Gemini Aquarius Compatibility

Gemini Aquarius Compatibility, decease it has the potential to become soul mates. Both Gemini and Aquarius are Air signs and have the capacity to keep each other as well as themselves amused and entertained throughout the day, see even life. They like to have and give space in a relationship and always appreciate a partner who understands this need of theirs. Therefore, this combination turns out to be one with all the fun and none of the emotional mess that is seen in more serious type of relationships. This does not mean that there is no intensity here. Passion overcomes them from time-to-time, just like a stormy wind. However, they main stimulant is found in conversation, which can be rapid, fiery and definitely intellectual. Verbal erotica gets a new dimension when seen implemented in this breezy combo!

Aquarians are known to be subtle, yet sexy and also not so subtle and oh-so-sexy! The Water Bearer tends to be a little detached and also like a loner at times, which might be confusing to the Gemini. However, the security and stability that the Gemini can derive from the Aquarian is something that further solidifies the mental connect of these to Air signs. The Geminis will draw the Aquarians more into life and warm and cheer them. This is very beneficial for the little disconnected Water Bearer.

The Gemini and the Aquarius will one main challenge of never getting around to doing the regular (and boring) everyday tasks. They both love to experiment with new ideas and are not put off by the weird. While having all this fun, it is possible that they will let slide the chores like dusting and tidying the house. A little daily discipline will make the gemini aquarius couple perfect; but even they do not become perfect, the amount of fun that will always have makes a couple to look up to. To understand Gemini Aquarius relationship deeply you need to study compatibility based on entire birth charts.

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Gemini and Aquarius compatibility ratings

Compatibility:               4

Communication:         5

Sexual chemistry:        4

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Gemini Man and Aquarius Woman

The Gemini man is a maverick, someone who enjoys knowing a little bit about everything. Some Gemini men might even be show-offs – displaying their knowledge about computers to the unwired and bragging about their car-fixing skills to some people who don’t know a carburetor from a gas filter.

The Gemini man will however not brag like a Leo; he will mostly refer to his know-how in third person and very casually, all the while ensuring that his audience knows of his skill/knowledge. But God save him if he tries this act of subtle show-off in front of an Aquarius woman! Because if a Gemini knows something about everything, the Aquarian knows everything! Therefore, to impress an Aquarian, you need to show your depth, which may be a challenge for the Gemini man.

The Aquarius woman is essentially a passionate creature; she would love it if someone can tap that side of hers and release as well as handle this intensity. A Gemini man can more than handle passion, though tapping it might prove to be a challenge for him. He hops and jumps over so many things that he may appear flighty to the Aquarian woman and she may decide to just hop and jump with him till the fun lasts and never deepen her feelings for him. This is a sad thing if it happens, as this combination is tailor made each other. Both signs have the capability to give their partners space, as they themselves crave it from their partners. Therefore, if it works out, Gemini Aquarius Match is the one really made in heaven!

Both the Gemini man and the Aquarian are creative lovers. They enjoy keeping each other on toes romantically. Often this communication inclined couple will prefer to have a quick-fire round of exchanging witty repartee, replete with ample innuendos, as foreplay for an equally arousing session between the sheets. To understand deeply you need to study compatibility based on entire birth charts.

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Gemini Woman and Aquarius Man

What does an Aquarius man want in a woman? For an Aquarian, intelligence and awesome communication skills are sure shot turn-on. Who has these skills in abundance? The wittiest and most talkative sign of the Zodiac – the Gemini woman! Now what does a Gemini woman desire? Someone who is in the know – well informed about everything from gadgets to politics, is not too emotionally demanding, has a sense of humor, and is also caring and passionate! Phew, that’s quite a list of desirables, but guess what, the Aquarius man is up to the challenge. He knows everything about everything, believe in giving (and maintaining his own) space, is kind and polite, witty, charming, and has a buried, but intense passionate nature.

Now how can a Gemini woman not fall in love with this Mr. Wonderful? Usually, she does, if she can stop running and look beyond play of words and quick sex sessions. If the Gemini woman can focus her scattered energies even for a little time, and realize that she has probably found the most unassuming and liberal of lovers in an Aquarian man, she will do herself a world of good. At the same time, if the Aquarian man can overcome his basic instinct to be a lover and be more involved with his Gemini woman’s social life, he will give her a chance to see his fun self, thereby making her curious enough to explore his other hidden layers, which will no doubt be an illuminating and rewarding experience for both of these Air signs.

Any other sign will find the Gemini woman a little too fickle and/or shallow. But the Aquarian man knows how to sweep her off her feet with language and ideas. The Gemini woman will return the favor in kind and this couple may turn into a set of information junkies surrounded by computers, electronics and books. Overall, they will enjoy each other and not worry too much about future. They will have fun as long as they are together. To understand deeply you need to study compatibility based on entire birth charts.

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  1. Marie libby Ryan

    i would like to comment on how much i agree with my sign(gemini)and aquarius, i have a good friend who i have known for 10 years meeting him in a charity shop where i worked at the time, and over the years we have grown quite close.(but we are not together….yet!) There is a close bond between a gemini and aquarius that no other star sign can comprehend. Thankyou for the compatibility report.

