Capricorn Pisces Compatibility

Capricorn Pisces Compatibility is a harmonious and loving match with a practical approach to life.

The Pisces partner is imagination and romantic nature, very caring, sensitive and compassionate partner.

The Capricon partner will admire the Pisces partner’s intuition and ability to foresee things before they happen. Pisces is emotional and romantic and also is good at providing emotional support and security, which makes the Capricon partner self confident who is very practical and down to earth. Both bring a beautiful balance to their lives.

Their Pisces Capricorn relationship teaches a lot about willingly compromising. At times both can be insecure. At such times they will both benefit from regularly complimenting and cheering each other. The Capricon has to be careful to not let its dominant side overtake him, because this is a partnership which works best if one does not take control of everything, however tempting it may seem at times.

Finances and money could be a reason for conflict between Capricon and Pisces. The Pisces partner is spiritual, while the Capricon partner is materialistic, and often they are inspired by possessions or wealth and luxury.

The Pisces partner often go out of their way to help others.Many a times some people take advantage of their this nature. The Capricon partner at times finds this wasteful. Wheras the Pisces partner will find the Capricon partner materialistic and selfish, hence in this case they have to find a middle ground.

The Capricon partner will appreciate Pisces’ imaginative approach and romantic nature, while they’ll appreciate Capricon’s lusty style. This combination shares a great chemistry. They enjoy their fantasies to its fullest.

This combination is totaly loyal, and enjoy synchronization in their relationship, they prefer to stay away from drama or friction. Both of them are independent individuals, but meet the each other’s needs very well. Overall this combination has a potential of building a very strong bond. To understand deeply you need to study compatibility based on entire birth charts.

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Capricorn Pisces compatibility ratings

Compatibility:               4

Communication:         3

Sexual chemistry:        4

Ratings are out of 5

Pisces Woman and Capricorn Man

Every Capricorn’s dream lover is the Pisces woman. Deep inside, every Capricorn man feels a little like a beast with lustful desires and he is completely neutralized by the fairy like delicate qualities of mystical Pisces woman.

The Pisces woman always have a group a admirers, the Capricon man is too shy to compete with them, so the Pisces woman has to give him a special entry. The Capricon man is very vulnerable to a kiss on a cheek or a touch on his arm. Never expect a conversation with him, infact look into his eyes, and you will know that he can sense his soul in you.

The Pisces woman is resilient, and very kind, she will never hurt your feelings intentionally. She likes quiet places, and very sensitive to crowd and noise. Romance is at its best with this combination.  Pisces, is just the opposite to the Capricon man. She has the ability to make a poet of a man. The Capricon man and the pises woman share something much deeper than passion. Its sharing of two souls. It’s the perfect union which brings peace and serenity to the souls and it’s the end of long lasting desperation. They are together at last.

This Capricorn and Pisces combination is the most unlikely and fearless of friends. These two will be there for each other with complete understanding, caring and forgiveness, come what may. This friendship is the very essence of unconditional love. When this relationship is over, they will ruin each other.

Marriage is made for the Pisces woman and the Capricon man. They are well suited for it. The Pisces woman finds the Capricon man, the only one in her life. She cannot feel like this for any other man. They are mirrors for each other, and reflect perfectly. All the Capricon man’s fantasies are willingly fulfilled by the Pisces woman. To understand Capricorn Pisces couple deeply you need to study compatibility based on entire birth charts.

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Pisces Man and Capricorn Woman

Boring dates, simple courtship but a great marriage, this is the Pisces man and the Capricon woman. The success of this combination depends on the life plan of each individual. Deep inside, every Pisces man is totally lost and puzzled. He needs someone to get him organized, keep him grounded and make him feel secure.  This need is fulfilled by entry of the Capricorn woman in his life.  Around her the Pisces man always feels safe and secure. It’s like heavan to the Pisces man.

The Capricon woman finds the Pisces man’s insecurities and confusion very appealing, for it is a call of action. The natural motherliness quality of the Capricon woman is adored by the Pisces man. The romance between these two is very endearing. They both grow together, he becomes confidant about the outer world and she becomes confidant about the inner world. It’s a complete balance and they can count on each other.

The friendship between them is talked about; they make great friends and stand by each other in all odds.

