Many people throughout the centuries have misunderstood astrology, ampoule with all its connections to the heavens above, ailment as an old “religion”. It was used to know when it is best to plant crops when there was still no way of telling the seasons or the coming of catastrophes. It was used to know the will of the gods, how to avoid dangers, and if a person is a good friend or a fatal foe. It is hence quite unfortunate that the astrology that people know these days is the one compartmentalized in simple fortune telling, since there is basis for mistaking that old practice for a religion.

Astrology and Spirituality

Astrology traces its roots to the principle of reincarnation, or soul transmigration, which came into the summit of popularity during the Vedic times of ancient India. The people back then, and even now, believed that a person’s destiny, his purpose in life, and specially his spiritual level are written in the stars. Interpreting the placement of the planets, the moon, and the sun at the precise time a person was born is like reading his past life and divining his future. For these people, a higher power, perhaps a god, is at work and is letting his will on that person’s life’s purpose be known through the physical heavens. A person’s physical attributes, his tendencies, disposition, strengths, and weaknesses are all indicated by this planet or that one.


For all its worth, astrology is in fact a key to a person’s spirituality. Not only does it tell some things about a person, it also tells some truths to the person and leads him to think and ponder on his true spiritual nature. Self-realization is at play here, and if one is to look closely at the influential Vedic scrolls with respect to astrology, he will eventually see that self-realization is actually the spiritual purpose behind every birth chart and horoscope compatibility degree. The body dies and crumbles to nothing but dust. You cannot bring anything you own in this world when the moment to move on finally comes. What then is the point of living a life when you cannot take anything from it? The answer is to prove one’s righteousness, that he deserves a certain reward. The body fades, yes; however, it is the soul that really matters, and the soul is definitely eternal, just like the planets that show the past and the future. It does not die, and is simply reborn to a new life again and again and again until it achieves its purpose: Nirvana, more commonly known as “Enlightenment”.

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Spiritual transcendence is the true goal that the old practice of astrology has been bent to make men realize – that is, if a person follow the will of the gods as written in the planets, do everything according to the grand plan, and adhere to what is right, he will eventually escape this endless cycle of dying and getting reborn and will be reunited with the divine Soul from which all souls, according to the Vedas, came from.



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