Scorpio Cancer

scorpio cancer compatibility – Is the love match compatible?

The scorpio cancer couple is one of the luckiest people :) What could be better than a scorpio and cancer compatibility? Here comes two really emotionally intense people, ready to give everything out for love. These people take love seriously and they find the biggest comfort, security and lots of romantic spark when they come together. They are looking for long term relationships and they have found it, finally! You’re both highly emotional, passionate, intuitive, empathetic, very possessive, very loyal, and will make the other feel more loved, than in any other combination possible in zodiac.

There’s an amazing mystery in these people coming together. One can say they’re sooner and later destined to meet once they have some good karma stored up!  By the grace of 5-9 sun sign pattern, they are blessed to have a magnetized aura for each other, they could really feel it when they’re in close proximity. Scorpio cancer love match is one of those few matches which have the highest possibility of having a soul mate type relationship. :)

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scorpio and cancer compatibility ratings

Compatibility:               5

Communication:         5

Sexual chemistry:        5

Ratings are out of 5

Cancer Scorpio Love Match

Compatibility for cancer the sign and Scorpio love relationship will be full of passion and romance. Taking decisions from heart is what they’ll do. The best way to describe these two very compatible water sign characters is to say, “Get ready to sink or swim!”  Cancer Scorpio love relationship possess a tidal wave portion of emotional depth. If they are un-evolved, they’ll be crippling along the stream taking each other to the great depths of various addictions and away from spiritual growth, while the evolved ones would be sailing smoothly. The evolved ones would be like being children forever and exploring the world with innocence, excitement, fun and faith in the greater good of the world! The loony humor of the cancer can help scorpio take the rough edge out while the scorpio loving a cancer can help cancer gain confidence and get secured from within. It doesn’t matter what they do, they’ll always love each other.

The only minor problem would be Scorpio’s need of space which can trigger the clinginess of the cancer, this does not have much higher impact once the trust is developed. There could be problems related to money because the cancer wants to play it safe with money matters, while the scorpios need to risk it and earn more. Though there are too many good aspects to counter it. The gift of trust can be easily given by the cancer, only to a scorpio. And the gift of forgiveness never given by the scorpio to anyone else, would be easily given to cancer during any fight. A cancer can understand the scorpion’s mask of expression and a scorpio can dwell deeper into a cancer and find compassion, sensitivity and need of security.

Cancer man and Scorpio woman

A cancer and scorpio couple is a soul mate relationship for sure, which just keep getting stronger with time. The cancer male and scorpio female have lots of emotional undercurrents which are easily understood by the other. The jealousy quotient maybe higher in the scorpio woman, which could be easily comforted by the cancer man. The cancer man may need constant inspiration from the scorpio woman. They easily balance the strength and weakness of the other. This is a great match if other planets support it!

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Cancer woman and Scorpio man

The cancer female and scorpio male is one of the most passionate relationships with lots of emotions flowing freely! It could starts as an on-off relationship but its only a matter of time they both reach the true height of passion and love. The right balance of masculinity and feminine energy. The cancer female finds the security and strength she deeply longs for and the scorpio finds one woman who can make him believe in the good part of life and add compassion to his list of qualities. His jealousy streaks are settled easily by the cancer female, the right combination of love, excitement, passion and fun!

Please note Cancer and Scorpio, though the compatibility for cancer and scorpio marriage or relationship is really the best one, there are other aspects of the birth chart to be considered. These other aspects may produce certain difficult conflicts in the relationship, we help you understand them using the astrology compatibility report! Its personalized, accurate and cheap, click here get some more details on astrology compatibility report!

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    I love this so true….love my Scorpio man

  6. Yeiiiiiii!!! it said exactly how me and my boyfriend feel for eachother <3 it was love at first sight <3

  7. It ‘could’ be the best match. I think the analysis is off, honestly. I think it has been for some time. Though I think both signs are compatable, its not because they are the ‘best’ characeristics of the signs. Scorpios are stereotyped for being domineering, manipulative and emotionally sensitive. Cancers are stereotyped for being passive, manipulative and emotionally sensitive. Those things go together, but they pair together traits that bring ‘comfort’ and thats about it. I’m not saying those are the only traits of the respective signs that matter, but when it comes to such ideas, people should really broaden their perspectives.

    There are a number of other signs that are compatible with water signs. I personally, am not sure that Cancer and Scorpio are best. Cancer does not deal with manipulation and hurt well at all, and Scorpio out of self-protection and sometimes possessiveness, is prone to such. The Cancer will stay, for the sake of stability. But is that truly positive? Is that a match made in heaven? Absolutely not!

    Think about, for a bit. There are plenty of other combinations to analyze as well that are just as prone to such criticism. This is one, however, that really gets me going. Some of you astrologers never want to challenge the status quo!

    • AstroChamp

      Maybe the loyalty, emotional depth, intuitiveness and keen imagination along with the need of long term relationship also add to some similarities while the difference in temperaments and their ability to be child like together can keep the spice.
      Any two people who have highly different personalities will have the highest attraction but cant stay together for long.. while any two people with same personalities have the least attraction. The best match would be the one that could balance the similarities and differences, and thats where you have a scorpio cancer match! ;)
      Though sun sign compatibility is never enough, its more of a trailer, true compatibility can be judged only by studying birth charts..

    • Jennifer

      You are absolutely right! I am a cancer woman that is staying “for the sake of stability” with my scorpio man. It is not healthy for me. I have been much more than submissive. I don’t know what else to do but, I’m beginning to feel unattracted to my scorpio lover. His harsh words and “tests” are exhausting and hurtful. If this is the most compatible match of the zodiac why is it so difficult? (Mainly because of the Scorpio.) I’ve learned just to be quiet and not respond to not encourage the argument. But, even being quiet is exhausting. What can I do?

      • Wow…you (above) took the words right out of my mouth…maybe that’s where the maturity comes into play. My Scorpio blamed me for everything that went wrong in the relationship, the word pompous comes to mind. But damn I loved him and wanted it to work sooo bad! Amazing, magnetic chemistry….hmmmm. warmth, passion… And daggers!

