Taurus Cancer Compatibility

Taurus Cancer Compatibility, this have the potential to be called the ‘soul mate’ couple. This duo has the ability to make other couples jealous!

Taurus Cancer Relatiopnship is a great combination with various elements in common. Valuing the home and family, store working towards financial security and stability, interest in food and cooking are to name a few similar elements. Where there is a Taurus-Cancer couple, there is a natural comfort zone.

To build a comfortable home is one of their priority and they take a lot of effort and interest in it. As partners they are very loyal and affectionate and understand each other’s needs and genuinely try to provide them!

The Taurus and Cancer couple provides an exceptional emotional depth to their relationship that is very captivating and flattering!

There is a huge amount of trust between these two partners, and if they establish harmony at the very beginning of their relationship, they have all chances of spending the whole life together.

The Taurus and Cancer partner do not like to socialize a lot and prefer to stay at home and spend quality time with each other. They are an affectionate and sensual pair and enjoy the touch and feel of each other. If you are in one such relationship, just don’t let it go, because this one combination is more or less perfect and very harmonious.

If you go to search for negative aspects in this relationship, you will find very few. Both the Taurus and the Cancer partner can be jealous and possessive about each other. Both being stubborn, always want to be in control of the relationship. But then again, both of these partners are so naturally loyal, sincere and affectionate towards each other that any big issue is very unlikely to manifest.

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Taurus and Cancer compatibility ratings

Compatibility:               5

Communication:         4

Sexual chemistry:        4

Ratings are out of 5

Taurus Woman and Cancer Man

The Taurus woman and the Cancer man together they establish financial security. Their common goal – a harmonious environment; and their only centre of attraction – a comfortable home!

Devotion, persistence, patience are a Taurus woman’s forte which are adored by a Cancer man. There is a genuine sweetness to this relation. It would be correct to say that domestic bliss is made for the Taurus woman and Cancer man combination. Holding hand and watching sunsets together are a very typical trait, which this couple enjoys. The Taurus woman will make sure that she establishes an environment of coziness. The word is affection and not passion for the Taurus woman and Cancer man, and there is affection in abundance present amidst them. This couple is the type that would like to snuggle up in each other arms throughout the night. Fiery action is not their cup of tea. They are warm and responsive towards each other’s love.

The Taurus woman helps out the Cancer man to have a practical outlook towards life, to which he is extremely grateful to her, and on the contrary the Cancer man contributes to her security by helping her with her material needs. His action makes her feel content and secured.

This taurus cancer couple, having a home centered universe, it is needless to say that they are an excellent combination for marriage and they are very interested in children. Cancer men earn well and if the Taurus woman makes his life at home comfortable, he will never look around for anything else.

When this relationship ends, it is sad as the Taurus woman and the Cancer man find it very difficult to move on. It would take a lot to say goodbye to each other, and the end will be loving and kind without any hard feelings.

Once the Taurus woman and the Cancer man get in a relationship, the progress of that relationship is slow and steady. Nobody is rushing, nobody is in a hurry, and things move smoothly taking its own good time. They grab this opportunity to know each other better.

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Taurus Man and Cancer Woman

When there is a Taurus woman and a Cancer man, it is about home, and family and children, and tummy full of yummy food! Life is about kitchen, and everything related to it. Both partners are paranoid about security, it’s as important to them as oxygen is! As long as they cater towards their sweet little life equally, things move smooth. If you want to see havoc between this couple, and that happens when either of the two acts a little foolish or a little irresponsible.

Another tendency, which is very visible among the Taurus man and Cancer woman, is to keep the thing around them just as it is, without any changes. They like the feel of familiar things around them. The Taurus man would love it when the Cancer woman would Fuss over his eating habits, ask about his work, and have a personal conversation without talking about worldly matters. The Taurus man and Cancer woman can be good friends because they tend to focus on each other.

The Cancer woman would appreciate if the Taurus man asks her about her family. Family is important for her, also she takes money very seriously and would like if the Taurus man also shows similar interest.

They make a good match for marriage. They cannot be labeled as a romantic couple. They are decent enough when it comes to being romantic. Passion is a little disturbing for the Cancer woman and the Taurus man because it is not calculated and hence they find it initially untrustworthy!

When this couple ends things between them, there are endless tears of self-pity and disturbed fears about splitting up possessions.

They like the touch of each other, for them it’s a non-verbal bonding, which they are very fond of!

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  1. This is beautiful and holds so true for me and my love. I am a Taurus female and am in a passionate relationship with a Cancer male. We get along amazingly well and our communication is very strong. He sent me this article and I love every sentence in it.

  2. It’s so true for us… we r having some problms dese days.. ya there’s lots f tears… It’s horable..

  3. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TRUE! i love this , this exactly how my realtionship is (:

  4. Victoria Vanderzee

    This is actually very true! :) I am a Cancer female and im with a taurus. Things are going pretty well if i do say so myself :) Happiest iv’e been in a while !

  5. Christy Nguyen

    This is so true in so many ways! I’m a Cancer woman and I am in a great relationship with a Taurus male, things are going so well between us! We’re like best friends, we have our little disagreements but they just seem to build our relationship. We’re both stubborn as mules and just love to hold each other! I really do think he is the one for me :D <3

  6. wow! this is soo right on it! im a cancer female he is taurus male he is soo more jelous and possesive we love family he loves to cook we have a very happy relationship

  7. This article is incredibly accurate as far as me and my lovie are concerned. We’ve only had one argument and it was incredibly minor! Out of the 6 months we’ve been together, one minor argument is beyond my wildest expectations! We’re sooo affectionate with each other!!! He and I are the happiest we’ve ever been… <3 It!

  8. Me likiey

    SO SO TRUE. I’m a cancerian gay man and my boyfriend is Taurus and we are so in love. We both been through bad relationships and met in a very very awkward situation, but ended up soulmates. I love this basterd who is sometimes too slow and like to have his time in freaking everything. I know I’ll gain weight because of his fearless indulges in snacks every time we take a walk in the city but what can I do, just being around him makes feel good and after being together for over 6 years now, I wish we can get married one day :(
    back to the main point. yes taurus and cancer are perfect for each other…but mind your social lives guys because sometimes you’ll be lost in each others’ world and neglect the universe.

    • This has been my experience as well, although I found that taurus got a little too comfortable with his routine…and thus caused cancer to go his own way. The ending of this particular coupling is beyond painful, and the pain will last both of them a long time.

  9. Sheila T.

    This is so true, I’ve never meet anyone that I’ve felt so comfortable with. I am a cancer woman and I just started dating a Taurus man. We seem to click so well together and I couldn’t be happier right now. I am so glad I met him.

  10. i agree
    except my connection
    is lacking chemistry
    and i have stayed a long time
    because we do have such a compatibility
    at home
    however i dont like sharing the kitchen
    and with this particular person
    we should have just been friends
    the spark is just not there for love making

    • with that I agree, no spark for the lovemaking

      • Best sex and worst relationship I ever had was with a Taurus. Everything I read up there was spot on for the first 3 days and then it turned into a year and a half of hell and no trust, fighting, cheating, lying, pain…..on both of our ends.

        We could probably be friends w/ benefits forever though.