    • Aquarius

      OMG! I so agree!!

    • Isnt it insane how accurate this is … I am the Gemini Female n my partner is the aquarius male .. Its soooo crazy!

    • May I know why this strong bond did not leave you both into a relationship even after 10 years?

      • yeah i feel so close to this aquarius and i haven’t even met him yet lol
        and umm cuz some geminis like me like to take relationships slow unlike you

      • one out of a billion....

        Geminian….I believe its because with A’s need to be a loner at times and G’s stir crazy ADD mind set, It can sometimes take a long time to actually connect fully, even though it’s right in front of their faces. It’s taken 10 years for my Aquarian to FINALLY come around and to have me FINALLY settle down and have enough patients for him. It’s considered one of the best combo’s of scopes but also sometimes the trickiest. But the best things in life are not only free, but sometimes hard to work for. It all turns out right in the end though<3

    • umm wow, i an aquarian woman, also have had a gemini friend who i met 10 yrs ago in college. throughout the years we have come in and out of contact but have always always had an unspeakable chemistry. “Rapid, fiery, intellectual” conversation could not be more spot on. This is how we sexually size each other up, and I’m just now acknowledging that this is how it has always been between us! It’s more than banter between these signs, it’s like intense mental probing, an intellectual tennis of sorts.

      I find that there are rarely gemini men with whom i don’t have chemistry, even as friends. Aquarians and Gems are just cerebrally flirty together. … but also much deeper. This compatibility report is SPOT ON.

  2. Gemini Woman

    I love my Aquarians Man so much. We truly are a perfect match.

    Gemini Woman.

  3. I am a Gemini male. I have never paid that much attention to zodiac signs. However the simple fact that I find myself on the Internet trying to find out of there is some compatibility between Gemini and Aquarius is proof of the unexplainable attraction that I have for a woman that I met about a year ago. My attraction to her is incredible. I can’t really explain it. She is absolutely beautiful to me. But I have never dated anyone quite like her before in my life. She is kind of tall. And I’ve never been in a relationship with a woman that tall before. But because of the attraction, I could almost care less about her height. She does seem like she can be a little distant at times. But her sign description above seems to indicates that this is normal for Aquarius.

    The strange thing is that I don’t even really know her all that well. I haven’t been able to spend any quality time with her to find out if the attraction is mutual. But I’ve given her a couple of opportunities to cut me a loose. But each time I do, she responds. It’s so puzzling / confusing. Hopefully, I will be able to spend some quality time with her so I can really get to know her, and visa verse. Somethings I can just see. And I can see this so clearly.

    • Aquarius Female

      I definitely think you should go forward in getting to know her. Yes, we can be distant and do not even mean to be. Half the time we are thinking of 15 million things. We do like our space and do not like being smothered. Yet, too much space isn’t good either. apeal to her intelligence. I think my best friend summed me up pretty well. I can be a social butterfly and into everything, and then all of a sudden I am the caterpillar spinning my cocoon to hide away in. Hopefully, that will give you a little more insight about an Aquarius woman. Although, everyone is different, and it is possible she is nothing like me. I will say what they say about Aquarius does fit me… almost perfect!

      • Aquarian Siren

        I agree with you very much and I love the butterfly/caterpillar similie…I am exactly like that myself. I am very social and love my friends and family, but often, I feel like just doing my own thing and not be bothered, just to decompress. I have no problems being by myself, at home, at a coffee shop, restaurant, or a park even, which confuses most people into thinking I’m lonely. I am so not, lol. I just prefer good company to any company. If I have to give advice, remember one thing for sure about Aquarians…too little space, and we feel smothered, too much space, and we forget about you. Out of sight, out of mind, at least that has been true for me, as there are too many other things/people that tend to attract my attention. So, walking a fine line of space is key, in my opinion.

      • Cali Aquarian

        Wow, you totally described me. I am a vivacious, friendly person but then sometimes its like I need to hole up in my house…no phone calls, no interaction but then its like my batteries get recharged and the next day and I’m back to butterflying :)

  4. The Girl Commenting

    OMG this is creepy and highly accurate. I literally just met a gemini guy and decided to look up the compatibility! Holy cow! It’s like this article was narrating the night! This nailed it on all good points and bad.

  5. aquarius girl

    So true. I also just met a Gemini guy and this perfectly describes the evening. Conversation was interesting and I was entranced it was jumping topic to topic and he did seem to know a little about everything. True hes not into mudane everyday tasks and likes to have fun and brings that out in me.

  6. GenerallySceptical

    I know that these are usually bullcrap… but damn somehow it just describes everything. I don’t even get it. How could something like this seem so accurate? My mind boggles…

  7. Gemini Male

    I HAVE TO SAY THIS. I am a Gemini male and I it creeps me a little that this actually is spot on… everything about it is true and is happening in my daily life!!! I am in a relationship with an Aquarius woman and I’ve got to say, that in my case, We are a perfect match. it quite crazy actually!!… Also, that being said, I have found out that most of my friends both male and female are Aquarius or Gemini! it’s pretty crazy, and believe me I am usually a sceptic!

