Aries Libra Compatibility

Aries Libra Compatibility is like getting two complete different people together, well.. That’s where the spark is! ;)

Aries, strong willed, independent, and individualistic, believes in doing things by himself, and always being a leader. Libra, a team player, likes discussing every issue and taking their advice and then sorting out the problems. Because of these tendencies, over the time, the Aries partner might think of the Libra partner as weak and incapable of taking decisions, on the other hand the Libra partner might start thinking of the Aries partner as egoistic and a self-centered individual. In short, they are opposites. Aries and Libra are not a perfect match as partners; or rather it would be better to say that they are a difficult match. If they learn to be a team, they have the potential to be unbreakable. :)

The Aries partner can be bossy, blunt, direct and offensive whereas the Libra partner is good negotiator and will never offend anyone without proper reason. Each of them can learn a lot from the other one – the Aries can try getting involved in discussions and actually listening to them, and the Libra can try having a hold on situations without always seeking for other’s advice.

When it comes to a long-term relationship between the Aries and the Libra, things can get shaky and out of hand. Aries would always want to indulge into action and adventure, and not have a dull moment. But Libra is a thinker, they like peaceful life moving at a normal pace. They do not share interest for adventure moments every now and then. Thus in a long term relationship, there are chances that the Aries will find Libra lacking ambition in life and being dull, and the Libra will find Aries to be too demanding. The key for this relation to work is to learn from each other’s strengths and weakness and make life a learning experience and fun.

The good point of this aries libra relationship is that there will be lot of sparks and a great sexual chemistry.

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Aries and Libra compatibility ratings

Compatibility:               3

Communication:         4

Sexual chemistry:        5

Ratings are out of 5

Libra Man and Aries Woman

‘Opposites attract’ – this works for the Aries woman and the Libra man. The Aries woman admires the diplomacy and cool detachment of the Libra man, and he likes the initiative-taking quality and courage of the Aries woman. Since attraction does not last forever, this couple has to take it slow and steady.

Libra man is a strategist and knows exactly how to get what he wants. This quality of his is very impressive for the Aries woman and she wants to know more about him. Therefore, romance at the beginning of the relationship is at its best, but there are major chances of it going sour within a few months. Suddenly the Libra man will find the Aries woman bitchy and shrewd, even if she is not. Under such situations, he becomes demanding, which the Aries woman is not able to take and prefers to break the relation.

Aries woman and the Libra man enjoy a good sex life. He enjoys her boldness and she likes the way he reacts to her wishes in bed. However, friendship between a Libra man and Aries woman is very unlikely. Friends have things in common, and these two signs are completely opposites. This is one couple where, if they get married, friendship can never be a driving force.

To have a good marriage, they have to develop common interests or hobbies. They need something to bind them such as children, family or traditions. The best way to have a harmonious married life is that the Aries woman should get independent. By doing so, she will have her own life and will provide the Libra man with the space he craves for.

This relationship can end very badly, when all of a sudden you will see nothing but differences. The Aries woman would be furious and the Libra man would be ice cold.

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Aries man and Libra woman

This Aries Libra couple that is attracted to each other on the basis of looks. So this couple may be one of the best good looking couples you will find. There will be slight competitiveness lingering between the Aries man and the Libra woman always. Be a hero out of a romantic flick and the Libra woman will be head over heels for you!

No other couple would enjoy romance the way the Aries man and the Libra woman do. Aries is the most romantic sign and Libra loves to be showered with gifts and gratuities. The Libra woman loves the concept of Valentines Day, or dozen of red roses, she won’t mind display of affection in public and fulfilling these needs of the Libra woman comes naturally to the Aries man.

They may not be best friends, but they can be called as ‘activity friends’ going to games or museums or exhibitions together. They can’t just sit and chat for hours together or cry on each other’s shoulders.

The possibility of marriage is good here, because by the time they find each other, they have dated all types and they know that they can settle down now with each other. The Aries man and the Libra woman when married make a small group of friends who share a mutual understanding and are a huge support for them.