  11. I am a Taurus male and just started dating a Cancer female.. I know it’s early but I think I just found the one I’ve been waiting for.. the love of my life :)

  12. 6 years strong one child.. cancer male and taurus woman. because i am so understanding ive learned to live with the flaws that comes with him. i im sure the same for him. i notice them on point and dismiss it because all though he may not know why he is acting moody are acting out, i do.. i know him better than he knows himself.. when its good its great but when its bad its bad.. but we make it through it all.. the love of my life he is… now i just have to figure out my aries son.. smh a hand full at 3.. strong aries traits since birth

  13. I am a Taurus male and I just started dating a Cancer female not long ago, it hasn’t been long yet, but I feel like she’s the perfect one for me, I can talk to her about anything, I mean ANYTHING and she won’t get mad, or get creeped out, I love her so much

  14. precious

    Am a taurus female,and once dated a cancer male.
    Its really true about the compatabilty with both sex signs,
    D love was so strong,always fresh that I can’t forget so easily,but my
    Partner was moved by what people say about me and he ended up breaking up with me.deep down inside I know he still loves me
    Cos he can’t stop calling me.

  15. *sigh* i don’t know how true this is from a true relationship perspective, but from a friends perspective (mixed with a little sexual tension) this is extremely accurate. I’m a taurus female and he’s a crabby cancer male. We would be together right now if it weren’t for his recent divorce (from which he is having difficulty moving on). But the compatibility is a perfect fit and there is no lack in a spark. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, so maybe someday. This really IS very accurate and it’s true that he really does make me smile.

  16. I have been in a FWB with a cancer man since 2008 (on and off) and i ended up falling for him, he leaves an hour away but would come from time to time to my town. we always have good times together, and he wants to stay over, he wants to talk and have intimate conversation with him, we have so much in common but i just dont get why he doesnt want to have something serious with me. i broke it off the past weekend, and he then told me he loves me and wants to have a baby with me. i refused since i recently found out thru FB that he is in a relationship. i told him i can start a relationship with him now that he sees that i want to break it off, why didnt he make that move b4, so in other words i am forcing him to fall have a relationship with me. hope i will be able to be disciplined and not go back. i already miss him. i have been im 27 and have been with other guys but i have never met a man like him. I feel we could have a great relationship even marriage but he cant see that, he just sees me for the great sex and i want more. i’m so heartbroken :(

    • I was in exactly the same situation with Cancer male. Though it has been years and everything’s over,(because I ended it and just dissapeared without saying a word)I still love him and have never met a man like him… Also, in general I have a thing with Cancer males.

  17. I am a taurus female and have been in a relationship with a cancer male for 2 years and will have our one year wedding anniversary in December :) It has not all been good we have had our rough moments and been through alot but in the end it always comes down to the fact that we are made for eachother and no matter what obstacles we may have we will always overcome it because we are meant to be. I love you Eric

  18. Damian S.

    I think I met my Taurean Dream!! This reading is so correct so far!! :) and you know who are you baby!

  19. Ateeqa Umer

    OMG…. :o Loved it… so so so true….wht a compatability!!! M too happy to read it… WOW… Taurus & cancer.. (soul partners <3) MashaALLAH…

  20. Ateeqa Umer

    OMG… Loved it… wht a cmptblty… Taurus & cancer.. made fr eachother.. <3 ;)

  21. meekailah

    Maybe true! Dating a crabby cancer for 8 years. He want his ways all the time, even when he is wrong1

  22. anomeness :)

    i really like this cancer man…. :) ) <3

    • Alta senorita

      Me too chic……bt he is my best friend and he does not know that I am in love with him. I wish I could tell him but I don’t how he would react, u know. Bt he is really an amazing guy, makes me feel like I am the most special girl in the world =)

      • He prolly feels the same way, go for it. Two people not getting together because of fear or shyness is sad. And he’s probably just shy or something.

      • Omg I know how you feel! I am a cancer female and the guy I like is a Taurus. Just recently found out that the guy likes me, but before I found out me and him were the closest friends. I was planning on telling him how I felt but I didn’t want to ruin our relationship. But he makes me feel so important and special and loved. I am so happy with him and this article is so true! But any way, I would stay with him as friends for right now. If they like you they will show it. Unless you are completely confident in telling him, then take the chance!!!

  23. anomeness :)

    i love this soo muchh :)

  24. this is sooooo real! i am a taurus lady and my man is a cancer we almost never fight and when we do it always ends with i love you a kiss then we cook something to eat lay down turn off our cells and you know what happens next. i love him soo much. its like we are bestfriends. we talk to eachother about everything and we always have each others back in the time of need. and we have bin talkin about me being his wife so yes this relationship it the best!

    • omg i am so happy for you guys!!!! my and my crab are the same way.

  25. omg.. its soo true!!! im a taurus lady and he is a cancer man and i feel it so comforting to know all is going to be well and its going to be a happy relationship

  26. Exceedingly useful many thanks, I think your current readers may very well want a whole lot more articles such as this maintain the great effort.

  27. bryant giron

    Sooo true in love with my Lucia Guzman!!!

  28. OMG This is absolutely true!! I (cancer) just this met this guy(taurus), and we have this connection that I’ve never felt with any one else!! Everything you put in this article is exactly what our conversations are mostly about!! :)

  29. I and my long time penpal just decided today that we hv developed feelings for eachother and that we should start a relationship. I kind of freaked out wondering if we will be a good match, relationship-wise. After reading this it has given me such hope. Am cancer and he is taurus. wish us luck guys.

  30. Most of this is true, however my Cancer woman is very passionate and likes to be romanced nightly :) She’s very hot, btw

  31. today im home in three days ill be moving. my love and the love of my life sent this to me.everything it says is true im the taurus man and have a passion for cooking there is an ap for that .we are sooo close our hearts acualy touch .we love each other fully 100 percent we are soul mates and best friends.we dont fight much but when we do its awful ,and im sent packing ,out the door with me.So then starts my search for a place to live its awful for two reasons 1 i have my son living with me . we have done this alot and its bad for him 2 she hates to see me go .when i go my heart will still be here in this house next to her . our hearts will be broken.i am taurus and she is a cancer sign beauty who has my heart

  32. This is true so far but we I’ve been in my relationship for 9 months and I’m a Taurus women with a men cancer and I think our communication skills are very low…Can anyone help me with our communication skills…Any sugestions?

    • Be straight forward with your feelings and thoughts. If there’s something bugging you, the Cancer can sense it. He might know what’s going on but needs you to tell him.

    • i agree with daisy. tell him everything straight from your heart. dont hide things from him. find out his interests. they might be similar to yours.

      • hello lady’s,I am Cancer male that is very deeply in love with a Taurus woman.the best way to keep good communication with us is by being open to us.talk to us about any problem or worries you may have with us or with you.I prefer that on a long walk together or somewhere that you are alone,its only our business and no one else. Taurus women continue to love your Cancer the more love,trust,and understanding you have with him you will receive a lot more in return.