    It really makes you wonder… – like, it’s gotta be something to it?!

    • Twin Air Signs

      I agree with all Gemini and Aquarius compatibility. I had been together with my Aquarius girl for 4 years it’s feel like this world is ours, but what happen now is we were separated cause of some argument, case and talks. That same like 2 tornado fight with each other. With this I’m gonna share my experience for this relationship type. LOVE is LOVE but when it turn to fight, it will be HATE and HATE…. for GEMINI, never show your dark side to Aquarius cause this will bring the whole world up side down, keep it seal and better throw it somewhere safe. And for Aquarius, never let your selfishness control you… Your attitude will make an Gemini drown in his dark side… When all that happen, what left just a massive mess in each other life.

  8. GeminiBBYGRL

    i am a gemini girl in a relationship with an aquarius guy, and our relationship feels like it was meant to be. we both know how to keep each other entertained, yet at the same time, we know when to be serious. we balance each other out, we have great conversations, and honestly our sex life is amazing! bottom line, i completely agree with this explanation of the gemini-aquarius compatibility.

  9. i AM A Gemini, currently engaged and soon to be married to my Aquarius. Aquarius is dead on he knows almost everything and he is very brave, currently he is in San Diego, California in Boot Camp for the Marines. Our relation ship is not perfect he has seen my bad side, as I have seen his, we have had our blow outs and apologies. In the end we always work it out weather is’t “i’m sorry”, or “I love you”. We understand life is difficult, we are six weeks pregnant and honestly he is more excited than I seem to be, he’s researched all stages, symptoms and helps to make me feel better. I love him more than words could ever describe, and when you find you “SOUL MATE” do anything and everything to keep it strong, admit your wrong, say i’m sorry and make up. Don’t ever give up!!

  10. Aqua Girl

    i’m friends with a gemini male i’ve grown up with and i believe where going to start dating very soon. he just makes me happy and is such a gentleman. i can’t wait to just give him all my love we deeply care about each other so i know the day is coming for us to be together. the thing is i now live 8hrs away by plane and it kills me that i cant spend time with him. we dont text or call each other but use facebook. the distance is such a big problem that he wont let his true feels for me show which i so much hate. i can deal with it because im aquarius girl. we will be togther one day and i dont intend on letting him go im too much in love with him. 2012 im taking a vocation and i’ll see him so im very excited even though its a very long… wait but its worth it. wish us luck!! :)

  11. Where’s the Aquarius woman & Gemini woman couple profile?

  12. I am an Aquarius WOMAN married to a Gemini man. My relationship is a DREAM 98% of the time!! We balance each orther out. I am a Solid concrete women! I tried something new! I tried a dating site never aspecting to meet my soulmate.I did!!!! We got married in 8 months and it feel like I have been knowing him for years. Completion has always been a priority in my life but finally I have the oppotunity to have it in a marriage as I do in my busisness adventures and host of milti careers I have attained successfully in my life!! Yes this is my third time!! BUT this one is for KEEPS!! It is so EASY to love someone when they are so much like me!!I work and think alot!!! He works moderatly and has fun alot!!!That is just one example how we balance each orther! Remenber as long as the GOOD OVER RULES the BAD and you are in a relationship of growth and PROGRESSION. Make the BEST of it and NEVER give up!! Husband #1 was a Virgo. Husband #2 was a Taurus!! Trust me according to my experience ALL people should pay more attention to atrology and numology!!!Trust me if I KNEW asology and numology like I do now I would have only been married ONCE! Hus#1 a (Virgo) walks a STRIGHT LINE! Hus#2 (Taurus) THINKS IN THE BOX ONLY! HUS#3(Gemini) is as OPTIMISTIC as can be JUST LIKE ME!!! It is time to resume to reach the STARS and be happy with my HUSBAND simutamouly!! KNOW ALSO GOD had made it so more AMAZING!! We are both Christians. GOD Blesses us ALL but still requires us to utilize KNOWLEGE,WISDOM,OPTIMISM and FREE will to make the right choice!