        • sad scorpio

          I agree. Chemistry between these two signs is very powerful but as the scorpio in the relationship I found the deep waters often put out the fire…so to speak.

          I had a very close cancer friend that I am ( and probably always will be) attracted to. Although the attraction/ or magnetic pull is there. I found myself sabotaging the relationship very quickly when we finally got together after 6 years of friendship and what I thought as harmless flertation.
          Once the moons had finally alined (or so I had thought) we slept together and I found my cancer man to be in this calm state of mind and not projecting that magnetic pulls so much and me needing reasurance (that never came) that I hadnt just distroyed a great frienship.
          To men cancer man is so excepting of scorpio’s faults that although they may feel it they dont reasure scorpio when they need it.

      • Ironsight

        To respond to the blightful question of a couple of cancer women, “ou are absolutely right! I am a cancer woman that is staying (for the sake of stability) with my scorpio man. It is not healthy for me. I have been much more than submissive. I don’t know what else to do but, I’m beginning to feel unattracted to my scorpio lover. His harsh words and (tests) are exhausting and hurtful. If this is the most compatible match of the zodiac why is it so difficult? (Mainly because of the Scorpio.) I’ve learned just to be quiet and not respond to not encourage the argument. But, even being quiet is exhausting. What can I do?” I’m a scorpio male, and there’s nothing I learn better from than direct, straight-forward bluntness. It may seem a little geared toward the wrong result, but it your man is being rude and usin harsh words, you gotta do it right back. Not to the point where yur outta line, but only in response. He’ll see it as a sort of sarcasm, knowing that you arent usually so abrasive. And he’ll take a couple things from it… 1, you’re unhappy BECAUSE OF HIM, 2, he’ll realize “oh shit, is that what I’ve been doing?” and 3, he’ll decide he needs to change. Scorpios are fierce and respect most those who stand up for themselves. Do this in combination with one other thing… Be extremely open and honest with him in a non aggressive way. break the shit down to him that he does that you do not like. He’ll listen. that by the way’ll work with almost anybody.

        • I do like your bunny dress, and I also love your new blog look! Fabulous! I am a woodland lover myslef from waaaay back in my childhood. Don’t think that’s ever going to change. My chinese zodiac sign is the Rooster (although I had to look it up because I had forgotten!) Never really been a horoscopes follower, perhaps because I never see any traits that fit me in the desciptions of my sign, Leo.

    • Im a cancer, and my fiance is a scorpio. And this was pretty dead on. We fit together like puzzel picecs.

    • Scorpio Woman

      I am a scorpio and I am in love with a cancer man. The thing is, yes I do get awfully jealous and manipulative sometimes but I’ve learned to control that part of my personality because I am in love with my man and I do not ever want to hurt him. We used to fight a lot when we were younger but as we are growing up our bond is becoming stronger and we are becoming more mature and wiser. My man is always there for me when I need him. He’s so passionate…so romantic..Our dates are always the best. He entertains me. He’s so funny!! I will honestly never do anything to hurt my man. We’ve been through so much together…and this man completely understands me..We are truly soul mates.

      Who you are depends on your personality and your ability to control yourself, NOT on your zodiac sign!! Yes, I know as a scorpio woman I am prone to being jealous, controlling, manipulative etc. but I can honestly say that throughout my relationship my man has given me no reason what-so-ever to not trust him. I am not controlling and I give him a lot of space. Sometimes we argue over the fact that I give him TOO much space and he thinks I am not giving him enough attention when the truth is he’s on my mind 24/7 and when I am not with him I feel so incomplete…our chemistry is amazing specially in between the sheets…this man truly completes my life. I love him for not just who he is but also for who I am when I am around him..

      So cancer ladies and gentlemen, please don’t think that all scorpios are controlling and manipulative. It depends on the person him/herself. :)

      • scorpio girl

        i completely agree with you scorpio woman ! i’ve been with my cancer man for over a year and obviously we’ve had our ups and downs but i feel like he’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. we all have our flaws, everyone does things that some others wont agree with. i don’t necessarily think that the signs are whats to blame i think it’s how we control ourselves and present ourselves to people. i feel like my man and i love is stronger then any love i’ve ever had he definitely completes me. i loved this post i bookmarked it i feel like it’s so true !!!!!

  8. CancerandScorpio

    My husband is a Scorpio and I’m a Cancer and we love each other VERY much! So true what the analysis says about the Scorpio man and Cancer woman.

  9. cancernesta

    absolutely true

  10. margarita


  11. hw sweet i m really vry lucky i m a cancerian and my boyfrnd is a scorpion we both luv each other very much and trust each other. But he is really over possesive but i dont have any problem cuz i luv him very much. He is my everything

  12. I couldn’t agree more. Im a scorpio and my boyfriend is a cancer and everything stated fits both of us perfectly. We are very much in love, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. He is the first relationship I haven’t ran from. And after reading this it makes sence to me why for once im not scared.

    Im glad he found this and sent it to me. lol

  13. this is soooo true everything that i have read so far.
    me and my cancer man definetly had a love from the first week that i had never felt before… always so apprehensive to say that i love something or someone without a precuser, but this was a no holds bar love confession by day what-4? i love all the things that he brings to the table that i find so hard to innately have. perfect match

  14. christina

    I just met a guy who is a Scorpio and this fits him to a T. I am a Cancer and we hit it off great when we met last week!

  15. ashia turner

    i am a cancer dating a sneaky gemini i am friends with a scorpio who wants to move forward thnks this helped alot

    • Stay away from the Gemini, they are no good for cancer, I normally don’t believe in Horoscopes, but everything has been looking wrong wherever I look on cancer -gemini compatibility, whereas, it is definitely doomed, I lived it.
      You were warned !!