This pair is made for marriage and raising children together. They have a comfortable old age. Very few people will ever experience the kind of secured life this combination experiences. Theirs is a union of two souls. The Capricon woman is shy of physical intimacy and remains like this always. And the Pisces man cares about his partner’s comfort and satisfaction. By nature, they are very sacrificing.

When this combination gets together, they know there is no need to rush, they have found their soulmates and they take it easy. This relationship when ends, it’s usually by the Capricon woman, but if she does it, it is for good, she will cry, shed tears, but when she takes this step, its good for both of them. The Pisces man would evry now and then stray romantically towards the Capricon partner. To understand deeply you need to study compatibility based on entire birth charts.

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  1. Symone Downing

    I have no comment, I just want more info

    • wow,. suprb,. bt i want more info abt it..

    • So here is the deal. This is exact as it can be. Great relationship with little to no fighting arguing or any other issues. But when it is over it will be done by her and done quickly! There will be no way to win her back and once she has made the decision… There is nothing you can do but turn and walk away. Though stronger still. Keep your head up Pisces man and look for a Scorpio woman that connects with you for in this you will find your true soulmate. The one that fills the voids that the Capricorn woman never could. Emotional completion!

  2. the match is good and true.. but can i ask if capricorn and scorpio are match too?

  3. Wow! I really believe that you hit my new relationship right on the head! I am a Pisces woman and have just met a Capricorn man. It is exactly the magic you have described. We both cannot believe that we have stumbled upon each other. As you wrote, at last we are together. We both have no doubt that this is for real and this is it for us. We are mirror soul images of one another. We met online and cannot wait to be together. Thank you so much! We will soon take steps to get our complete compatibility chart done by you.

  4. someone please tell me where I may find a Pisces man. I am a capricorn womwn and I need a good Pisces man. This is so out of character for me but I’m 32 years old and I was meant to be some GOOD MAN’s wife.

  5. Sorry, I’m sitting on my couch with my beautiful Capricorn soulmate drinking red wine and cheese after our wonderful lovemaking. From pisces man.

  6. I am a Pisces woman, and my first relationship was with a Capricorn man. This is completely accurate to what are relationship used to be. I felt like it was meant to be, and we are close friends to this day. I still have deep feelings for him, but I think he has completely moved on. He knows how I feel, and it doesn’t seem to effect our friendship much. I’m still there for him when he needs me, and he knows I’ll always be here if he wants to try again. It just seems to bring me more heartache though. Can anyone tell me what to do?

    • Scarlett L

      Hi there! Im a fellow piscean woman and what your going through touched me deeply as up until recently (and maybe even still a little?)i was in the same predicament.And it hurts like crazy, huh.I tried everything to just be able to lessen my feelings or try and move on , it wasnt even about focusing on reconciling with him or meeting somebody else, i just wanted to stop feeling so terribly hurt, alone and lost all the time. I dont know what your spiritual beliefs are or take on Angels and Angel therapy is,but i always appreciated it though i was never much into it. Anyway, a counsellor suggested that i ask Archangel Michael for help, to cut the cords attaching me to this person. She explained that you can’t sever cords of love (which is what i was frightened about), only the ones that tie you to a person in a way that is not healthy for you and beneficial to your well-being and happiness. I dont know if you have already or are willing to try this but, if if this part helps; just visualise the person and say aloud or silently “Archangel Michael, i call upon you now.Please cut the cords of fear that have been blocking or draining me in the past. I am now willing to trade all pain for peace.” Repeat this as many times as needed (and it took me months!) and you can also use this for any other attachments you need to be free of. I dont know how it worked, and im quite a novice at all this ;) ,but i can tell you as time has moved on i actually feel quite removed from this person in a healthy respectful way.I am really at peace with it and even though i will always have a special place for him(and there is still some hurt to this day), i am moving on. And believe me, i was a broken woman inside over this.Im also a firm believer in the universe having its own lessons and plans for us. When you finally shut that door, another will open(i guess because youre finally open to it). I have found a new guy (capricorn :) ) and i feel so different from the person i was. But who knows? maybe this man will eventually be the one you will settle with, but more important than anything is your happiness Now and in the future. Plus i found the time between a good time to work on myself, so that im open, improving and learning in little ways, and so that i could be better for myself and anyone else the future brings :) .It was forced, but well worth it down the track. I dont know if any of this has helped you or i may just be repeating stuff you have already tried, but if you havn’t, it cant hurt right? And it really has helped me, in an amazing way. The heartache you describe is something i wouldnt wish on anyone, and if you get nothing else out of what ive written, just know that there is someone out there who understands what your going through, wishes the very best for you and hopes you find the happiness you deserve as soon as possible. You sound like a beautiful person. x