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  1. I agree with the personalities of the signs, but the other information is untrue. I am in a relationship with a Libra man and I am an Aries. We are best friends and have been for over 25 years. We have both been married and are now dating. And there isnt a love that I know that can be compared to us… Fireworks all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I certainly do not agree that Aries and Libra are not compatible. I am libra woman through and through (5 signs in my chart) married to a Aries man. My Aries man completes my soul! Yes, we are opposites in some ways…. but our differences bring us amazing harmony between each other. Incredible chemistry, communication, love, devotion and dedication that comes from both sides. Married now for 17 years and we both get physically ill if we are apart for any length of time. My Aries man is the center of my universe! He tells me he can’t breath without me ;-) Soooooo Your advice about the polar opposites of Libra & Aries is flawed.

  3. I always love these signs to be together. I’m an aries girl, and i’ve adored a libra’s boy since a year ago. I feel the opposite’s attraction between us is very strong!!! Just look at his eyes, and you’ll see that he also attracts us so much. They don’t speak too much, but they’re so romantic guy, i love him so much.. I hope that we can start a date after his final examination :)

  4. Yes I’m an aries man the relationship I’m in wit this libra is very beauitful and our love in it is very
    Explosive and I couldn’t wish for more everything might be true on this website I’m not sure
    But I do love her and when we first meet only thing I could do was look at her beauty

  5. I am in Love with an aries girl.. Need some advice from aries ladies please

  6. AriesLady!

    To Brad: Never be boring! That’s my advice to anyone wishing to be with an Aries. We appreciate spontaneous gestures and part of the reason we love libras (I assume you’re one of them) is because of their intelligence combined with good looks. It’s a perfect match. Talk to us. Aries love a conversation and adventure. We also have high sex drives and love anything fun. We appear to be confident on the outside but really we’re just in need of affection as any other sign so make sure we feel loved! Just don’t be too obviously into us or we’ll get bored…we like a challenge! As long as you keep things interesting we’ll give you love in return! :)

    • Need More advice please I mean I am so in love with her it is alredy too much. I do not want to sound obssesed with my gorgeous aries. Aries lady thanks a lot but give me more hints please

      • Seluuni

        Brad, she won’t see you as obsessed if you don’t smother her. Give her compliments (we almost always think they are well deserved) but if you’re insincere we can tell. Just… go for her. Especially if it’s a surprise.

      • Cheechy

        If you are obssessed, she will know and RUN no matter how she feels. Do- make dscisions. We love men that can take the lead, because with Aries women that is hard to do. Compliment her, tell her NO sometimes (do NOT be a yes-man). Love her flaws and support her desires. We are very strong-willed, wise beyond or years, independent, straight forward and know exactly what we are looking for. In return, an Areies woman will give you the world and then some, but she must first know you can understand her complexities and still love the view. Good luck! If you’ve made it pass the first date, you’re already half way there! :)

    • Aries guy

      That is so true wish everyone knew bout us aries. but man I can’t get this Libra girl for nothing I’m board out of my dam mind with her lol help

      • libra girl febesa

        i am a libra girl my b day is sept. 26 and my crush is an aries april 17 his b day…… i love him now so much because i think he is the right and the number one guy for me!!

  7. I am a libra woman, and have dated multiple aries men – 4, to be exact. The sexual chemistry and attraction was always out of this world. But, I have always found them to be too stubborn and hardheaded. I prefer to think things over, and I take others’ feelings into account no matter what I do… Aries just do whatever the hell they want! This was always a problem for me. But, now, my current boyfriend is an Aries. He is spontaneous and hardheaded, but he has a very sensitive side, that of which he said I brought forth in him. So, when an aries man/woman really loves you, they will pick up on the things they love about a libra- our diplomacy and sensitivity. And vice versa- i am learning to be more decisive and spontaneous, both of which were always difficult for me. When I asked him about it, he said “you just make me want to be a better person.” From then on, I knew he was the one.
    GOOD LUCK to this dynamic pairing! When you know, you know.