      • Babiiface

        Yes Please Cancer away from Gemini .Take our advice. They are just to fast in wanting to sleep with you and want to just have fun instead of getting to know who you really are . They are also fast to judge . Went through it and stopped it quickly . Dont waste your time us Cancers will be the ones to suffer

      • Oh definetely cancer should not stay with gemini. I had a gemini boyfriend and later on I found out that he was betraying his cancer partner. She came to argue with me but I felt so sorry for myself because I was the naivy one but the bitch to her eyes. In the end of the story she agreed with me that the gemini boyfriend was a dick only!
        At the moment I am so in love with a cancer guy but unfortunately we both are married and I so feel he would have been my perfect mate…. We talk about everything, he is a good listenner, he is hot and romantic, what a sin of ours! Forgive-us God!

    • Indiah

      GO FOR IT !! You will find it to be the one of the best choice’s made!

  16. naledi

    This makes me wana find a scorpio man

  17. The topic mentioned above was incredibly accurate. Me and my present scorpio friend/lover are doing really well with communication, and are completely emotionally and sexually content which makes us more than compatible.

  18. lovestruck

    i love my cancer man to pieces <3 i feel so incomplete without him…he is my everythingg

  19. Aj'ssweetface

    I love my baby & I know we can work any problem out until the day were in the ground. He is my everything!!!!! I hope this is ture forever<3

  20. MsScorpio

    I just meet a cancer man that helped me in trying to give him a chance

  21. powderpuff

    Wow this is so true!! Ive been seeing a Scorpio man now for a few months, and to say fireworks is an understatement!! I know the difference between liking someone, and NEEDING someone!!! Omg its so true – a magnetic aura is exactly it! I know theres a honeymoon period to every relationship, but i just cannot see me not getting butterflies when he pulls up in my driveway, or me not running & jumping on him when he walks in the door!! Hes overseas atm for another 10 excrutiating weeks!!! How will i cope!! :[ Love your site thanks!!

    • Babiiface

      awwww thanks sooo cute .. im soo happy for you. Scorpio & Cancer Best

    • wow same as i..i also had magical feeling of excitement,magnetism,craziness or whatever..everytime we see each other, we can feel each other that theres really this superb strong between us..OMG..

    • Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      wow same as i..i also had magical feeling of excitement,magnetism,craziness or whatever..everytime we see each other, we can feel each other that theres really this superb strong feeling between us..OMG

  22. ManOfTheCrab

    The compatibility is serious, but even the best matches in astrology have issues.

    To my Cancer brothers and sisters out there, if you look at all the sites and articles detailing this matchup, keep an eye out: most of them will describe how magnetic and powerful and wonderful Scorpio is and how very lost we’d be without them.

    They don’t go into detail about other things, like how utterly misanthropic they can be. Or how secretive they are even when they demand to know everything about you. Or how bitter and spiteful they become when life doesn’t go as planned. Or how readily they attack the things important to you when vaguely upset. Or how demeaning and insulting they become if you dare make a mistake. Or how they try to control your life while adamant that you stay completely out of theirs. Or how quickly they speak ill of you behind your back. Or how ridiculous and humiliated they can make you feel about the things you deeply care about. Or…

    I think you get the point. They have a similar list when it comes to our sign, as well. Slow down and look deeper before you get pulled in by that “magnetism”. Make sure you’ve got some common ground you can walk on side by side first, and that the unique beast within is something you feel you can handle – at least on your best days.

    If nothing else, remember to show them that they’re not the only sign that has a hard time trusting others.

    • queen of ice

      I completely agree ManoftheCrab as I do with all the positive aspects as well. I have never been more in love with my ex-scorpio of 3 years. We were on the verge of marriage, but all the negativities you described (jealousy, being a hipocryte!!,liar,obsessive,possessive,wanting to be more successful than the woman) added to that his ego and never-apologizing and never- fault admitting attitude towards his infidelities (which I thought it was) have finally brought this relationship to an end. I noticed I was being pulled to that ‘magnetism’ and I had to just ‘disappear’ whilst living together, just so I could getaway from him. Because i knew if we had continued the passion would get out of hand. I disappeared and left the country leaving no trail behind. He tried reaching me through friends. I showed up after a year. He still ‘loved me’ and wanted to see me (only for me to find out he was seeing someone else, haha and I felt it and I was testing him this time).He texted me happy birthday this passed June. I gave him no response and I will never EVER talk to him again. That will be his punishment for this life he’ll never forget…the funny thing?? I fell for another younger scorpio..we met online. And all of a sudden he disappeared on me eventhough we were supposed to meet after 7 months of cam-chatting LoL. It’s been 5 months. No response nothing. (I do believe his aries moon has got something to do with that). Still am thinking of him…and I have no idea whether he’ll return, but I’m counting on the scorpio-cancer magnetism and the way their relationship starts “on-and-off” (same way it started with my ex)..what Im trying to say…I’d still would want to try it out with a scorpio because YES…THE MAGNETISM YOU FEEL IS WORTH EVERYTHING-as long as he’s loyal. Oh, after my younger scorp disappeared on me yet dated another scorp for a couple months and YES again passion and affection. ;) )

    • Man…sometimes I feel worthless when I read how ‘bad’ scrorpios are! I’m a scorpio man and while I can identify with the above negative qualities as well as others who have posted here I must say that there are different levels of scorpio. Us scorps…when on a spitual or self growth path, often move the the Eagle state of our sign. I’m not sure where I am but I can tell you that I am fully aware of the traits mentioned above and now exactly how not to be like that. We aren’t destined to be what our sign says…we can grow and move away from it. Our egos attach to those qualities and play them through. Allow your true inner self to be the guide and those negative scorp traits soften very much and at times become a very postive protection against others who don’t give a crap. At the end of it, all we want is to be deeply in love as we scorps give our hearts and souls to our partners and an return we simply need that trust so our hearts can soar (leos’s take note). How that gets presented is all about the level a scorp is at. Nuff said.

  23. girlcancer

    wow, man of the crab, that well and truly summed up my boyfriends bad traits. it is so so true, i absolutely adore him but at times those characteristics can really bring me down and make me think about whether the relationship is worth it. Scorpio’s are quite tough on the sensitivity of a cancer, so be sure that you truly know them as a friend before engaging in a loving relationship.

