Scorpio Gemini Compatibility – Is the love match compatible?

scorpio gemini compatibility

Scorpio Gemini compatibility

Gemini (May 21 to June 21) and Scorpio (October 24 to November 21) match is volatile, highly unstable and passionate at its best. Ever wonder what happens when two completely opposite people come together? Yes, you get a Scorpio Gemini relationship :P Both of them are true masters of their game, they attract the opposite sex partners with ease and are usually never short of potential partners. The way these two people do it, is completely opposite! On one side we have the scorpio who uses magnetism, mystery, passion and intensity to attract others and a Gemini who has an unmatched charming capabilities which is used with wit to attract others.
Now what happens when these two come together? It’s all water and air coming together to form a storm, a tsunami perhaps! ;) They both are usually attracted to each other like magnets. They both find the other different and unique. And sometimes also get jealous of each other’s capabilities.  The Gemini is allured by the Scorpios confidence, focus and palpable sexuality. The mental stimulation provided by the intense scorpio is like a drug for the Gemini. While the curious Scorpio finds Gemini one of the most challenging person to understand (twins at play here), he’s amazed at how easy and relax life is for a Gemini. Then the fun begins!
Scorpio and Gemini both have curiosity over human behavior and thus have a lot common to talk about. Both these sign have curiosity but in different ways. Gemini is curious about everything under the sun and they get bored soon to move on to something else. While scorpio follows his curiosity till the end, until he gets the answer he wants. Gemini is enchanted by Scorpio’s intensity and depth of knowledge, while Scorpio is amazed and Gemini’s knowledge about varied topics and the charm. The Scorpio and Gemini both would love to argue for hours at once and there is no end to it! God save the bystanders! :P
The fun and passion goes down at the same speed it started. Scorpio finds Gemini too superficial, restless and fickle minded for his taste and Gemini finds the scorpio too dark and rigid in views. Gemini has both the twins coming out in different occasions; this makes Gemini highly inconsistent in his/her own views and behavior. Which makes the mistrustful scorpio more suspicious about Gemini.  Scorpio take relationship intensely and seriously and he finds the same missing in Gemini. Gemini take on life with light heartedness including his/her lover and freedom is quite a priority for the geminis. The possessive scorpio can be too much restrictive to the Gemini. Gemini’s also get possessive but not as much as the Scorpio. It’s very difficult to carry these scorpio and gemini relationship long term unless they are both ready to communicate on every level. This match is highly dependent on how other planets are placed their respective birth charts. If the Gemini has moon and Venus sign on some watery or earthy signs, while the scorpio has airy or fire elements in his other planets then the Scorpio Gemini Compatibility can make it work easily.
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Scorpio and Gemini compatibility ratings

Compatibility:               1

Communication:         2

Sexual chemistry:        5

Ratings are out of 5

Gemini Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility

Initially the scorpio woman is attracted to child like ways of Gemini man. And Gemini Man is attracted to her passion and intensity. Gemini man would be flirtatious, charming and would always have a youthful approach towards life but wouldn’t be sexually passionate as compared to the scorpio woman. On the other hand the scorpio woman is passionate and is nothing short of a sexual prowess. She knows what she wants in life and can handle any situation as need arise. She wouldn’t stop short until she understands the Gemini man completely. On the other hand Gemini’s need for constant mental stimulation may tire the scorpio woman, while the scorpio woman’s need of emotional and physical intimacy would be difficult for the Gemini man to reciprocate.  The sexual attraction between the two could be enormous. Gemini mans flirting nature and the need to keep lots of secret can ring the wrong bells with the scorpio woman. The Gemini man on the other hand may abhor her jealousy and possessiveness.  It’s too difficult to make this combination work, but if they pass the initial test of incompatibility through honest communication, they can be a very powerful Scorpio Gemini couple.

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Scorpio Man and Gemini Woman Compatibility

The irony of this Scorpio Man and Gemini  woman Compatibility, Too much attraction, Too much passion but no damn compatibility :P they both represent the opposite sides of a pole, they both approach life with complete distinct personality. This relation has less chance of success compared to the above couple. Get ready for a volatile combination of passion and love on the level of pure desire. Scorpio Gemini love can start on the level of unconditional love and end being very selfish. They have long chats when they first meet. They almost feel like meeting an alien, one who is so different from their personality. Scorpio man is nevertheless too passionate, intense and jealous for Gemini’s expectation while the Gemini is superficial, fickle minded and restless as per the Scorpios taste. This is one of the few relationship matches where they would love to stick together but at the same time they just can’t! They both have different needs in relationship. Scorpio wants someone who can reciprocate the love with the same intensity while Gemini needs freedom. If they want to make this relation work, they need high level of transparency and honesty in the relationship. Gemini should use her excellent communication skills to show Scorpio her dedication to the relationship and Scorpio should learn to empower himself from within and allow the Gemini the freedom she desires. Any lack of self-esteem in any of them would affect the relationship. If the other planets in the birth chart are in proper alignment, this Gemini Scorpio relationship could be very rewarding and successful.

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  1. Very educating post, saved the blog in hopes to see more information!

    • this was soooooo on point! im a gemini woman and my boyfriend is a scorpio and what they said about us is soo true!we are soo attracted to each other and have so much love and our relationship is so passionate and intense. When we first started dating, we talked for hours, played with each other, confided in each other about everything, talked on the phone for 6 hours straight! i felt he was so different and amazing like an alien. he is very jealous and intense about our relationship. hes possessive and controlling. He wants me all to himself and that means i wouldnt have any freedom. everything i do he gets mad at! he wants me to basically be how he is in our relationship. im madly in love with him. i admit im a little wild and out and open hey im a gemini! but i respect and honor our relationship. i give him his space i want him to give me mine. i love our relationship but i have my own life! hes a huge part of my life and world but he isn’t the center of it! im the center of my world lol im the center of his world. and since hes a scorpio he can be sooo hidden and mysterious and hard to understand, i dont know if i can trust him. We barely trust each other but our relationship is so passionate that all these differences are kind of neglected because we are soo into each other.we want to be together but its like how can we possibly live like this for the rest of our lives if we are constantly arguing and are soo different. his insecurities affect our relationship and so do mine. i agree if we had a high level of honesty and communication we could work out. because this love is too good to pass.the sex is amazing.