  13. I am an Aquarius WOMAN married to a Gemini man. My relationship is a DREAM 98% of the time!! We balance each orther out. I am a Solid concrete women! I tried something new! I tried a dating site never aspecting to meet my soulmate.I did!!!! We got married in 8 months and it feel like I have been knowing him for years. Completion has always been a priority in my life but finally I have the oppotunity to have it in a marriage as I do in my busisness adventures and host of milti careers I have attained successfully in my life!! Yes this is my third time!! BUT this one is for KEEPS!! It is so EASY to love someone when they are so much like me!!I work and think alot!!! He works moderatly and has fun alot!!!That is just one example how we balance each orther! Remenber as long as the GOOD OVER RULES the BAD and you are in a relationship of growth and PROGRESSION. Make the BEST of it and NEVER give up!! Husband #1 was a Virgo. Husband #2 was a Taurus!! Trust me according to my experience ALL people should pay more attention to atrology and numology!!!Trust me if I KNEW asology and numology like I do now I would have only been married ONCE! Hus#1 a (Virgo) walks a STRIGHT LINE! Hus#2 (Taurus) THINKS IN THE BOX ONLY! HUS#3(Gemini) is as OPTIMISTIC as can be JUST LIKE ME!!! It is time to resume to reach the STARS and be happy with my HUSBAND simutamouly!! KNOW ALSO GOD had made it so more AMAZING!! We are both Christians. GOD Blesses us ALL but still requires us to utilize KNOWLEGE,WISDOM,OPTIMISM and FREE will to make the right choice!

  14. Gemini hopeless romantic

    I’m a Gemini female who has a question about an aquarius male…. We knew eachother before, but we never crossed paths until recently and we’ve been texting eachother a lot for one or two months since. We never got the chance to actually getting together and hanging out. We tried planning get togethers, but something always came up and there was technological defects and/or just mere old coincidences. As of today we aren’t communicating anymore, considering he thinks that I was always dodging meeting him, when infact it was pure coincidence. I’ve tried to contact him, but it appears that he is no longer interested. What should I do to get his attention back?

    • power aqua girl

      This message is for the Gemini gal who feels she’s lost her chance with an agrarian man. I am an Aquarian female and I can tell you that although my sign is thought to *move* on rather quickly…the other truth is that we don’t forget & we can be fiercely spontaneous. So if you want his attention…be brave, blunt & quirky. Remember some tiny detail about the aquarian, find some tiny sentimental (don’t spend a lot of money… aquarian appreciate thought more) and email…text…or mail it to him. Just tell the truth, you were thinking of him…plain & simple.

      • Aquarian Male

        I totally agree with power aqua girl. Im an aquarian male, and she is completely right that we aquarians definitely appreciate sentiment and random quirkyness over value or mind games :) aquarians like things to be logical and clear and appreciate spontenuity (sp?). If things seem to have died down between you two recently, its a lot easier for you to rekindle it with the aquarian male as a gemini female, as observed, conjure up something small and specific to catch their attention, and be clear and concise – the aquarians are very forthright in their view and will be decisive when faced with a connundrum such as yours. Good luck!

        • hey i have a question to an Aquarian male there is something tthat i want to understand about ..please email me at

  15. Aqurian Gurl

    Well i have known this guy since my junior year in high school. Hes a gemian yes.But he is such a sweetheart , and is always there for me. We are friends and have been for a long time.Everything you have said was true. I can not explain it but its wonderful. I understand him and he understands me.

    I believe that the Geminian and Aquarius is a perfect match. :D

  16. Amethyst Lover

    After dating two Geminis, I would have to say that can break your heart. One twin loves you, while the other hates you for taking away their twin. They never know what they want, are constantly changing their minds. They are also serial flirters which can cause havoc in your relationship. (Even your friends are not safe from their flirting antics) I will never date a Gemini again, we can be friends (I know that is a little harsh to say, but I’m serious.) I’m a Sun:Aquarius Asc:Cancer Moon:Pisces.

  17. I am Gemini

    I completely agree. On my date with my Aquarius girlfriend, I bragged about rebuilding my grandfather’s 502 big block engine.

  18. Moe Better

    I was never really into astrology, but many of my associates are so i was intrigued when several of them began to tell me about ME with a lot of accuracy… Lol. I have ben told that I am on the cusp of Aquarius and Picese. And i am dating a gemini. I see everything here to the degrees of being both amused and freaked out… lol. So i ask, what about that relationship Shes June 21st.

  19. Ryan The Aquarius

    Holy SHIT this is terrifyingly accurate…….

  20. My first love was an Aquarious. I wish he had not been my first love, I had gone through guys like nothing in the past that all changed when I met him. We locked eyes and instanlty knew we had a connection. We were so hot and passionate at first. then me distancing myself with school, community projects, new friends and him with his own interests we drifted. I tried to hold on with a death grip; I wante to have my freedom and lifestyle without letting him. I was controlling and negative to him; perhaps I knew deep down we had drifted and it made me mad or perhaps because I had never experienced love before and was scared to lose it. I was young 21.

    I dated a Taurus afterwards; wow were we not a match made in heavan to say the least! He was controling and very rigid in his thoughts and activities I became bored and tried to mold to his lifestyle; lving a quite life of desperation. After many battles and him being unfaithful (and myself) we broke it off. Now, I have met another Aquarious and it was so hot and passionate; I knew the moment I met him I had to have him (never was like that with the Taurus). He wants commitment so soon!! Perhaps because he feels a devine connection…seems like that would go aganinst his nature though. We are both falling hard :) I will never make the mistake to not give him space, let him be him, and NEVER be jealous or atleast show it. :) I am very excited and all of this compatibilty for our signs is SO TRUE!

