home comfortable, he will never look around for anything else.

When this relationship ends, it is sad as the Taurus woman and the Cancer man find it very difficult to move on. It would take a lot to say goodbye to each other, and the end will be loving and kind without any hard feelings.

Once the Taurus woman and the Cancer man get in a relationship, the progress of that relationship is slow and steady. Nobody is rushing, nobody is in a hurry, and things move smoothly taking its own good time. They grab this opportunity to know each other better.

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Taurus Man and Cancer Woman

When there is a Taurus woman and a Cancer man, it is about home, and family and children, and tummy full of yummy food! Life is about kitchen, and everything related to it. Both partners are paranoid about security, it’s as important to them as oxygen is! As long as they cater towards their sweet little life equally, things move smooth. If you want to see havoc between this couple, and that happens when either of the two acts a little foolish or a little irresponsible.

Another tendency, which is very visible among the Taurus man and Cancer woman, is to keep the thing around them just as it is, without any changes. They like the feel of familiar things around them. The Taurus man would love it when the Cancer woman would Fuss over his eating habits, ask about his work, and have a personal conversation without talking about worldly matters. The Taurus man and Cancer woman can be good friends because they tend to focus on each other.

The Cancer woman would appreciate if the Taurus man asks her about her family. Family is important for her, also she takes money very seriously and would like if the Taurus man also shows similar interest.

They make a good match for marriage. They cannot be labeled as a romantic couple. They are decent enough when it comes to being romantic. Passion is a little disturbing for the Cancer woman and the Taurus man because it is not calculated and hence they find it initially untrustworthy!

When this couple ends things between them, there are endless tears of self-pity and disturbed fears about splitting up possessions.

They like the touch of each other, for them it’s a non-verbal bonding, which they are very fond of!

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  1. This is beautiful and holds so true for me and my love. I am a Taurus female and am in a passionate relationship with a Cancer male. We get along amazingly well and our communication is very strong. He sent me this article and I love every sentence in it.

  2. It’s so true for us… we r having some problms dese days.. ya there’s lots f tears… It’s horable..

  3. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TRUE! i love this , this exactly how my realtionship is (:

  4. Victoria Vanderzee

    This is actually very true! :) I am a Cancer female and im with a taurus. Things are going pretty well if i do say so myself :) Happiest iv’e been in a while !

  5. Christy Nguyen

    This is so true in so many ways! I’m a Cancer woman and I am in a great relationship with a Taurus male, things are going so well between us! We’re like best friends, we have our little disagreements but they just seem to build our relationship. We’re both stubborn as mules and just love to hold each other! I really do think he is the one for me :D <3

  6. wow! this is soo right on it! im a cancer female he is taurus male he is soo more jelous and possesive we love family he loves to cook we have a very happy relationship

  7. This article is incredibly accurate as far as me and my lovie are concerned. We’ve only had one argument and it was incredibly minor! Out of the 6 months we’ve been together, one minor argument is beyond my wildest expectations! We’re sooo affectionate with each other!!! He and I are the happiest we’ve ever been… <3 It!

  8. Me likiey

    SO SO TRUE. I’m a cancerian gay man and my boyfriend is Taurus and we are so in love. We both been through bad relationships and met in a very very awkward situation, but ended up soulmates. I love this basterd who is sometimes too slow and like to have his time in freaking everything. I know I’ll gain weight because of his fearless indulges in snacks every time we take a walk in the city but what can I do, just being around him makes feel good and after being together for over 6 years now, I wish we can get married one day :(
    back to the main point. yes taurus and cancer are perfect for each other…but mind your social lives guys because sometimes you’ll be lost in each others’ world and neglect the universe.

    • This has been my experience as well, although I found that taurus got a little too comfortable with his routine…and thus caused cancer to go his own way. The ending of this particular coupling is beyond painful, and the pain will last both of them a long time.

  9. Sheila T.

    This is so true, I’ve never meet anyone that I’ve felt so comfortable with. I am a cancer woman and I just started dating a Taurus man. We seem to click so well together and I couldn’t be happier right now. I am so glad I met him.

  10. i agree
    except my connection
    is lacking chemistry
    and i have stayed a long time
    because we do have such a compatibility
    at home
    however i dont like sharing the kitchen
    and with this particular person
    we should have just been friends
    the spark is just not there for love making

  11. I am a Taurus male and just started dating a Cancer female.. I know it’s early but I think I just found the one I’ve been waiting for.. the love of my life :)

  12. 6 years strong one child.. cancer male and taurus woman. because i am so understanding ive learned to live with the flaws that comes with him. i im sure the same for him. i notice them on point and dismiss it because all though he may not know why he is acting moody are acting out, i do.. i know him better than he knows himself.. when its good its great but when its bad its bad.. but we make it through it all.. the love of my life he is… now i just have to figure out my aries son.. smh a hand full at 3.. strong aries traits since birth

  13. I am a Taurus male and I just started dating a Cancer female not long ago, it hasn’t been long yet, but I feel like she’s the perfect one for me, I can talk to her about anything, I mean ANYTHING and she won’t get mad, or get creeped out, I love her so much

  14. precious

    Am a taurus female,and once dated a cancer male.
    Its really true about the compatabilty with both sex signs,
    D love was so strong,always fresh that I can’t forget so easily,but my
    Partner was moved by what people say about me and he ended up breaking up with me.deep down inside I know he still loves me
    Cos he can’t stop calling me.