    • this is very very very true. i love my scorpio to pieces, i love every aspect of him. im a gemini. i mean we argue about everything! its either a debate or an intense argument. but our intense arguements i mean always always end in us grabbing each other and kissing and ripping our clothes off each other. he does something bad or me do something bad, were yelling in each others faces and then we just look at each other and boom. were back in love again and the argument is over and neither care. lol. we get on each others nerves. first we were friends and we were very special to each other as friends then we started dating and couldnt resist each other anymore. how can people who argue all the time can’t be without each other. i love the passion we have for each other. we never come to an agreement on anything! sometimes i think to myself it won’t work. but this passion we have im willing to keep it going.

    • im in love with a scorpian man. and if it wasn’t for the sex and passion we wouldnt be together. hes funny, spontaneous, romantic at times, sweet, he makes me feel good and happy. but we just don’t get along. hes the best lover i ever had. when we first started dating we wanted to marry each other off rip we were so in love and arguements were just minor. but now i see sometimes thats just not enough. you need to be able to have a level of communication and trust with each other to survive. hes a liar and hes so mysterious and hidden and i’m too gemini-ish for him. outgoing flirty and meet new people.

  2. Thank you so much for writing this awesome info! I am looking forward to checking out more blogs!

  3. hey, nice blog…really like it and added to bookmarks. keep up with good work

  4. First of all nice topic, all people says it is a disaster if Gemini and Scorpio match together. But in my case it is totally opposite. I am Gemini and my fiancee is Scorpio. We having excellent relationship. We love each other like a mad :D

  5. I have a huge thing for a scorpio and I’m a gemini, I know that there is a deep connection between us. I don’t think this is completely right. They say that scorpio and gemini have completely different emotional levels and gemini is lighthearted and doesn’t like talking about emotions but that’s not like me at all. I love talking out things especially when it comes to emotions. I did not think of him as an ‘alien’ because he was ‘so different from me’, infact what attracted me to him initially was how alike we were.

    • I agree! I’m a Scorpio (girl) and my boyfriend on and off for 10 yrs is a Gemini. He talks about his feelings, although in the beginning it was hard for him. We work so well together and yes, we are both jealous and everything in this post is true. We are very attracted to each other. We have completely opposite views and butt heads sometimes. We are both stubborned, but for some reason, go so well together. So if you are a Scorpio, I would definitely find someone who is a Gemini. The relationship WILL work :D

      • Confused Saf

        I am a scorpio female and very suspicious by nature especially with my gemini friend who wants a permanent relationship. The sparks are there for sure but he moves too secretive for me. I work on a must know..need to know basis, sorry. That’s how I feel secure. In August he made me wonder about having faith in his emotions and then he surprised me with a visit home in October and has given me till December when he gets back to decide if I want a relationship with him. Still thinking about it as he is very family oriented and we would have a long distance relationship which is making the prospect of having a relationship with him all the more exciting since for me to keep my sanity, its…out of sight…out of mind…everyone has their own space…I respect that you know what you are about which I figure he will cheat but I will never ask. On the other hand though, I can remain faithful but make sure I can get you when I need to communicate and do not give me any doubt. Respect me when I around. Confusing huh!

    • destiny burton

      im a scorpio. partner is a gemini..we dont get along alot. we argue all the time.. he never wants to hear what he does wrong, its always what i its crazy but i love him. we are diffrent. if i wanted to go eat at a chinese restraunt hed nag me to go to a mexican restraunt..if i like green, he likes orange..if i hate snow, he loves it..if i like tuna…omg he hates it haha. theres some things we like but most things we do not have in common..iv lied to him over little shit, he takes it very serious..i guess geminis reeally dont play about trust..i think hes giving up on me cause he feels he cant trust me. i wouldnt know what to do without him. i alwayss wanna pick a fight, he hates to argue but i cant help it. jelousy kills me, i never know what hes doing. when im around him all he does is stare..its awesome cause i love to be noticed..i just dont want him to be the type to tell me what i want to hear. he accuses me of telling him what he wants to hear but really i dont care, i try to be as straight up as possible. i cant explain to him how i feel about him cause i get this feeling that he dont like to talk about love..he gives me hints that he really really cares about me but when it comes to talking about it, he blows it off like i dont say anything…i just hope it works out with me and him. i know scorpios and geminis usually never work out. urs is:) thank god. that gives me hope..i just want him to let me start over. i need his trust back. just had to get that off my chest. to somebody. sorry.

  6. AstroLover

    This compatibility has the most controversial poll ratings ;)

  7. I agree completely with every word of this. I am a Scorpio woman dating a younger Gemini and he is very flirtatious and a liar our relationship is very violent,however, when we make up. Boy do we make up.I am very anxious and he is very carefree i could loss a limb and his attitude is don’t worry it will be okay. I wish I would have read this two and a half years ago.

  8. strange thing is im a scorpio women true scorpio passionate jealous possesive every partner is the same lool i no they run a mile from me but the waters run very deep,, ive had 2 gemini lovers both very passionate and connect on a level but in the end it does not work they just dont get me@@@ but im so atraacted and each time i say never never a gemini,,,, but i think my husband may be a gemini!!!!!!!!!!!! one day i think the main reason im attracted im libra rising so my air sign i think understands the gemini lover but of course my sun is scorpio which over rules then my moon is leo so im double possesive help me but some power couples have been gemini donald trup and his wife grace kelly her husband and a few more!!!!!!!!! i do think it will be an airsign i marry does any one have any answers im looking for my soulmate i no they say pises and and cancer but i find picses and scorpio a battle we are both deeply close understand each other but scorpio carnt take picses weakness as a man and cancer well there just so confussed they dont know what they want

  9. Rudedollahs

    I love my Scorpio to death I am a Gemini lady but us together is war and it hurts even more to be with out him he wants me to come home but that up and down is gettin !!!