  21. aquarius female

    I am an aquarius female and am with the love of my life: a gemini man. All of the above rings so accurate and true, and I am glad to have found something to help describe our relationship. It just works perfectly – we complement each other so well – this is the one I have been waiting for all my life!

  22. Aquarian Woman

    I cannot believe my eyes… After reading these comments I had to leave a comment. My Gemini and I have never met yet when we spoke over the phone (he called where I worked and I assisted him) in 2009 I had no idea what would follow… At that time I gave him my personal email but it was not for what you think… He was just starting to go through a divorce and I had been divorced for 4 years. There were no intentions on either side I just wanted him to know he would make through. I encouraged him and referenced God a lot… Well needless to say he saved the emails… He contacted me 10/26/11 and all I can say is one God is good and two I know I have found my soulmate… We have been texting and talking like crazy since and we have already said “I love you” and we have yet to physically see each other…already joked about marrying (jokingly serious mind you)! He being a Gemini is still hesitant/ nervous but me being the Aquariaun I am confident he will be my husband when it’s all said and done. Thanks for your time!

  23. Wow! My Gemini woman is GREAT!!! Im obviously an Aquarius and never believed the birth sign stuff but I will say last night was great!! She even let me do anal! Wow! She spanks me and everything. So Gemini and Aquarius, are compatible!!!

  24. gemini girl

    oh my holy sweet baby jesus.
    i’m usually a social little butterfly, always saying “i don’t do relationships i’m too young to worry about all that shit” but…then i met my Aquarius man. This is freaking creepy. It’s too damn accurate. I definitely think we’re getting married. He’s everything I’ve ever wanted, he’s perfect :)

  25. I met my Auarius about 6 months ago and ever sense we met we’ve never stopped talking had a few sketchy moments on his part he does love his friends and his space alot which is still kind of hard for me to understand at times but when we are together we’re all over eachother…I have to honestly say that there need for space does confuse the hell out of me because it sometimes makes me feel VERY unimportant and me bein a gem I get alot of attention from other men that would love to take his place but Id never cheat on my boy but I do feel at times an urge to just give up on him completely….But not so much anymore he’s coming around slowly he’s more comfortable and once I told him how I felt about him always putting his friends first and asked him straight up whats the point of being with me if u have no need for me? He did a complete turn around and has been being so much nicer and very considerate…Just goes to show that communication is key I look forward to being with him for as long as I can…

    • gemini female

      When I tell my aqua man about things that truely bother me he also does a complete turn around he is the love of my life I’ve never been so happy

  26. one out of a billion....

    WOW. That’s all I can say really! Especially because of the top few storys. Mine is VERY SIMILAR! I met my Aquarius boyfriend when we were kids. He was really outgoing with his friends and all but he was extremely shy to me. I was very outgoing with my friends too, but when my eyes met his I felt like I couldn’t speak…for once. lol Im very out there and so is he. But when we are together we would clam up. Then 10 YEARS LATER, after growing apart and growing up a little lol, we started talking right out of the blue for no reason whatsoever and all of a sudden it clicked. I think it clicked a long time ago but we were both so young and naive. He says that he couldn’t take his focus off of me. Even when new girls came around he didn’t care. He was just fixated on me. And When it came to me, you see we shared a youth group growing up in church, I kinda knew he liked me but at the same time I convinced myself otherwise and started flirting and being involved with others even though I knew the truth. I just felt so impatient and I didn’t want to wait for him to muster the courage. Well ten years later and we were both single still, and now we aren’t. He finally spoke up and I agreed. Now we are happily together. And whats weirder is he is in the army so he is stationed somewhere else, and because we have really no choice, we have to have a long distance relationship and thats gives each other the space we both crave. I am an attention craver, so I don’t understand why he never says hello on my FB but has no problem texting me every morning and throughout the day everyday. And when we skype he never says a word and says he loves how chatty I am. All my stories and how goofy I am and how adorable I am. Its like we are completely opposite but we are both so completely perfectly the same in our hearts. Its so incredible how accurate this was to read. I STILL have goosebumps. I’m gonna show this to him and ask him what he thinks!!!

  27. Gemini male

    This is so weird. I am a gemini male that just went on two dates so far with an aquarius woman and we are connecting so much like what I have read from our signs. It is actually scaring both of us a little bit. We are so in tune with eachother that we joked about us being long lost twins. Most of our views and such are damn near spot on. I sure hope this works out for us.

  28. This is exactly what I needed to hear…i recently met this guy at a party who has a completely different lifestyle than me (I don’t judge, ijs) meaning we were raised in two different areas & when he approached me, I was thinking to myself like he ain’t about nothin’… So I sort of laughed it off and continued partying… later that night, he approached me again, and ended up spending the rest of the night talking about any of was like we were the only ones there. Anywho, our connection was indescribable and still is
    … Its only been a month & were still getting to know each other but there is just something about him that makes me smile… All the time.