    • Don’t give up, tell him everything, and i mean everything. expecially what he means to you, he needs to passionate, giving , and free to love him and him only

  33. So I love my Taurus men:) I am a Cancer Women and I just love it how they are patient, loving, funny, and with Tauruses I talk to, we have deep conversations. I would want a man that is a Taurus. I have been flirting with one for a couple of weeks now (I know they take forever to ask you out:P)But I love it how they are very slow when making decisions, I see it as wise:)

  34. i have to say,cancer men are BIG BABIES. i did an acting lesson with one, and everything he does is for him to get female attention, his moroccan and MUSLIM, and seems to think this make him special. CANCERSlove to PLAY MIND GAMES. one time i was speaking to him ( I called him-stupid thing to do), and he said Taurus women are controlling , because his MUM is Taurus. I often get the point, that he wants me physically, but is not sure emotionally about me. I know this for a factin one of our acting lessons, he was stanind b ehind me and he had a HARD ON!, i was shocked by this and he quickly dashed to the toilt, I guess to releave himself, and I tried to stay away from him, but he kept sitting nexdt to me. His about 30yrs old now, and I think being the person Iam, im passionate, loving and caring and some what quite at times. I and he knows we could be goodor even great for each other sexually/emotionally. I just believe he would be a waste of good time and my love, because he can not emotionally connect with me , without it being sexual on his part. There are several times, he’ll catche me on my own and start saying , “we have a connection “, like his expectig me to get on my knees and bow down to his every command. I know being tauurs that I deserve ever lasting love , that is true and genuine. I know that he can not give that to me. so Ysen if your reading this connect to yourself emotionally, and maturally and you might experience true life in your life time. lol

    • I agree with the big baby comment!!

    • hi Kacsiy,

      I am a Taurus women and my boyfriend is cancer. I am having the same thing … funny, many time i tried to leave him aswell but he didnt let me go! however He tries to make me jealous ! many times I am confused and I am getting confused what I should to do I do not trusted him very much, cos he cheated me and was typing with girls?

  35. Hi I am a cancer girl, and my sweetheart is my taurus male,he is a awsome ,this is our story and romance. When we first met i was going to a very hard divorce from a gemini( messed up! i lasted 17 yrs with him and he is evil). I didnt even let the ink dry, four days after i divorced the sleeze, i met my Daddy. the attraction hit me like an 18 wheeler truck, i saw him and i Instantly wanted his quite , simple , totally smoking hot body all over me. I’m a cancer I over think everything, i enjoy taking things slow…. really really really slow. But when i saw him, it was like gggggrrrr guy your giving me a personal moment just looking at you. I saw him looking at me from the corner of his eyes and i smiled my most brilliant smile, and i asked him if i could just sit next to him and talk, george and I have been through way too much as kids and suffered Alot of rejection, and pain, so we instantly connected . He completly knew what i was thinking of and he would finish my sentences, but when he just kissed me without me expecting it i was smitten. I just kissed him back harder, I wanted to be his .. completely , but when he looked me into the eyes and said ” will you marry me,” I knew my soldier was completely serious. I just surrendered and said “yes”. that night we had our first date. I have slept under him for the last six yrs. We actually breathe the same air. Dont get me wrong last year was hard.. very hard.We are married and have a wonderful , beautiful little girl Mia, she is the most wonderful child i have Ever seen, would you guess that she is strong , stubborn and possessive like her parents? Well the reason it was hard this year is because since we are such poor communicators we ended up almost destroying the most important thing we both have ever had. My taurus loves to be held , though he wont say it. Loves to be nightly worshipped and wont talk about, is always worried about my devotion to him. Scared about everything all the time , well because I wont talk about anything , he ended up hurting me in the WORST way , he cheated on me , damn i was sooooo hurt. I have never stepped out on him , I’m Sorry guys but you are all dead to me. I would have never done that. I still fume and get livid when I think about it, Believe me. I didnt talk , see ,or touch him for 6 months. I completely shut him out of both of our lives, and I made him beleive that i moved on, I treated him like complete shit. Well i wasnt too fond of him at that time. Well he begged and i cried myself to sleep for six months, he drank himself stupid, until i kinda felt sorry for him, i love him- so i let him see mia, his world, and he cryed some more and told me everything i wanted to hear. I’ll never ever leave again, please take me back , we decided to go to therapy, lots and lots of therapy. For Both of us and we are both recovering and making a difference in this world , we love our family, friends , community and we are growing again. He is my Daddy , my sexy , smart brilliant papa and I’m his queen. Always for ever and into the next life will we love ech each other.

    • This is amazing! Thank you for posting this. Me and my Taurus guy have been together for only 8 months and ALL of this has happened except we’ve neber been married to eachother nor in the past. I’m 24 and he’s 21 we have a connection that is Beyond our ownselves and lack of communication is Hell for us he ripped my heart completely out and had me curled up in a ball crying. lol No one has ever made me feel like this and yes that pretty much poured out my bucket of emotional feelings at that moment and he said he didnt know that i felt this deep for him and that its all he needed to hear from me because he was scared so he “moved o”. now this girl he moved on to is begging him back because i snatched my man back, always will until i’m completely fed up with him then i’ll let him go but i see change in us. If it doesn’t happen then he’s canceled after reading this site this connection is obviously common so i have great faith that i’ll find it else where. Oh and its so weird. my first love was a Gemini man and I’m a Cancer, he was ruthless and i was stuck on him sooo hard since 2005. i still can’t put my finger on what he did to me mentally and emotionally but these feelings were Stuck in me until I came across this Taurus man he he shattered All of that for me. I felt so free i cried tears of joy and No one has came close to making me feel that way I felt like all chains were busting off of me. What you posted gave me a lot more clarity on a big picture. Thank you :)

      • Hi cee cee this is lori and i know , how are you and your tuarus guy doing? i have been great and happy though, i have been going through just a little bit of anger lately, I wouldnt worry about the ” other woman” your taurus will come back, but dont wait around for him find something to do, like get a new job , workout, get another degree, get better . as for the gemini guy, stay clear of him, He will come back just to see you miserable , dont Ever give him the satisfaction. I’m sorry to hear that your Taurus cheated on you. mine was just stupid about it. But I have been doing my part to hurt hime over it.

    • Hi this is Lori again and i’m still the wife of my daddy , we are ok and going strong, yet i think that my feelings are beginning to change. I’m the cancer girl with a taurus guy , I dont think I have ever really have gotten over the fact that he cheated on me. I’m very loyal , too loyal. yet lately I have been wanting to find a guy that would not give me any problems and have a affair with him. I don’t want the boy toy for anything but just ” entertainment features” .I want to feel the excitement of an illicit relationship for purely sexual reasons. I don’t want any form of committment or control, i dont want any emotional attachments . I want to know what he felt , the sneaking around, the lies, the thrill . I want to feel it all. I quess I’m still hurt. But i want to get him back, and then ” accidentaly ” get caught. please give me some advice.

      • Lori…I’m terribly sorry to be so upfront and harsh, but that has to be the dumbest thing to do…Yes, I know it hurts to be cheated on and so very hard to get over, but stooping to his level is not the thing to do…Love…Love is something you don’t mess with if its real, and true. If you don’t feel its real, true, and if its not giving you the things you need and crave for, then its just not the perfect match for you. I do have a tip for you though. If you hadn’t already gone through with this. Talk to your mate, and try and see if you can have a fun night of roleplay. Act out a sexual fantasy you and or your mate has, go to a hotel, or somewhere nice other than your home. I have never done this seeing as I’ve never had sex and am only twenty, heh, but I’m sure it will do wonders for your relationship. Getting even isn’t the way to go, compromise is. Yes, from what I have read, a Taurus and a Cancer have a bit of communication problems, but getting to some sort of compromise will help so much. Good luck in your relations!