  15. *sigh* i don’t know how true this is from a true relationship perspective, but from a friends perspective (mixed with a little sexual tension) this is extremely accurate. I’m a taurus female and he’s a crabby cancer male. We would be together right now if it weren’t for his recent divorce (from which he is having difficulty moving on). But the compatibility is a perfect fit and there is no lack in a spark. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, so maybe someday. This really IS very accurate and it’s true that he really does make me smile.

  16. I have been in a FWB with a cancer man since 2008 (on and off) and i ended up falling for him, he leaves an hour away but would come from time to time to my town. we always have good times together, and he wants to stay over, he wants to talk and have intimate conversation with him, we have so much in common but i just dont get why he doesnt want to have something serious with me. i broke it off the past weekend, and he then told me he loves me and wants to have a baby with me. i refused since i recently found out thru FB that he is in a relationship. i told him i can start a relationship with him now that he sees that i want to break it off, why didnt he make that move b4, so in other words i am forcing him to fall have a relationship with me. hope i will be able to be disciplined and not go back. i already miss him. i have been im 27 and have been with other guys but i have never met a man like him. I feel we could have a great relationship even marriage but he cant see that, he just sees me for the great sex and i want more. i’m so heartbroken :(

    • I was in exactly the same situation with Cancer male. Though it has been years and everything’s over,(because I ended it and just dissapeared without saying a word)I still love him and have never met a man like him… Also, in general I have a thing with Cancer males.

  17. I am a taurus female and have been in a relationship with a cancer male for 2 years and will have our one year wedding anniversary in December :) It has not all been good we have had our rough moments and been through alot but in the end it always comes down to the fact that we are made for eachother and no matter what obstacles we may have we will always overcome it because we are meant to be. I love you Eric

  18. Damian S.

    I think I met my Taurean Dream!! This reading is so correct so far!! :) and you know who are you baby!

  19. Ateeqa Umer

    OMG…. :o Loved it… so so so true….wht a compatability!!! M too happy to read it… WOW… Taurus & cancer.. (soul partners <3) MashaALLAH…

  20. Ateeqa Umer

    OMG… Loved it… wht a cmptblty… Taurus & cancer.. made fr eachother.. <3 ;)

  21. meekailah

    Maybe true! Dating a crabby cancer for 8 years. He want his ways all the time, even when he is wrong1

  22. anomeness :)

    i really like this cancer man…. :) ) <3

  23. anomeness :)

    i love this soo muchh :)

  24. this is sooooo real! i am a taurus lady and my man is a cancer we almost never fight and when we do it always ends with i love you a kiss then we cook something to eat lay down turn off our cells and you know what happens next. i love him soo much. its like we are bestfriends. we talk to eachother about everything and we always have each others back in the time of need. and we have bin talkin about me being his wife so yes this relationship it the best!

  25. omg.. its soo true!!! im a taurus lady and he is a cancer man and i feel it so comforting to know all is going to be well and its going to be a happy relationship

  26. Exceedingly useful many thanks, I think your current readers may very well want a whole lot more articles such as this maintain the great effort.

  27. bryant giron

    Sooo true in love with my Lucia Guzman!!!

  28. OMG This is absolutely true!! I (cancer) just this met this guy(taurus), and we have this connection that I’ve never felt with any one else!! Everything you put in this article is exactly what our conversations are mostly about!! :)

  29. I and my long time penpal just decided today that we hv developed feelings for eachother and that we should start a relationship. I kind of freaked out wondering if we will be a good match, relationship-wise. After reading this it has given me such hope. Am cancer and he is taurus. wish us luck guys.

  30. Most of this is true, however my Cancer woman is very passionate and likes to be romanced nightly :) She’s very hot, btw

  31. today im home in three days ill be moving. my love and the love of my life sent this to me.everything it says is true im the taurus man and have a passion for cooking there is an ap for that .we are sooo close our hearts acualy touch .we love each other fully 100 percent we are soul mates and best friends.we dont fight much but when we do its awful ,and im sent packing ,out the door with me.So then starts my search for a place to live its awful for two reasons 1 i have my son living with me . we have done this alot and its bad for him 2 she hates to see me go .when i go my heart will still be here in this house next to her . our hearts will be broken.i am taurus and she is a cancer sign beauty who has my heart

  32. This is true so far but we I’ve been in my relationship for 9 months and I’m a Taurus women with a men cancer and I think our communication skills are very low…Can anyone help me with our communication skills…Any sugestions?

