Sagittarius Aquarius Compatibility

Sagittarius Aquarius Compatibility, buy make a great combination and share a very good chemistry! The Sagittarius’s curious nature and enthusiasm blends perfectly with Aquarius’s vision for life, viagra 60mg In short both of them have a similar outlook to life and have a soul mate­ potential. Both are optimistic, approved buoyant and progressive in life!

Both the Sagittarius and Aquarius partners like being independent, and do not make a commitment too soon. When they are in a relationship, there are chances that for a long period of time, it will be a casual relationship. This is one rare combination, which can also survive a long distance relationship. The others might feel that this couple is detached, but for them it is perfect the way it is.

The Aquarius partner is a step ahead than the Sagittarius partner in case of stubborn behavior. The Sagittarius partner is more flexible. Jealousy isn’t there in this relationship but there are certain unspoken rules to be followed. For ex, no flirting around!

Both are curious about life, enjoy adventures, healthy debates. They share their interests and are intelligent and articulate

The Sagittarius and the Aquarius partner are extremely emotionally, and very honest and blunt in their opinions. They are a social couple, and enjoy spending life as a busy schedule, they are not the types who worry about public image and they don’t hold grudges.

The Sagittarius is more concerned about academics and education, where as the Aquarius prefers intelligence and experience to qualifications. The Aquarius partner at times can be more ambitious and philosophical that the Sagittarius partner.

When it comes to physical intimacy they regard sex as an intellectual act rather than an emotional one. They are at the same wavelength, even when it comes to physical intimacies.

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Sagittarius and Aquarius compatibility ratings

Compatibility:               5

Communication:         4

Sexual chemistry:        4

Ratings are out of 5

Sagittarius Woman and Aquarius Man

The Sagittarius woman and the Aquarius man as a couple are interested in their future and life full of possibilities. Most of the times their idea of life is different form the rest. They enjoy indulging in various conversations, topics varying from personal to non-personal issues.

For the Aquarius man, it is easy to win over the Sagittarius man; the only little problem would be for him to convince that there is more than friendship that he feels for her. Usually these two fool around and are very casual in the beginning, later they tighten the reigns of their relationship. For the Aquarius man, friendship is religion, but for the Sagittarius woman, romantic love is on the priority list.

Romance between these two is a little difficult.

Both these signs, don’t like dealing with any sort of personal problems, or problems of money, kids, careers. They can be good friends to do fun things together that’s it, its pointless to expect too much of this friendship. The Aquarius man has hidden passion, where as the Sagittarius woman is passionate towards life!

This will surprise everyone, but both the Sagittarius woman and the Aquarius man share a common disinterest in sex. They are detached. They would express their erotic feelings in form of generosity and kindness than by physical intimacy.

When their relationship gets over, they end up denying they were ever together.

Aquarius man and Sagittarius woman do not make a good match for a usual marriage.  Both signs are bachelors at heart, and home is not exactly their priority, their focus is on various other aspects of life. They need space and time for themselves for their perspective of life.

Before declaring officially about their relationship, they spend a lot of time together. Their relationship progresses very slowly and naturally.
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Sagittarius Man and Aquarius Woman

The Sagittarius man and the Aquarius woman are not a very romantic couple; together they have a larger picture of life in a very practical sense.

Both of them like being known as individuals and are independent of each other. They need their own space to wander around in their own lives, and to give time to their philosophical thoughts.

The Aquarius woman has some passion within her, but it is hidden, where as the Sagittarius man, has passion towards life. When it comes to friendship, the Sagittarius man and the Aquarius woman are like buddies having a good time. But they cannot be referred to as best friends, as both of them don’t like dealing with personal problems, or any other problems of money, family or kids. They are far away from such issues.

If you are looking for a conventional marriage, then it cannot be between the Sagittarius man and the Aquarius woman. Their focus in life is not family or friends, it is beyond it! If they end up having children, still for them the community would be more important, than their own children. They look at life with a very different perspective.