  36. I’m still in a young love phase, and this article is completely true, it amazes me. I’m so glad I read this, it gave me so much more hope and less doubt from what I had before. (:

  37. Being a Taurus in a relationship with my crabby Cancer man, we’re eachother’s own best friend. We’ve been together for nearly six years, and we’re expecting our first child together, who might also be a Taurus, birth date pending.

    He’s shown me a great deal of things, opening my mind to so much, and teashing me very important lessons. For instance, he’s taught me that two people together can accomplish something neither one could ever do alone. He’s helped me to see that I don’t have to surrender any of my power to snuggle down in a domestic life. I can- and have been- moving on to do most of the things I have wanted to get out of life.

    I don’t have to sacrifice or be less of myself to suit the whims of others, and he loves the whole of me. There’s little sex, which is not a bad thing as we prefer the quiet company of one another’s presence.

    Our love is strong and our child will grow to bask in this love.

  38. I am a cancer woman an i met my handsome, most wonderful taurus man, while in a open relationship. The first met i was hooked, now that we have known eachother for over a year I know that there is a reason we met, we’re just not sure yet. I love him with all my heart an i know without a shadow of a doubt that he was made for me, but he never makes a bold move in fear of being rejected. He is way handsome btw an in my eyes could never be rejected. wish i could make him believe in himself more… oh, we accidently had a baby together an it’s so amazing how much alike our feelings and thoughts are towards children an family…. AMAZING…

  39. I find this to be nearly entirely true, up to a fault when it turns into specifics. What about a Cancer man and a Taurus male? A Taurus woman and a Cancer female? I didn’t think love was restricted to gender, but hey-ho, I suppose I was wrong.

  40. soychimuela

    Just hooked up with a Concer man and I am taurus female, It is totally right that I felt so comfortable with him as if i knew him for ages….The only problem is thta, I don’t know what to do now?? I really like him and would like a relationship but im not sure he is very keen as he only called me once to ask me if I was going to tak his room :/ ….Any advice??

  41. @KayBlitz, it doesn’t change anything, trust me…

    I just recently found out the victim of my strongest crush ever is a Cancer male. This is because I stumbled upon his Facebook (and nearly had a heart attack), which I had access to through my “Friends you may know” section. It also struck me as surprising that we had so many friends in common. I’m a Taurus male and I’ve never felt something this strong in my entire life. We’ve both graduated from high school and never once had a conversation aside from maybe 3 incidents of small talk in a classroom, i.e. asking what page the assignment was on, etc, which was still nearly impossible to do because you know how hard it is for two people to try and carry on a mutual conversation while they both have underlying feelings for each other. As a gay male I have to admit every crush I’ve had prior to this one lasted maybe 4 months at the most and was always founded on complete lust. It was always a sexual fantasy. This is the one guy I have feelings for that I can honestly say is something completely different. It isn’t sexual lust, it’s a deeper feeling very similar to what this article explains, to the point that it’s almost scary. I get a hint of warmth when I think about him and it’s just amazing. I’m in love with him and the crazy thing is I just know we haven’t seen the last of each other. With all the connections we have in common, there’s too many doors open.

  42. I am a cancer woman and have been seeing a taurus male for a few weeks. We always have an amazing time together (it is true about liking the touch of each other- he’s a cuddle lover!). I’ve recently been having doubts about his feelings for me because he hadn’t opened up or made anything official. But this definitely gave me the hope I was looking for. I know now that taurus don’t like being rushed into things, and I’m ready to wait for him! I realize now that he’s in fact one of the best I’ve been with.

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    • My brother recommended I might like this web site. He used to be entirely right. This submit truly made my day. You cann’t believe just how much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

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  43. It’s very true. I’m a Cancer woman and about 2 years ago I got heavily back into horoscope connections when I met and was instantly drawn to this man who was a mutual friends room mate. Needless to say our eyes never left one another the whole night. When we ended talking and getting to knowing eachother better we both realized right from the start we had more in common then we knew. After finding out he was a Taurus I became more interested in the compatiblity because sparks without a doubt were there. I can still safely say he was one of the most understanding and patient men have ever met. Unfortunately communication as much as it was our biggest strength was the weakness and main reason things didn’t workout as we both thought and now are no longer in eachother lives the way we were. It was one of the hardest feeling of betrayal I ever felt to say the least. Now 2 years later I’m finding myself pulled in by another Taurus Bull who ironically I got introduced to at the same time and same place as the other bull. So once again I find myself in another match made in comfortable mellowness which I can never get enough or sick of. I can absolutely say there is a strong binding spiritual aswell as soul mate connection from my personal opion and experience weather it works or doesn’t or even if you look for it or not.

  44. I’m a taurus female married to a cancer male. We did good at first but now fight all the time, he has a horrible temper and we can’t seem to see eye to eye about anything anymore. I’m a stubborn person and I don’t do good with baby sitting adults and he is like a 2 year old for the most part and never takes responsibility for anything. He goes as far as blaming the dog for things and never admitts to anything he has done wrong. He tells more lies than anyone I know and I don’t trust him cause all the lies I’ve caught him in.

    • this sounds just like the relationship me and my Taurus man are in. Opposite, I’m the Cancer woman. He’s a bold face liar all i ask for is the truth out of him. I’m an understanding person but he’s afraid that I’ll flip and he’ll lose me. Which i usually do but he won’t lose me lol.. anytime soon. We always come to an understanding but he Hates when he’s caught and confronted about the lies he gets so defensive and scared that he’ll use reverse psychology to flip the situation on me. I understand I have communication issues, taking it slow from teh beginning is one thing I need to do but freaking out and changing faces on me by lying and setting aside back up plans incase he loses me isn’t doing anything but digging deeper ditches. And nothing’s his fault its always someone elses. I’ve never found any other guy to take his place but he’s found numerous girls to take mine. Its a huge difference between us and I just might have to drop him for it and carry on. Then he tells me he’ll hurt himself to get me to stay. It worked twice, I’m starting to see that this is routine. Since he’s such a liar and begs to stay in my life anyway I go through his phone at night to see what i’m dealing with, typical flirt texts with numerous girls and then his sons mother, threatening to kill himself is she doesn’t stop screwing his cousin.
      Now I’m to the point to where I think I should leave before I’m caught playing mind games with a gameboy. I have better things to do and more mature people to meet. But, right now, its deep and its hard to let go. I may be convincing myself slowly.

  45. Teen Female Cancer with Teen Male Taurus i have been in a relationship for a while and i have to say it has been great i love him with all my hear and i really do hope this relationship works out … This website was very helpful !!!!

  46. taurus and can cancer were for eachother peroid

  47. ok im a taurus male.i need some advice. im currently dating a pisces and things have been hard for us. weve known each other for years and lost comunication but now have been together for a lil over a month. i recently got back in contact with another old friend who is a cancer and ive liked her for 8yrs. what should i do?

    • lol the Taurus guy i’m with left his Libra that he was with 10 years as soon as he met me. Not sure if this helps after all these months but nothing beats a Taurus/Cancer connection depending on how you make it work.

  48. Wow! This is very accurate … I am a Taurus woman dating a Cancer. And I feel like most of our best nights have been at home with just each other. We don’t go out much and when we do we are so into each other. I’ve even had a lot of people come up to me and say “You guys are just so cute together!” hah! I feel like things fell into place so perfectly with me and my boyfriend … we’ve only been dating for almost 3 months now but things have been so harmonious and simple that it feels like forever. This is a great and accurate article!

