Leo Libra Compatibility

Leo Libra compatibility makes a great combination together. Each of them bring the best in each other; also they share a parallel outlook towards life. Both the Leo and Libra are extremely fascinated by each other’s personality. The Leo partner will admire the Libra partner’s sophistication, about it quick thinking, healing accurate style and their intellectual level The Libra makes a very affectionate partner; their quality of giving sincere compliments is appreciated by the Leo partner.

The Libra partner is attracted towards the Leo’s passionate nature, they love their dominance and style. The Leo partner loves showing off their style, their bravery and the Libra partner enjoys watching it. The Leo partner likes being in charge in of the relationship and the Libra partner is fine with it as it is not very interested in making decisions.

The negative aspect of this leo libra relationship could be that both tend to get a little possessive at times. Also that each of them has the tendency of getting carried away by their encouragements, which might lead to future problems in their lives.

The physical chemistry is great between this leo libra couple. The enjoy seduction and lovemaking to the core. There is a lot of passion and drama involved in their intimacy.

Going out, being social, dressing up their best and being the centre of attention, is enjoyed by both these partners. There is a very harmless sweet rivalry going on between them, as they both compete for attention in their own little way!

Both love trying out new things, adventure and are very optimistic, there won’t be dull moments around this leo libra couple. The Libra partner is always the more intellectual out of the two and the Leo is always the more passionate partner. The best part is that they enjoy this combination. To understand deeply you need to study leo and libra compatibility based on entire birth charts.

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Leo and Libra compatibility ratings

Compatibility:               4

Communication:         3

Sexual chemistry:        4

Ratings are out of 5

Leo Woman and Libra Man

The Leo woman understands, appreciates and reverts to the language of love.

A dozen of red roses will do the magic for her with a romantic dinner will do wonders for her. For the Libra man, his partner should be very lady like. He admires the Libra woman’s social skills. Inspite of being possessive, the Leo man does not mind his Libra partner getting all the attention, as he finds himself also basking in its glory!

When it comes to romance, this combination is perfect. Though the Libra man lacks spontaneity, but he makes it up by his good aesthetic taste. The Leo woman is very passionate and the Libra man celebrates romance. This brings them very close. The Libra man is has a particular value system, which he follows strictly. If there is a common goal, the Leo woman and the Libra man can be good friends. The goal could be either a professional one or a personal one. When it is over between the Leo woman and the Libra man, then the cold side of Libra man is seen.

For marriage it is a fair combination. Both the partners have a strong belief in the institution of marriage, and hence this couple has a long lasting and never ending marriage. The Leo woman and the Libra man, like to look good always and please each other. This leads to a good life together. The Libra man is always thinking and is an expert in strategizing things. He takes the relationship where he wants it to go, and has managed to make the Leo woman follow it, without her even knowing it.
When it comes to physical intimacy between the two, there is no surprises or spontaneity, they both prefer and enjoy the simpler ways of it. To understand deeply you need to study compatibility based on entire birth charts.

Leo Man and Libra Woman

The Leo man is always is in search of a loyal subject. He wants someone who would let him be in charge of their relationship, someone who would let him dominate.

Whereas the Libra woman is known to be indecisive by nature, but on the other hands they are brilliant strategists. The Libra woman can be smarter than the Leo man, hence when in a relationship, it is advisable for the Leo man to ask for opinions. The Leo man should lead, no doubt about that. In joint ventures, this couple will do a great job. They will enjoy each other’s company.

Romance is so amazing between the two, that it can mask their other difficulties for a good period of time. In this combination, there are chances, of issues being piled up as the Libra woman does not like confrontations and the Leo man is too egoistic to take any initiative and waits for her to talk first.

The Leo man is very passionate towards the Libra woman.  At times it blinds him to other important things that are missing in their relationship. When this relationship is over, it is difficult for both of them to let go, as none wants to lose the romance compatibility.

In friendship, they do not come together easily. The Libran woman is more of a business mind woman, and her approach is calculative and always reasonable. Whereas the Leo man is over flowing with emotions and takes everything personally!

When it comes to marriage, they can have a great one, only if they are ready work for it. They can have less things as common, but that’s what makes each one attract to the other.