    • u just read my heart sweet heart,so wat we suppose to do ? i feel seek already feel like am not gona leave any more. i think we break up just today i dont now how am gona handl this i cudnt sleep n i cudnt eat.;

  10. I love my Scorpio man too but what a nightmare the both of us are….BAD combo no matter how you look at it.

  11. im working on this relationship… I love my scorpio lady. rebel

    • BellaBella86

      I liiiiiiike this!! Im a scorpio woman.. we are rebels… but soooo well worth it!

  12. I just started dating a Gemini man who is slighly older…we do have a lot in common.. I guess I need to take it one day at a time and see where the win blows and watch for inconsistencies. My third eye needs to work overtime….I pray it works out for us in the end to remain together:)

  13. this is probably the most accurate article

  14. I am a scorpio woman recently married to my wonderful gemini man! We were best friends for 12 years and the sexual tension between us was palpable. He keeps me light hearted and I provide stability, couldn’t be better! We do argue – a lot – but we always make up in the most exquisite way.

  15. I am a scorpio & my man is a gemini, some of these fit us well, all the while we understand and get each other like you wouldn’t believe, we love each other & can’t really get enough :) We’ve been best friends since high school, it’s not a new friendship either. He helps me lighten up while i help him open up. I think Scorpio & Gemini couples are amazing <3

  16. Yea, sounds about right.

  17. how do i tell a scorpio male i want him so badly and have fell for him big time i,m a gemini.?

    • jus tell him no dout he will understand

    • Just go out and say it. Im scorpio and if a Gemini told me something like that I would literally not be able to say no. Geminis are just so captivating!

  18. I’m a gemini and my bf is a scorpio and this totally describes our relationship and our personalities. We’re such opposites, it’s a very intense relationship, but so worth it. Fun, dangerous, and not repetitive.

  19. i’m a scorpio gal dating a gemini man. he is amazing and our relationship is great in every way, except he is not so into sex and i love him so much i just want to make love to him all the time… i feel he isnt as attracted to me as iam to him, but he denies this.

    • That is the kind of thing I’m going through with my Gemini boyfriend. When we started dating we had sex almost daily and this went on for a long time.
      When I moved in with him he stopped wanting to have sex with me, and I’ve been so frustrated and confused. He seems like he’s not interested in me, but if I ask him about it he says he’s still attracted to me and wants to have sex with me and likes me living with him.
      What drives me nuts is that I can’t tell what’s going on in his head, and he doesn’t really show me affection and passion in the way that I need. When I’m close to anyone else I can normally read them like they’re saying their thoughts out loud, but I don’t know what’s up with my boyfriend.
      I want to continue dating him for a very long time. He’s a kind, responsible, smart person and he encourages me to stay productive and be responsible. Mostly it has been good to have him in my life. And he gives me the feeling that he isn’t gonna change his mind and stop liking me, but he also doesn’t give me the feeling that he wants to be intimate with me and I feel that this could end our relationship eventually. :(

      • I had a bf like that. Let me tell you something sweety guys want most what they cant have. The forbidden fruit if you will. You say you were having sex like on a daily basis right? Sometimes to much of something can be…well to much. Maybe try something new to spice it up some;) Now i’m not saying what you two have isn’t spicy but maybe try something new. You got into a repetitive thing and Gemini’s get bored quick so you have to constantly mix it up:)
        Hope this helps:) Best of luck _Aundreya

  20. Citizencain2009

    I’m a Leo, with Scorpio moon female. I found this commentary on Gemini and Scorpio to be true. My man is a Libra with Gemini moon and we do have a different outlook on life. He is the consumate independent outgoing, thinkier, and very verbal to his approach to life and the world, which to some degree with agree on the external, but the internal is on my sleeves, but I know nothing about him internally, because he is very private. This is the Libra, becasue my sister is a Libra and she is the most secretive person I know. Also, with his Libra/Gemini combo, he seems to me to be very dramatic in his approach to life. My Virgo Asc keeps me in an analytical state of mind, which I am trying to stop, because it is driving him cooky, lol. At the end of the day, I love him so much. He is the most charming and loving man I have ever known and I can’t stand not to be with him, even when we fight about nothing, lol. We are always in close proximity of each other when we are together, however, he can be standoffish at times, but I don’t mind, because I know that he loves me and just doesn’t want to get consumed by my deep waters, lol.

  21. Crazy Gemini

    Well I Believe Some Of This True Im A Gemini Male And We Do Get In A Couple Fights. But Im Always Getting Jealous Of Her And Her Friends. Because I Believe All She Can Do Is Flirt. But She Tells Me All I Do Is Flirt As Well. Its Pretty Complicated Because I Want Us To Stay Together As Long As We Can But It Dont Feel Like She Do. It Seems Like She Cares About Her Friends More Then Me. WHAT DO I DOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Samantha

      I believe you should keep fighting for her, and if shes flirt well thats natural for both of theses signs. But I believe that she should give you all the time she can, and no matter what you do dont try to start any fights because that is what causes most of the Scorpio Gemini relationship. If you really love her then this is what you should do.

    • Well if you really love her and wanted to spend more time with her than you would just try to spend time with her. Even though her friends may not like it, you should try hard as you can. Even though she may flirt, it is natural and not on purpose. Yes you may get into fight but that shouldn’t make you want to give up. If you really love her than you would just keep telling her you love her and not let the fights ruin the feelings you have for her. If you give up, will you really be happy with someone else??