    • Jessica, since you’ve dated a few Aries men, can you give some tips on snagging one? They can be so hot and cold it’s annoying ugh.

  8. I really like this guy, Who is a Libra, I’m an Aries. I’ve only known him for about 3 weeks, I didn’t talk to him until last week. We have quite a lot in common, he likes the same music as I do, we both like skating and photography. I want to find out more about him, but I think he’s really shy. I’m so attracted to him it’s like crazy. Gah!

  9. I kinda disagree with part of this… I’m a libra and my Aries fiance is my bestfriend we can talk all night and we’re both goofy happy people. :) I love him a lot and we never had a real fight before. He’s not very bossy at all most of the time. He’s made me be less shy around new people, but a side from that he loves me the way I am with no changes needed and I feel the same with him. I never really ever believed in this stuff, but its fun to learn about. It just isn’t always true.

  10. Clarice

    I’am a Aries women, and my friend is a Libra. I met him last month, and from the first day, there was an attraction. He is so handsome, and I just fell in love with him. I would like to start an relationship with him, nice and slow.

  11. im a libra female and am dating an aries. i need advice !

    • Rhiannon

      I’m an Aries woman, but I think my advice will be as good as any:
      Look, he wouldn’t be dating you if he didn’t find you interesting. You probably have a hobby or philosophy that he’s interested in. Tell him about it. We Aries’ love new things. As long as you aren’t telling him things he already knows (we can get highly offended if someone acts as though they know more on a subject than we do. Unless, of course, we really don’t know much about it) it should be fine. Try new things together. Like Kayaking for example? That or you could ask him about things. Aries’ pride themselves on their knowledge. Also, just be yourself. There’s nothing better than that. lol



  13. April'sBest

    I am a GAY Aries male and I agree that that the sexually chemistry between my Libra guy and I is explosive! We arent out of the closet so its very hard not to reach out and grab him up in public! SMH… He is sooo charming and doesnt talk much but I dont find him boring. I like the idea of coming to a “quite home” since I am ALWAYS a moving ball of fire!!! We have only been dating for a couple of months and we got into a couple of huge fights. He took my assertiveness as being to harsh. I want to do everything in my power to keep him happy because in my eye he is perfection. So my question is how can I keep the peace while still remaining the wonderful firey Aries I am? Any suggestions from an Aries-Libra pair?

    • Rhiannon

      Hey, I dunno if this reply to too late to help you guys but I thought I’d try anyway. (:
      I’d try talking to him. Tell him how much you care. I’ve been dating the same Libra for 3 years and know it isn’t easy. Sometimes, you may just want him to shut up and do whatever you ask of him. But you’ve got to let go sometimes. Although an Aries IS ALWAYS RIGHT, you should let him win sometimes.
      Remind him how much you care and give a little bit.

      Another bit of advice, on a different note. You really should come out of the closet. Together. It will probably make things a lot easier if you aren’t pretending to be what you’re not.

      • LibraDoped


        Could you help me out? Any advice on how to execute getting closer to a Libra who I want to notice me more? He’s a social animal & I always see events from his FB that he’s attending & throwing. As an Aries, I tend to be complacent not going out often as I’m always studying (or should be) but I really want to get to know him more as friends though. Plus, he owes me for all the tests & quizes I passed for him back in HS :-)
        Any insight would be appreciated.

    • LibraDoped

      Hey April’s Best! I too am a discreet gay male with a HUGE crush on a Libra friend I’ve been in love with since HS and want to make my move. We are less than mutual friends but whenever we bump into each other there’s a sexual tension that keeps our eyes locked to each other’s and a vibe that makes me want to talk to him for days! Can you help with some tips to draw a libra in a bit more? Do I have to party more or show up @ the same gatherings? My typical Aries self wants to just facebook message my cell and spill my guts; I’m not very patient when it comes to cat and mouse chases.