Sex is the plus point in this combination; the Libra woman and the Leo man enjoy it equally and give their best to it! They love being lost in candle light dinners and romantic talks. This area of their relationship is fun and relished!  To understand deeply you need to study compatibility based on entire birth charts.

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  1. carlaeumi

    I love these astrological explanations. I am a Leonine and my boyfriend is a Libran. We really enjoy being together. We share similar interests in life that make it easy for us to understand each other. We love to unite especially if we have a goal to accomplish like our projects.I love to work hard when I am motivated by my Libra man. We want the best in every thing that each of us are acting as if we have an OCD. haha. I love my charming Libra man, he is so sweet that it knocks me off my feet.

    • i know what you mean i am a Leo and my man is a Libra and what this “article” fits me and him to the T and he is the best man i have ever met in my life i love him with all my heart so i know what you are saying

    • matthew wilkins

      Hey ive got a question. Now im am the Leo but ive had some complication. My Libra fits me in every way and sets my heart on fire with the amount of passion and desire between us, but here recently we had a break between us for two separate reasons; one being her parents while the other was a misunderstanding of it being rushed when we both thought the other was rushing. We are still currently in this break as of now but are still sharing love towards one another and telling each other so. she says we ill be getting together real soon, probably within days. And everything on this page fits us to the T but with what happened between us do you think it will work out? She last posted on Facebook that she never knew how much she missed me until she talked to me. Matt & Kali

      • matthew wilkins

        please message me soon or tell me on Facebook. For only romance drives me to succeed in the way i need to pay attention. without it i feel non-existent. Matt Dean Wilkins(LEO) <3 Kali Dawn Spraggs(LIBRA)

      • stevenn wilkins

        matt.. not to sure what to tell you. im a libran and my girl is a leonine and we have been dating for right at 3 months. sure we have our arguments but we are still in love. from personal experience, if you love her and she you, then you should take the first step and tell her before its to late. happiness is only what we make it so go for it.
        if you wanna talk more you can find me on facebook. stevenn luke wilkins

    • I have always read that a Leo and a Libra would be quite compatible but I could never find one. Turns out my best friend is a Libra and the funny part is we have always been attracted to each other, and we are finally together! Every time he kisses me I’m in heaven my heart skips like a million beats and does little flips. lol! He’s such a show off but I encourage it. Just amazing!

  2. maryalice

    this is amazing..
    its just like my leo man. agghh hes so sweet <3

  3. Im so interested in this libra but I did take the lead. I think it was part of his plan but words cannot describe how he makes me feel. He also pushes me to be my best in soft suttle ways. He knows how to handle me!

  4. My Leo man loves me and did take charge by asking me out  he melts my heart right into my soul and i luv it!! He knows just how to treat me right and make my heart stop. I LUV U BABY!!!!

    • omg i feel the same way about my Leo man. when ever I’m upset all he has to do is smile and tell me he loves me and i will be smiling too!when he kisses me i know my heart has melted and i can’t breath. isn’t being with a Leo man great?!

  5. Jessika

    Wow, its scary how dead on this is lol

  6. Jessieu4me

    I am suppose to meet a Libra man. He already seems like he is in charge and is in love with love. I don’t have any expectations. I am in love with love too, but as a leo I don’t want to take the lead. If it is meant to be he will sweep me off my feet. He already brags what a lover he is in bed. I really don’t know if it will get that far.

  7. i am happy with my boyfriend now…he is leo and i am libra..he’s very sweet and romantic..i love evrything about him, i am very much inlove…

  8. this is so accurate. you guys are so awesom!!!

  9. I’ve been wondering if this relationship was a good idea… Its only been 8 months, but we seem to hit it off instantly and I was quite sure that the thrill would eventually fade away. I still feel the same way about her 7 months ago as if its suppose to be this way. This Leo-Libra compatibility really helped M3 to understand what it takes and how far we could go… Thanks Amilli!!!

