Cancer Pisces Compatibility

Cancer Pisces Compatibility, what is ed Sympathy, order understanding, romance, caring are some of the emotions, which are a norm in cancer pisces couple. They can be related as a couple from a romantic novel. They both know this very well that each of them understands the other and hence they are at peace! The understanding level is so worth appreciating because these partners do not even need words to understand each other’s feelings. This cancer pisces couple is so deeply involved with each other that they tend to forget the world around them. At times they can be pessimists and then it becomes difficult for them to cheer their partner up.

The Pisces partner always makes sure that the Cancer partner’s life is moving in harmony. Both of them are extremely romantic and sentimental and provide the perfect kind of stability that both these partners require. Though financially the Pisces partner is little laid back, and has little less interest in money, but the Cancer partner’s influence helps them build a better future. Hence financially it’s usually the Cancer partner that takes initiatives and makes plans.

The Cancer partner is leans more towards family bonding, homely environment and domestic issues, whereas on the other hand the Pisces partner is not as family oriented as the Cancer partner, for him, friends, companions or strangers are more or less the same. As a result, the Pisces partner often forgets to remember important dates [important according to the Cancer partner] like anniversaries birthdays etc. Fortunately because of their understanding nature, this issue is minor.

When it comes to intimacy, this couple has romance, passion, tenderness and also affection; it is a great combination of a steamy recipe! Both of them like being indoors rather than socializing. In spite of the deep bond, there are times when both of them need some lone time for them to recharge. To understand deeply you need to study compatibility based on entire birth charts.

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Cancer Pisces compatibility ratings

Compatibility:               5

Communication:         5

Sexual chemistry:        4

Ratings are out of 5

Cancer woman and Pisces man

The Cancer woman and the Pisces man make one of the most romantic couples around us. They are a beautiful combination that connects with each other without any words spoken, but only by vibes. This bond keeps them together through all the phases in their life. As it is said, that ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’, this is very true when it comes to this couple. The Cancer woman wins over the Pisces man through her culinary skills and her effort and attention towards keeping a neat, harmonious home.

This couple takes pleasure in an old-fashion romance and prefers to prolong the courtship before the marriage. The trust between them leads them to intimacy and the relation they share is crystal clear. The Cancer woman and the Pisces man make very good friends. Even if the friendship has been over (which is very rare) both of them will be ever ready to help each other.

Since the understanding between them is always spoken about, the intimacy level they share is beautiful. Sex for them is always much more than a mere physical act.

When it is over, the Pisces man would learn to come with terms with it, but for the Cancer woman it would be very difficult, she would always yearn for him.

Cancer Pisces Marriage is a good option for this couple only if neither of them is an addict to any sort of anti-social norm, because both of them want a peaceful home. The Cancer woman is always concerned about the financial security and also takes care of it, though after a certain time there might be little tiffs between them, related to the financial needs, but nothing is very prominent. The Pisces man should always make it clear to the Cancer woman about his intentions about the relationship, because she would always want the first man in her life to be the only one, but that is not the same with him. To understand deeply you need to study compatibility based on entire birth charts.

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Cancer Man and Pisces Woman

This is the kind of relation, where the Cancer man is the one who looks after the Pisces woman, typically how the man woman relations has been described in old times. When they are together, they feel safe and relief. This couple shares a beautiful bond of unspoken words!

The Cancer man takes care of the financial security and the Pisces woman takes care of him. For her, money and worldly pleasure do not matter much, just caring, loving and understanding her man is her idea of pleasure. They are the kind of couple who could stay up together late night talking about small little things and being happy about it.

The trust is strong between a Cancer man and a Pisces woman; they can stay friends throughout their lives without any issues. Such is a bond they share, which is way above than even being loyal. The Cancer man will confide things, which he has never shared with any one to the Pisces woman, and his secrets will remain safe with her. This cancer pisces relationship has a beautiful tuning and things move in a very neat rhythm.

When this relationship gets over, the Cancer man clings to the past for a very long time. He would try to figure out ways and answers trying to understand the reason for the break up, whereas the Pisces woman collects the good memories and moves on with her life.

