What is Astrology Personality Profile or Forecasting?

What is Astrology Personality Profile or Forecasting?

Astrology is a science of Astronomy and Mathematics entangled with human personality. It’s a reverse engineering done by astrologers to understand the effect of sun, cure moon and planets on an individual’s personality and life. Astrology is an evolved science which is primarily proved on pure self-experiences. You can find its authenticity by testing it yourself, but regarding why it works? It’s complicated.

There are many explanations to it. Read this article “How does Astrology Work” it states most of the cause and effect of Astrology.

Astrology personality profile

The truth is that it works and it works amazingly well.. I was never an astrologer nor did I have anyone related to me in astrology stuff. I hold a bachelors degree in Information Technology. Though the fun of knowing everyone just from their birth date and doing it with accuracy was something I got passionate about. Most of the people are just ignorant who label things without practical experiences. Anyone who even learns to study just the sun sign can see a clear pattern emerging. Astrology can show the personality profile of an individual up-to high accuracy.

We all grow up with certain tendencies and personality which differs us from others. We bring our mindset from our birth. A person can have a tendency to be curious from birth, but whether he fans the fire and increases it or let the world make him numb depends on his culture and environment around him. The fun is that you understand why a person makes certain decisions, what motivates him and how the person sees the world.  The most amazing gift is that it helps you in acceptance of everyone. You understand that even when people are different than you, they are not bad.. It’s just a part of who they are..  In relationships, astrology is a boon. Love is not going to be the one with butterflies and raging hormones forever. It all comes to understanding and acceptance at a later stage. Any person can see the actions of other but what plays a major role is the motivation and reasons. It can take decades to understand a person on this level. Astrology helps you to cut this journey short ;)

Forecasting in Astrology

The other part of astrology is forecasting, this is quite a complicated part. It’s also based on study of astronomy, the effects of various planetary positions on your moods, tendencies and even effect of karma. The highest crime during full moon and no moon are the prime proved examples of the effect of the sun, moon and planets on human behavior and actions.

Thats all for astrology now, stay tuned for astrology personality profile based on sun sign! :)

Note: Please don't judge your relationship based on just sun signs. Sun sign compatibility test is not complete nor accurate all the time!, For accurate personalized and in-depth astrology compatibility report,

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  1. Nora Roseum

    Interesting. I’ve never really considered things from your viewpoint before. I like the way you formulate your ideas. ;-) I’ve come across some of your other posts before and really like your blatant honesty. Looking forward to more! *hits the subscribe button*

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    I’m a capricorn with a libra moon, which is the only reason I think I can deal with my best friend who is an Aries ….

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