  49. Cancer Woman Addicted to a Taurus Man

    There’s a Taurus guy who I recently met that I am so head over heels over. It’s weird but even the first day I had met him, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him and I had a hard time breathing! We’ve hung out a few times and I have never felt this way about anyone before in my life. I feel as if we definitely have a non-verbal connection, but he confuses me. My heart tells me he feels the same way that I do, but his actions say a completely different thing. Most of the time, I really feel that maybe this connection is one-sided and he just doesn’t feel the same. He truly is one of the sweetest men that I know, though. I feel so protective towards him – like nothing and no one will hurt him because they will have to come through me first. I guess one could say I’m also kind of possessive. In my mind, he’s mine! And I feel like he really understands me more than anyone else has. It just hurts sometimes. Not sure if there’s a way to let go of something that you never had, but I’m trying to.

    • Taurus Male

      Please read my reply and give me a little advice.

    • darling that my shoes u were lol..that my experience,,Taurus are very pretencious..we are the sign with I FEEL in out foreheads..we just knew it because we are intuitive in nature..taurus are pretencious..i felt we didnt have chemistry but he act differntly that made me confuse..I experience this wd my taurus now..he seems afraid of me or something but stay n contact wd me like he couldnt let me go..they are stubborn but we are more stubborn..i gave him test and he got crasy cally me…hahahaha but i do love him just i dont tell
      hope u get my point

  50. im a torus woman and my boy friend is a cancer and its crazy how every thing on here is true for me

  51. Taurus Male

    I’m a taurus male and I am very attracted to cancer female.
    I could feel the connection ever since i saw her the first time and all my seance of stability and security was blown away. I thought is she for real? In my mind she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.
    Usually if i want something, I go and get it. There’s nothing stopping me.
    But with her, i thought, what if I go wrong? I could destroy something so beautiful. This insecurity made me be more reserved. I feel as we could have something amazing, but if that goes wrong, we would be in deep sh*t.
    Probably it is just this type of insecurity that I will be afraid of, and it will shut it down.
    But for me there still is that’What if?’ Mock me if you wish but I am torn apart about having to make such a difficult decision. My heart tells me go for it. My brain tells me otherwise. Any suggestions?
    This is a reply for the cancer female who posted on the 8th.

    • To above post jan.14 , go for it she likes you for sure

    • CancerLove

      DON’T BE RESERVED!!! You can’t change it up on a Cancer lady. She will start to get insecure and withdraw into her shell. We are definitely mirrors, and even if we “feel” that you have feelings, we will doubt them if you start to withdraw. My advice, keep it consistent. Even if you can verbally express yourself yet, if you are consistent or even begin to show more attention, she will be like butter in your hands and will open up more. Fear never got anyone anywhere. We love attention!

  52. Cancer Woman Addicted to a Taurus Man

    To the Taurus male that posted on the 14th, I would never mock you. I can understand the hesitation, but then again, why have a negative mindset about it? I think the both of you could have something really great, so what do you think will go wrong? The only things that come to my mind is maybe you’re worried about the both of you getting hurt or mutual friends/family? If it’s about getting hurt, well nothing in life is risk-free and some of the greatest rewards come with the highest amount of risk. If the friends/family is the issue, then maybe the both of you should date or get to know each other better without them being involved. So basically I would suggest just keeping it private from anyone else until you get to the point that you know that she is the one you would want to spend the rest of your life with. I don’t think she would be opposed to that idea. :)

  53. Maybe both of you are married? To Taurus man 14jan.post

  54. Mocamoness

    The other day was my first time seeing my old boyfriend in a while. This article is so true to us. Whenever we are together it always bring me to tears, I never let him see it. I’m always crying from the passion and happiness he brings me. When we make love to me it’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before, it’s a closeness and very strong bond. The only problem is he has to many females in his life. Supposed to be friends, and that I can’t deal with. Only time will tell, but the only thing I know is after all this time I still love him. <3 ♥

    • My taurus has many females too as he is a star..a hollywood star..a rock star…i just want to feel secure..but he always call me and have a good communication wd me and introduce me to his friends and people of his life..i am jealous but i dont want to feel down so i change my jelous to trust him..and stay the same when everytime we talk..to maintain the laugh and sweetness for just two of us..cancerian becomes martyr in comes to taurus, and cancer drag taurus to our shell wd our sweetness wd no other sign has capable of…we are crab and we say”go to my cage now and we will love”but not in demanding way, patience and sweetness, and not being fake…taurus is very observant hihihi

    • very similar situation here. My Taurus guy has too many females in his life and they can’t measure up to what we have although we both don’t know how to handle it. We’re both afraid to lose eachother no matter how much fighting and damage we cause it just can’t be broken. I feel like i’m right by his side ripping other females hearts out along with him because we’re not letting eachother go and these girls come to him one after the next and I remain. Its insane we need to stop or grow up or something but its hard. its because of our lack of communication. We’re aware of this.. but there are trust issues and we don’t like to talk. We just love being under eachother every night and morning and we will go about our day happy. If he misses one night of being here I will flip, yet our relationship is like this. I feel like I’m dating him and his little girlfriends. And they always either want to end up “friends” with me or hate me with passions after they’re dumped by him for getting caught up with me.

  55. hello Im a cancer woman..i worked as waitress before when a man enter the restaurant and i didnt know why i asked him automatically ” are you looking for someone?” haha..since that secoonds he looked at me and just looked at me very point like an arrow…he was a musician and making a conference at 2nd floor of hotel while i work restaurant under…i was one of their waitress. after serving his food i asked him if i can take pikture wd him and he said yes..we took picture but he stay beside me and busy wd me talking and asked me many things while i also answered him like we are two people knew each other for A long time..everytime he looked at me i got nervous and i almost couldnt handle the vibration in my whole body as he never stor looking at me .
    from the moment we have good contact..its been 1 year ago since we met first time..i was in vacation wd him and be wd him at his consert 2 times and we still keeping in good contact ..we are a kind of having a MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING, we kiss many time wdout saying i love you or anything, even infront of many people where he was so known, i just simple ride on it but i care more about to of us…i love the way we are, like we are a lover, he can get jealous and comforting wd other wdout saying i love you, i want to but im a girl, he must say it first haha..obviously im very stubborn..i respect mans right i guess..and action speak louder than words anyway , and we love our each others company.
    when i say something he found it very funny all the time and vice versa..when he moves, smile, angry, jealous or whatever i just smile and laugh very loud and say..you are very cute of all ur emotions and then we be good again…i beleive somehow that cancer and taurus are very compatible in any kinds of relationship…sometimes we experience a telepathy too..wd in a minutes he thought of me to come in skype and tried to send me message, but when he begun typing my name in his phone I came to skype suddenly..I also see his name evrywhere like there was a cupid following me and play wd me..i saw his name on desk, on store teacups..my eyes pointed directly to his similar names unconsciously…there is something about TAURUS AND CANCER when attracting eacth other..when i have problem he was the one reacting first before me..hahaha he is so cute.i just know that.