This couple could have a good marriage, if the Pisces woman would master some home making skills, as the Cancer man is very particular and finicky about his home and routine. He has a way of making things happen according to his will, but he also manages to show her that its she who is managing things well. The Cancer man is known for his management skills. To understand deeply you need to study compatibility based on entire birth charts.

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  1. Jorge Bolanos

    love to get a chart of my cancer/ pisces broken relationship

  2. Ellice Marianette

    Speaking as a pisces woman: I have trust issues, but found my cancer romeo. We can talk hours about things effecting us, and how we want our lives to intertwine as. He acts tough and strong, but he’s a cancer man, who wants an understanding woman. :]

  3. anita wright

    not sure about this… I was married to a pisces and it was all good at first… but a pisces man is very sneaky and lie alot. I’m dating a picses now… and everything is great so far….but I do detect a little sneaky… as a cancer woman…my antennas are always up, and we can detect those little funny things that u dont think we know.

  4. Brigid Kelwadi

    My husband and I are a classic example of a Cancer – Piscean couple. When we are together we seem in a world apart. It can be a beautiful long term relationship for these two star signs. Go ahead. My blessings to all such couples.

  5. Hmmm this is interesting! Will have to give the cancer a try…

  6. Wow thIs is crazy right my man is a cancer and its like he is out Of a fairy tale. We have only been seeing each other for 3 months and we know ea h other inside out. We are moving in really soon , he is the
    Man of my life. I love him like no other !!!!!!

  7. My fiance’ and I are a cancer-pisces couple, me being a female and the canerian. My fiance’ was my very first love when i was just 13 years old, of course us being young and stupid, stupid things tore us apart. But in December 2010 we got reunited and we both fell so deep in love. I know we belong together, and this article just reassured me even more. thank you.

  8. This article is so true. It seems like i have been in heaven with my cancer man.I could actually for the first time see this relationship going somewhere.Everyday is feeled with joy in my heart. I have never felt like this in my life, he is so special to me.

  9. I am a cancerian n I m madly in love with a pisces man but he is still not over his x even after 6yrs of their breakup. But he spends a lot of time with me but tells me to stay away from him. N when I am away he starts texting calling me. I m so confusedddd. What should I do?????

    • Fish man north

      I know it is hard but never give up on him!! As a Pisces Man he is also confused, even if its true emotions for you. I think he still overlooks his past experience and tries to compare it but that is where he is confused b/c he doesn’t understand that you are different/ whole new energy for him! I believe that this is a test of your endurance!? For me my cancerian woman i believe endures me! I still cant believe she endured me for this long :)

  10. I think these kind of astrology is still working on long distance relationship as long as there is communication. I’m a Pisces man related to a Cancer woman. We were already 1 year and a half related to each other and I think we can last till forever. She’s the only girl where I felt this kind of love since the past. I swear.

  11. all the characteristic of cancerian women and pieces man are both trully happen in reality..i am a cancerian and my partner is pieces we are both happy!!

  12. constantly

    constantly a big fan of connecting to bloggers which i adore but don’t get lots of link adore from.

  13. I’m a cancer girl and I absolutely love my Pisces man.. But I don’t think the love is returned. He goes a long time without talking to me but when he does talk to me it’s always wonderful and perfect. He’s been known to be a player too, but when he’s in his good moods he’s so lovely. What do I do?

    • @All Cancer gals

      Never Leave your pisces man….
      I share my account with you, which I never do.But since its for a higher cause to help you,I will have to subdue my ego.Some revelations LOL
      Yes, there IS a MAGICAL CONNECTION between the Fish and Crab.Both are water elements,sensitive,caring,and love “affection”.On the first glimpse,they both know that the other one is the soul mate,or a lovely partner.They also know instinctively that both complement each other,and both are perfect with each other.That bond is not from brain,but from the heart, soul…
      The Fish always wants to love the crab girl,for numerous reasons,one of them being the crab’s light heartedness and lovely sense of humour(which seems to be whackyness to others but it is alluring and irresistible for the fish LOL )
      About the fincance,,,well, yes the crab girl would have to manage the finances bcoz money doesnt matters to us, unless there is a extreme dire need for it.Truly, I often forget where I have kep my money or how much money I still have LOL.