Before they claim that they are dating, the Sagittarius man and the Aquarius woman, spend a long period of time together, they take their relationship very casual at the start. For this couple the most important for them is the comfort zone they establish in their relationship.

If the Sagittarius Aquarius relationship between the Sagittarius man and the Aquarius woman is over, it’s more like nothing has happened. For them if their love failed, it wasn’t love at all in the first place.

Physical intimacy is their area of disinterest. Their way of showing intimacy is through their deeds towards each other.

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  1. Air and Fire signs gel great together. No boredom for them ever again!

  2. I am a female sagittarian and i have an aquarius male friend, we have both being friends for about 4 years now and i have been expecting my aquarius friend to propose love to me but till now he only talk to me as friend whereas i have another male friend proposing love to me, so am loosing my hope in my aquarius friend but i love him so much, so i think i will go for another guy who is not an aquarian but a libran,i dont want to be deceived by the love i have for my aquarius friend because i was thinking he might have gotten someone else to date or to marry and i dnt want to lose on both sides.

    • I am an aquarian male and I know for a fact your aquarian friend doesn’t see the signs you are interested.. you have to be bold and make the first move because Aquarians never do.

      • i disagree. as an aquarius female i have always been willing to make the first move if i wanted it. if he wanted u , u would know by now. my fiance is a sagg. its a great match. show your aquarius male that u are loyal beyond all others n he’ll be putty in ur hands

        • AQU male : True indeed because loyalty is a major heart winner… but being in situation she mite have too be bold and show her love because he can feel the same way and he will never show it because he is afraid of being denied

        • for ten years my sagittarius bestfriend…(soulmate) has been in my life, and as the years have passed so have the moments when we, could have taken a step towards each other. i fell in love with him many years ago and he ran away, now once again he speaks of love but we never seem to move forward. all i know is as an aquarius woman, i spoke first about love, as i have no fear in being honest. he on the other hand just cant let go. lol. apparently our life is that of the new film….one day….joy x

          • Omg me too! 7 for me though. Wow good to know I’m not the only one phewww n that film omg that’s just great.. Sob! Lol

          • Dani…you just recited my situation exactly! I couldn’t have said it better.

      • Aqua_love

        I am a Aquarius woman with a Sag for a Man. I made the first move.

      • Haha – I am an Aquarian female – and I had no idea how my sag felt. I wasn’t going to, but I made the first move – and it was the best thing I have ever done!

        • I’m an aquarius woman and my husband is a sagg. He had his female friend ask me out, we dated long distance exclusively for 5 years while in high school. Did not have our first kiss on the lips until 2 years going into the relationship. But I made the first move to kiss him on the cheeks (we were 15). After that, he made most of the first moves. Now that we’ve been together for 15 years, we both make moves on each other. We have a fun and outgoing marriage with 4 kids.

  3. I am a aqarius woman who was dating a sagittarius man things were great well I thought for at least eight months. He decided on his own that we should be friends,Yes I thought I wqas falling in LOVE with this guy but maybe it was just infactuation. I dont beleave I can be his friend I really dont know if I want to be.

  4. I’m an Aquarian gal, and one of my good guy friends is a sagittarius. I like how you put, “When it comes to friendship, the Sagittarius man and the Aquarius woman are like buddies having a good time. But they cannot be referred to as best friends, as both of them don’t like dealing with personal problems, or any other problems of money, family or kids. They are far away from such issues.” My friend and I probably act similar to best friends, but we don’t delve too much into emotional issues, so life for us is mostly fun. This sounded really right on though!

  5. This was completely off. I am a Sag woman and everything this said about Sag woman and Aqua man was wrong. I could not relate to ANYTHING it said.

    • well noelle i agree with you. i am a sag gal and i have a male aqua. we have been together for almost two years. he tends to be the moody one. and i am the one who is insightful. and plus i have been looking up the compability btwn the two of them and out of the 6 articles i have looked at this is the only one that said they really weren’t compatiablw all the others say they are great. we were able to be okay through all the little fights we were in butt we made it.