  24. Some of this post I would agree with. I’m a scorpio male and my ex wife was a cancer. The first 5 years were great but I should have know better considering our beginning. I gave my all to the marriage but she had a tendency to cheat so in the end it didn’t work. The passion was intense and still is but once you cross a Scorpio it’s a grudge that’s lasts for life.

  25. This is truly real my boo is cancer an im scorpio and this really seems 2 describe us. and it kinda makes me even more secure now. cant no other bitch get at him cuz he wont let em. we’ve been 2gether 3 years and are engaged and both of us r true 2 each other and have never cheated. we a match made in heaven. What nigga! jealous ass bitches wont leave us da hell alone

  26. Its quite true. I am a Scorpion Woman and it was love at first sight. Before we even spoke to each other I was crazy about him. From the day we have met we have stayed together. There was just something keeping us together. Believe me, sometimes it is so hard not to leave him, because he can be so emotional. But no matter what, we stay together. Without speaking to each other, we understand what the other is feeling and is expecting. I have always thought that there was something bigger than us, keeping us together, because sometimes I really want to beat him to dead. I have never loved someone like I love him.

  27. Kimberly

    I am female cancer 46 and met a male scorpio 25, what can you tell me about the age difference in in the two or is there any? He is very interested in me, and has always been attracted to older women, but the age to me might be an issue. We have never met in person, but we seem to get along very well texting, facebook etc….

  28. scorpiowoman

    Man of crab ur speaking the truth about a Scorpio because I am one. But you cancers are not innocent.. Cancers are liars, they always play the “victim” clingy, and some cancers have no ambition and think that their mate should shelter them. They never take responsibility for their actions and they present themselves as someone they are not.

    • Babiiface

      Your being sterotypic . Not all Cancers will be like that . Noones perfect we all know that. If your Cancer messed up then she missed out . But us Cancers are clingy because we fear losing the person we love and it is difficult for us to give someone our full trust but we not all liars. But i will admit being to nice will make us tell little white lies because we hate hurting other ppls feelings. But its because we care and cant blame us for that . and yes we believe our mate should shelter us because we are dependable. and we may present ourselves as someone we are not because thats how we pretect ourselves. We have to learn from past experiences thats how we deal with our sensitivity.

      • Tyler (cancer)

        cancers are clingy in the sense that we don’t want to be alone. scorpios use cancer’s emotions to their advantage and can control cancer easily.


    This was so on-point for me! it described me an my man to the T! I am a scorpio and my passion for this mean is unbelievable and everything he does for me is so amazing! Our relationship is so strong it amazies the both of us….i look foward to our future an reading this just made me realize how grateful i am to have him!!

  30. Odessa Grant-Esco

    I have a cancer boyfriend and im so in love with him that it hurts to be apart from him. i never feel like there is enough time together but like it that way. i would give him my second last breath, keeping the last only so i can whisper his name goodbye. we are so much alike in the nature we are with the perfect number of differences. he keeps me from wanting to leaving the world completely and be by myself. slowly he brakes down my walls that all Scorpios have.he makes things that scare me okay, like saying i love you or letting someone know your hurt or sad. i push him away a lot because i want him to leave. he is so smart and deep that i feel so unworthy but i wouldn’t have it any other way because it makes feel so much more special that someone like him could love someone like me. he is my soul mate and at 11:11 on august 9th 2011 i wished that one day we’ll get married so i can be with him forever. he knows how to touch me, but not always when to which i love, and makes me laugh, hes shy but never afraid and i always feel safe when im with him.i don’t fear the future when i put him in it. i hate saying it but he needs to know that i only want him for the rest of my life and that i will never change my mind. it actually pains me to say that i need him because i dont like to need anyone…im a Scorpio…but i need you and ive never been so scared to say anything in my life, and that was it. i love you Daniel Cassar your are the perfect and only cancer for this Scorpio ,forever :)

  31. Creepy how spot on this stuff is(:<3

  32. i love scorpios

  33. That was a pretty amazing post Odessa. It’s obvious you guys are head over heels for each other. Good luck to you both.

  34. I hear all this about Cancer/Scorpip compatibiliy. And Im a Cancer woman and i have dealt with a lot of Scorpios but can never quite figure them out and it never worked out. Scorpios are jealous, sneaky, judgemental and very blunt. Where as Cancers are emotional, loyal, accepting and sensitive. And people confuse the fact that 2 signs may be compatible but if someone doesn’t want you, than they dont want you. I’m happy now with a Pisces who happens to be a great match for a Cancer.

  35. kanika gupta

    wow !!!
    me an mah bf wre v delightd aftr readin ds…..he s a scorpion n m a cancerian…..n we reely love ech othr alot !
    thnx u made us undrstnd ech othr mre….:)))

  36. Cancer is a versatile cardinal sign.
    They are intelligent in a very creative way…They have a loony sense of humor…most comedians are cancers…Cancers will protect their family and country…alot of cancers join the marines or the Navy.

    A cancer can be the most loyal,truthful,family oriented(groups of friends),money oriented…these people are very deep u just have to find the rite one….and if your cancer isnt actin likke this(if your a scorpio) u can easily bring it out of him.
    Only ignorant people underrate cancers/ only special people can understand them and they respect it. 100%

  37. Wow this post is spot on!! I met my cancer husband 23 years ago. I was 16 years old and my cancer man 17. I first saw him at a party and it was love at first site. To date we cannot be apart and our love is as strong as when we first met. He is my soul mate and I dont know what I would do without him!!!

  38. i am a gay cancerian man and my scorpio lives in oregon while i live in north carolina. we have been together for two years now and our love has never faultered :) cancers dwell within the scorpio’s protective traits and scorpio grows from the cancerian depth of emotion. he understands how emotional us cancers can be unlike some other signs that think we are too clingy. anywho he is deffinately my soulmate and i love every single thing about him!

