Leo Sagittarius Compatibility

Leo Sagittarius Compatibility, there is attraction or it could be said, there HAS to be attraction. They are ideal partners for each other. Both have a lot in common and are optimistic, generous, carefree, very energetic and fun loving. Both like to party hard and live life to the fullest. They are very impulsive hence, when in relationship, it moves at a very fast pace.

The Leo partner is the stubborn one out of the two and the Sagittarius partner helps him solve problems and give solutions that the Leo partner might not even see. Money can be an issue when Leo and Sagittarius come together, because both of them are spendthrifts.

The Sagittarius is drawn towards the Leo’s self-confidence. The Sagittarius partner loves the fact that the Leo partner is not jealous and lets the Sagittarius partner enjoy other’s attention also.

The Leo partner would be in a hurry to have the ‘committed’ label and might get a little annoyed by the Sagittarius partner, because they are not very eager to be ‘committed’, The Sagittarius partners enjoy the label of a ‘bachelor’.

The Sagittarius partner can be a little arrogant and self-centered and the Leo partner can be incredibly stubborn. But both of these signs can talk it out and sort out their issues. The Sagittarius partner also brings in a certain amount of spirituality into the relationship.

There is great chemistry between the Leo and Sagittarius. They both love passion and spontaneity, also variety! There will never be a dull moment around them. Leo and Sagittarius together are very charismatic, just at times they are impatient and can have bad temper. But the lighthearted Sagittarius can always keep all the negatives aside and just focus on the positive elements.

Leo and Sagittarius like being social and enjoy social gatherings. Together they make a great team and can have a happy life.

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Leo and Sagittarius compatibility ratings

Compatibility:               3

Communication:         3

Sexual chemistry:        4

Ratings are out of 5

Leo Woman and Sagittarius Man

This leo and sagittarius combination is out and out fun loving combination. To get into the Leo woman’s good books, the Sagittarius man has to tone things down a little, and a good sense of humor can do the trick. He has to be bright and focus on things he could do to keep her entertained all the while but he should not forget that the Leo woman has to be taken seriously.

The Sagittarius man is in lookout of a companion, who can be like a buddy. He needs a lot of freedom and does not like being tied down. The Leo woman has to be positive and upbeat always; if he sees a single sign of his woman being dull or downer, the Sagittarius man moves on. Another little issue in this combination is that romance is missing, according to the Leo woman. She does not like being treated as a boy or a buddy she would want to get a lady like treatment from her partner.

The Leo woman and Sagittarius man are strong individuals; they enjoy their life to the fullest. To get her this couple enjoys traveling, foreign languages, traditions etc. Sagittarius man thinks that the world is his friend. They can be friends with everyone, but the Leo woman’s idea of friendship is helping people with their problems. Sagittarius man is ‘Mr. know-it-all’. And the Leo woman likes to deliver long lectures to her subjects.

When it is over, Sagittarius will leave as friendly as ever, leaving behind an irritated Leo. He will feel that they can remain friends but that does not happen for the Leo woman.

If this couple decides to get married, then one of them will have to get serious. They cannot be casual about everything. When it comes to physical intimacies, they enjoy it. They are the couple that can be intimate on the streets, in the woods, on the roofs or the parking lots, after all it’s all about adventure for this couple!

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Leo Man and Sagittarius Woman

The Leo man and the Sagittarius woman are an enthusiastic couple. They have a lot in common. Sagittarius woman like being compliment about everything that is hers, she will be very happy if you compliment her friends too! Later on there are bright chances that those friends will become good friends of the Leo man also.

More than romance, there will be thrill for life between these Leo Sagittarius couple, though the Leo man would like romance. Be open to the Leo man, give him genuine compliments and the Sagittarius woman will be his favorite. Genuine appreciation is something, which the Leo man looks for.

The Leo man likes following the traditional way for building a relationship, whereas the Sagittarius woman doesn’t care much about these things. She would rather be busy making her holiday plans, or discovering new interests/hobbies in her life. At times she finds the Leo man pretentious.

Sex is fun for this couple, but not very intense as expected by the Leo man. The Sagittarius labels the Leo man’s expectations as dramatic. The Leo man is excited for the Saturday night dinners, whereas for the Sagittarius woman it’s just one of the casual dinners and doesn’t even care to dress up for it.