  6. Even though this tells how a relationship between a Sagittarius and Aquarius can be, it’s not completely accurate to everyone, because other planets play a different part for every person. I an Aquarius woman and I’m dating a Sagittarius man, even though our relationship hasn’t been for long, its been pretty good. I get along well with him. It’s the best relationship I’ve been in. We give each other the space we need and not be jealous about the other going off with some one else. It’s really is a good match. And if it doesn’t work out, it was still worth having.

  7. This is true in some areas and very off in others. I am an Aquarius woman, happily married to my Sagittarius man for going on 7 years, with 4 kids :) We’re both very loyal to one another and we love our family above all! Yes, we always try to change the world and our discussions never end, even after this many years we usually talk about spiritual, philosophical and such subjects till 2 am almost every night :)

    • Us too! Talk til the sun rises…and about every subject out there. I will have to say that I (the aquarius) comes up with all the topics but my Sagg husband just goes along with the conversation. We are very philosophical and spiritual too.

  8. brittany

    i am a saggitarius woman and have an aquarius boyfriend. i think the bit a about us “both having a common disinterest in sex” is complete bullshit. we want to have sex absolutely any chance we get!!!

    • I cant see this at all.. im a sag girl and live with my aqua bf.. and its so passionate!! All we want is sex lol! he’s loving, open and fun and i think him being adventurous and me being flirtatious actually brought us together.. oh, and i did make the move first though! xx

  9. It pretty much sums it up for me. I’m a sag woman dating I mean friends with an aquarius man. The physical part is not true thou. We are very much its only been 6 months and found out I’m prego :) I do wish we can drop the whole friend thing. Going to be kind of weird telling the parents they got a grandkid with my friend lol. I made the first move too

  10. i’m saj man.
    and i have no friends.
    bcz i’m alone in the darkness……….

  11. I am an aquarian man with a beautiful sadge of a woman. She rocks my world in every imaginable way, we have more sparks than Jordan….daz right, American Idol ain’t got nothing on us – kuz I’m also Iranian. We have never watched a cartoon together and probably won’t until we have kids. I like to sing and dance in the mornings, she is basically dead to the world. But we get through it, why….kuz of the passion baaaaby!! She makes me laugh about things I never thought I could laugh about – like linens, pillows that shouldn’t be used for your back, pillows that get damaged because I sweat on them throughout the course of the night…..hands down, she is the best part of every single day. I love her so dearly and would kill more than 1 meerkat for her.

    She is, my skidz, and I am, Suds.

    Together, we help clean each other!!!

    • Dominick Richard

      I think what you wrote is absolutly beautiful and, although my Aquarius bf isn’t that expressive, things he sais here and there round up to the same thing. He says I’m the first woman that fascinates him like that, keeps telling me how cute and beautiful he finds me, and is oblivious to understand my mind which drives him so crazy of me. This is what I found on another site that says it all : She loves her freedom as much as he does and this is what will attract him to her. The clinginess, which he finds in most of the women, doesn’t even touch her. There will be no dearth of passion in this relationship, but there will be no dependence. Match in heaven of soulmates :)

  12. pat dedo

    i have always been attracted to sags i AM aquarius

    i ju st discovered myguy now is also sag we get along sooo good. my deceased husband and i were together 55 yrs. love him still.

  13. Im a sagittarius girl an my bf is a aquarius. Me an my bf ben together for about 3 years now, yea our relationship is a little complicated but we never argued or fight at all. I love the fuck outta my bf sooo much. he is the best thing that happen to me honestly nomatter how difficult it may be ,I honestly would not replace him for another :D we make each other laugh, we love to kick it, chill, we both laid back,and the sex is AMAZING !!! We have alot in common! :D Our goal is to reach 5 yearz so we can get married an have children in the near future :) I jus love em so much and he is the best thing that happen to me !