  39. i met this scorpio guy few months ago(im a cancer girl) to agree on the intense crazy chemistry! Ive nvr felt anythg like it b4,he understd me so well..when we’re together,it’s like magical,it felt soooo good..both of us jz can’t take our hands off each other,him being so romantic makes me melt n fall deeper into him..he treated me like no other guys did b4..n i like him tooo much within a very short period of time..he said he like me n he is very happy..really thought that me n him can b together..but sumthg happened that got my eyes wide opened!! We had a lil misscommunication n he went dissappear! No nothg from him,n bein a cancer,was worried sick! No reply to my smses n calls.then after 2weeks,he cm back n apologizes.being soft-hearted,i accept his apology n was thinkin things will get better..but i was wrong..he dissappeared for the 2nd time.n i was really took me 2weeks to evaluate this relationship wif him scorpio guy,so i ended it.i dont deserve to b treated that is his lost,not mine..n m sure he’ll regret doin this to me like he did the 1st time,coz ive done no wrong towards him,all i did was waitin n waitin n waitin n stayin loyal to him :’( wat im tryin to say is that regardless of the strong chemistry, if ur partner x appreciate u.then my advice is to walk away! coz all the pain n tears n heartache is not worth it!

  40. diamondlass

    Yes Fe, you did the best thing, I am a Scorpio and fell in love with a Cancer man. The first time we met, if he would have asked me to marry him I would have! I have dated a Scorpio man, and he was a little too “there”, after 4 years of dating, we have remained the absolute best of friends, he is my best friend. But I love the Cancer and he says he loves me, sometimes I will have an overwhelming sense of him, and I have to take a deep breath, and the phone will ring and it’s him telling me he was thinking about me! We want to melt into each other, and we do.

  41. diamondlass,i hope everythg work out well for u.god bless u n ur cancer man :) ive moved on but cant seem to erase memories on my ex scorpio guy,he stil very much on my mind..m seeing new man at the moment,but deep inside m worried n scared on the probabilities of me saying yes n melt when my ex scorpio man cm back for the 2nd time..his actions do hv great impact n effects on me..n it’s scary..i really wish that things were diff between me n the scorpio guy..but wat’s done can’t b undone..God bless us all

  42. This Cancer female has had three long term relationships with Scorpio men. For reasons that are beyond reason, I’ve always felt that I understood Scorpios better than any other sign. Beneath the crusty shell of a Scorp which Cancer crabs have also, lies a deep, true, courageous heart & soul. My current Scorpio guy is pretty evolved and I love him like no other. Although not married, we definitely have a ’til death due us part’ relationship, though I highly doubt that even death will sever the bond between us. All that has been said about Scorps and Cancers in these posts ring true. Always go deeper with folks of both of these signs. You’ll discover a lot about them and yourselves in the process:)

    • no,well im a scorpio and i guess girls with large barest are ok,but honestly i dont care,i love my girlfreind and she doesnt have alot of sexual features,but i love her personality and the fact that we have so muvh in common and have partly the same probloms its kinda hard to explain but i dont care about sexual features so mucch

  43. Bkee der Bilkt

    I don’t know what to a Scorpio man the biggest crushes I’ ve had were for Taurus; I usually get along very well with people in this sign , but somehow all of them ended up hurting me in unexpected ways!! Some of the nastiest people I dated also happened to be Taurus…so I don’t think astrological compatibility is everything but I do think it should be taken into account because most times it DOES matter, and some signs are indeed “more compatible” with eachother.
    Now, Scorpio – Cancer, I don’t know , never been romantically involved with a Cancer, but I notice I tend to trust people born under this sign. They come across to me as honest, which is something I always look for in everyone. They seem not to dissimulate like most people tend to do, and they say what they think. One of my best friends is a Cancer.
    I just met a Cancer I’m attracted to and I did notice similarities in our way of looking at things , so maybe it’s a chance to see if this is really a good match…
    btw, Scorpio_Scorpio is a big No No!!

  44. This is very interesting to read all of this. I am Scorpio woman with Cancer man. I think any human being in relationship requires patience and understanding to work it out. Physical compatibility and attraction makes most of the part. Love or understanding or attraction alone does not serve the purpose.
    With no doubts on faithfulness and the amount of attraction we share, stability to the relationship comes. And this is what we are sharing. There are always arguments when two people live under one roof so reading this post felt so good because this is exactly how we feel for each other but it’s not true or realistic that there is romance and ONLY love all the time.
    The key to success is ‘patience’.