    • Sunshine66

      Wow my swetie is a Capicorn we have been dating for almost a year a distance relationship we get togeter every 3 weeks at least once a month we are both in Florida exactly 4 hours from each other I have been to Miami he came, I have been to Orlando he came, he all way their for me next yaer about this time we are dicussion wedding bells for 2015, I don’t believe in shacking living marriage life without been married, he has his place , I HAVE MINE WE BOTH OWN our own business and are single parent. I just want you to know there was a time I didn’t believe in astrology but you change that thanks
      Lady Sunshine

  7. This is so accurate of my new relationship. Only speedbump is that it’s a very long distance relationship, but I think it will work out.

    • beth, let us know what happens. I am a pisces who is attracted to a capricorn man, and the reason he wont get into a relationship with me is because of the long distance.

      • I really don’t do this I must say that I am a Capricorn woman who’s engaged to be married come Nov. 5th 2011 to a wonderful pisces man. We’re kind of long distant. He plays, teachs golf, and he’s a caddy so he travels a lot. He has been gone since April of this year. He’s returning back home in October. Yes tis tough but we’ve done it. Sept 20th made 7 months that we have been dating. Yes I did say 7 mon and in Nov we’re getting married. Everything they have said about a Capricorn and a Pisces is true. So don’t be afraid to do long distance you have to communicate. One thing about this pair is that communicate is awesome between them. My fiance’ will give me things to do while he’s away or have me pay for things while he’s miles away, and get this we’ve only seen each other for one month and a week. You might be saying to yourself well what does she mean. Meaning when I met him in Feb he was out of town. When he came back in April we was together around each other non stop, then at the end of April he left again. In June I went to visit him for a week and since then we haven’t seen each other. But always remember communication anf trust is the main thing you need to withhold a relationship. Be good and be bless I wish the best for the both of you.

      • I really don’t do this I must say that I am a Capricorn woman who’s engaged to be married come Nov. 5th 2011 to a wonderful pisces man. We’re kind of long distant. He plays, teachs golf, and he’s a caddy so he travels a lot. He has been gone since April of this year. He’s returning back home in October. Yes tis tough but we’ve done it. Sept 20th made 7 months that we have been dating. Yes I did say 7 mon and in Nov we’re getting married. Everything they have said about a Capricorn and a Pisces is true. So don’t be afraid to do long distance you have to communicate. One thing about this pair is that communicate is awesome between them. My fiance’ will give me things to do while he’s away or have me pay for things while he’s miles away, and get this we’ve only seen each other for one month and a week. You might be saying to yourself well what does she mean. Meaning when I met him in Feb he was out of town. When he came back in April we was together around each other non stop, then at the end of April he left again. In June I went to visit him for a week and since then we haven’t seen each other. But always remember communication anf trust is the main thing you need to withhold a relationship. Be good and be bless I wish the best for the both of you.

  8. diana overton

    okay, so what if the capricorn woman thought everything was fine and dandy only to see that the pisces man was going behind her back persuing other women? then to get back at him she did the same but he never knew about it? but once again she caught him persuing other women all the while spinning dreams of marriage and a long and happy life together. This capricorn is very aggressive and sometimes starts arguments with the pisces to test and see if he will cowar and end the relationship…the fact that he wants nothing to do with her being upset and completely avoids the situation is frustrating for the capricorn. The “dream” is still there but now both are going behind each other’s back with suspicion and they spend less and less time together. Is there a way to mend this “relationship”????