  29. Gemini man

    Ima gemini man and I started dating a aquarious girl and I could feel when we first went on a date that I could see myself with her which ended up happening and soon I found myself really falling for this girl and she made clear she was feeling that way too but I just couldn’t admit that I love her already after two months for the soul reason that when we would plan something that something came up and we couldn’t see each other I tried holding on as much as I could and I finally had enough and told her that we should wait to be in a relationship until we can find enough time for each other I know this hurt her and I hope she understands that Im not ending it but waiting until we can really commit to each other I’m afraid that I just sent my perfect match away is there any way of knowing that she still wants me

  30. ann(gemini)

    hi i’m gemini gurl and i finally meet my aqua boyfriend now is my fiancee
    we just meet in one dating site and start talking each other i really felt that i knw him for a long time im soo comfortable talking with him.easily fall inlove with him.also him he told me that hes really inlove with me .now this week he will come over here in my country to ask my parents if they allow me to marry him..soooo sweet..hopefully we can have baby by next year that we really pray..he really makes me complete since i meet him .hope our relationship as a couple will last forever

    “i finally found my prince” :)

  31. Hello I’m a Gemini male and I met the most amazing women ever she were a perfect match we saw each other everyday and she broke up with me twice the first time was in the summer then came back a few week later and after 4 month she breaks up with me again saying she want to be alone and doesn’t want a relationship. She very stubborn she distant herself from me and I’m going crazy what should I do

    • Gem Girly

      dont give up she’ll come bac but youll hav to show her your willing to fight for her first

  32. After reading a few of these, I decided to share my wonderful story.
    I’ve been dating a Gemini man for a little over 2 months now and it’s absolutely wonderful (knock on wood). I keep asking him “where have you been all my life” We are so in tuned with each other and even though it’s only a couple of months we both said it seems like we’ve know each other for years. I’m an aquarian woman and I like when people are honest and straight forward, which is exactly how he is. He has no issues expressing how he feels to/for me and at times don’t mind being vunerable, I like that. Space and freedom is hugh for me and he gives me that, but knows when to text me “i miss you” or something at just the right time. Prior I was dating a LIBRA=LIERS, and they have problems expressing their feelings (well in his case anyways). In the two months I’ve been with my Gemini I’ve gotten more from him intellectually, emotionally, even physically than the two YEARS I’ve been with LIBRA.

  33. Gemini woman-29may

    I am a gemini woman and having a relatonship with an aquarius man for 1 year. It is really nice and joyfull. But the only thing I can say negative is, aquarius can be extremeyl selfish and sometimes we fight because of his careless attidute. Gemini is much more energetic and full of joy and enthusiasm. But the most nice thing is after the fights we can easily clear things up and we find ourselves talking about politics or some concerts or art events and we say like “ow, how did we come at this point, we were fighting just minutes ago !” That’s the part I like most as a Gemini woman because I hate when the people exagurate and extend the fight to the next hour or even the next day. I want my head empty from emotional problems. My Aquarius is very compatible with this fast changing attitude and he can be really understanding. The thing is we both like having persons like eachtoher and we are proud of eachother. I love him soo much. And I also love mostly talking anything and any kind of subject to him, feeling the comfort of not being judged. Gemini and aquarius are really compatible highly.

  34. Aquarius Woman

    Though past events of my doing keep coming up in flash backs and reminicing, our commitment remains strong. No matter how many ways from sunday we keep getting screwed by other people, it still seems as though we are there for eachother. I continually keep impressing him, while he engages my mind! We work like a perfect team, even the smallest signals he gives I pick up on, and though due to a young minor brain injury I have trouble putting together words, I still know EXACTLY how he feels. Even through his racing thoughts and stir crazy stresses. Just as he knows exactly what to say to shut me up, and in that midst an overwhelming comfort and joy turns a night of fight to a night to remember. Holding eachother up when the other is down, side-by-side through the thickest mud. Though on the brink of loosing all patience with events in our current life, appreciation is always present. ~Aquarius woman, who has been through hell and back, to come out stronger then ever before, with a Gemini Man for 7 years and counting- a forever commitment no preist needs to witness to be true.

  35. GeminiWoman

    I’m a gemini woman and I am currently, sort of, dating an aquarious man. We’ve known eachother for a good 9 years and ever since the first time we’ve met we can’t keep our hads off of eachother. We’ve had flings and only stopped due to us not wanting to commit to a serious relationship or one of us felt it was moving too fast.

    Now we are seeing eachother again and its amazing. I’ve missed him so much and I’m falling hard, again. He is so smart and knows about everything so our convo’s never lack. He is a charmer and very witty sohe keeps me on my toes every minute of everyday. We understand our want of personal space and even despite us both having bad relationships in the past we trust eachother, completly. We see eye to eye on everything and most of all we are best friends before lovers.

    Let me tell you though, the love making is incredible! I have NEVER felt something so amazing in my life. He just automatically knows how to please me.

    We know it isnt possible to not flirt or to not keep our hands off eachother but this time its okay. I think we are finally going to give it a try. He has even told me that he may want someone there with him all the time.