  10. The best thing about leo-libra relationships is the sex, hands down. I mean everything else is perfect but the sexual compatibility is mind-blowing. My libra woman is easily the best i’ve ever had

  11. M a libran n my guy is a leo…when v first met v dint like eachother…but v fell in love with eachother in less than 15 days…today v r datin n its going great…v even inted to get married someday in the future…falling for a leo guy was my best decision n m enjoing every moment of it <3

  12. first of all my libra man and i are spontanious when it comes to intimacy. we do it anywhere at anytime when the mood stricks. so they need to rewrite this and say that they are both spontanious.

    yours truely
    leo woman

  13. Caroline

    I think that this is such an apped description of the relationship I am in. I’m the libra and he’s Leo. It’s almost his personality to a t. After reading this I’ve discovered things in our relationship that I had over looked. I thought he was just being hard headed. I didn’t ever think that of could of been our star signs that make is so passionate to each other. I now know the reason for us being so protective of each other.
    Thank you.

  14. Everything About this is so true! My boyfriend is a leo and obviously I’m a libra and we plan to get married in a year or two :) loved reading this! Cus everything in the “article” pretty much fits us to a T!

  15. sam snead

    I believe every thing is so true i love my girl and I hope we do tay together forever

  16. All of this is so true… My Leo man is the best and I wouldn’t trade him for the world!!! I have felt the same way about him for three years now… And we plan to keep it this way:) this site is soooooooo true!

  17. Crazy how on point this is. My Leo man loves the limelight with close friends/family and while subtle, enjoys taking charge of our relationship. We are very new, have been dating since May and the way we are together is amazing. I see where he can be stubborn, but I love how considerate he is of me. More now than before, I’ve seen how indecisive as a Libra lady I am and it’s so funny because he’s there to “guide” me into making a decision :) . My Leo man is awesome, wouldn’t trade him for anything and I hope our happy days continue for a long time <3.

    • Can anyone give me some insight in dating a leo, I’m a Libra and I’m really feeling this brother, but the first date he seemed shy as if he was not feeling me. He did let me know he liked a woman who took care of herself and I’m a full figure woman.But he calls me and texts me all day, I’m so confused about this man, can someone please shed some advice on my situation.

  18. I just met this libra and already its seems I’ve known him forever me being a Leo I for the most part have good vibes and so far I’m dead on this just confirmed it .omg I’m loving everything bout him:)

  19. i’m a libra woman. i met my leo man 17 months ago and i fell for him mysteriously at first hi. he’s very funny and affectionate in his own way. i can feel that he cares a lot about me. he can always make me smile whatever mood i’m in. when i can’t eat or sleep i just need him to show up and both will come easily! very unusual effects he’s got on me but i guess that shows how comfortable i am with him around. i’m a writer and he’s always been my first reader and he always supports me. he gets jealous easily, he can be jealous just reading my work if he thinks it mentions something about my ex boyfriends. but i honestly enjoy being protected and adored so his innocent jealousy doesn’t bother me. he compliments me every chance he gets and it always feels fresh and genuine. sexually he’s always such a turn on and i dare to say it is vice versa. we can talk about sex and enjoy it at the same time. i’m way smarter than him and i make him think, he keeps saying. i keep telling him that he must be smart too to be able to make me laugh and flattered in many ways. he remembers every word i say and he can use it as a gun easily when he feels necessary, especially because indecisiveness is my nature. but i guess it means he really listens. i’m very argumentative and he’s not interested in debate so when we have a fight it’s actually me against myself most of the time. i’m so full of ups and downs and he’s quite stable and stability is the most fundamental thing i need as i’ve been a single mother before i met him. in impatience or jealousy unkind words are said sometimes, he says i know how to wreck him with only words, but i never meant to hurt him just like i know he never meant to hurt me when he just left when a fight is taking place. we already talk about marriage but i have an acute weakness: i need to be convinced all the time. recently we had a big fight and i said strong words to him after i made him confess he slept with a couple of girls when we had a break last year. i guess i’m worried too much and even though he kept saying he wouldn’t ever cheat i just hurt. i told him that he had to do something real to prove his intention towards our relationship. he hasn’t showed up or talked to me for a few days ever since the fight and i miss him so very much. i am filled with affection for him and i don’t like him being hurt too. i wish his long legs would carry him to me in no time. i keep wishing since he’s the best love my heart has ever experienced. all the romance, warmth, like the warmth of the sun. i wish you all a happy love life.