  9. I am a Capricorn male and I am totally in love with a Pisces woman. We dated in school I guess you could say in like the seventh grade back in the early 80′s,……I know it’s a long time ago. I winded up moving away out of state and we still managed to keep in touch over the years and when ever I would come up she was the first person I wanted to see and she would also make time for me. We always kept that good relationship. We have never slept together in our 30 years. Not because I did not want to we just never had the right opportunity to be alone for that back then. There are people who ask me how can you love her if you have never had sex and I answer them with, the reason you can’t find love is because you confuse it or substatute it with sex. I do not need to have sex with her to know I love her and when we should have sex I will be the most unselfish lover she has ever had and I will be there for her. Getting back to the story, Some time went by and I had a child with someone else. Then some years later she had gotten married and I thought I lost her forever I was really hurt but I had to let her go because I did as I still do love her. About 16 17 years went by and I decided to look her up on the internet, just to see if I could find her. I have carried her picture with me for 20 years and I never forgot her, she is still the most beautiful woman to me, she is absolutely amazing. I looked every now and then for two years almost and recently found her, I was so happy and I think she was too. We chatted back and forth for about a month maybe and then the first chance I got i went up to new york to see her. I could not wait to get there to see her, there were so many things I wanted to say and do with her. Things did not go as planned and I did not get to tell her everything I wanted to. She was going through some things and I did not want to cloud up her already hectic problems. They are things she will get through but I still did not want to put these things on her right now. We did go out to dinner and we had some drinks and spent time with old friends, it was really nice. The way I would like to spend the rest of my life with her. We slept on the couch together but again I held back cause I did not want it to be after drinking all night so I held her and we fell asleep. It was the best sleep I have had in so long, lying next to her and the smell of her hair and her neck just made me at peace and so comfortable. I told her some of the way I felt and that I was not lying to her and would never want to hurt her, that was about all I could get out. I wanted to tell her that I have always loved her and give her a big kiss and hug. But as usual I did not do it. I’m pretty sure she feels the same way but is apprehensive as well. Later that day I drove home to MD. and I stopped by to see her before I left and I gave her a hug goodbye and a kiss on the neck. Then I had to hurry and get to my truck because I did not want her to see me start to tear up, I’m a 42 year old man and she still makes me feel like there is no other woman in this world when I’m with her. the whole way home she is all I could think about. When I got home we talked for a while on the internet and I asked her to call me the next day and she said ok.. Well I was gonna tell her how I felt, screw it I decided to lay my cards out on the table. A 30 year old love deserves to sought after and we could do it I know we could. I did not hear from her for a while so I sent her a message and told her in the message. I still have not heard from her it has been almost a month and I’m so heart broken right now. When I moved away at a young age she said it broke her heart, well now I know how hers felt then because mine hurts so bad and I am missing her. It is not like her to not keep in touch I only hope I did not scare her away. I know she loves me as much as I love her but she might be scared still. I don’t know what else to say about this situation I have probably said way to much already….lol…I know it’s not like anyone is gonna see this but it is still personal stuff. As long as our names are not out then all is good.
    I was so happy to see the compatibility between our signs, that really explains our connection all these years and how this love has lasted so long. I really love her with all my heart and I am ready to move to be with her and I will make everyday count as if it was our first and last. She deserves the best out of life and not to be taken for granted, I will treat her like a princess. I love you baby, and I miss you so much!!!!

    • aaawwwww! that is so sweet! I have feelings for a capricorn man, but we cannot be a couple because of the long distance. He says he cannot be with someone if he cannot see that someone every day. So we are just friends. But the mutual feelings are there. He wont express them because he fights it. I dont express them because I feel that I will end up being hurt.

      • Sunshine66

        Hey Jessica my man live four hours from me we text or talking on the phone everyday, it the distance that me it wonderful at least for now. Good luck for one if one really cares about the other distance want matter good luck.

