How does astrology work? Have you ever thought how the position of the sun, moon and the planets affects an individual’s life? There are two ways to understand astrology; the first is by pure experiences and its comparison with person’s birth chart and astronomy. While the other method is a scientific understanding of the cause of why it works? We’ll explain by both :)

1. Learning through experiences
2. The cause of the astrology effect

Learning through experiences:

The easiest way to understand the personality of an individual on a superficial level is to check his/her sun sign. Have you seen an Aries being very blunt and aggressive? or A cancer being highly emotional or caring? or A Gemini, the best multi-tasked or a Scorpio with an investigative mind? A sun sign is no way to judge an individual but this exercise would help you see a small pattern, just enough for you to understand the science of astrology. Astrology is a complete science based on astronomy and math and its interpretation on human nature and hence not much difficult, you just need to be aware of people’s tendencies and behavior. But once we go beyond just a Sun sign the difficult part starts. We need years of expertise to correctly interpret the results. The astrologer has learned through the years to interpret what meanings these astronomy positions have on a variety of events. By knowing the precise time of one’s birth, an astrologer can tell what tendencies and characteristics this person possesses from the positions of the planets at that given time.

Rob Tillett writes that our bodies react to the world in ways which are still barely understood. He says we constantly interact with our environment on many levels, from the sub-atomic to the metaphysical. These physical, mental, emotional, even spiritual, levels of interaction vary in depth and intensity according to our character and training, but they are truly real. Our world is really much more like a marvelous mind than a mere machine!

Have you ever heard that most crimes take place during the full moon?

At the University of Miami, psychologist Arnold Lieber and his colleagues decided to test the old belief of full-moon “lunacy” which most scientists had written off as an old wives’ tale. The researchers collected data on homicide in Dade County (Miami) over a period of 15 years — 1,887 murders, to be exact. When they matched the incidence of homicide with the phases of the moon, they found, much to their surprise, that the two rose and fell together, almost infallibly, for the entire 15 years! As the full or the new moon approached, the murder rate rose sharply; it distinctly declined during the first and last quarters of the moon.

To find out whether this was just a statistical fluke, the researchers repeated the experiment using murder data from Cuyahoga County in Ohio (Cleveland). Again, the statistics showed that more murders do indeed occur at the full and new moons.

Dr. Lieber and his colleagues shouldn’t have been so surprised. An earlier report by the American Institute of Medical Climatology to the Philadelphia Police Department entitled “The Effect of the Full Moon on Human Behavior” found similar results. That report showed that the full moon marks a monthly peak in various kinds of psychotically oriented crimes such as murder, arson, dangerous driving, and kleptomania. People do seem to get a little bit crazier about that time of the month.

That’s something most police and hospital workers have known for a long time. Indeed, back in eighteenth-century England, a murderer could plead “lunacy” if the crime was committed during the full moon and get a lighter sentence as a result. Dr. Lieber speculates that perhaps the human body, which, like the surface of the earth, is composed of almost 80 percent water, experiences some kind of “biological tides” that affect the emotions. When a person is already on psychologically shaky ground, such a biological tide can push him or her over the edge.

The cause of the astrology effect:

The Solar Wind

The solar wind is the stream of energy particles from the corona of the sun. The events of the sun affects the earth, since we’re in its magnetic field. Maurice Cotterell, an independent scientist, proposed theories about the solar wind that lends credence to the validity of astrology in a published work called “The Mayan Prophecies”. In the book, Mr. Cotterell theorized that the effect of the solar wind varies according to what area in space one is positioned. It has been scientifically proved that DNA, which influences a being’s physical appearance and personality, is affected by the earth’s electromagnetism, which in turn is affected by the solar wind. So as the earth orbits the sun through different regions of space, our DNA becomes affected and shaped by the earth’s position in relation to the sun, creating the different personalities according to its zodiacal position at that time.

A Cosmic Pattern

We can see that earth is affected by the gravitation pull of all the astral bodies some way or the other. Don’t we know the affect of moon of sea tides? Another one is through the relation of time, Carl Jung best explained the idea of the cosmic clock by stating that time is not a linear phenomenon. What happens at one moment will influence what happens at another moment in time. In other words, things happen because they are related and correspond to each other. Everything is connected. At a given time, the sun, moon and planets are all in a specified position in the sky. Their movements are given and precise. The astrologer has learned through the years to interpret what meanings these positions have on a variety of events. By knowing the precise time of one’s birth, an astrologer can tell what tendencies and characteristics this person possesses from the positions of the planets at that given time.

The Spiritual Part

The Spiritual reason that Astrology works is because of prior arrangement. That is, the soul apart from choosing the parents, chooses the date and in most cases the time of birth so that the chart “works”. In other words the natal chart represents a “blueprint” of the energies and tendencies that are being brought in by the incarnating soul. We include here direct quotes from the Hilarion material (“The Mars Connection” plus “The Nature of Reality” by Maurice B. Cooke) which gives one of the clearest accounts of the process involved.

“Most Astrologers believe that the planets, acting through some unseen vibrational influence from their geometric positions at the moment of first breath, in some sense cause an individual to have the various characteristics and experiences that are traditionally ascribed to them. What happens is simply that the guides of an individual (who understand astrological symbolism as well as the best earth Astrologer) plan the birth chart for the life about to be lived. To do this, they must search through all possible chart combinations spanning three weeks or so at the end of the pregnancy, in order to find the one which is the best “fit” for the individual concerned.”

“Before each birth into the earth plane, the characteristics of the soul in terms of basic habits, traits and tendencies are already known from an examination of actions and attitudes in its previous lives. In addition, the basic pattern and plan of the life about to be lived is also determined in a general way, together with the nature of the specific karma intended to be met and set aside during the experience. Using all of this preliminary information, a particular planetary pattern is selected which will best represent this information in coded form to any competent astrologer who erects the astrological chart, and the timing of the “first breath” of the new life is manipulated and adjusted so that it falls as close as possible to a point of time which will yield this best chart. The actual procedure is somewhat more complex than that just described, but the analogy given above will allow a good understanding of the reasons why astrology appears to “work” as reliably as it does.”

“In terms of the timing of life-events on the basis of astrological transits and progressions, we can state that virtually all such connections are orchestrated by one’s guides in such a way that the astrological chart “works”. The chart does not cause the events; the events are timed to coincide with meaningful chart arrangements by transit or progression.”

The Conclusion:

So we finally got the answer of How does astrology work?” We have all seen that astrology is very accurate in determining the personality of an individual and also forecasting his experiences to a certain accuracy level depending on the astrologer’s experience. Anyone can experience this himself on a subtle level. Regarding how it works? We have theories like the solar wind, the cosmic pattern or the electromagnetic effect on scientific level and even the spiritual theories based on Karma. None of these theories clash with each other, rather they are just different interpretation on how astrology works. You can make your own conclusion about why it works, but the point about how amazingly it works is undeniable.

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