  20. Hi, I’m a Libran, and my target right now is a leonine; I’m so excited that this combination is excellent, if not I’m lost; she is still silentl I keep wondering why; maybe enjoying maybe wondering why too???

    • I have weakness for Librans. They are just PERFECT for Leos. Still can’t get over my ex boyfriend who was a Libra… :(

  21. My Libran man blew my mind! He is 14 years younger than me and his personality and sex just melts my body and soul! Everything about him is so sensual and he and I r compatible to the T! I can’t put in mere words how crazy, sexy cool this feels! But you guys know This is the REAL DEAL!

  22. ello omgz i AM blown away, this stuff is crzy. i az met a libra girl and it is propa nutz. i av been readin dis and tink wow how are people so cleva and know tings before they evan appen but then again, its already appeneded and i am like wowza crazy mebz they made the webzite after it appended lolololololol only kiddin. that makes no senz. but seriuz i am gob shmacked and [ropa buzzin off ma drawz at this crzy crzy info that has med me mum av to change me sheets. cos a spuzzed. in da mean time me gna tek me bby grl darn lidil and av a proper kentuky fried fjnger sesh. tha knows what a mean. cheers for all ur useful info, am propa tekkan abbak. lol. one luv. bby girl. smashing pasties.

  23. im a leo & im 15 my libra is a 16 year old guy that ive absolutly fallen for! hes amazing, hes my dream guy! hes the guy i thought nvr existed! sure im young but its young love :) were not oficial yett but will be soon!! were tkn it slow :)

  24. I’m a Leo and I’ve always had strong attractions to Libra guys! It’s crazy…it’s as if I’ve got a magnetic pull to them or something. I currently have a crush on a Libra guy. Only thing is that I’m nine years older than him (he’s 22 I’m 31). I’m wondering if our age difference could be a problem.

    • Leo Cougar

      I’m aLeo girl as well. I am 36 and he is 24. I was hesitant myself but everything has been going great. It is as if we’ve known each other for years. Plus he is very mature forbid age and is ambitious. I’m giving it a try. Good luck!.

    • taurus daughter of leo woman

      Well my mom is an older Leo woman dating a younger Libra man… seems to happen a lot!

  25. Wow, i never new someone could know me and my mate so well. Ive known my libra girldriend for 10 years. She recently became widowed and i quickly made the move to secure her as more than my friend. The chemistry is amazing between us. We recognized right away that we are of the same mind. We compliment each other so well. Still looking forward to how great the love making will be. Luv u Precious

  26. I am a leo woman who has fallin head over heels for my libra man. I can see through him bc I know he is the most sincere lovable person I have met. He is my soul mate. No sex yet and we have been dating for a month, a true gentlemen. I cannot wait tho!!!

  27. i knew a guy and found out he was a libra…i always thought sagitarius was my thing but i laid my body on this libra and it was soo warm like it was meant to be there. after fighting that for years now…he was giving me compliments all night….so i had to show him what to look forward to

  28. I have fallen in love with this Leo guy the first time I felt his presence next to me. I didnt even have to see or look at his face. He was sorta behind me and I saw him from the corner of my eye, and I just felt this instant connection. He approached me and that was when I first saw his face. He didnt feel like a stranger to me, and in less than an hour, we had the most perfect first kiss two strangers can ever create. I was blown away! I never kiss strangers but I couldnt resist him. He didnt get my number, but for days, I kept going back to that first kiss we had and somehow I knew that he felt that chemistry too. One week later, he asked his friend to get my number from my friend who was talking to his friend (they exchanged numbers). I’ve been seeing him for less than a month now, and its amazing how he remembers everything that I have said. He likes to watch me do things and really pays attention to what I like and what not. He is leaving for his home country in a week. I dont know what’s gonna happen after he leaves because he is only here for work and his contract is over. He has not said anything about it aside from him saying that it will be difficult once he leaves. I dont know what he means by that, but I dont want to lose him. I dont know if this is a descriptive of a Leo guy, but he does not share his feelings much. All he said is that he likes me. I think he is shy. I do think about him each hour of the day. Now I’m wondering if I can ever forget about him once he leaves. I dont want to expect much when he leaves so I’m kinda preparing myself. I know this is gonna hurt so bad. =(