  45. *Eagle_Heart*

    I agree with what one of you said. Patience is indeed the key to success, but not only that, good communication is the key to sustain a happy and healthy relationship. I’m a scorpio woman and I’ve met a cancer man. It’s True that they will tell little white lies not to hurt you, but through talking and asking of that person’s honesty, he/she probably won’t do it again. It works like this with all relationships, based on star signs or not. You should require a level of maturity in your relationship to deal with these issues, by that, I mean sitting down together and talking about your problems. I do know of a few scorpio men that tend to be judgmental and think only the best of themselves, maybe some women too, but this character trait comes in handy when your cancer feels insecure. It is your job to boost his/her ego, by using your own ability to boost your own. Scorpios are extremely jealous, but this tends to get better as the cancer reassures the scorpio by staying loyal and opening up to each other. Both of these star signs have to come to terms with opening up to each other. If something bothers me, he’ll notice it and I’ll open up to him, mostly I’ll just come out with what is bothering me or upsetting me. You should see him/her as your best friend. I’ve read a post that said something about a cancer woman that cheated? Most probably the relationship was at its end or maybe you hurt her a lot by using spiteful words and just being a jerk and that caused her to do what she did. I honestly don’t see cancerian people as cheaters. People love, especially scorpios, to judge others and not take the responsibility for their own actions. The hardest thing to do, for some of us, is to admit doing wrong and not doing it again* Sure, everyone makes mistakes, but like I said, with good communication, patience (which I do have a lot of for a scorpio woman), comes a healthy relationship. It’s true, scorpios tend to cling onto the past, cancer people too, but if you really want to make things work, you’ll be the eagle and soar above and beyond the past. Never bring the past into your future. This goes for all the star signs. Online dating sure as hell doesn’t count for this. 99% of those people are fake and lie about their birth date, so maybe you weren’t even dating a scorpio or a cancer. A relationship could never even work like that, nevermind that, it simply cannot be called a relationship. You need to be with that person to be able to make things work or meet at least. Been there, done that. I personally don’t like pisces men, they’re a bit unhygienic when it comes to themselves. The women might be the opposite, well, of the people I’ve known in my life. Getting to my relationship with my cancer man, never, EVER push away a cancer. It’s really not worth it. All they try to do is make you feel better and comfort you. What better man would you want on this planet than that?* I love the shyness when it comes to giving him compliments and the way he blushes. No man could ever compare to him. Cancer men are REAL men. They respect women, they care for their women beyond compare and make them feel extraordinarily special by being straight forward about their feelings. Honestly, how many men get out there and confess to a woman how warm their hearts get when they just think about you? Most wouldn’t, either they’d think it’s not a manly thing to do or they’ll be too afraid to open up, expecting the woman to think that they’re foolish. Most women want men to open up to them and just for one day make them feel like a woman, make them feel deserved and respected. It’s quite true that a scorpio could use words to get a cancer in bed with them, hence them being so cute and gullible at times, but a scorpio wouldn’t do it with someone they don’t care about or love. We’re very, very passionate and intimate when it comes to love. Sure, cancerians might not be the best at this character trait, but then again, we could teach them our ways and when they get used to it, have fun together* Always have a positive outlook on your relationship. There is NO place and time for negativity. It will cost you your relationship, no matter what star sign you are or who you are with. With every scorpio having a slight negative character trait, there comes a cancer who would change that into the most beautiful trait and the other way around. Yes, scorpios are spiteful and can be very destructive, but taking some time to think things over and realising just how much you love the other person, would be your rescue not to do anything that will hurt your cancer. Just be loving and always complimentary. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship, but there is such thing as trying to make it as perfect as you can. Without trying, you can forget about it. Losing a cancerian will definitely cost you. Guaranteed that you won’t find someone nearly as flexible and compassionate as them. Usually it would end due to the actions of the scorpio. I wouldn’t be surprised, but please do take my advice. If you are religious, pray about it. It really helps. Nothing helps more than prayer.* I for one, am very happy and content with my little crab, and would do anything to protect him from getting hurt, even when I hurt him, I’ll apologise and admit that I’ve done wrong. After that, I’ll just spoil him with kisses and love and just make him feel like the luckiest man on earth!* He protects me and he’s always there for me. A relationship comes from both sides, not only one. If I were cancer and had to do all the apologising, I would’ve left. Some scorpios are like that. Very proud, sometimes too proud. This gets you nowhere. Scorpios, don’t cut off your nose to spite your face and don’t regret something that once made you smile and feel so, so safe. Good luck* :)

  46. Confused Scorpio

    I am a female Scorpio who has been in a committed relationship with an Aries man for 4 years. I recently have met a Cancer man that I feel SOOO drawn to. It really is magnetic. Every time we see each other in passing, we lock eyes and I get the most incredible feeling! I am having such a hard time with this because I am a very loyal person. I had not even considered anyone else attractive, but I cannot ignore this feeling. What do you know this Cancer man was feeling it too. He asked me out. I am so conflicted!! My Aries and I have grown a lot together and are in a stable and secure situation, however since coming across this Cancer guy, I have realized what I have been missing: just THAT feeling. I can’t even explain it, but I feel so strongly!! I thought I would spend the rest of my life with my Aries, but after feeling the vibes, I am smitten. I feel bad even thinking like this because I do not want to disrespect my boyfriend.

    PLEASE help me! What to do what to do
    Very confused Scorpio

  47. cancergurl

    i love u my scorpioman…

    • I say it depends on how much I love the perosn. Like my ex left me cheated on me for another woman and now wants me back, (even though ill never go back to him) I still care about him and enjoy throwing it in his face and tell everybody about it. Revenge It makes me feel better.

  48. scorpio girl

    ok, so I am a scorpio woman and currently dealing with a stubborn cancer man. We constantly bud heads and there’s a new argument everyday. He really likes to go out of his way to prove people wrong and get revenge, never lets go of the past and never apoligizes. I recently broken up with him but I can’t stop thinking about him. Things were soooooo good and I still love him to death but I just dont know what really went wrong or is there was anything I could do to fix it.

    • tracey Hi Kiersty Fear not, there are lots of worrisome peeics hanging in my wardrobe that are simply not fit for viewing! I’m very much like you with some of my clothes I’m waiting for the perfect’ day to arrive so that I can wear them out and about I really should just pick any day’, but it seems to be a difficult barrier to overcome.The year has been rather mad already, but hopefully by the time that March comes around (which isn’t too far away now), things will be looking and feeling a little brighter and more wonderful.Take care my dear.xx

  49. i completely love this. i found a guy who is a cancer, and i was curious about what our status for a relationship would be like. and this summs it up!

  50. I am a Cancer that has fallen in love with a Scorpio man. I am overjoyed after a long term relationship with a Sag who could never open to me emotionally. The Scorp has been very cautious, sometimes maddeningly so, but the patience and understanding required to earn his trust has been completely worth it. There is such vulnerability there and if anyone is equipped to earn a Scorpio man’s trust and help him break through his defenses, it is a Cancer woman. Cancer’s are ALMOST as slow to trust as Scorps and probably as or even more vulnerable. It’s not a bad thing to take the time, it gives the whole falling in love thing a deeper texture and the build up is intoxicating. And, getting to REALLY know a Scorpio is thrilling. They will test the hell out of you if they have serious interest (cancer ladies, remember they need their space, so don’t pout and cling but go out and do your own thing). They want to know your sincere and they don’t want to lose their heart before they determine they can trust you. You have to be strong to love a Scorp, but if you can show your integrity and seriousness about the relationship and hold your own with them, they will show you deep passion, gentle sweetness, and devoted love. And, once they truly give their heart, it will be yours. As for the romantic pull, I knew I had found the ‘one’ before I looked at him, he sat down next to me and I immediately felt this strong pull and a voicein my head told me that I was about to meet my future husband. I have never ever ever had the emotional pull towards any man like I do towards him.