  14. Lib girl

    I fancy this Aries which i have known for few years and he contacts me every now and again i only reply to it and never contact him myself, cause i just like the fact he always comes to me. please help aries men i really like him and we are going out ( with other people ) next week. advice would be much appreciate it! remember i do not want to look desperate!!

  15. I am an aries woman married to a libra man. I totally disagree with what they predict for an libra aries relationship. My husband loves adventure as much as I do. We get along really well, he is very loving, caring and romantic. He has a bad temper sometimes but don’t we all, he is impatient and so am I. We love being together and doing things together. He is my soulmate and I hope we stay together until death do us apart.

  16. i am a libra who is dating an ariese man. I find that he is everything I want. Our relationship may not be perfect by any means however we are like a puzzle. It sometimes sakes a while to find the right peices but when yoi do it is a perfect fit. And the sexual chemistry is out of this world!

  17. Doug Umfleet

    Libra male who is divorced from Areis female. I still love her so much but she would never slow down as said and make a rational choice every thing was right now. And with me it fed my anger until I lost all patients with her over and over.. I still love her we have been divorced for almost a year she has had several affairs on me and ripping me apart. I even raised one of her affairs as my own a beautifull baby boy.. He is know 14 and due to me never understanding her so I thought my anger turned twords him. Everything sounds at peace in my head only if.. She is engauged and after another affair this gu to is a player and she is a very possesive person she will be ripped apart and be back.. I will pick her up and try to help but what do I do? repeat history 5 children 16 years and divorced.. Love knows no bounds but my gut says leave her alone she is bad news.. I can get her back even after everything we have been threw but can i keep her?

  18. I am a libra woman, deeply in love with an Aries man since 2 years. He chased me online for 19 months, made me be his friend first, then made me fall in love with him, and then came to me to set up a relationship, most of which was based on passionate physical attraction between us. After going like this for few months, i became restless and asked to give this relationship a more meaningful dimension, to become good social friends as well, get him as a companion to go to movies, theaters, exhibitions, shopping etc. sometime. And he withdrew, suddenly. Till then i have been pleading, crying, trying to get him back, but he won’t budge. And at times he seems to me to be the most selfish, unthinking, cruel and cowardish man on earth.
    The man who used to be my best friend, to take interest in every minute details of my life, deeply affectionate, now does not see, call or talk to me for months, leaving me to drown gradually in a pool of loneliness and depression.

    • hey. I’m an aries guy. I think I’m really attracted to libra women.. lol, and i mean really.. but for you’re case.. maybe you did something to him that hurt him. I know this libra woman who i was really attracted to and she said something i didn’t like so much.. just because of pride..and a matter of self respect I stopped talking to her, but I noticed she is still interested in me and I don’t ingage

      Also, we aries man like our own personal space and we don’t like being bothered so much with nonsense like drama or neediness. maybe when you wanted more from him, it was something that he did not want.

      As of right now, i just met this other libra woman who when i first met her i was stunned. she is beautiful and how she carried herself i think i fell in love, lol. but away I really like her and she doesnt give me much attention but i know she’s attracted to me.. she doesn’t give me what i want and i LOVE it..

      anyway good luck

  19. jessica13

    I am a gay Libra woman dating an Aries woman. We have been dating since august 2010. Have had great times and bad. She is definitely hotheaded but great besides that
    Sex is the best I’ve ever had! As a Libra, id rather stay in most days n be lazy whatnot, when we met she lived 3hours away so driving to a place I’ve never been to n driving that much alone was out of my typical Libra life… but since she’s been in my life I’ve done a lot of new things n gone to new places with her so her adventureness has definitely impacted me. She now lives in my city and is the sweetest person ever n most caring!

    But, our fights get bad, they’ve gotten better with negotiations though… we have both changed a lot with how we react, libras hate confrontation n would rather be alone to get over what we r mad about, Arieses like to think they’re right n get so mad that things they say in the heat of the moment can lead to bigger fights or end relationships. I’ve learned to communicate more than I used to n she learned to try n control her anger.