    • Crazy Gemini

      No I Love Her To Death And I Would Do Anything To Still Be With Her. I Wont Give Up No Matter What Because I Really Truely Do Love Her With All My Heart And I Cant Just Let Her Leave My Life And I Wont Leave Hers. No Matter How Many Fights We Get In I Will Always Love Her. Im Going To Try To Make Things Right Between Us, If She Wants To Talk To Me Or Not. I Will Also Listen To Her And Believe Her No Matter What It Is She Says.Im Going To Try To Spend More Time With Her.And I Will Also Try Not To Get Jealous And Try To Be Friends With Her friends. Because I Really Do Love Her…

      • wow i wish i had someone like you i might just idk hes a gemini and i like him sooo much and i can tell the same from him he ask me out but i havent gave him an answer i will say yes i hope it gos good as time passes pray 4 me and i wil pray 4 you LETS HOPE THE BST FOR UOR SELVES PS…love china thomas

  22. I am involved with a scorpio man and it is my opinion the more mature gemini woman erases all the issues this pair is suppose to share. I am over 40 and my scorpio friend is 39, he simply completes me on every level and in return he has my full loyality which means the world to a scorpio man.

    • I am a male scorpio one of the knarliest! When it comes to sex it is always good the ladies say if not great. I just met a Gemini woman. She is devorced and has kids as well as my previous situation. So we can relate to life and how things should be and shouldnt be. I think she is beautiful and I know she is very happy with the sex. We did it like 4 times the first night! I will take some of info into consideration, like giving her the space she needs. I hope it works out because right now its new and great!

  23. ScorpioQueen

    This post perfectly describes my relationship with my other half. He’s a crazy Gemini, but I love him. When we are “good”, our relationship is fantastic, but when we are “off”, the relationship not good :-( ! We both are great intellects, and love conversing about a multitude of topics. We can talk for hours and hours. I love my Gemini guy, but sometimes, I reaaalllly don’t get him, and vice versa. His dual nature and fickleness throws me for a loop … like WTF! It’s an ongoing fight to maintain our love, but we work on it by opening up and communicating with each other.

  24. I just found out that a scorpio guy liked me ever since he was 10 now in late 30′s we are in the beginning stages of getting to know each other. Attraction is there from every angle, of course its in the trial stage but a lot of potential. We’ll see. I enjoyed the interesting read.

    Gemimi Girl!

  25. big dogg

    this blog is crazy ,it really answerd my questions real talk they could b powerful together.

  26. There could not be a better explanation for these two signs. I am also a Scorpio woman dating a younger Gemini and he is very flirtatious, sometimes it drives me crazy, but I know that it is just how he is. It never goes anything beyond that. He also would not tell me everyday that he loves me, but when he does he can’t stop. :) ) The thing that concerns me is the fact that I would not know if we would be able to live together.
    Because of his need for freedom and mine for security. How do you make that work?

    • Hi it will not work save your time and energy Iam a gemini and married and divorced a Scorpio it was a consant fight about every thing trust me find someone else its not worth it

  27. I was in a relationship with a Gemini. I am a Scorpio male, and it’s pretty much spot on lol. We didn’t agree on anything, but the sex was some of the best I’ve ever had in my life, but that was about the only good thing in the relationship honestly.

    • I would happen to be the Gemini to Zack ^^ and i can agree with him completely. The beginning was so passionate and perfect but our personalities just dont match, the freedom thing was my biggest issue.

  28. GeminiASSEMBLE

    thank you guys for all the posts REALLY helps .. i recently broke up with a cancer an that relationship was CRAP ! UGH . now , i met this scorpio (male) &&’ something about him just interest me .. ive never dated one before but this helped out alot ..

  29. Can someone explain this freedom that a male gemini need? Why should relationships be so complex anyway?

    • @ Susan I understand you question completely, I am a female Gemini, I believe it has to do with the fact that we get bored fast…really fast. We need our space to play..not always sexually…For me I need freedom to go for a walk alone away from my BF just to gather my thoughts….things can GET very VOLATILE….. if one does not allow Gemini his/her space. Hope this helps!

  30. vincenzo

    well I’m a Gemini and i have been dating this Scorpio for 6 months, and well it just ended recently. she was the light of my life! She seemed to know a lot and would challenge me on things i know and well i loved that. the sex was amazing her aroma would keep me coming back for more. I try to get her to work things out with me but she wont give me the chance. i know shes afraid of me but there’s nothing to be afraid of.As a Gemini i don’t like to be alone and i know she doesn’t either. I agree with this article but then again it can work out because i can change to fit any situation and make it my own to create a wonderful home. i see wedding bells in the future if she would come back before my mind blocks her out completely, which i don’t want to happen

  31. It was a very interesting article. I was captivated. My attention was rapt. What’s a Scorpio?

  32. I just met a Gemini man about three weeks ago. I’m a Scorpio woman. And he is stable and reasonable, but incredibly perceptive and sensitive, quiet (not a social butterfly), traditional, and loyal it seems. While I can be a bit flighty, I’m mostly what a classic Scorpio is: powerful, sensual, jealous, deep, intellectual, strong-willed, and intense. I believe he really is attracted to me very much (especially physically). And I am attracted to his personality traits because I feel they really balance me out. I think he is not a classic Gemini at all. So, I guess it all depends on where your moon, Venus are or how your stars are aligned? I like the great positive comments. :)

    • Heheh have you been to a party with your Gemini man yet? I am a Gemini female and my brother calls me a hermit just because I really don’t have time for a social life right now, but you get me in a party and I feel my blood circulating again…ahhh…haha. It’s really interesting how the duality really is there. Get him in different situations and you will be amazed at how quickly he reveals different sides to him.

  33. Whatnext

    I am a Gemini female in a relationship with a Scorpio male. This relationship is filled with passion in and out of the bedroom. He is by far the best lover I have ever had and he says the same about me. We are so compatible on many levels, but the fighting is enough to give it all up. I find that he brings out a volitile defensiveness in me. He patrionizes me and talks to me like a child fuelling my wild anger. We have been together for nearly a year in a long distance relationship. I fear what we would be like if we were together all the time. We have already broken up twice and both break ups were a blur of rage. I feel that when he gets me angry he gets me angrier than anyone has ever made me before. I feel that I lose all ability to communicate in a calm and rational way, I am just angry. Is there any hope. Help.