  56. you will feel taurus love wd out saying i love you..they do that in action hhihi they are shy ..and they dont jump into a relationship, it takes time..they are a bit skeptic but couldt let the cancer go..skeptic taurus because they are observant but they wont let the cancer go wd out any good reason…cancer and taurus is a soulmate…98% soulmate

  57. Very lucky couple indeed ,17 years married to my Taurus hubby (^.^)

  58. This is so true; the taurus woman, cancer man relationship. My bf and I can agree with this

  59. TaurusChild25

    I am a Taurus woman dating a Cancer man and I have known from the first few months of our relationship that he was the love of my life. We have been dating for just over a year now and if it were financially possible, I would drop everything and marry him right now. I love him more than anything ever. <3

  60. crypticcancer

    I’m a Cancer female, and have had a passionate, beautiful love for a Taurus male. It was a dream, when we first met. Everything I wanted and more in a relationship, especially compared to what I had recently been in, an abusive relationship with, ironically, my horoscopes “perfect match”, a Pisces, not too long before I met the Taurus.
    He fixed me up and made me the person I am today, and whether or not he is aware of it, he saved me from killing myself.
    My beautiful Taurus was ripped away from my touch almost directly after I thought everything was perfect, and I’ve been in mourning ever since.
    Cancers, never let your Taurus mate go willingly. You’ll always regret it.

  61. 21 May Taurus female

    Hi, I’m a 16 year old taurus female and I have recently finished two weeks work exerience. My employer was a cancer male on the cusp of a gemini, and I am head over heels for him. He’s very young for the job he’s doing (24-25). I have a massive crush on him, except I think he sees me as just a kid. But I love older guys and people always comment on how ‘mature’ I am. I think I have a tiny chance, but I’m scared of the reply I’ll get…

  62. Cancerromantic

    I am a Cancer woman who fell hard for a Taurus man. We were forced to be together due to contract work done to my house. We are both married but the connection between us was soooooo powerful. Non-stop eye contact….It was magical. He was courteous, professional and hard working. The chemistry between us was over the top. We became friendly with each other and we looked forward to seeing each other daily. We complimented each other constantly. He being a carpenter and me being very artistic. This uplifting experience took our friendship to a new level. Both being married and knowing it is WRONG to act on these feelings. We connected passionately…..Extreme passion and emotion….Tears flowing. We did not go all the way but it was soooo mind blowing. Our feelings for each other are almost telepathic. With all that being said, we had 4 more connections. So intense, passionate and over the top emotional. We both knew the right descision was to end it. I know in my heart he is the one. (That I can’t have). This is tearing me apart. I’m crying daily. So to all of those Cancer women going for a Taurus man. This connection can be a match made in heaven. I believe we’re solemates. We are both married to our spouses for 19 years but as I said, we are both level headed enough to have known not to hurt our families. We have moved on but I will never forget him. I never in a million years would have thought I’d have feelings for another man. You just never know when love is going to walk through the door. Taurus man IS the perfect match for Cancer woman.

  63. I find this very true. I am in a relationship with a Taurus women this is the happiest I have ever been. I know I have found my soulmate then I found this website and it confirmed everything that is true in our relationship.

  64. Thomas Foster

    What about Taurus Cancer man to man or woman to woman? As your site doesn’t offer these combinations, I’ll assume that my cancer man and I are going to do well together.

  65. Sexy Cancer Waiting for Confused Taurus Man

    This is a reply to both the Taurus male who posted on January 14, 2012 and the Cancer women who replied on January 19, 2012. I swear with all my heart you guys are describing my situation exactly. Taurus man you exemplify the Taurus man who I have deep feelings for and have been trying to figure out for almost a year now. I am a Cancer female and my guy and I connected the very first day we met. The passion and connection are indescribable. We are compatible on every level and I have never felt such a strong connection with any other man ever! Not even the man I married (and later divorced). I believe with all my heart that he is my soul mate and that we would have an amazing relationship and life together. However, just like you (Taurus Man), he stays away and has reservations for the same reasons you describe. I have affected him in ways that only one other woman has in his lifetime, and this is scary(his words). He cannot control these new feelings and therefore has no sense of stability, security and control. I pray every day that he step out on faith, let go of the “what ifs,” what could possibly go wrong and follow his heart to me. To the Cancer female who responded…. we immediately learned that we had a close mutual friend which could potentially be damaging to both our friendships. However, after dating a few weeks, we also learned that I knew his mom and his sister. This throws yet another monkey wrench into the situation because they are cheering for us to be together and what man wants to fail the most important women in his life? We are both private individuals and have kept the details of our relationship private. However, moving forward with a serious relationship will not only affect us, but also individuals important to us. It seems with these circumstances, one would be inclined to walk away. However, something keeps us drawn to each other. In the interim, I have dated other men and he knows the window of opportunity will eventually close if he doesn’t make a decision. What he doesn’t know is that I compare every man I date to him and they rarely come close to the passion and beauty of our experience. Only God and fate knows if and when my guy will give it a chance. I am praying that love will prevail. Any advise would be appreciated.

  66. That is interesting, I’m checking out this article because I’m a taurus female and I’m highly interested in a guy who is a cancer and I do follow astrology and zodiac signs and so far from what I heard, everything seems true!!

  67. Jacqueline Torres

    This was soooooo eye opening to me! I’ve always been sckeptical when it came to astrology, but i must say….you’ve described our relationship perfectly….I’m still in aweeee and have goosebumps!!!!

  68. This is extremely true. Im a Taurus female with a cancer for a husband. It was love at first sight I married him with only seeing him 10 days in person and the rest skype dates lol he’s a marine so we didn’t have a lot of face to face enter action but we just celebrated a year being married, we had our moments but I could not be any happier than I am now(: he is the absolute best!!! He helps me with any thing and will do anything to make me happy!!! Like paint my toes(: haha I married the best!!! Truly in love!!

  69. This is very true for me, and my relationship , :) he is a cancer man n i am Taurus .. we spend quality of time together and now going to spend full life ..:) I love him tooooooooo much.. More then anything..

  70. Well I am a Taurus woman with a Cancer man who is a slut. He likes the idea of having a warm bed to come home to after being out in the streets with strippers and his fellow whore companions. However I am ridiculously in love with him and I have not and will not leave him nor will i cheat. I just find it so interesting that this article says that things should be another way. Oh well i guess. SMH!

    • Im a cancer woman and this is horrible! That is not our nature at all…I would bet all my worth that as a child or teen something happened that changed him. Very sorry for your experience but if he doesn’t change leave him girl! Find someone better!

  71. I feel like this is the perfect match to my taurus/cancer relationship. we have been together for over a year now but it feels like a century. i am a taurus (april 22) and i absolutely adore my cancer man. he has taught me alot about finances and is helping me get my credit started. he is a very intelligent man and a great father to his 2 sons and a great male role model to my daughter. he is very sexy and keeps himself in great shape. we have very intimate sex and sometimes fall asleep in each others arms. when we are together, at home or in public, we cant keep our hands off each other. i am a bit sad right now because he is in Bahrain til november but we talk almost everyday and express ourselves in words rather than through affection like when he was here. i have high hopes for this relationship because i have never known a man like him. he makes me laugh all the time, he loves to cook for me, he doesnt mind that i like to tidy up around his house (ocd style), and he is an art student like me. we just recently exchanged “i love you”s and that set me aflame. we talked about marriage when he gets back but there’s no rush or pressure from either one of us. We have an 11 year age difference and that hasnt affected the relationship at all. we’ve only had one arguement earlier in the relationship and have been argument-free ever since. i am extremely happy with my new cancer lover and cant wait for him to return.