When it is over, the Leo man will be melodramatic and heart broken, but the Sagittarius woman would be thinking why does he take everything so seriously. As soon as the Sagittarius woman separates, she starts inviting her single friends over for fun and activities.

When Leo man and Sagittarius woman are friends, the effort of maintaining the friendship is more from the Leo man’s side. The Sagittarius woman takes it as a passing phase. Sagittarius woman is not really famous for being a loyal friend but the Leo man is. For him a friend’s problem is like his problem and he will go out of the way to help a friend.

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  1. Erik Palmer

    I am a Leo, and my Sagittarius girlfriend is perfect for me. I think that they are the most compatable couple of all the zodiacs. Just my opinion. So yea, if your a Leo male, go get a freekin Sagittarius girlfriend NOW!!!!!!!

    • I am a Leo, and Im in love with a Sagittarius gril. However she isnt interested in having a relationship. Any advices?

    • Smooth Sagi Cat

      I agree with you Louch, I’m a sagi female n my man is a leo, we compliment each other very well. He is the best man I ever had, omg the intimacy is WOW! Not letting go of him, “I think I wana marry him”

    • i’m a sagitatrius and my boyfriend is a leo. we have been together since highschool and all through college. our love is still fresh and new to us. he is the best thing in my life. i think they are the most compatable too! :)

  2. l;kopjim[_FEMALE


  3. l;kopjim[_MALE


  4. I’m a leo woman and boy is sag. This is so true! I love him to pieces and I am deff the girl that’s made him faithful. We’ve been together for 3 years but things are just as fresh and fun as if we just met yesterday! For sure a perfect match.

  5. shirley temple


  6. i am a sagittarius! and my boyfriend(a leo) is perfect! we are great for eachother:D i love him very much

  7. Justin Triplett-Prokop

    I love my woman to the day I die and she feels the same. We’re awesome together. Every leo needs a sagittarius :)

  8. Well my whole leo/sag realationship was almost the complete opposite of everything this article had wrote. When we first startd off everything was great then our second year into it he showed his true colors. Maybe it was do to our age(started dating at 16yrs old ended it at 20) but my ex(the leo in this relationship) was very insecure controlling possive and abusive in every shape and form(it became physical after i broke up with him and when i drop our child off to go the mall he got mad and accused me of “messing” with someone else and so he started call me a bi+(h and pushing me around and hoped i get aids luckily i called his mom and told her what he was doing and he ran back into his room while i talked outside with her.) He was NEVER romantic and he only wanted to do things he wanted to do. I only wish i seen the signs before i got too deep with him i learnd my lesson maybe an aries would be better for me :p

    • Lorelai

      I think you need to realize that your relationship issues had nothing to do with astrology. It sounded like your ex had real psychological problems and that can’t be blamed on his sign.

      • Anewmwe4u

        I am a sagittarius woman and my fiance is a Leo. I could see the truth in our chemistry from reading the site. Leo’s are very loveable. Leo’s, wanna feel needed and loved, and appreciated. I myself, I go with the follow and add myself to the picture. I never wanta just blend. Our relationship feels genuine and special. I realize that not one person is perfect. Were all different, to get to know a person you have to care, study and paystrong attention to their reactions.
        Just some food for thought!

  9. i am a Leo, and my crush is a Sagittarius. How do I get him to notice me at work?:( Get him to text me more frequently, when i try so hard just to talk to him!

    • lol Sagittarius guys are suckers for sweet (not too sweet),sporty girls. be that girl! im a leo and my boy is a Sagittarius, and were so close. what iv learnt so far is that Sagittarius boys are vary cluless so TELL him. (wait till u know for sure he likes u back!)they might be vary sporty and popular but DONT let get get to u. Sagittarius HATES sluts and meand people.GOOD LUCK!(PS.THEY MIGHT BE A LITTLE PERVERTED!)

  10. JumpSuit

    I’m a Sag man, and I’ve recently noticed that my three most serious relationships and my best friend are all Leos. Not only that, but they all share the same birthdays. It’s crazy to think about, but I really do think the Leo gal/Sag man is probably about the best combo. Only thing is, those Leo gals need to try to keep things a little interesting because as this page states, I more often than not end my relationships out of mere boredom.

  11. oooh all this is true! myself a Sag and my man a leo… we’re perfect :D

  12. This makes me so happy with my new relationship with my Sag man.
    I am the Leo woman, and we literally started being together since the day we met.
    I love him to bits and he’d do anything for me.
    We’re perfect.