    • I m a Gemini gal married to a Scorpio for a year. We loved for 4 years then finally married. While in courtship, we would broke up so many time cos of him but I controlled his anger with my patience. Till now I still gave to be patient to his Behavior sometime cos I don’t understand how scorpios’ love are! So ego. So possessive! But I trust him that he loves me truly. I just need to be more patient on him. That so many patience make me restrict my feelings that he would not notice and make me feel desperate. But whenever I stay so cold and calm to him, nothing can’t help him and he is on his knee. I think Gemini girl strength is being patient and wait for him to change and Scorpio guy’s weakness is that they are like crab cos they look hard bit soft inside.


    • im’a gemini man and claire u said that on my birthday =).but i have a scorpio woman.And im inlove with her. Shes freaky , smart, and mysterious. when were happy nothing can break my mood.but when we hate each other i be at an all time low. But when we make up we our love gets stronger. i mean we argue but we work through it. Opposites attract. And i dont want no other girl but her. i love her so much. if she was to dump me. i’d be depress tul i die lol

      • this comment gives me a sigh of relief.. im a scorpion (gal) recently married to a gemini. Hes funny very caring lovable, we argue often fights often too but we make up easily like nothing happened. I love him soo much and the blogs iv read sends me back to when we were still lovers..and the intimacy too was so perfect with him. But sometimes Im confused and makes me still wonder if this pairing work. Actually we’re quite not ok right now, and i miss him so..Hoping we could still be a happy family. I will never leave him even though this love hurts me..

  35. courtney

    that blog is half true, im with my gf for nearly a year now and when a fight is about to start we just stop imediately and one of us cuddles the other 1 to comfort the person who feels angry and we talk things out. we are great together,our sexual chemistry is brillaint, we talk for hours and hours non-stop on the fone when shes at home,and we’e been through such a lot together that shes the one who saved me from depression when my mum got beaten by her ex-bf on xmas eve theyre, shes such a great girl and i love her to bits. in your face blog cuz me and zoe are gettin engaged very soon. na na nana naaa!:P

  36. Maggie Gutierrez

    Ahhhh…the passion is unmatched. However, the mind games and the distrust is key to the destruction between the Gemini and Scorpion relationship. I am a Gemini (female) and my ex-lover, a smokin hot Scorpion. I love him until today, and believe that I will never ever cease to love him. It is an intense burning and yearning that would scare anyone, but if you know someone is not completely happy by your side…the best alternative is to let them go, which I did. The relationship started with a lie and ended as such.

  37. I am a female Scorpio and been married to Gemini man for over 10 years. We have been through just about everything the world has thrown at us and we are still together going strong, we don’t have the possessive or jealous streak at all, we both like our freedom and so don’t get restrictive or anything like that. We talk about most things but we are also pretty fierce when it comes to rows and neither of us ever want to back down, so that makes for an interesting time sometimes! We have 2 lovely kids and I wouldn’t ever want to be with anyone else. He’s definitely the charming butterfly, but he gets on well with women anyway and I trust him as much as anyone can and vice versa. I am definitely more serious than him and make sure the bills are paid and the house organised etc but we both raise each others spirits and for some reason it just works!!! So to all you Gemini-Scorpio partnerships just keep trying, it does get better (& it’s definitely NOT boring! Lol) x

  38. I am 49 and always laughed every time someone mentioned “signs” “horoscope” I met a Gemini in 1992 and we were “hot lovers” everything else crash!!!!! We stayed in touch until last July when we decided to try it again!

    Seven months of perfect sex – everything else 180 out of focus.

    So much so that we could not believe it!

  39. Confused Scorpio

    Hi,a Scorpio lady here. How can i approach a Gemini guy ?? He just seem so shy as when i walk past him(when he is alone)he would seem to be fidgeting terribly or when i pass him papers and tried to look into his eyes, He would just look away and give me shy glances and a saying thank you softly ,but later he would seem uninterested at all!!!! I tried to give him a few stares when i have a chance,but he gave me back a fierce look or even tell his friend!
    I don’t really know what to feel as a few of his friend told me that he ask if I am attach,Did he ask it out of curiosity or is he really interested in me? Should i give him up? I am so confuse now….

    • Hmmm us Geminis can play hard to get very well…if a Scorpio was in love with me, I would love to be chased after. But maybe that’s just me…lol

      • Well I see what you all are saying im a gemini and my heart is a scorpio,we were talking for a year and all of a sudden she changes her number and I cant talk to her any more I feel like my world ended!!!! Im a true gemini and she a true scorpio. She would never tell me anything about how she felt and I would tell her everything. I never been in love before and I got to tell you All I want is her! I cant get her of my mind. Everything on this blog is true but the question is how can I get her back or aleast tell me how she feels

  40. christina

    • This perfectly explains the relationship I have with my boyfriend. I am attracted to his childish ways and imagination. I am so into everything he does. BUT I do not trust him. I feel like he is always hiding a secret. I constantly question the relationship because I know he lies. All I want is the truth. I feel like he cant give that to me with being the “twin” Gemini that he is. As a Scorpio I am a very blunt person, I tell it like it is. So I don’t really understand why he cant do the same for me. I can handle the truth. I We are both jealous and possessive of eachother. I feel like I could marry this guy, but there is a lot of fights that seem never ending. Is it worth it to fight that much? He always thinks I am going to hurt him. In reality a Scorpio would never betray their friend or lover. On the other hand the Gemini would. I constantly feel like a detective. He constantly gets the wrong idea because he doesn’t understand how I think. How the Scorpio mind works. I also used to have a best friend that was a Gemini we were best friends for 10 years. Until I realized the simple fact that Gemini’s think the world revolves around them. People let them think that too because of their charm. When things don’t go their way they blow up. I think for a Gemini Scorpio relationship to work, each person needs to change their way of thinking. They cant take things so seriously. They need to find a way to meet in the middle. Even if they don’t completely understand eachother they need to understand that. They have different ways of life and each person needs to except that. This kind of love is the best one. I have been in many relationship but when the Gemini scorpio get along , they are on top of the world. No one can touch them.