    We are for certain in love n can’t get enough of eachother. But remember ….libras often are insecure n Aries takes it as the Libra accusing them of cheating or something. Im guilty of it… it’s not accusing though it’s fear and jealousy.just throw us compliments n love n affection when we r feeling this way to avoid a fight! Love us!!!

    • Jessica13, thank you so much for posting. Its difficult to find responses for gay women! I am a libra, and met an aries woman and was nervous how it would pan out. I think reading your response will help a lot. Thank you again!

  20. I am an aries female who has a libra male in my life who we sarted out with just a sexual relationship and it has been amazing. But I think I am starting to gain stronger feelings for him. Please help and tell me if I should pursure these feelings or just leave things the way they are?

    • Personally I think you should pursue him. I am in a very happy relationship with my aries man. Sure sometimes it is a bit of a challenge….but truthfully who doesn’t like a challenge(especially a libra). I wish you luck in your potential relationship.


  21. For the most part,I agree with the majority here..that I agree with the break down of us as a separate….but I am a libra women…completely head over heels for my aries man and we are in fact very good(if not best) friends and we do in fact have in depth talks.

  22. i’m a libra boy and i’ve known my aries since we were kids (we’re both homosexual males). we’ve been best friends through everything and he’s always been completely understanding of me, and we can be playful and sincere. not to sound boastful but people often tell us how jealous they are of our relationship. even people we just met can tell how inseparable our bond is. i know not all aries males will be as patient and understanding, but i couldn’t dream of a better partner (oh and YES as a bonus the sex is AMAZING).

    • LibraDoped


      Your story is almost similar to mine, except we haven’t been in constant contact & he’s been in relationships with women over the years. Without exclusively being out, he has sent signals that makes it apparent he is attracted to me. I’m an aries & just want to flat out tell him how I’ve felt about him for the past 8 years since HS but I don’t want to scare him. We communicate mostly thru FB & he’s a busy socialite, so I figured all that’s left for me to do is show up &, basically, initiate the start of the “challenge”. He’s liked by sooo many people & that scares me-makes me think I don’t have a chance. I at least want to become closer friends first…what advice could you give for me to help get noticed a lot more by him?

  23. I am an Aries woman who has been seeing an ex co worker who has recently divorced. We always were attracted to each other but of course never acted on it since one or both of us was married over the eleven year period we had worked together. I was laid off in 2009 from our work place. He was divorced in March and contacted me in June on a popular social website to tell me he is now single.

    We started meeting as friends and ended up being intimate. We have great in depth talks about everything and really enjoy it when we are together. He tells me often he is glad we found one another. Everything is going well except one thing. I have initiated six get togethers and he only three. I am not used to having to work so hard to see someone and would like for him to pursue me more. So I am going to back off and see what happens. Any suggestions from anyone would be welcome!! I am nuts about him, but refuse to continue chasing him.

  24. I forgot to mention two things, he is a Libra and my divorce will be final next month. I have been separated for two years.

  25. I believe Aries people are very headstrong and adamant and not answerable to any one. In such a case a relationship with a libra women wud be hard enough to continue..

  26. im a libra female seeing an aries female whom has a boy friend. we have a very strong attraction for eachother and the sex is amazing we have been seeing eachother for about 9 months but for the past 2 has been very different as her boy friend has found out about us we dont see eachother as much but still speaks and c her once a while and still feels the same as it was the first day we met but she is still with her boy friend and says that he is a really nice guy and treats her good but there is just something about me she doesnt want to loose, saying she loves me an and feels like we were meant to meet. she still sends me msgs saying she misses me and its just hard.
    i love her and she is an amazing person but it hurts to see her still with her boy friend…
    please help??

    • Unparalleled accuracy, unequivocal clarity, and undeniable ipmrotnace!