  51. I am a scorpio women and I roommate with a cancer man we do everything together he loves my kids. We bump heads at times but when we do he totally shuts down he doesnt talk to anyone he ignores me and doesnt like taking blame for anything hes verry sweet compasionate and giving but has anger and pride issues he always says hes not looking for anyone if it happens it happens hes 38 and never been married we feel the chemistry byt haven’t took any steps hes awsome and we lay in bed talking for hours omg should i give it a try ? By the way I was married to a scorpio for six years it was horrible two scorpios have outrageous sex but should never be together

    • No, its not true. I am a female Scorpio and I do not think like that. I don’t go by looks, I think that pestlnaoiry is a whole lot more than looks alone. Someone can be beautiful on the outside but horrible, spiteful and full of ugliness on the inside where as someone can not have the best looks but have a beautiful and caring pestlnaoiry.Scorpio SunPisces MoonAquarius Rising

  52. omg yeah, i agree! i have a crush on a scorpio, and he is very nice to me, i kinda like making jokes though, but he doesnt get cross at me, he just says a nice “Please stop.” and we get on for the rest of the time. please give advice for me if you have any. thank you

  53. oh i forgot, i am a cancer

  54. I am cancer man. I am in a relationship with a scorpio woman for almost a year. I totally agree about the attraction. I was just so drawn to her the first time we met. There is this effect whenever I look into her eyes.

    It was hard but I made an effort to court her. She told me she was attracted to me as well but was hesitant because I was in a relationship.

    I didn’t consider myself a serious guy when it comes to relationships but I never looked at any woman after me and my scorpio woman are together.

  55. I am a cancer man 06-22nd. I find Scorp women, loud, obnoxious, self-absorb and destructive. I have never felt this magnetism towards any Scorp women I have met.
    Generally, I find them immature and more insecure than a typical cancer.
    They seem to lack real depth of character and the willingness to grow appropriately and responsibly.
    I really don’t get what people talk about with a Cancer/Scorp match.


  57. You could definitely see your expertise in the work you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to say how they believe. All the time go after your heart.

  58. wisha(cancer)

    Scorpio guyzz doesn’t deserve care nd luv given by cancerians..i believe..

  59. You need to look deeper into each of the birth Signs. reguardless of your signs you may have ways of others signs. Look to see what each signs Venus, Mars and Saturn is in. I am a Cancer and my Venus( Love ) sign is in Cancer true to my Birth sign. My Mars ( Sexuality ) sign is in Aquarius and my Saturn ( Relationship ) sign is in Gemini. So I have ways of both Aquarius’s and Gemini’s. Believe me If you match in each of these you will be in paradise and no need to look any further…

  60. Cancer girl

    So I just found out that my crush is a Scorpio, and I’ve had a crush on him for a year already. Last year on valentines day I told him I liked him and I don’t know if that was the right thing to do but yes, every time I see him I feel like just escaping this world and leave with him :b weird I know but I really like him. He’s super shy though and I think he has a crush on me too but I need help!!! This article helped me out so much, but idk what to do :/ we both love sports and we have many characteristics that match… Please help… Thank you though. My mind is finally cleared up…

  61. its good to know that so many peopple have found stabillity. from now on ill keep an eye out on details like this because my love life has been like a rollercoaster from hell. so it would be interesting to meet a scorpio woman someday.

  62. I can relate to all the comments above. I’m a cancer and have had a relationship with a Scorpio. The initial attraction is so strong. But months on during the relationship it can go sour due to scorpios nasty remarks. This is my experience. They can be too harsh for the gentle cancer. Personally I think cancer goes better with a Pisces. Pisceans tend to be more gentle.

  63. well my wife cheated on me the divorced me and she was a scorpio
    and i am a Cancer

  64. Anonymous

    I am a scorpio, currently seeing a cancer. This morning she told me “I feel like you don’t trust me” She told me it was an empty worry and that she had no reason to think that, but still. What are some thoughts,ideas, and opinions about what I should do to make her feel secure? She means alot to me. Thanks so much for the help.

  65. Cancer Kingdom

    I am a cancer ! WOW ! so true , i hope the stars align this month and i can find true happiness with a scorpio princess !! take care everybody and i hope you find your horrorscope love !! xx enjoy

  66. Carolina

    I’m a Cancer female and I’ve never had a relationship with a Scorpio man before. I did however have a relationship with a Cancer man… worst decision of my life.

    I truly want to try to have a relationship with a Scorpio man but I might drive him away since I usually behave sadistically and stoic around strangers.

    I guess I’m one of those Cancers that lean more to their ‘dark side’.

  67. piggytoo

    I am a female Scorpio and my love is a male cancer. It was love at first sight for us both. We both have had a rough start. In the beginning we dated for a year and six months. But he hid a marriage separation from me and went back to his wife and kids. And during our relationship i put all my feeling for him on the table. I was terribly on love with him. Well after the shock of him telling me about the separation and him going back. I wished him the best and moved on with my life. I didn’t remain friends and cut all communication. Ten years later he found me through a family member but i had been with someone for the ten years since we parted. My long term relationships was a failure with a sag. And he was surprised that i could be with someone so long. Commitment means a lot to me. But i had never stop loving my cancer. I was miserable without him. So me and sag ended,our relationship was horrible but i stayed in it because i felt couples should be there through good/bad. But the sag couldn’t stop cheating. So after a divorce and several attempts from the cancer. I decided to give him another try but was afraid of him hurting me again. He told me he was very sorry for hurting me the way that he did. And we promised to never leave one another ever again. So it’s been over a year that we are together. But a difficult ride sometimes because he doesn’t communicate his feelings. He’s very affectionate,talkative,attentive and lovable. But he just dont say how he feels about me. He goes quiet a lot but if he thinks that im gonna leave him he starts showing me a lot of affection. I also go quiet too as I spend a lot of time in my shell also. I always let him know how much I love him. And he always tell me he enjoy spending time with me,but he is very very insecure. And now im starting to take his shell time personal. I feel like he is with someone else even though he says he’s not. I kind of think too that he is afraid that i May leave him. When i walked away ten years ago. I was hurt and angry that happened to me and i don’t involve myself with married men. He divorced his wife and always has his children and he lights up and gets very excited when we are together. But seem sad when i leave. I want to marry this man and i can feel we are both scared as we are still learning each other. I give him lots of space but when i wanna talk about feelings he clams up and i start to feel that maybe there’s someone else,he doesn’t love me. I mean i start to think crazy things because i need him to speak. He gets very nervous when it comes down to sharing how he feels…also I’ve noticed that he is super sensitive. What ever happened to him in his marriage must have been awfully bad. He also was seeking custody. I know he’s dealing with a lot that’s why i dont pressure him and give him his space. He has told me that he has definitely moved on from his marriage after being separated and trying with her twice. I dont know what to do at times when i am missing him so much when we are apart. I really feel that he is worth being with. He always tell me i look good,smell good and he loves our talks. Overall how we spend quality time. Any advice from you guys will be appreciated. When i lost him the first time it felt as if my heart was pulled from my chest,it really hurt.