  10. NancyPisceswoman

    Jeff, I just read your note. It is so wonderful to read a Capricorn male loves a Pisces.
    —tell me something please.
    I met a Capricorn male 6 months ago. went out on two dates. I could see it in his eyes he liked me so much. I am a very emotional person as the sign says & He backed off because he was not ready for a relationship, said he didnt want to use me just for sex but wasnt ready after his divorce…for 3 months we didnt speak, I vanished with a broken heart for him ignoring my messages. I honestly cryed several times & did my best to move on but there is something about this man that made me include him in my dreams….one day I texted him & he responded happy, but was upfront telling me he could only do a no strings attached as he wasnt ready but later he would be ready with a girl…I didnt care all I wanted is to see him again, so I agreed. He came to visit we danced, played fooseball, kissed, & I had sex with him just like in my dreams with him… I dont think is love, I think the connection is so strong that I cant seem to manage to let go… well that night he said it was the best night & sex he has had in a long time, felt comfortable around me and was happy….I was the happiest woman that night just being with my capricorn handsome male…..the next morning as I went up the stairs I cryed because his offer for no strings attached made me feel small, I was confused & afraid for him to later on dump me for another woman….so I texted him later that night & told him I was staying away from him to prevent my heart from being broken….He got mad at me & asked me not to talk to him again, for next time not to agree for something I didnt mean to….I was hoping he was going to say something to make me feel better or to stop me, instead he asked me not to message him again….I felt rejected & insulted him then cryed & I asked him to forgive me, I liked him so very much… has been two weeks & my tears still come out….I am so brokenhearted, wondering if he is ever going to talk to me again when he is not mad or if he feels the same connection as I do……….
    I am afraid to not hearing from him again as He is very set with his word. (just as his sign says)..
    Jeff is this man mad mad & will not talk to me again, or just give him several months… u guys forgive?

    • As a cap man, I find it hard to forgive when I comes to relationships. I can only trust women if proven their loyal and dedication to what we have. Now granted the sayings of making things stronger thru hardships but it’s something I can’t live through.

  11. I want to know, too.

  12. I am so glad to have read this. I am a capricorn woman with a pisces man and I am sooooooo in love with him for the first time in my life I feel like this is a relationship that is grounded and will be built on the right things to make this ever lasting. The only thing I think you are wrong about is me ending this relationship, NEVER! I would be a fool! I am so happy to have found my soul mate, I am keeping him forever!!!

  13. Dilemma- best friends/no contact&move on/friend with benefits!!

    I am a Pisces woman and with a Capricorn man. We have been together for over a year now. I am his first true love, he is two years younger than me and I am his longest relationship. Age has never been an issue has he is very mature. I have felt love, happiness, and pain when heart is torn apart. But this is different, what I feel for him is different to the love I’ve had before.

    The only way I can describe him as is an angel. He is more than just my lover, and partner, but a true friend that has helped me through my rough and down times. He makes me happy, and smile. He doesn’t treat me with money, meals, spoiling me like I have been before. But he treats me with respect and love. I treasure our moments together. He opens up to me and we talk about everything. He was shy and had no confidence and now he has a lot more self-respect and realises how amazing he is.

    We first met when I started my first shift at local bar. It was beginning of the Summer and he’d just returned home from University. I was really nerves it being my first shift on a friday night. It was packed and busy on the bar. I looked down the bar at the girls and guys working he was the cutest barman I had ever seen. We got talking and we had so much in common, turned out he had a boat where I use to sail, went to the same university as I used to go to. Lived where I use to live when I was toddler. He talked and talked and by the end of the night we were in carpark leaning against our cars just talking and talking till gone 4 in the morning. We worked our first shift together and I felt like the happiest girl in the world after just working with him. Sounds crazy but I really liked this guy.

    Since then we have been an item. He went back to University, we didn’t know if we would work out. Turned out he completed his 2nd year at University with me sticking my his side spending amazing times together at weekends and my days off. We were crazy in love for each other and everyone around us could see it. He proposed to me and I said yes. We we’re engaged for 6 months. But it’s our little secret especially from his family as it was very soon into our relationship.

    We started to have ups and downs this summer as we didn’t know what to do as we were getting too close and I found another job and didn’t work with him anymore. I removed the engagement ring and we agreed to take things slow and take a step back. His family don’t think I’m good enough for him. But he says he doesn’t care. He knows me well enough and they will get to see what he sees. But I said to him I do care, and he should too. It’s been a struggle as I distract him from University work and his mum and dad are in another planet. Too busy worrying about at £50,000 bonus for the summer, and buying boats, and living the high life. Too little time to spend with their kids.

    He had one University exam to re-do this summer because he didn’t revise for it earlier in the year. Looking back it was my fault/distracting him, he wasn’t focused on it. He got top marks on all his other exams and course work apart from this one. And I remember this being a tough time for him.

    We couldn’t not be with each other. When we were together we were happy, everything was perfect, when we were apart all we wanted to do was be with each other. We gave it another go and another go and we seemed amazing and our issues seemed to go. We have never had any issues with jealously, or cheating on each other, or had another person we’ve been interested in. It has been small issues between us two. Looking back now it’s nothing.