  41. I am male scorpio and my gf is a female gemini. Soon to be ex. Im breaking up with her tomorrow because today she asked me if it would be ok to join A site where gamers pay girls to play video games (halo, starcraft II) and webcam at the same time. She said the farthest she’d go is show herself in a bikini or french maid costume (basically, these guys will jerk off to her and give her tips based on how well she does). She’s made a profile already, but said if I said no then she wont do it she’s just in-between jobs. But I told her even thinking about doing this says a lot about our relationship. This isn’t the first time she’d disrespected me as her bf, and I’m real, real tired of it. This article is 100% legit, this is one relationship you really need to fight for. It was much too stressful for my tastes.

    • Ouch, Brandon. I’m a Gemini, and I would have dumped her on the spot. Some Geminis are like that, but I have never cheated or even thought about cheating in my previous relationships. I have dated a 2 Tauruses…1 was a high school sweetheart that just didn’t work out since I moved away for college, the other was my husband of 2 years…he was a cheater and the biggest liar I have ever met. I have also dated a Cancer and he was a total a@@hole and completely insincere. I have to say I have never dated a Scorpio, but my little girl is a Scorpio and of course, I couldn’t love anyone more than her. She is an amazing little girl and Scorpio all the way. I could never do anything to hurt my little Scorpio bambina, or a future lover who might come my way…

  42. After reading all of the post made, I am truly grateful making the decision I made to be with a Gemini man, wow, everything said is true, as a Scorpio woman, I am strong, independent, and upholding all of the Scorpio traits, but whenever I am with my Gemini, it is like I have been struck by a submissive blow which causes me to lead and I follow. He appears so grounded and filled with this urge to care for me, such as going to get the car so that I dont have to walk, holding the bags when we are out doing the shopping without me asking, making sure that I eat well. I describe our relationship being like hand and glove, I know when he is frustrated he wants 100% of my attention just for a moment to express what is wrong, when he is wanting his space, he becomes very reserved and does not talk so I give him the space, using the time to focus on the things that I love and enjoy doing. I enjoy jis childlike personality. He likes to flirt and that’s okay, because it is just a part of his personality, he has to do it which is something that I do not view as a threat, because I am very confident with our connection.

  43. hi,
    was amazed at how good prediction of yours is. i being a scorpion man n my gal being Gemini some times find it very hard to understand each other while an argument, i love her n she loves me too. our love as we feel is inseparable and everlasting but at the same time we have quarrels that lasts for more than three days to a week. we both love each other very much and don’t wish 2 get separated. but certain things don’t clarifies even if we sit and have long chats together. i don’t understand why it is so hard for her to understand simple things and i feel like no matter how much i try it;s impossible to convey the sense i make while an argument. this makes me restless. i don’t understand why so many men are attracted to her and even if she does not want yet these guys propose to her. i cant resist my over possessive thoughts and i start fighting to her. We don’t wish to break up this relation and are planning to get married soon, even if our relation has suffered 10 breakups with each other earlier……please help

  44. Scorpio male I know who I am and what I like with a Gemini woman
    if you want them you have to except their trates and adapt as well as scorpios do
    and just respect their freedom show that u trust them
    and deal with your thoughts because that’s what they are thoughts
    if a Gemini women says she loves you and is with you only
    and faithfully as Scorpio male you must and always accept that
    or else it will not work so it depends on how much you want that Gemini women
    to want you so I adapted myself because she’s the best women I’ve ever met
    and only I could screw it up so just stay on point and be creative like you do best
    and it will work!
    Love em with all your power at the same time trust them
    cuz you can’t have love without trust
    and enjoy the ride of spontanious excitment that
    the Gemini woman will bring to your life
    love them without controlling them the scorpio
    male knows how he is so he knows how to work it
    and adapt so it just depends on how bad u want her
    I hope this helps because it is not being fake to adapt
    for real love that the Gemini women shares
    if you show and always give these qualities they
    will keep you around hehehe:)

  45. christina

    fuck this relationship .. it wont work .. dont waste your time .. be with someone that is easy to be with .. not to so complicated

    • Put God first in ur life
      And u will see
      The perfect relation u ever dreamed
      If u listen to Joel olsteen advices and sermons
      It will help u out alot in life
      Been in ur position 4 yrs ago
      Now I’m the happiest person
      Have faith , and u could do anything

  46. My opinion it’s that whatever Gods will was
    If she/him it’s the other half, nothing,no one and no problem
    comes in between
    It’s all about the faith u step in that relation with
    And if Christ it’s the base, u can build the perfect relation ever

  47. I’m a gemini girl and I have a scorpio boyfriend, we love eachother deeply, and we rarely have argues, and if we have, we both say sorry for our behaviour at the same time. I read here that gemini’s desire freedom. But I don’t really care when my scorpio is possesive and passionate, I really love it and I think it’s so sweet to see that he cares for me in that way. To all who have problems in this relationship, I think there are quite diffirent types of scorpio’s and gemini’s and that both of them can be true individuals . When the horoscope says you don’t really fit, doesn’t mean your relationship will be a true failure.

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  49. It’s a matter of trust and respect. Love no matter how intense will vanish if you don’t have these two. This blog is an eye opener but it does not mean that this kind of relationship will fail. Good luck.

  50. I’m a Scorpio and and I’ve loved a Gemini for many years. We dated for a couple and broke up (because of my need to die and be reborn).