      My situation::
      Forget about everything else,lets get to the core of the matter.She had exams and so she didnt replied to my messages for a week(strange and hurtful,but true nonetheless).(I used to wish her good mrng,afternoon,eve,night; ask if she had breakfast,lunch,snacks,dinner; she loved talking about food and how she loves her mother and her mother’s food).

      Whenever she went home she would forget me totally!! And before going she would be very emotional,after coming she would shower me with affection.But during her stay at her home,she was like an alien from some weird planet.

      Now I got an exam,and that same evening I received a msg saying that what has happened to me , that if I dont want to talk to her I should tell her.I thought it was a prank from her girl friends(who often played like this with me).About an hour later,when I went to FB, she removed me from her friends list,and JUST A SECOND BEFORE THAT <SHE MESSAGED ME "BYE"..

      Now that she has left me,I have realized two things:
      I have recovered,though it was only last night.But I know she is troubled at her heart.COMMUNICATION is often a key to resolve issues but she is the first one to break all threads.So well, its her decision and I will accept that.Willingly.
      Secondly,well,I suppose being a player can reap benefits,cuz placing all my trust in a single cancer gal was obviously a big big mistake.I will ,from this moment forth,"play" with many girls at the same time.I had read at numerous places that Cancerians and Scorps usually complain that Pisces are Players.I had thought there is no need to be a player if I can get all the love I want from that single girl.But seems like Life teaches lessons to us Pisces in a hurtful manner so that it leaves a mark upon us throughout our life.

      My Request To All Cancerian Girls::
      Do not leave ur Man.Rest,I have already explained a lot.Truly,sometimes life has something else in store for us than what we expect,,,, :(
      I know I will get a love sooner or later,but still there is a slight crack in heart,.,

      • Guardian

        dont play girls, you will only be doing to girls what happened to you. your not on this earth to hurt girls, bear that in mind. i can relate to you because i experienced what you have very recently and i too am scarred bcuz of it and under the temptation to play girls. dont become one of those guys that women all over the world hate plz.
        im a cancer and the girl was a pisces so its reversed but the same nonetheless.

  14. I’m a cancer girl and friends with pieces guy. I kinda like him but afraid to start a relationship. This article has given me a lot of surety and support to think further on the future. I’m afraid of his lying habits as cancer girl wants everything in perfect. But he loves me a lot and i enjoy that. I don’t know what to do….Suggestions???

  15. I’m a Pisces girl madly in love with a Cancer! Its crazy like I have never been in love before! I was previously married with a Pisces (same sign) and that didn’t work out at the end! We were so much alike that there was never a balance! Then when I divorced I met the man of my dreams….the connection I have with him is crazy! It’s like I know what he’s thinking and same with him towards me! No matter how upset I can get about a situation I can’t never be mad at him….we always end up talking about it and communicating what’s wrong and we end up laughing and smiling! Even though by nature Cancers are very over protective and jealous I feel very cared for! It’s amazing how we are so connected with each other! When we started seeing each other I felt something I never felt with my ex husband and I said “he’s the love of my life” I feel like a very strong bond between us! Whenever I read about Cancer & Pisces is the perfect example of us two!!

  16. I’m a Cancer girl hoping to find a Pisces someday

  17. This Article discribes well the relationship crab>>pisces,however Cancers must contain their need for reassurance all the time as pisces might find this as ”nagging” i am presently seeing a pisce man,at the beginin it was a ”honeymoon” and as weeks pass by the spark is there when we see each other(we live 2hours away from each other) but as soon as we separate he becomes another person,nonetheless this relationship is magical,a few issues that need to be contained and communicated about
    other than that,the article is well describing of the two signs together

  18. I am a cancer female and I am dating a Pisces and I am really and truely in love with him I had dated a cancer and a scorpio and there were strong feelings there but nothing like I feel with him I’m completely in love and it is amazing

  19. yes. I am in love with a pisces guy :) I know we both like each other (as a Cancer I know) but we are both so shy we can’t bring ourselves to say it. I am still happy though, because we are so strange and out of place from everyone else, but it is wonderful and I love him. We are both musical…and we have so much in common.