  14. Jason Martin

    im saggitarius man and my bf is aquarius, we get along very well, sex is wow…. and we’ve been together for 2years and we never even argue about something :)

  15. I’m a Aquarius female n my husband is a sagittarius male. The sex life is great and he made the first move. Every relationship has its ups and down but we both compromise and work it out we’ve been married almost 5 years and together almost 6. All i can say if we can beat the odds anyone can!

  16. This is so far off base on the sexual chemistry for Sag/Aquarius. Disinterest in sex? Do you know anything about these two sun signs? Sag is all about seduce first, make friends later. Aquarius is all too eager to follow. And once that’s initiated, Aquarius will lead from there…the air fanning the fire. These two signs are sexually charged and magnetically pulled together. I have never EVER heard Sagittarius described as disinterested in sex. In fact, I usually see them described as EASY.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more! I am a sag girl, and my best friend is an aquarian guy. It’s all about the chase for me! He is aloof, common for Aquarians, and acts sometimes as though he doesn’t care, he sort of spaces himself away emotionally. Deep down though, he really does care and he shows it in his own ways, like gettin really protective of me if he thinks I am in danger. He is fiercely loyal to me. I expressed interest in him, and he and I rolled around in the bed sheets and had a blast! We then decided, huh, maybe we should get to know each other better, and now we are best friends. We have known each other for 2 years, and he still keeps me guessing on whether or not he is attracted to me. I love every moment of it. It is exciting to me. Because deep down, I know he does love me, it’s just a game of chase and it keeps my attention like no one else ever has!

  17. this is beyond wrong..its a horrbile match..air and fire..more like gas and a bad way..

  18. Aquarius woman dating a SAG man for the past 3 years and we both get along great. Both work during the week and see each other on weekends. Both have our own residence. He has no interest in becoming a Father to my 19 year-old-daughter who lives with me. And I wouldn’t want him to, she already has one of those. We talk every night on the phone during the weekdays and even after three years, we still talk for hours. We’ve traveled to Cabo and St. Thomas several times. Ride our Motorcycles together, eat out fun places,and the SEX IS GREAT. We don’t fight and there is no jealousy, mainly because we appreciate each other and allow the other to do what they want. We are both optimistic, especially him. He doesn’t see obstacle’s only solutions. I admire his tenacity, puts mine to shame. He is smart which gives me, the Aquarian, her mental stimulation. He doesn’t criticize me and always has my back. This is the second time around for both of us and neither of us wants to re-marry. Why fix what isn’t broken. After three years the last line of every email reads, “I want you in my life for the rest of my life”.
    So our “air” and “fire” signs our great together.

  19. Interesting reading about these two signs…I agree on some points and disagree on others. First of all, as many of you mentioned, it is DEAD WRONG in regards to sex and romance! I’m the VERY Aquarian female and the guy I’m dating is a Very Sagitarrian male. Not only are we both VERY INTERESTED in sex..the sex between us is phenomenal..the passion, fireworks, and chemistry is amazing! Sex with him is a spiritual, intense, passionate experience. It is true that we are both pretty independent and not likely to get jealous…although, with my Scorpio rising sign, I can get jealous sometimes..but, he never does. My problem with him or us is that he is VERY NONCOMITTAL and, after three months dating, still does not watn to DATE or be boyfriend/girlfrend, which has bothered me. I am truly, madly and deeply in love, but he does not seem to be…he runs hot and cold and when he is cold/off/distant, it can be very hard. Anyway, I hope that things work out with him…we have so much in common and I’m so in love!

  20. i am an aquarian girl

  21. i am an aquarian girl, and my partner is a SAG girl, we live over 1000 miles apart and all of her friends say that our relationship wont last, but i have faith in it. it really lifted my heart when it said, “This is one rare combination, which can also survive a long distance relationship. The others might feel that this couple is detached, but for them it is perfect the way it is.” i love her so much and she loves me and we are so happy, but no one thinks it will work.