    We see each other once every few years and the relationship picks right back up where it was during those times. I love her and admire her malleable, fun loving nature. I’ve learned to not be jealous of her flirty ways. It’s her way. Though we don’t consider ourselves as dating when we see each other we feel like we are, it feels right. I would wait forever for her to come back, and if not then that’s ok. I love her and that is enough for me. If I can’t have her then I’ll have no one even when she is trying out other guys. I feel no need to do the same. That road leads me nowhere. I’ll just be more confused and that will distract me from my diabolical plotting.

    I love the opposite way she is to me. Where i want to find depth in there is none. Where I think there isn’t there is much. It’s the perfect mystery that can’t be solved. Whether or not she comes back I will be there for her, unconditionally, till the day I die.

    • Sweet Lord, I wish you the best of luck…you sound like a really wonderful guy! I just might have to try dating a Scorpio, huh???

  51. I’m a female Gemini and this doesn’t describe my Scorpio and me at all. When I met him, we had everything in common. And I’m not superficial! I stay dedicated to a relationship and so does he. We do argue but like, debating not hardcore arguements that could make me or him cry.

  52. me: scorpio sun, pisces moon, libra venus, virgo mars
    him: gemini sun,aries moon, taurus venus, libra mars

    we’ve been together 4 months, i would say it’s been much better than i’d thought. i never imagined we’d even get past the 1 month mark to be honest.
    he’s committed, dedicates and spends most of his time to me (we meet 5-6 days a week, and i stayover at his place 3-4 times a week), has no qualms about leaving his mobile unlocked and in my possession (he has a habit of not bringing a bag, and dumping all his stuff in mine). in fact he was the one who suggested that we give each other permission to browse through our mobiles for that added assurance. he really does have a childish side though i do love that childlike aspect of him. but mostly, he’s reliable (has never canceled on a date, and is always on time) and has always taken the initiative to ask me out and check on me.

    in case you think i’m showing off, it’s not always a bed of roses. he’s lied to me 4 times, each time about some online girl that he’d talked to. he also has a history of being a player. his facebook is filled with girls that he’d had flings with. but all in all, i choose to trust that he’s settling down for me now, otherwise there would be no way we could be together.

    i wonder if it’s because of his taurus venus that makes him so grounded and reliable..? i know i can be very unreliable, flighty and superficial at times, and i sometimes think that it’s because of my libra venus.

    now i just hope this will be something that’ll actually last…

  53. Well, all I can say is… when we’re together and when our relationship is good, then our relationship is amazing! I’m a scorpio (girl) and he’s a scorpio (guy). He’s deff not shy, but yet he has his moments. He can be flirty and charming, but I trust him 100% and he trusts me. Though I think i’ve never cried over anyone as much as I have with him. He’s quite blunt and says it the way it is, which can hurt at times, and I have a problem with getting bitter sometimes, but he’s sensitive and will be quick to ask “Whats wrong?” he can’t stand it if i’m unhappy. I used to be extremely shy, but he opened me up like no one else would’ve been able to, I will be forever grateful to my sweetheart. We’ve been together for a year. It’s kinda funny because i’m jabbering over the phone and it seems like he’s not really interested, but yet if I don’t say anything it’s like.. “Whats wrong? Why aren’t you talking?” haha! So apparently he likes me to talk! :D And I have a lot of pride and i’m a perfectionist and he’s free and careless. So, I feel I have to lots of times take a chill pill, just hang loose a little! :P I’ve always had a BIG imagination, so I always dreamed of a perfect relationship, I do feel disappointed lots of times. But talk about it! Thats my problem, i’m waaay to secretive and then I feel like i’m about to blow up, or even if he doesn’t always give me attention, don’t worry! He will, he’ll come back to you. Or if you think he doesn’t notice you in a room full of people, thats where your wrong… the gemini will throw you for a loop A- LOT! He loves hugging and love and so do I, he encourages me to express my feelings because he knows how I get. I’m trying to share more with him, because it’s easier on me, and it makes things waaay less complicated. Though we do get frustrated with each other quite a bit, we’ve never gotten into huge fights or anything dramatic yet. Though i’ve felt like punching a hole through the wall a couple a times with him, then there’s those magical moments that you can never forget. I love him so much, I can’t imagine life without him. Keep making it work! The gemini’s are definitely worth it!!!!! :D

  54. I’m a gemini female dating a scorpio male. I don’t really believe in astrology (funny enough i’m on astro site. Dropped by to check this out, course one of my friends said this wont work between me & my bf course he’s a scorpio.)

    To tell you the truth we’ve been together for a year and so far we haven’t had a single fight. I also find that we are very very similar. The relationship are full of passion, love and the best sex in my life.

    Wrote all this just to say: trust your feelings not the horoscopes

  55. Gemini Shannon

    everything that was said was basicly true, apart from i see him as an alien. i dont, we are so alike its unbelivable. Our mood swings, we both want freedom, i think either Im mento be a scorpio or hes mento be a gemini!

  56. i am a gemini girl dating a scorpio guy. we are madly in love but we argue every other days. we can be cuddling one second and yelling at each other the next. we broke up for so many times that it doesnt mean anything to us now. and most of the time,it will be me that asked for the breakups. yes enough is enough; resorting to breakups. but then he will convince us that we are meant to be together, then we patch things up again. we are planning to get married in a year time, will it be right? can gemini-scorpio stays forever? what will after-marriage be then?