  29. well i Barley startd dating my libra Boyfran as for me ima Leo & things are really Goood. ggoood looking & Goood personality. {: i Truthfully think im in love. hopefully this one past for a while<33

  30. U know who u are Mr.? This Love has, yes i said This Love has been very strong for some yrs. SOMEHOW we always seem to comebk no matter what the situations we go through. As long as we contiue to respect,and understand, always keep God first we could never deny that our souls has connected no matter what happens now or in the future im saying thanks thank u for hurting me, making me feel like i was the only Love , for holding me, romancing me,being a caring friend. For not being married. Thanks for being a Man in Process for building a strong and firm foundation. LOVE YOU SINCERE

    • I truly appreciate this post. I have been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thanks again

    • There are actually a variety of particulars like that to take into consideration. That is a nice point to carry up. I supply the ideas above as normal inspiration however clearly there are questions just like the one you carry up the place crucial factor will probably be working in sincere good faith. I don?t know if finest practices have emerged around issues like that, however I’m sure that your job is clearly recognized as a good game. Each boys and girls really feel the affect of just a second’s pleasure, for the rest of their lives.

  31. I understand exactually wht u talking about n da same situation only we have not became one yet.I have been seeing him for two yrs now and some days I want to walk away but I know he’s a good dude. I wonder y Libra women love so hard.Reading ur post made me understand y I haven’t walked away thanks….

  32. 4 days ago i started talking to a leo girl..and she got change her path since i met..i think that i found the right girl for me and we can proceed to a marriage. im a libra man and this was the thing that was looking for.thxs for the web site.

  33. I’m a Libra. The women I’ve dated who have been the most special have been the Leos. You describe how both of us behaved in the relationships very well. All of the women were different people but the traits you describe are dead on and were and are present in all of them. All of the relationships began the same way, with instant attraction that only deepened as we got to know each other better. And yes, I found all of their personalities fascinating. While I still can’t predict exactly what they’ll do, when they do it, I’m seldom surprised.

    Key insights, I’ve learned to give them a lot of space and freedom to do what they will. It might not be what I’d do, it might not be what I’m expecting, but in the end it all works out with us closer than ever. Trying to herd cats is counter productive and will make them quite cranky. :-) It’s like fishing, give them line when they want it and reel them in when they don’t. At the end of the day, they’ll be yours. If you fight it, and try forcing issues, the line will break and you’ll lose your Lion fish! Use a soft touch on them, the rewards are well worth it.

    The fire and spirit of the Leo really brings the color into my life like no other sign ever has. There have been a lot of fun times with other signs, lots of caring, sharing and good times but at the end of the day, the only ones who touched me deeply enough to be out of control over were the Leos.

  34. I am in a relationship with a leo for a year now and in the beginning it was bumpy but we have great communication…I’m a libra by the way and I love that leos and libras are great for eachother because my last relationship was so uncompatible that I am so happy to have him in my life because he understands me and we have ton in common and so much to do and it’s never a dull moment.

  35. This is so crazy! This matched virtually everything between me and my late fiance. Me being the Libra, I did tend to captivate her at every turn, and she always said I was her drug. I loved how passionate she was about teaching and children and how bold she was. I never really did understand our relationship, all I knew was that it was alive and thriving. Articles like this really put things into perspective, whether I believe in horoscopes or not. I miss her every day and this article made me smile.

  36. Seeing this both confuses and encourages me as a Leo. I recently got the number of a Libran Woman who I would consider someone I would like to have a relationship with. I knew a head of time that she wasn’t looking for a relationship, but I still couldn’t resist her. She was very cordial in the time we met on the internet but I am still unsure whether she wants to meet me in real life or not. She’s smart, I am smart, she’s in the medical field, I am planning on being a lawyer. She deleted her account because of the way someone else treated her on there, but she did give me her number after I offered mine. I was just wondering if I’m wasting my time or if she’s being the typical indecisive Libra. I am definitely being emotionally invested like Leo tends to do and I’ve never met her. It doesn’t help that I have never really had a relationship. Kinda bummed and happy at the same time. But I suffer like the Leo does too, silently.

    I have noticed that I seem to be attracted to Libran and Gemini women. Something about them. Don’t know.