    • Roze, my husband and I dated long distance for almost 5 years…and this was during the high school years which is probably one of the hardest times for most young teens but we wrote letters all the time to each other and called each other up on the phone with phone cards. We saw each other once a year, sometimes once every two years but we had the closest connection imaginable and I was never worried that he would cheat and I never did. We have been together now for 15 years – married for 11 of those 15. If we can do it, so can you and your partner.

  22. from experience

    from my experience Aquarius women are clingy, needy, and willing to ignore a sag’s true tendency’s and desires. Especially if its an older woman to a young sag man…..she tries to fit to him but its annoying….-young sag man.

  23. Sruthi Gautam

    I had my first true love, a Aquarius man …….!!! He proposed me first but that time i never loved him , he as my best friend. But then i fell in love with him…!!! I was a bit afraid to propose to him. He is so very same to me, that is we mostly have mny things in common, and he is always close to me…!!! I ‘m looking forward to propose my love to him…..!!! <3 <3 <3

  24. Sruthi Gautam

    I’m an sagittarius girl who loves an aquarius boy……!!!

  25. Sruthi Gautam


  26. im madly in love with an aquarius man..i am an saggitarius woman..n weve been frnds for a while…whn i told him tht i like him…tht is when we started talkin a lot..n got to know each we r the best of wht i thot will turn into a relationship with time , now just seems like an never ending frndship…he is reserved abt his emotions n though he does evrything tht seems to the outer world like we r dating, i know the truth that we arent..
    can someone pls help?

  27. i like this post a lot. ill be coming laterfor future poststhanks.

  28. I’m an Aquarius who has dated two Sag males and BOTH of them cheated on me.

    NEVER again!

  29. Im an aqua gal and I recently got out an relationship with a sag guy, we both cheated. Me once, him a lot, but I’m still so in love with him, minus the cheating he was the best relationship I ever had honestly if we got ourselves together I wouldn’t mind marrying him. When it comes to sex this couldn’t be more wrong, the sex was amazinggg we couldn’t get enough of each other, we still reminisce at times. We were both a little jealous at times. Our friendship was great too, we never ran out of things to talk about, and always laughed.

  30. Nwadvntrsnlif

    What about the Sagittarius and Aquarius compatibility for woman and woman?

  31. yeah howabout that? :)

  32. I’m and Aquarius girl and my best friend is a Sagittarius male, I love him to bits but don’t know how to approach the subject, we live in different towns and live very similar but different lifestyles and yet we are drawn to each other, I can’t imagine life without him and all I see is “soulmate” yet when we hang out for long periods of time I don’t feel any sexual chemistry yet all I want is him and the idea of any other female being with him drives me insane. Our lifestyles fit each other so well and the idea of long distance appeals to me immensely. I know deep down we will end up together but it’s the just getting there part that is the hardest. I know he feels the same, so hard! We are going on 4 years best friend status now, he knows everything about me, knows all my faults, knows I’m a nutty aquarian with insecurity issues but I do love him and this is extremly hard. I just want to tell him I love him but not quite there yet dammit…all in good time I guess

  33. Hope you are ready for this story… I am a 25 Sagg woman and he is 34 Aquarius man. He is also my boss. I’ve been in too many long term, never working relashionships (Taurus, Libra and Aries). He is “getting out” of a 10 year marriage to an Gemini with two young aged daughters. We found ourselves, after working together for 6 months without any flirting after our nasty break-ups. We each covered our wounds. How? By talking, listening to music, discusing the world and, of course, exploring the new venues in our workfield. He is the first man EVER to understand me and ACCEPT me as the liberal and expressive spontaneous person that I am. And I give him the liberty to be the person he is and value his free mind, both as his wife never could. We complete each other to a degree that is almost scary. Only it isn’t. We do not need to talk to understand what the other feels, which is needed with two persons like us who are not very emotional. Our biggest point in common? The LOVE of food (and exotic) and the URGE to travel and discover the world. Neither of us is jealous, to a point where we always finish coming back to one another after our hyper social encounters. In the end, we need to be with one another because it makes our world better. We make each other better persons, and that does included the fact that we will say what one another does wrong. In that matter, we suggest the solution to get better and, although we both hate criticism and never take orders, we listen to one another. Because deep down we know that nobody else understands us better. Yes, indeed, Aquarius and Sagittarius are a match made in heaven and I truly believe I have met my soulmate.