  72. This is true with us except one thing. Our sex life is incredible and I love every second of it:) oh and I’m a cancer woman and he is a Taurus man

  73. Taurus Female, Cancer Male. I’m all about sexual passion and he has topped that. I am feeling almost competitive. His love gets so deep I get a little jumpy other times I just let him take me into his undertow and loose myself in his embrace. His moods change like the tides and that also gets me jumpy, but I ride the wave, I’m a pro surfer now. It’s about having the confidence and courage to get back on the board. Which I know he admires because despite all, I do get back on the board. My soul married him first conversation. My body married him first night together, my heart married him when he said “He loved me” However, he likes to take things slow I like to take things carefully. So that’s the rub. How often do you see a bull having a chance meeting with a crab? It’s all about, “what are you doing here on my turf?” “shouldn’t you be over there far away in the ocean, not on dry land where I might step on you?” and the crab says “I am lost, alone, afraid, I noticed your strength and your endurance and really needed to make the connection if you do” – “Well, I am one to be of great assistance to those who need my hospitality, walk this way, sit here, I’ll listen” – “you are very kind, may I stay a while longer?”
    - “Maybe, maybe not, how fast can you walk?” – “I can keep up but can you carry me today?” – “Of course I can carry you, but how far?” – “to my home, I have things I’d like to show you there if you care?” – “As long as it’s not too far, and as long as you’ll scratch my back while you ride upon it?” – “most certainly, I can do that, I’d love to do that” – “There it is, so happy you can share this with me are you hungry?” – “That would be nice, lets eat and you can show me your things?” – “Lovely, lovely things, so glad you take such good care of them” – “Here, this is for you, because you are so kind and loving, remember me always because of it?” – “I will, now I need to rest, will you rest upon me? – “I will rest there for eternity, I will rest there and scratch your back and you can read to me and feed my world, I’m so happy we met, what a strange thing we met eh?” – “Yes, strange, like a mystery, you are like a mystery, I feel I have left my home and found a better one, never thought I’d love to get my hoofs wet by the sea, this depth of us is so new, I will cherish you until my bones are in the ground” – “I adore you to the core”

  74. well, I am a Taurus women and my boyfriend is a Cancer. we leave together and we are not trusted eachother ! he is a really cleaver and a good player , can say lies easily what he did. I tried many time to leave him, but he didnt let me do it!

    I am too honest and like his mother look after him and deeply fall in love with him! I am sure he loves me aswell, but I did not understand why he interested other women, but he doesnt want to lose me either.

    whatever he is not sharing thing with me , seems scared of me! and tells me I do try to control evrthing what is not true as much as things he is doing!!

    I am happy to hear someones realtionship so well and Caner man with his women . but someone like me their Cancer man can not leave us but he wants to get know other!

    am I doing some thing wrong, like I am too much into him.
    is there anyone can make any suggestion ?

  75. So True…. :)

  76. That means Rory McCann and I would be a match made in heaven…… a girl can dream. <3

  77. I am for that reason blessed by myself found this kind of site page. You will nearly mentioned me personally simply exactly what Document elected to make sure you pay attention to make sure you and additionally then some. Cool writing and additionally regards once again just for attaining this particular basically no toll!

  78. I just met a Taurus man. Talked online since last year. Just started “seeing each other” in April. I am coming out of a marriage with a Virgo, also good compatibility, but what I am feeling toward this Taurus is scaring the crap out of me. We both are writers, parents of 4 children, been with our past spouses the same amount of years and every time we meet up to see each other we have on the same type of clothes and the same colors; and we did not plan it (no lie). When he stares at me; I could eat him alive, LOL! He has this perfect white-tooth smile that melts me. We talk about life, our writing ambitions and totally get each other. He is a founder, very popular and followed and adored by women and bigged-up by men. I realized early that people outside of us, because I am also a youth leader and constantly meeting people, could become interference. I believe his ex-spouse will be imterfering too; in fear of truly losing him to him to someone else. We have not had sex… yet, lol, and the sexual chemistry and energy between us is sooooo strong. I’m excited and almost scared to have sex with him, becaue I don’t want to be emotionally vulnerable right now coming out of a divorce. I told him, protecting myself, I just want to have fun, nothing serious, and he told me straight forward he wants me, all of me. I’m flattered and intimated by his possibility of possessiveness. But I kind of want to be possessed by him, but NOT in a homicidal ‘make the news’ sought of way! Get it? He’s constantly telling me I’m beautiful, amazing, so smart, etc, etc and as of lately that I should be on the arm of a big-time politician. LOL! Ha! Yeah right! But reading the other replies has made me want to step out on a limb, but I still have reservations about his previous young-acting, ghetto ex-spouse who he has 3 kids with. Since I have 3 kids with my ex-husband I am understanding but it’s her that I worry most about, not him. He loves nice things and is a cigar aficionado. I HATE smoking and never dated and didn’t marry a smoker, but yet I would be able to tolerate his going outside cigar smoking for him. Amazing that I’m actually saying that!!!! He told me he doesn’t want to have sex with him, because he fears I will dump him. I do want him both physically and mentally but scared to do so because of my recent divorcing. We can kiss for hours… once we were in the street, he pushed me against a buliding wall (after we had walked by the water and lights for hours aleady kissing) and we kissed and when we stopped, not only couldn’t he believe we did that out in public and zoned out from passing people, but that he did it almost right after saying he doesn’t do public displays of affection like that. I’m intrigued and scared by him all in just 3 months and only seeing each other 4 times (only 2x alone out of the 4). To get together seems like such planning but yet we are both saying we are going crazy during the passing days without each. I thoug all of his “into me” was just regualr guy talk or trying to “get the panties lies”, but now learning what I have on tis website, I don’t know what to think or do… jump in, take it slow and cautious or run for the possibilty of drama with his popularity and friends and/or the ex-spouse. But I feel like I’ve known him my whole life and he is the male version of me… I guess, in otherwords, possibly my soulmate?! Go figure… help!

    • O’h my god LJD! I’m going through a similar Cancer (woman) Taurus (man) experience…….and constantly thinking of the last words you wrote: “the male version of me”. No sex (yet) but incredible intense passion…..over the top! I’m scared too! Just too good!

      Good luck LJD! I’d say take it slow.

  79. Mizmess

    OMG…I can’t believe this…I am a Taurus woman with a Cancer man and we have fallen in love just after 3 weeks of knowing each other. We are both 3 time divorced and we were not looking for love but dang it there it is – just slap us in the face and boy does it feel right. We are both in our fifties and we know what we want. Just to make him happy and smile (that’s all we do is smile and talk and hold hands) I can’t get enough of his touch. This is just an amazing or as I would call it “Wild Wonderful Love Affair” that I don’t want to end. I really can’t see us ending this so I’m going for my Happy Ever After with my SOULMATE!!!! I love you Ricky >3 >3

  80. Cancer Girl

    Everything the article says is true, the testimonies true. I can relate to it all.

    Cancer’s coming out of relationship’s: I’m tempted to say give yourself time before jumping in with a Taurus, they will pull you in and convince you of a life meant only with them with as much persuasion as Hitler

    Even if you’re not coming out of a relationship but you want time for yourself, wait on this one. Later down the road, trying to create any distance between you two, will be like trying to pull a baby of off it’s mama’s milk.

    The term soulmate is limiting.