    I was excited to see him on Sunday just gone. He came into my bedroom told me I looked beautiful and gorgeous. I sat on his lap he kissed me then he sat me next to him. He looked me in the eye and said please read this. He handed me a card. I knew something was wrong as he was being really nice. I opened it and it was a thank-you card. I read the letter.

    Dear Ana,
    I would just like to say thank you for the support you’ve given me over the last year or so. Infact, throughout our relationship. You have no idea just how much it mean to me to have someone like you in my life, you literally are perfect and I couldn’t ask for anything else.

    You are the only girl/woman I’ve ever loved and I have eyes only for you…. The letter went on and he explained that he had to break-up with me to concentrate on his future. His last year at University would be the moat important and would determine his future. A tough year of exams and constant work. I know I would distract him when he has studying to be doing. He would drop everything for me. Which is unhealthy. I don’t want to hold him back from getting his grades.

    I was in shock that he broke up with me. He left and I saw him last night, we met at the park.

    We talked and talked and he explained his reasons.We’ve given each other two weeks space. No seeing eachother or texting or calling. He says he loves me, he wants me in his life and wants no one else to have me. He loves me and treasures our relationship. But he needs time away from me to stay focused on his work. We joked about being friends with benefits. He said what would I do if he tried to kiss me when he friends. And tried to throw sceneries at me.

    I explained to him that he had to get his head straight on what he wants. If he wants me to be his girlfriend he needs to be sure. If he wants me as a friend, I wouldn’t give him anything else apart from a friendship. We have such an amazing bond and relationship that we don’t want to be apart from each other but we have too.

    What am I meant to do with person that has been my soul-mate and shown me happiness, love and been there for eachother. Am I cowered for not moving on? Or should I be strong and show him I am a strong individual. If he wants me after two weeks great. The only good I can see coming out of this is still having each other in our lives. Any advise? Two weeks and counting….


  14. Whats up with these cap guys? Grrr! they make me want to pull my hair out. You give them all you got, but it doesn’t seem to be enough.

  15. HMmmm im a male pisces im engaged to a femal cap. im in the army and she is at home getting her schooling done, its a very long distance relationship with about 3000 miles in between us. i get to see her for about 10 days every 3-4 months. we argue alot in terms of her not trusting me and being so “puzzled” all the time. I head over heels in love with this girl and refuse to let our relationship die….. but sometimes i feel like her love for me is dying even though othertimes she just gossips over how muchs he wants to start a family with me….. idk im so confused , figured this would be a good place to come for advice.

  16. Harry Caleyha

    the way things are described here are quite evident in my life.Almost 100% true. great job . thanx

  17. I’m a Pisces woman married to a Capricorn man. This profile was spot on for us. He’s been a wonderful addition to my little world. There is something between us that can only be described as magic. For 2 people who are polar opposites, we “get” each other. I adore him. He’s the most loyal, understanding, and loving person i’ve ever met. And as any other Pisces will tell you, that’s a rare thing to find.
    Best of luck to all of you looking for that special someone.

  18. About 3 years ago i met the man of my dreams whi was a piecies. I am a cap. Our relationship is the moat balance one i have ever been in. Communication is our best feature we get eaxh other. It is a wonderful feeling. We have 3 children one each from past relationships and one together. Could not have choswn a better man to be in my life.

  19. Hey.. M gettin on a date wid a pisces gal, n ofcourse m capricon… Nervous coz I knw I like her!! If the pisces – capri thngi rlly works.. M gonna b sponsorin everythin to u mate!!!

  20. I just want to let everyone know that pisces woman and capricorn man have been proven to have longest lasting marriage statistically out of all the other signs. So decide for yourself;)

  21. Jeff, it’s a very nice story. I am a cap female and know a very nice pisces male. We’ve known each other for about 5-6 years. Dated for a few months but managed to stay in contact till now. I moved to a diff country and that’s the reason we stopped dating. I got married and now divorced. When I first spoke to him after couple of years and my divorce he told me that he was waiting for me all this time and that I have a special place in his heart, so does he in mine. The only problem is the distance but time will show…

  22. Wish me luck. I’m about to roll the dice on asking out a pisces woman.

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