  13. thrilled

    i am so happy… my man is gorgeous, and so am i! we fit together in every way! sagittarius male leo female… ahhh, match made in heaven! thanks for the info, seems so accurate and true to our relationship! he was searching for me ,and it was a total fluke that we met… although everything happens for a reason!

  14. I’m a sag man in a friends with benefits relationship with a Leo woman…. I think she really starting to dig me and me her… Only thing is sometimes I find myself quite bored and our personal interests vary… What should I do?

    • I’m a Leo woman and in love with my Sagittarius man we are perfect together specially sexually. I suggest if you start to get bored don’t hesitate and tell her how you feel and I warranty you she’ll do anything to please both..

  15. Sag men this is my first one usually I attract scorpian men.
    This man makes me melt I wanna just be there with him we can’t get enough of each othet.

  16. I have never been in a relationship with a saggatarius and I am a Leo but my cousin is a sagatarius and we get along very well we never have a dull moment when we are together that explains why he is my favorite

  17. m sangitrs woman n i lov me leo alot…he is my life

  18. m a sangtrs woman n my leo is my life

  19. I’m a leo and my sag Is awesome! Cocky as hell but I love everything about him! We are having a child its rocky but he will get it together! We’ve been at it for about 3yrs! He’s just scared of commitment! Maybe he does get bored at times but I’ll do anything for him! The sex is awesomeeee! I love sags!

  20. Im a sagi lady and my (soon to be, lol) man is a leo. Its a nice combination actually. we like and love each other. We are both enthusiastic and optimistic. but the problem is( I dont know if its really a prob), Its a May-December love affair. he’s 20+ years older than me. but I feel happy with him. =(

  21. “I’m a sag and my children father is a leo and at first the relationship was magic”. “After some years with him he turned out to be the worst thing I’ve ever met”. “Self-centered and only cares about himself and it make me wonder was this true love or lust”.”I still love him but I will never take him back because he cheated through the 5 years we were together”.”I will never date a leo man ever again it was a terrible experience”. “I’m happy for the leo and sag who are in love and I wish you all the best”! “Very disappointed with a leo man”! :( (

  22. broken hearted girl

    I just started talking to a Leo man not to long ago…and we read this last night…and we both agreed on it…so I hope we last like you all have…wish us luck!!!

  23. I am a leo woman and my man is a sag. He can be the most loving, caring generous man. But on the flip side he can be the most selfish, arrogent moody man. But either way we work with the moods. We also have a 3 yr old son. It took him a while to adapt but now he has he is the best father. The main issues we have is his selfishness and my temper.

  24. U know what people, if u want more accuracy of leo-sag or any combi for the matter, combine western with chinese astrology.

    MONTHS: Leos are those from July 21 to August 20/23 while the corresponding chi signs breaks down these leos into 2 groups: Goat for July 21 to August 6 & Monkey for August 7 onwards.
    Sags are: Pig for Nov 22 to Dec 6 & Rat for Dec 7 onwards.

    Anwy, the compatibility goes like this: Goat + Pig & Rat + Monkey. That is y some leos will find they respond differently to diff sags. Sag born under pig periods are much more possessive & dedicated. Leos born under Goat signs are much more gentle caring kind & family oriented while the latter part are more outgoing flirty fun as their monkey sign is.
    Do check out Chinese zodiac sign for YEARS too, they play a part. hehehe. Have fun.

  25. I am sag and my neighbour is a leo girl we love each other so much unforutnately my parents are cancer and her parents too… they dont let the girl out too much any ideas on how to deal with sag’s nightmare cancer

  26. I’m a leo and my boy is a sag. reading this I see our relationship 100% We’ve been off and on for the past three years.there’s no doubt in my mind that I don’t love him, I’d marry him. I thought this described us perfectly, thankyou

  27. I am Sag female who dated a Leo male. The sex was amazing. From the moment we met, it was like we “got” each other. He was very good looking, and I take care of myself. We clicked at first. He seemed to really like my feisty and carefree attitude. The more I got to know him though, the less we really clicked beneath the surface. I felt like I was never good enough. I’m more laid-back and have a large circle of friends, while he has a very specific group of friends and spends all of his time trying to impress them. He can’t stand to be different, and even the smallest remark perceived as criticism about him or his friends would set him off. We finally had a blowout and don’t even speak anymore. Yeah this match started with sparks for me, but it blew up in my face.

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