    When the moment comes, we’ll both know how we feel :)

  20. ya its true cancerian and pisces have magical connection

  21. girl cancerian and man pisces both compliment each other.I think its true made in heaven . male pisces are so attractive whatever cancerian women wants in men all these quality you will find in pisces.In all zodiac signs these two couple are the most romantic couple .
    all cancerians girls please starting finding your pisces because these ur ultimate hero.

  22. I’m a Pisces gal, married to a cancer man for 17 years. Our Chinese signs (Pig and Goat) are also compatible. Everyday it’s like being with my best friend, and lover and it’s amazing. We were both in love before, but with each other it feels like the first time. We have 4 children. A set of Pisces twin girls, Scorpio and Cancer boys. Water signs are flowing in my home. Our two dogs that we received from a neighbor were born on July 9th. My home is filled with water signs and I love every moment of it.

  23. I have my first date I am a pisces women & he is a cancer man. We have been talking for a week now & we are gonna have a hopefully nice talk on the ferry tonight… Then I am gonna surprise him with a movie (Acts of Valor) I cannot wait… I hope this is something that will last… I can handle anything just lieing to me…

  24. I’m a male Pisces who was married to a female Gemini. Long story short, after many years of marriage I left and set out on what I hoped was a journey of discovery to find someone for me and not be the one always giving everything out with little return.

    For 4 mths I deliberatly avoided the dating scene then hit a dating site to see who I could find for just friendship. Was it fate, good timing, divine intervention, I’m not sure but the very first request I responded to was a cancerian woman. I knew nothing about who I should look for when it came to star signs but we spoke for 6hrs that night with both of us only getting 2 1/2hrs sleep before work. For the next 3 nights we chatted anywhere from 3 to 6hrs until we meet for coffee on the Friday where we met and clicked. In the space of 14 days we have managed to see each other every second day and just spent the most wonderful, sensitive and emotional weekend together. We have clicked on sooooo many levels that we already know we are going to be life partners. She is the love of my life and I am hers and we both find seperation almost unberable.

    Now this might sound like a case of complete infatuation and young love but I’m 52 and she 54 so you’d think we know better, and yes we do feel like a couple of 16yr old teenagers on our first date. After reading what is written above, I have no doubt everything in the article is dead true. If nothing else, if you are a Pisces male looking for love, find yourself a cancerian woman. As the saying goes, ‘Its better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all’

  25. Mirrormirror

    I’m a crab girl deeply in love with a fish. He is so the man of my dreams and the love of my life. We share amazing connection and bond. We were both married In horrible marriages when we met and related to each other in so many ways. Years later and failed marriAges we were unable to let go of our connection. He always says loving me is like breathing it’s a necessity. Over the years we have gotten into some disagreements and have sworn each other off but couldn’t even make it through an entire day! We always knew even though we were saying it’s over it’s just not possible. We are always connected like that! It’s something they write about!

  26. gretalove

    I am a Cancer woman and never dated a Pisces man until my now husband of four years. I had some intense relationships with Scorpios and Cancers and get how how the water signs flow together but they were not quiet right for me. Me and my Pisces husband became friends at work and I had the utmost respect for him and how he handled himself and then I learned he was also a poet,writer and artist and got the worst crush ever of my whole life! I still didn’t know he was a Pisces,then when I discovered he was I knew why we connected like we did,very easliy,no awkwardness, like we’d known each other forever! After our first social outing together we were totally hooked. We could not bear to be apart,it felt like it was an out of this world experience,the most intense feeling I’ve ever known in the love arena. Over time we have found that we are really good for each other. We really don’t have to speak to know what the other is feeling. AND the sex is amazing still! We both agree we have never had anything like this. He is all the qualities I have ever looked for in a man. I am 41 yrs old and this has been almost like crazy teenage love. Always one to bounce back after a relationship ends I don’t know that I could after this one. So to anyone thinking of giving this a go,do it! Yes, we have had a few good fights but I can count how many,most of the time because of my crab insecurities and from him checking out and going of into his fantasy land and detaching for a bit.Either way, I know what’s happening when this goes on….