  33. So I love my Taurus men:) I am a Cancer Women and I just love it how they are patient, loving, funny, and with Tauruses I talk to, we have deep conversations. I would want a man that is a Taurus. I have been flirting with one for a couple of weeks now (I know they take forever to ask you out:P)But I love it how they are very slow when making decisions, I see it as wise:)

  34. i have to say,cancer men are BIG BABIES. i did an acting lesson with one, and everything he does is for him to get female attention, his moroccan and MUSLIM, and seems to think this make him special. CANCERSlove to PLAY MIND GAMES. one time i was speaking to him ( I called him-stupid thing to do), and he said Taurus women are controlling , because his MUM is Taurus. I often get the point, that he wants me physically, but is not sure emotionally about me. I know this for a factin one of our acting lessons, he was stanind b ehind me and he had a HARD ON!, i was shocked by this and he quickly dashed to the toilt, I guess to releave himself, and I tried to stay away from him, but he kept sitting nexdt to me. His about 30yrs old now, and I think being the person Iam, im passionate, loving and caring and some what quite at times. I and he knows we could be goodor even great for each other sexually/emotionally. I just believe he would be a waste of good time and my love, because he can not emotionally connect with me , without it being sexual on his part. There are several times, he’ll catche me on my own and start saying , “we have a connection “, like his expectig me to get on my knees and bow down to his every command. I know being tauurs that I deserve ever lasting love , that is true and genuine. I know that he can not give that to me. so Ysen if your reading this connect to yourself emotionally, and maturally and you might experience true life in your life time. lol

  35. Hi I am a cancer girl, and my sweetheart is my taurus male,he is a awsome ,this is our story and romance. When we first met i was going to a very hard divorce from a gemini( messed up! i lasted 17 yrs with him and he is evil). I didnt even let the ink dry, four days after i divorced the sleeze, i met my Daddy. the attraction hit me like an 18 wheeler truck, i saw him and i Instantly wanted his quite , simple , totally smoking hot body all over me. I’m a cancer I over think everything, i enjoy taking things slow…. really really really slow. But when i saw him, it was like gggggrrrr guy your giving me a personal moment just looking at you. I saw him looking at me from the corner of his eyes and i smiled my most brilliant smile, and i asked him if i could just sit next to him and talk, george and I have been through way too much as kids and suffered Alot of rejection, and pain, so we instantly connected . He completly knew what i was thinking of and he would finish my sentences, but when he just kissed me without me expecting it i was smitten. I just kissed him back harder, I wanted to be his .. completely , but when he looked me into the eyes and said ” will you marry me,” I knew my soldier was completely serious. I just surrendered and said “yes”. that night we had our first date. I have slept under him for the last six yrs. We actually breathe the same air. Dont get me wrong last year was hard.. very hard.We are married and have a wonderful , beautiful little girl Mia, she is the most wonderful child i have Ever seen, would you guess that she is strong , stubborn and possessive like her parents? Well the reason it was hard this year is because since we are such poor communicators we ended up almost destroying the most important thing we both have ever had. My taurus loves to be held , though he wont say it. Loves to be nightly worshipped and wont talk about, is always worried about my devotion to him. Scared about everything all the time , well because I wont talk about anything , he ended up hurting me in the WORST way , he cheated on me , damn i was sooooo hurt. I have never stepped out on him , I’m Sorry guys but you are all dead to me. I would have never done that. I still fume and get livid when I think about it, Believe me. I didnt talk , see ,or touch him for 6 months. I completely shut him out of both of our lives, and I made him beleive that i moved on, I treated him like complete shit. Well i wasnt too fond of him at that time. Well he begged and i cried myself to sleep for six months, he drank himself stupid, until i kinda felt sorry for him, i love him- so i let him see mia, his world, and he cryed some more and told me everything i wanted to hear. I’ll never ever leave again, please take me back , we decided to go to therapy, lots and lots of therapy. For Both of us and we are both recovering and making a difference in this world , we love our family, friends , community and we are growing again. He is my Daddy , my sexy , smart brilliant papa and I’m his queen. Always for ever and into the next life will we love ech each other.

  36. I’m still in a young love phase, and this article is completely true, it amazes me. I’m so glad I read this, it gave me so much more hope and less doubt from what I had before. (:

  37. Being a Taurus in a relationship with my crabby Cancer man, we’re eachother’s own best friend. We’ve been together for nearly six years, and we’re expecting our first child together, who might also be a Taurus, birth date pending.

    He’s shown me a great deal of things, opening my mind to so much, and teashing me very important lessons. For instance, he’s taught me that two people together can accomplish something neither one could ever do alone. He’s helped me to see that I don’t have to surrender any of my power to snuggle down in a domestic life. I can- and have been- moving on to do most of the things I have wanted to get out of life.

    I don’t have to sacrifice or be less of myself to suit the whims of others, and he loves the whole of me. There’s little sex, which is not a bad thing as we prefer the quiet company of one another’s presence.

    Our love is strong and our child will grow to bask in this love.

  38. I am a cancer woman an i met my handsome, most wonderful taurus man, while in a open relationship. The first met i was hooked, now that we have known eachother for over a year I know that there is a reason we met, we’re just not sure yet. I love him with all my heart an i know without a shadow of a doubt that he was made for me, but he never makes a bold move in fear of being rejected. He is way handsome btw an in my eyes could never be rejected. wish i could make him believe in himself more… oh, we accidently had a baby together an it’s so amazing how much alike our feelings and thoughts are towards children an family…. AMAZING…

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