Sun sign compatibility test, is it enough?

Sun sign compatibility test, is it enough?

Sun sign compatibility test, is it enough to judge someone or the relationship itself? The answer is a complete ‘no’. Yes, we all have seen many commenting ‘Oh! I am compatible with the water signs’ or ‘ew!!!!!! He’s a Gemini, the most incompatible to me!’ Now I know that Gemini are jerks for some the scorps too :P [just kidding ;) ] You may find behavior pattern in people with the same sun sign, but it’s too broad and far fetched to come to any conclusion.

Example of sun sign compatibility test?

For example, Cancerian girls are usually kind and sweet hearted, they are pretty reserved too. But if the Cancer girl has a Gemini in her mercury (it represent communication aspect) planet, then she would be very efficient in talks and quite chirpy. If she has a moon (represents emotional behavior) sign in Aries, then she may not be sensitive as much as a typical Cancerian girl. Thus, one can see inconstancies in the behavior of people with the same sign. Hence one should never judge based on the sun sign compatibility test.

Astrology considers various aspects of a person’s birth chart. All the planets and houses in the birth chart represent a certain characteristics of the individual. It’s also used in predicting forecast. With the sun sign compatibility test, an Aries and Scorpio are not compatible but if they have other planets which are compatible then they might even be like soul mates.


The best way to find astrology compatibility among two people is not through sun sign compatibility test, but using an entire birth chart of them for complete accuracy.

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Note: Please don't judge your relationship based on just sun signs. Sun sign compatibility test is not complete nor accurate all the time!, For accurate personalized and in-depth astrology compatibility report,

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