  34. I’d like to say that I am a sagittarius woman and at times am very disinterested in sex but my husband, an Aquarius…..that statement that we share a common disinterest is crap, 99.999%of the time I can’t get him to keep his hands off me XD

  35. mesh(igje)tari

    Well, an aquarian girl was the first that I, a sagg guy, have ever kissed and I think we go good together as friends. I think that you should be aware about the real zodiac, because there are almost two of them, the tropical and the sidereal. So, if you are a saggitarius in tropical dates, you might be a scorpio/ophiucus in sidereal or astronomical zodiac and viceversa for the aquarius. This might explain the different experiences I read here.

    You see I’m a sagg, always finding answers.Hahahahaha
    God bless you all.

  36. Fractured_earth

    Life is not about signs or symbols, it’s about people. If you like someone, it doesn’t matter when you were born. NEVER trust astrology, it gets you nowhere.

  37. Brenda

    I am a Sagittaruis girl.And my man is a Aquaruis we been togther 7 yrs. And i Love him and he loves me too. We go goo togther.

  38. am afraid now about reading this astrology thing.. cause im a woman under the astrology symbol of saguitarius and my man is an aquarian.. now im afraid cause he will be here for 19 days.. cause were about to get married but i believe what @fractured_earth said.. absolutely right…

  39. dear fellow soulmates out there, i am aquarius girl and me and my sagittarius friend have a hard time communicating, this summer was one of the biggest explosions ever, now we are not talking because of the hot mess we created. is like we grow attached to each other too quickly and become too prideful easily. i really like him but i fcuking hate how he can hurt me, he is like that guy Lauren Conrad dated from The Hills he only comes back around when she is happy,recovered and moved on. this sagi boy is a playboy and i wanted him so bad, i just hate the aggitation and headache from it all, i cant think straight my heart is always burning, he is indeed very spiritual but loves the limelight,the flirting, i became so insecure and jelouse the more i opened up to him.i get confused about his true role in my life and what lesson was i supposed to learn. i fought so hard for him, physical, mentally,emotionally but idk what im doing wrong.i am too judgemental, although i have a masculine sign and he is a feminine sign, is like we are in a bisexual relationship. he gets jelouse when i am being the girl in the relationship and idk half of the time what to think, not to mention his love for variety of girls, i love to stay balanced and content but he is one big adventure himself alone. i truly feel like his an angel and a demon, who is too competitive, i love him but my pride is holding me back although i am in pain, but i have rules of how a man is/should be in a relationship.A man who takes pride in protecting,caring for his mate.although he asked me out,idk whats hurting or killing me from saying yes. is it too late. im a 20year old aqua lady he is 19year old sagi boy who is very troubled who is into salacious behaviours and experimental drugs, but i wanted out, i want to see how things are in the light not darkness. was i supposed to be his best kept secret?!.does age make a big difference?! his family is another issue, they are against us being together and i dont want him to leave all of that for me. and his former ex-best friend of 7years, she is evil with a innocent killer swag. idk what he was/is after but i know he might come back but what would be your advice for this overly emotionally,mentally,physcally fucked up match! he said once it was a romeo and juliet story but all this loving hurts too much…how can i accepted his offer and feel safe?! I NEED HELP FROM ANY INSIGHTFUL SAGI GIRL/BOY WHO IS OLDER THAN 19YEARS OLD AND EXPERIENCED!!!!!

  40. thanks for the insight i have been talking to a aq man i am a sag woman …he said to me that we are both waiting for each other to make the first move….. i think i will…..i always am very forward and i wanted him to do it ….. i usually go after what i want so here goes…..

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