  27. Elizabeth

    well i’m cancer and a girl well this my story well this pisces guy likes me but he’s older than me..
    ¿What should i do ?

  28. S.Dempsay

    I am a Cancerian woman & got out of a relationship with a Piscean man this past November.We were together for over a year and it was magical like the comments above. We had our moments of anger & frustration but when it was good it was great.
    He was the one to break up with me. The first few weeks were HORRIBLE. The relationship ended because of my dishonesty,I had lied to him about thangs that had happened to me in my childhood (WAY before we knew eachother)because he wanted to know everythang about me and at that time i was not ready to tell him yet so I lied about it so he would feel at peace.I also wanted to be perceived as perfect in his eyes.
    The guilt of bein dishonest to him got the best of me so I fessed up about it and thas when it went downhill from there & was the cause of the end of our relationship. It was so wrong for me to have lied to him.
    Post-break up,we’ve remained friends.Off & on he’s wanted me back & we dated again for 2 or 3 days then he called it off again “bc he needed to have this internal connection he use to have with himself” but apparently didnt have at that time. And that we needed to take a break but come back to eachother again in the future, and that he wasnt tryin to be with someone else he jus needed some alone time.(this was in January) 2 or 3 weeks later he’s datin a chick he barily even knew. They are still together, she is a Virgo..suppose we’ll how that goes O_O, but if he’s happy then thas what matters.
    When we see eachother at his sister’s extracurricular events its like we”ve hardly skipped a beat, ik he still feels that pisces-cancer vibe that we have at heart between eachother but wont allow himself to go there again with me bc of my mistake..
    Im currently talkin to a Virgo guy & thangs are so-so between us but im almost to the end of my rope continuin to wait for my ex..should I move on or wait? :/

  29. I am a Pisces female pursuing a Cancer man. I sent him a few emails but he hasn’t answered any. My instincts tell me he might be interested, but I don’t understand why he doesn’t respond. I know he is reading them because I receive an alert when the mail has been read. If he is not interested, why doesn’t he just let me know? Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

  30. Ronnie Maree

    I have found that being in a cancer pisces relationship is so fullfilling. It is true about not having to use words with each other i can feel how he feels and visa versa. Im soo glad i have found someone who is as passionate and sexy as i am. so this is a match made in heaven just wish i could have found him years ago…

  31. honeybrown

    I just wanted to add to this article of truthfulness of the Cancer/Piscean relationship. I’m a Cancer woman and was married to a Libra for 9 yrs and he never understood me and my emotions, all we did was argue and always disagreed. But I have found my true soulmate, a Pisces man who I knew as we were younger, but never formed anything because we were so young. He was also married for 16 yrs, now divorced but somehow we found each other again. We have so much in commom, we talk, laugh and have the best time together and we truly understand one another, and have the best intimate time together as stated in the article. In my opinion, this is the best relationship I’ve ever been in and I am so glad that we are with each other.

  32. im a cancerian and i have an ex-boyfriend pieces, at first yes there is a compatibility but he has gf who is not match on his horoscope, i hope they work it together right.

  33. well I am a cancer and I am in a 4year going on 5 year relationship if “GOD WILL ” and so we have misunderstandings sometimes but most times we’re fine. speaking on a Pisces man they are very jealous hearted people especially when they have taken initiative to making you theirs however they also have two sides sometimes they as the men and women Pisces can be okay one day, minute, or hour and the next…. can be closed in quiet and observing to you with it being a flip side nothing abnormal though. I mean they Pisces are very much good people overall but they can also be somewhat nerve wrecking “l.o.l” but seriously . My rating would be that a Cancer period is very much compatible with different signs they are just too sensitive with most and emotions could take down some being that I am one of them, a woman cancer so I would know (myself) but yes a Cancer and Pisces is worth the try…..:)

  34. Yes it is cancer&pisces

  35. Yes we are cancer&pisces we need all your blessings..

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