  37. I;m a leo woman and all of this fits my libra man. With the exception that he’s a liar. Why is that not listed. that libra men is very indecisive, liars, and not very loyal. Yet i love him. for all the reasons listed above. and i know somebody will say, “That just your libra man”…. but is it really?

  38. I sure hope libra are not liars. I am a Leo woman in my late late 50′s. Many say I look like am in my early 40′s.
    Nevertheless. I met this libra man about 4 weeks ago. He seem to instantly fall in love with me. So he says. I tend to believe him, since he shared some emotions he felt with me. He says he has given me the key to his heart. By the way we are the same age. Don’t have time to play games at our age. We both Are looking for someone to enjoy our golden years with. I think am falling for him, but am caution. If what I have read on this site is true, then am in for the ride of my life. He says he’s looking for marriage. He is sweet. We plan on meeting in the very near future, and am excited.
    Hopefully, he is God send.

  39. HMMM. Well, i met this Libra guy about 7 months ago and we have great sex but thats about it:( we live in different cities but he comes to see me and its so passionate. Hes sexy funny and intelligent. Not overly confident but just right. Im wise and old enough to know what it is. I dont think he wants a relationship. And me as a LEO woman will not force this upon you. Im at the point now that I will not invest feelings although I would love for him to be mine. Life i tell ya lol.

  40. tawana702

    omg im a leo woman and my man is a libra. he is the most amazing person ive ever met. it wasnt a instant connection til after a month when i decided to actually give him a chance. Now we are so addicted to eachother its crazy. we have so many common intersets and the way we veiw life. he has helped me restore my faith and i can talk to him about anything. he is my best friend. the only thing that drives my crazy is his indecisivness and thats when i do my leo thing and make it for him! lol but what got me is i let him take the lead which never has happened. i let him be the man and i dont even realize im doing it. lol this romance has happened really fast and unexpected but we are already talking marriage. i cant see myself without him in my life. and as a leo woman, ive had countless lovers but ive never had a connection the way that i do with him. he makes me wanna be a better person and we are eachothers biggest cheerleaders. i love him so much and cant wait to spend my life with him!


    I am a Leo and me and my Libra girl have been perfect together i think this article is spot on.

  42. Kaeleigh

    So I neverrr read horoscopes because well… I usually just think they’re silly and I don’t know if stars really have anything to do with people and their personalities and compatibilities. But anyways, I decided to see what they said for me and my boyfriend of almost a year. I’m a Libra & he’s a Leo. Lemme just say, OH MY GOSH did it freak me out when I read the article above! Seriously, I felt like it was written about my boyfriend and I. He definitely wears the pants in this relationship but I have moments where I take charge and he things I’m crazy haha. I’m definitely more strategic and business minded and he’s more passionate about the little things he does and works hard for whatever amount of money. Currently I’m in college whereas he’s not in school and just hangs around a lot but he’s super supportive of me and we truly bring out the best in each other. Best relationship I have ever been in and I’d say he’s my FIRST and LAST TRUE LOVE. Btw, incredible sex, but you all already knew that ;) God Bless.

  43. Amazing and right on target. I am a Libra woman and with a Leo Man..and all I can say is it feels like a sole mate. We have so much fun and truly enjoy being around each other. I was married for 21 years (yuk) and he was married for 30 years (yuk). Both of us were very unhappy in our marriages. Our relationship moved very quickly and we are currently living together. We have been together for 7 months and it feels like the first time we met. Are sex is so wonderful in fact I don’t think we have missed one day in 7 months………..Just love him and in fact we are going to get married in a year or so. :)

  44. I have been digging around for this 1 persons name and I found your stie. Still do not know the persons name but this is actually really excellent. Correct to the point.

  45. So, I am Libra women and meet this guy for a month, he is Leo.
    First time we meet we are instantly have a chemistry, everything seems so perfect.
    I never been so happy and just the problems we are having distant relationship.
    What I should do?
    He shows me how much he cares about me and wanting me his life and move in his town.
    Lately seems we have a distant and I know everybody has busy life or issues.
    I am falling in love and not too sure how to ask him to be clear about our relationship.

    I am Libra sign and hate rejections, Libra was perfectionist.

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