  57. I’m a female Gemini I’ve been with a Scorp for a little over two months. It has been primarily long-distance with a smattering of time together. I can simply say that I’ve never been more smitten or open about my feelings with another man in my entire life. We have already had a couple of those famous Gemini-Scorpio fights… but, I would be willing to have on every day, if it meant falling asleep in his arms. *swoon*
    I’ve dated an Aries, Sag, Pisces, and Virgo and none of those boys came anywhere close to making me feel this way. The Aries was the closest it came (I have an Aries moon). I was smitten for the Aries, but he was flaky and odd. The Sag was a weirdo, with whom my relationship was luke-warm at best, the Pisces was my longest relationship, but it grew far too stagnant, and abusive. The sex was so mehh. The Virgo- most critical man alive. Loved him to death as a person, but couldn’t keep up the facade. This Scorpio is my dreamboat! Holy shit. We may be two very different people, but for the love of god, I melt under his gaze. He completes me. I do have a *lot* of aspects in Cancer, and Aries. I am on the cusp of Taurus with Venus in Taurus, he is on the cusp of Libra, with boat loads of Scorp aspects (Scorp Venus). Two cusp babies with complementary cusps :D Not all Scorps are created equal, Gemini ladies. If you can wrangle one that you are compatible with- I assure you, he’s the last man you’ll ever want or need. The sex is mindblowing. The emotional and intellectual connection- I’ve never felt anything like it. I’m so in love, and he is too.
    The fighting is easily circumvented. I can be stubborn at times, and there’s that natural desire for me to want to assert myself. With a scorp, it’s all about give and take. Let him have his victories, and take your own. Don’t be a doormat, but don’t be a shrew. These boys need a challenge… they need stimulation. And, speaking of stimulation, this Scorp needs lots and lots of expressive, toe-curling, passionate bump n grind. If you aren’t highly sexed, I wouldn’t recommend a Scorpio man. Sex is like their oxygen in a relationship. We communicate with our voices, they communicate in the language of love. Lastly, be as transparent as possible. I know we’re so well known for playing silly games, but, while Mr. Scorpio can laugh, underneath that, he’s dead serious in matters of the heart. Don’t screw around, or you’ll unleash a jealous wrath like nothing you’ve ever experienced. These men are HIGHLY sensitive, and super jealous. They are the kindest souls you could ever meet, until they’ve been messed around. Be yourself, but keep the rule of thumb in mind: if you can’t do it in front of him or tell him about it without upsetting him, don’t do it behind his back. Ya dig?

  58. Teresa gemini

    Im a gemini he’s a scorpio, well this is a very long story, so Il appolagise now.. but must explain. I’m 25 now but met him when I was 15 in school, he is 26 now. Back then we had chemistry but I came on majorly too heavy and asked for a relationship to which he did not take seriously and left me standing. Then years later I found out he was in jail (not for a bad thing, he was sticking up for a family member that got seriously injured) so anyways, I started to write to him and we wrote to eachother for like 6 months untill he was realesed.

    When he got out we met up a few times, became intimate and decided to have a relationship, we spend xmas, new years together, exchanged presents. I had a son by then which he kept asking to meet, but I was nervous and it was new so I kept saying not yet, anyways just out of nowhere I decided I couldnt handle the relationship, that was going fine, just got completly scared of everything, like feelings, my sons feelings and sent him loads of nasty texts to which he of course told me never to contact him again.

    About 4 months after we split I got back with my ex (a leo) & the father of my son and we were happy but my scorp was always in my mind and then me and my leo had another baby, then just as I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd facebook was invented and my scorpio added me and wanted to meet up, thing is I was 3/4 months pregnant and back with my ex. I went to see him & we got on really well and he in so many words forgave me for the past bad texts. Not long after seeing him that night I thought it would be wise for my kids and relationship with my leo to delete him from FB and get on with my life.. BUT he never left my mind.

    Yes it goes on… then I was working in a garage as a receptionist and he found out I was working there through friends and came to see me on 3 different days, but by now he was now in a relationshp with a fake barbie doll. He kissed me and then disappeared himself and that was that, untill now.

    …I’m now no longer with my ex the leo and live a nice single life with my two sons, and then a few months ago he requested me as a friend on FB again.. So I went to see him and he was no longer with the fake barbie and still after all this time pure blissfull chemistry, I spent the night at his last week and we got on great, laughing, talking and got intamate but he has said that he only wants fun and isn’t looking for a relationship and right now nither am I. But.. I can’t get him out of my head and its making me lose sleep and making my friends annoyed about hearing about him, it’s been a week since I seen him last and don’t know if I should call him or wait, I sent him a dirty text during the week and had no reply which has made me even more nervous about the whole thing.

    Don’t know about his feelings but mine are so strong, I’d do anything for him, I just think it’s too early for me to confess this and mess it up, I don’t wanna play games but I just don’t know if he wants more certanty from me or what, really lost and don’t know what to think or what to do. Please help me scorpio guys and gemini girls..

  59. Peppermint Patty

    I’m a Scorpio female and involved with a Gemini male. We have known eachother since we were kids. The last time I saw him I was 14 years old. It was 33 years ago. We saw each other for the first time after 33 years this past September 2011. It was as if time had stood still for all that time. We are madly in love with each other. This relationship is so remarkable I ended an 16 year marriage to move my entire life to be with him. He is a gift from the Universe. I know we’ll be happy forever :)

  60. Hi,
    I am gemini and he is scorpion i completely agree with comments above it the same case with my we are so passionate and well going but gemini’s the best way to control scorpions is u have to be patient this is the best way to control them
    its just the policy of forgive and forget policy is very important.

    Otherwise is out of your life he is so loving, committed and very very possive
    yes we do land up in some arguments but we get patched up again after many many break ups luckly………

    we are happy so far………….

  61. I’m a Scorpio, and was with a girl who was a Gemini for 4 years. Started out good. I mean really well. She drove me nuts. I’ve learned we cannot be around each other too which is hard considering I want to be friends, and everybody else telling me that is impossible. There are still strong feelings on both sides. However, she likes to do things in spite of me, and throw things up in my face.

    It kills her that I know her so well, and how she does impulsive things, and makes decisions too soon that will come back and bite her in the butt. Communication. We talked about it a lot but she wanted to hang up on me when we would talk, and she didn’t like what was being said. But I was suppose to be okay with anything she told me good or bad.

    If she were around me still she’d play her little head game to draw me in, and then just throw me away like I don’t exist the next day.

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