  68. Cancer men are not reliable. They will all of a sudden stop communicating with you at any time. You will never know if they will call you again.

    • I’m not a believer in signs and astlroogy at all although I had a nice suprise lately with book I’ve found at our local library and was titled I can tell you your dream job (or something like that). It immidietly made me smile and as I’m really interested to find my dream job, I’ve borrowed it. It is totally not my type of books but somehow I managed to read it cover to cover and it suprised me with great new finidings about myself that made it actually simplier and maybe possible to identify my strenghtes and therefor my dream job.Anyway, to cut the long story short, I still don’t believe in it and can’t recall when was the last time I’ve read my horoscope, but I’m sure not against it as before.My zodiac sign is Aries and my Chinese sign is Ox.

  69. I have dated mostly air signs and then some water signs. My boo was great so was my first they were both cancerian males. Cancers are very controlling after the relationship ends that spark this article speaks of that insecure void that we all have in Scorpio cancer you know you walk away with the lesson. This is it with mine we haven’t talked since he treated me like a princess over 1year ago. I did and said typical and over the top tyrannical things because I had felt something I never felt before, I felt safe I couldn’t put my finger on it and it wasn’t something I thought could be true so I test play games and the Cancer he feels scared and easily controls this back by obviously acting as though he doesn’t care to be so sweet and like this little flower I didn’t shield and water properly he changed slow and sure this has happened over the year and one half. I know he’s always there waiting for me to give in when really he wanted me to let go so through going for his one way contact and knowing I’d be constant by his side I have paid my dues. I’m never going to forget him and wish him the best but the truth is to me I he was the cats pajamas and still might be but I will know to him all of the women he’s dated can not be his “friend” I called it to be hurtful. So I couldn’t ever be friends with anyone I was in love with I realize this because I was truly in love with him. To all the people who say Scorpios this or cancers that well everyone’s here claiming to be one or the other and the only thing is we were all tried and true With our true love even if it wasn’t in the character of the couple to unstubborn equally we won’t ever move past knowing one thing that was true we all loved ppl deeply enough to remember their birth-dates and know that in this life people change some just gather new surroundings others stay rooted and cling onto people. Basically I’m speaking our code our language and just to be safe I’m going to say…if that hot tub represents your city you should be ashamed if I had fallen in you sob that wasn’t a joking post on my wall joke.”….that was a say it to my face so I can kiss you on the mouth thing. I’m more of his rosebud than he is mine. Thank you for your excellent article it is written for the smitten. I really enjoyed this. Danielle miss you Sebastion!

  70. maybe someone can offer some advise – my scorpio man is not the stereotypical scorpio – he isn’t at all possessive or jealous, I know he has my back but he won’t confess what he feels and only tells me he thinks the relationship is unfair to me because of the distance between us. Sexually I am the one that is the pursuer and am the aggressor – although with the exception of one time he has never told me no. Sometimes I think he doesn’t care at all and is waiting to tire me out and trying to discourage me – yet he’ll invite me to go on exotic travels with him and has me on his bank account although I am loathe to take any of his money without asking. He thinks that money can fix anything when what I most want is emotional honesty and clarity. I know he was hurt in the past and everyone he has cared about has let him down but why can’t he let go of the past? I am like gum – I stick to him like glue – only words of love and devotion leave my lips but I can’t even get an “i like you very much” — I worry that my patience will not be rewarded or worst still he isn’t that attracted to me at all – although he won’t admit that either. I just wish he could be honest – can any scorpio men speak on this? I often tell him that if I am not getting what I want from him is because he doesn’t want to give it to me because I am very clear what my needs, likes and dislikes are. There is no guesswork with me and he doesn’t have to be a psychic – yet he won’t give it to me.

  71. friends say i should be aloof – but i am too old and don’t want to play games – i was looking for a relationship with real emotional depth and intimacy – I thought he could handle that – maybe I was wrong.

  72. Cancer woman42

    This is my first encounter with a scorpio man. We both came from a bad previous relationship and was not seeking to be in another so soon. We talked via txt like 2 weeks meet in person and been together every since 4 months now. Truthfully I’m afraid of this love. I feel so vunerable he make me feel alive, he is so caring, honest and easy to love. His dark side is not a proble for me cause I’m able to see thru the exterior knowing what’s really on the inside. He is bitter, harsh and sometimes arrogant. I’m sensitive, caring, and emotional and he describe as nieves, yet I’m soo drawn to him. I silently cry to self just thinking of not being with him and I hate the way that makes me feel. He has issues I’m willing to deal with I’m just scared of the love I feel for him. I know he loves me without doubt. It’s true that scorpions are very secretive and want to know all your business but I’m just as secretive on purpose. To mirror him. I’ve learned to treat him like he treats me and be an example of what it feels like. I know we can work thru anything and wait to see what the future has to offer us in time. But for now I love our strong magnetic bond.

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