    This compatability is accurate!!! I dont even need to do the birth charts. This seems to be written about me and my aquarian man.

    Wish us luck :)

  36. Am an aquarius female & my penpal is a gemini male..I also have been writing to a scorpio & aquarius male aswell..the scorpio seems very funny & cool but he’s kinda held back & not as open as me & as for the aquarius well he jumped to say he loved me straight away, don’t get me wrong he’s lovely, thoughtful & cute but being upfront & in my up in my face is kinda turn off for me, there’s somthing not quite right about him, I get gut feelings about people I can kinda sence if somones being real or not.. But when I reaceived the letter of this gemini man..wooow he blew my mind on anouther level..I was smileing at every word he said , he’s thoughtful, great sence of humur, witty, smart & just a real man.. Iv never met anyone like him.. I feel a deep conection, we can talk about anything in are letters & always joke about things..I feel excited about knowin him , wanting to hear from him all the time..I just can’t get him out my mind..we talk about sex too & wow we have the same taste Iv never fantasised about anyone else the way I do him.. I feel like iv known him all my life..very comfortable expressing myself to him..he’s aready said he loves me although we havnt met but I feel love for him might not be the real deal as we have never had a phsical realationship but mentally I do have feelings for him & wish him well, he seems very strong..I admire that.. He’s a lot older than me .. Am 21 & he’s 34.. He’s been in prison for 8 years & still got time left but evan if we never meet, I’ll always drop him a line because knowing & writing him makes me very happy.. I believe in star signs, not everyone
    lives up to there zodiac but deep down everyone has there zodiac traits, some people try to act like somthing there not but there sign will always shine through, my ex was a leo he was very chatty, confident, vain but he adored me & would do anything for me, he was never jealous nor possesive nor violent, but my dad is leo too & he was the most jealous, possesive, controlling & violent man, I do think there’s different sides to every sign, as for me well I love being aquarius, we all very deep people but also fun & free loving.. As for gemini men well these guys will defently keep us on are toes & make us happier than ever .. Aquarius & gemini = soul mates X :) X

  37. I met this aquarius guy online and from the moment I met him I knew there was some connection between us and he told me the same thing. I know this sounds cheesy, and trust me I am not the romantic type, but we really have chemistry. I knew that geminis and aquarians were a good match but I had just never met an aquarius guy before. He’s simply amazing. :) I think about him all day and I can’t help but want to be with him. The only thing that is stopping me is the long distance part but he really wants to be with me. Well that and the fact that I just went through a break up a month ago and I still have feelings for my ex. He is willing to wait for me, and he even told me he loves me. I still don’t feel the same way, but I do like him a lot. We live in the same state so it’s not that much of a big deal, but it would take years for us to meet. Should I give this guy a try?

    3.01.10…. ILY !!!!

  39. This is all sooo true. I with the man i absolutly love and he’s aquarius and our realationships just bout perfect most of the time!

  40. I never really understood why my male “Aquarius” hadthis weird connection. He was dating a friend of mine. But him and i just got along great. They ended they’re relationship. And him and did not know of our feelings till a couple of months ago. Now I understand why we come back to eachother.

  41. Im an aquarius woman, and i love my gemini man!! all the geminis in my life have played significant roles in it!! we all had a great connection at frist sight,all great comunicators, and we remain cool throughout the years! however, my current special gemini is the greatest!!;) We meet downtown houston after the club, and learned we were both from Miami!! we were only 1 yr a part and just already had sooo much in common!! He was the perfect gentleman on our dates!! he opened my doors, pulled my chair, and prayed at the dinner table!! I was so awwwwed;)…its been 2 years and hes still the same gentleman…over the yrs we did have a falling off for about half a yr. due to a misunderstanding..but he did finally make the effort to contact me thru facebook, hoping to talk things over w/ an apology…I was glad to hear from him, i cant lie, so i did call him on it!! and we’ve been on ever since!! my family loves him especially my mom!!! 0_0 she dnt like nobody like that!! lol but its cool!! i Love it;) and i lOve him!!:) We have the best convos!! we talk about everything!!! at times it gets really REAL..but thats what i love the most about us! i fell theres never a need for either of us to hide anything from one another, because we talk about EVERYthing!Its pretty awesome..i love the chemistry! I can def. see him bein my husband for the rest of my life:))))))

  42. in a relationship, gemini woman, aquarius man, 2 years

    that’s us to a tee.
    best relationship ever, never a dull moment, constantly amused by my knowledgable aquarius man, although sometimes he is a hermit and I have to drag him out because I always want to be social..
    it’s scarily accurate.

  43. Aqua Chick

    I’m an Aquarian female been with my Gemini for 5years. Let me just say WOW. We dso balance each other. Its not also peachy, but we just work. Its easy being with him.