    However, I can’t deny that this is a match made in super duper heaven. Maybe it’s hard to let a Taurus man walk by- who knows when another will come along?

    Follow your heart but also be careful what you wish for.

    Love always,
    Cancer Girl

  81. Not Tellin

    This is so incredibly true. I am a cancer woman and was in the most perfect relationship with a Taurus man. He passed away…but I have never been able to find a better, more genuine, more compassionate relationship. Taurus and Cancer love hard and fight hard but only because of how in love they are. We truly completed eachother in beautiful harmony. We did prefer to stay at home and cuddle and kiss and watch movies all night long. Youa re right about them being a sensual pair…that beat going out or doing anything else.There is no moving on.

  82. I am a cancer girl and i am dating a taurus guy for over a month now.
    i can say, most of the things which are stated above is true about our relationship. Both of us wants to have a stable job, provide a house and other properties, and since i am a cancerian, i agree that i love my family so much and it is VERY important for me to see that he cares for them too.

    He loves to cook and i love to eat… does that count? I can’t say that we have few similar things… because, i don’t really know if its just a coincidence that when we order at a food chain, we end up saying the same dish or drinks at the same and we just look at each other then laugh. We have much similarities.

    Our motto in our relationship? “trust me, i love you too much to hurt you” trust is very important to both of us, because that was the thing that lacked from our previous relationship.

    we enjoy each others company, and both of us ( i think) likes to be touched by the other, as i remember it right, i read that “the spark is just not there for love making” from a comment, haha! BINGO! he told me that maybe due to respect, has no or less lust for me. My God, i think i need to get slimmer, my power as a a succubus does not affect him at all. deymn! haha

    He is very possessive and gets jealous very easily, yes, i can sense it, but it doesn’t bother me at all, cause, him being jealous and possessive, is not irritating… rather it is very cute. nyaa~ haha. I, too is very possessive and easy to get jealous, but, i trust him, so, it doe not bother me when he talks to other girls and watch movies with his male friends.

    I love you bebeb,
    and this is a modern love letter.
    so read every bit of it.

    <3 bebeb

  83. I notice is usually a handful of complaining about some thing you would restoration when you wasn’t way as well active looking for focus.

  84. Yes, this is so TRUE! I was with a Leo woman and I am a Taurus man and we were not happy most of the time. We always, I mean everyday argue even petty things. And we lasted 3 bitter years. Now, I am with a Cancer partner, everything is good – chemistry and sex are excellent. Compatible is almost ALL aspects. We’ve been together 4 months now and growing stronger and stronger.

  85. This is amazing, and so very true…I am a Taurus Female, and I have known a Cancer Male for a little over a year now. Ever since we met, we have talked none stop. I can trust him with anything and everything, I trust him with my life even, he means the world to me. The Cancer Male is such a calm, loving guy, he writes poems for me, and talks from the deepest parts of his heart. It is true about a Cancer and a Taurus being Soul Mates, I really do believe this guy is my Soul Mate…I suppose my only problem is I am in a relationship, and I can’t bring myself to breaking his heart…Currently in a relationship with a Libra Male. I suppose I am hoping the dream that I currently had about the two will play its part and I will be shown the right path…All signs point to the Cancer Male, of course since he is my soul’s better half, however, I’m just not the person to dump a very sweet and gentle guy for another. If this Cancer Male and I were truly meant to be…Fate will take its toll.

  86. *Smiles* this is one of the best articles yet.
    I’m a Tauras female dating a cancer male. Its been a 9 months long distance relationship since he asked me out through email. We were friends at first, and it just slowly progressed into him finally asking me to be his girlfriend. I had no idea he was a cancer until months later. I’ve never met a guy like him, after everything I’ve been through horrible relationships, physically and mentally abused, and never would trust another guy I said. Until I ment “My Cancer.” He opened my eyes to how a guy is suppose to treat his lady, as I did for him. He has all the traits of a cancer, we have so much in common and agree on things together, and TrUSt, we trust each other deeply. its just to perfect. Understanding each other on emotional levels is the best. I understand him n how he feels with his moods, as he does mine. He said, I’m his dream girl, his soulmate, the one, and he doesnt have to keep searching anymore, :’) neither do I. We are finally meeting in December. 7 <3Jessica&Sean<3 7
    So hapi for everyone out there that has found their cancer dream. Your stories are wonderful. :') Just had to post mine.

  87. I’m a cancer female and I recently been seeing a tauras male.I’m so so happy I met him and we get along so Damnwell.I can tell he’s into me genuinely and I am too..We both wo rka lot so we keep in communication bytexting or phone calls during lunch or breaks.Sometimes I feel like I’m bugging him to much if i txt him first so i wait for him to call or txt me first and he does but then he thinks iv forgotten about him.Someone help please

  88. right on the spot! :) so true and made me very happy. that is perfect description for me and jordon.

  89. you know, i hope this i true for i have a girlfriend now but we are not the same level of love.we are at a cool off period now.when i read this i was totally surprised for this is not happening yet. i am totally baboozled.

  90. I am a Taurus female and my fiancé is a Cancer male. This was so accurate! We’re both lovers of food, comfort, and the home. This is the best relationship I’ve ever been in because I can be myself and relax. Sometimes couples will say, “ugh, don’t you ever get into arguments?” we smile and say,” no.” We have a lot in common like playing guitar, love of food, and a desire to succeed with our talents. We love to cuddle. He’s such a sweet, gentle, and compassionate man.

  91. Wow, I cannot believe this article just described my relationship! I have been with my Taurus boyfriend for 2 years now, and it’s been great. He’s not only my partner, but my best friend, and I love him more than anything. The whole romantic part is very true! We enjoy being intimate with each other, not necessarily involving too much of that gooey romantic stuff. We connect VERY easily and we feel very comfortable with each other’s company, which is great. We truly are a bit possessive of each other at times, and we can have a few disagreements once in a while, but we can always conciliate and keep our relationship strong. I wouldn’t mind spending many more years with him, and that’s not something I would say just because. But really, a true and good relationship is based on commitment, trust, respect and love. If you have that, no matter which zodiac signs, you have the perfect relationship!

  92. I am a Taurus female dating a Cancer male. I sent him the link and after reading, he stated that it appears that someone has been observing and writing about us which is exactly how I feel. This article is on point!! We have not been together long but feelings have developed already and continue to deepen with each passing day. Our relationship is filled with passion and a strong appreciation for one another. I feel like I have met my other half; the man I have dreamed about my entire life…

  93. I actually never believed in horoscopes but in this one every word matches with our relationship! It is amazing to read these facts! I am a Taurus girl and I have a Cancer boyfriend. We both are very impressed to read this!

  94. wowww this is really true im a cancer lady and my partner is taurus.we both jelous to each other.everytime his not online or his not communicating even 1 day.and me also.but thats is a natural cos we both inlove im so thankful coz my partner his verry loyal even his verry far to me.

  95. I am a Taurus male and my girlfriend is a Cancer. We began as friends with benefits, she was in a very bad marriage at the time, and we saw each other maybe every month. After close to a year something happened between us where I realized my feelings had grown far beyond affection. After a fight of jealousy on my part (which came out of nowhere and actually surprised me) I professed my love for her and she did the same. She told me she had loved me almost from the beginning, it was a really special moment. We’re now engaged, she is my special one. I am in my 40s and nobody else has ever hit me so hard on an emotional level, no-one else will do.

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