  44. AMB Aquarius

    I agree that an Aquarius and Gemini relationship is one of the best. The key to both of their hearts is through the mind. I am a female Aquarius in love with a Gemini male. He has been my friend for years! He had been in a long-term relationship for 4 years with a Scorpio and they recently broke up. He called me sometimes during the months afterwards and wanted to come over late at night. He slept over a couple times though nothing happened. Then, I decided I was going to go abroad for a year. The last night we hung out, our friendly evening turned romantic after a bottle of wine. He asked for a massage and one thing led to another… Suffice to say, there was a lot of physical chemistry there. I haven’t told him that I have serious feelings for him, but I think I should. I think he just wants to be friends, but his actions before I left make me think otherwise!

  45. ktbell05

    I met my man a few months ago and this depiction is SPOT ON. Everything that is mentioned I have seen in our relationship. Weirdly accurate…

  46. What about Gemini man and another Aquarius man?!

  47. Serial Aquarian

    I’ve known a particular Gemini girl for a very long time, met way back in HS, were friends back then, used to joke around a lot in class. After school we went our own ways, then reunited in our late 20′s. When that happened it was instant best friends, we’d do stuff together all the time like walking around, checking out shops, hitting up a bar, getting drunk and TALKING…good lord, theres very few people in this world I could talk to for literally hours, theyre all Gemini’s…particularly female gemini’s. I’m not sure what the trick is, but when I’m wrapped up into a discussion with one, I get wildly turned on – like lets tear our clothes off right here in public – turned on. No other sign does it for me quite like a Gemini and if I ever decide to settle down, they’d top my list of life long companion!

    • Thank You!! Everyone else say we have two personalities..WE ALL DO!!
      Yes the Gemini lady is (me) are great, for any sign. The Gemini Lady is very charming as well. Take Care

  48. I actually have the same question as Jake C. above..What about the Gemini Male and an Aquarius male? Any thoughts? insights? comments?

  49. I am a Gemini lady, and all I can say it depends on the person, under both signs. I myself: I am down to earth, but don’t make me mad. Otherwise I am a great person. I am real and mean business when I am serious. I also have a low tolerance level for cheaters, stupidity and a lier. I am great at conversating and very intelligent. I love to read. Anything about history, or self improvement, I am all for it.

  50. gemini female just met an aquarian man. i couldn’t understand the crazy, instant,explosive, comfortable, quirky, fun and amazing , silly conversation and chemistry. so, i looked it up here. voila!! This is so true and gives me so much hope. i have had many relationships , but never ever felt this way.! i barely know him and think about him all day.. he is a bit aloof about communicating (or responding fast enough for me) but i read this and now understand it.i actually told him off in a nice way, and he just corrected it instantly with pleasure and understanding. i feel HIGH right now from this connection.. :)

  51. Well i juss got to comment i couldnt help myself but im a gemini and my bf is a aquaries and we onli known each other for a short period of tyme 09-12-12 and i love him to death i dont regret meeting him at all we never agrue and its amazing and if we do we just laugh at the end of it <3 I love my D.J.S

  52. Wowww, I am in total shock in how many people are actually in a relationship with a Aquarius Man. I am soooooooo happy for you all!!!!! I’ve been currently dealing with one for 4 years & we stopped talked for a year. I just recently opened up & told him that I love him. As a Gemini woman I can’t keep it bottled up for so long & for the past 1 1/2 I’ve been wanting to tell him. He recently started opening up to, becoming more comfortable with me, being around me more, texting/ calling me often. I see the change, but know, I don’t know what’s going to happen. He hasn’t respond back yet, & im scared that I might of scared him away. My mind is constantly wondering right now, I can’t eat nor sleep. I know he likes he’s me a lot, but I don’t anything else bcuz his emotions never come out. Neither do mine, but I couldn’t take it. We connect so wonderful. He’s such an amazing, smart, funny, sexy, independent, humorous, loving, caring man that I’ve ever met. He thinks I’m extremely strange and weird which is true & he excepts me for who I am. I just want to know how he feels & since he hasn’t responded back yet, I believe I might of lost him forever again. We’ve been friends/lovers for so long that I really hope that I haven’t jeopardize what we have. I just want to be his woman, his wife & his best friend, all in one, one day.

  53. I am 20 a Gemini Woman currently talking to an Aquarian male who is 21. We’ve only been talking for about 5 months and we hung out a couple if times and I can already see myself liking him a lot already but I have no idea how he feels about me. Plus I read that the Aquarian male doesn’t like clingy mess
    I just want to know how I can keep him interested in me?

  54. Gemini Woman

    I’m a Gemini woman, and I totally agree with your compatibility write-up. The Aquarian man I am so in love with is just a little hard to pin down. He has been divorced for two years, and probably had three or four relationships afterwards. We met on a dating site, and instantly had a deep intellectual connection. When we finally met, he seemed to become distant. We still had great text conversations, but no further attempts to meetup. Eventually, we did meet up again, and he became a passionate lover. However, he does not want a commitment. I am not sure where his hang-up is (I suspect it’s because I am about 20lbs overweight), but the sex and passion is incredible. There has to be some physical attraction right? Now we are “seeing” each other, but he has other love interests. It breaks my heart, but I can’t let go. I am holding out hope that he will come around. I love him so much.

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