    • RedSuzanne

      Dear Girltroublez.. As an Aries woman and a fully acknowledged true bi-sexual (not the pretend kind. I have been bi since birth and will die as one. No, I do not sleep with 8 people at once…LOL), I feel I should share with you what would be going on in my mind if I was in your situation. As an Aries, I would not allow anything to keep me from the one I love, except the feelings of another that loves me too. If she has not left him yet sweet girl, she probably won’t. This being said however, does not mean that she does not miss you, love you or care for you. I believe that she does. She just can not go against her basic nature. She loves you, that is not the problem. What is, is that she probably has moved her love to the best friends level, while you have been stuck in the lovers mode. If not, then she can not find a way to hurt her boyfriend unless he hurts her first. For myself, I know it is killing her that you are suffering and she wants to ease your pain, because she does love you, but what she can not see is that instead of making a clean break for you so that you can begin to heal, she is just making thing worse for you both. If you break things off, she will probably panic, and she will be hurt, but maybe that will force her hand to see if it is you she really wants or if it is the security of him she wants. Sadly the ball is completely in your hands, and I know it is a scary place for you, but if you do not throw the ball, you will be in pain for a long time. Is it not better to know than to just sit? She can not do that on her own, and she will be content to leave things as they are. I hope this will help you. Good luck to you, and may your heart be soothed.

  27. Agree with above poster Linda! I was going to say same thing!

  28. I too conceive this, perfectly composed post! .

  29. John Dough

    I love reading story’s about Libra & Aries relationships.
    I am an Aries that fell in love with a beautiful Libra off first sight.
    At first, she wasn’t budging. I tried to talk to her for a year before
    we started officially dating. Honestly I gave up on her (being an Aries)
    until we bumped into each other a year later. I was surprised to see her
    and from the hug she gave I could tell it was mutual. We exchanged numbers
    but me remembering how she didn’t budge the year before kept me Nonchalant.
    But to my surprise she called and texted that same night and from there on out she’s
    been initiating this relationship. She is like no one I’ve ever dated. I think what turns me
    On most is that she’s sophisticated with moral standards. Although I’m writing as if I’m a
    English professor I’m actually into that fast life. But she inspires me to get my *shit together lol.
    She didn’t give it up to me yet, she has “rules” but I respect her even more for that.
    Even though I reallllllly am anxious to hit that lol. She so mf fine. So with that being said: Aries&Libras are VERY compatible . Trust me

    • LOL dude awesome.. I’m just met this libra woman and she’s the same she’s sophisticated with moral standards and I LOVE IT.. but behind that she’s a freak and i love it even but anyway.. she’s also very sexy. I like to think of her as sexy, smart, and sophisticated. and those are the 3 s’s for me

  30. You know what the problem with the most of the women is? They are way far too nice. Catering their each and every need. You should really just try to stand up for yourself instead to make sure he’s the one which works to have an attention from you. That is how it should be in nature.

  31. Wow this is So crazy How dead on I feel this is Bc I”m a Libra women with A Aries men and he is well mad at me because I keep doing things over The chemistry is Dangerous Like i LOVE THE FEELING of the Sex and How we Look at each other is Amazing i could do it fa hours … But i Need help cuz WE have taken a Break due to me always doubting myself and i want to call him with tryin to b e prefect for him and be me WHAT CAN I DO!

  32. I am a libran teenage girl. I’m very VERY attracted to this aries guy from my college. I don’t know if he likes me back, but I like him a lot. A LOT. Most of it is physical attraction. Surprisingly, I have had crushes on aries guys only. He looks at me when he thinks i’m not looking sometimes, and we are great friends, laugh and chat a lot together. But he’s rude and cold on facebook chat and has these cocky moments. I don’t know whether I should give up on him or not. Help?

  33. My boyfriend is an aries and I’m a libra, and we have the most fiery, passionate relationship ever.
    We are completely in love, and I can’t picture myself with another man.
    The attraction was instant, and the same sparks that we had the day we first saw each other are still here, a year later.
    Yes our fights are explosive and intense, but they are far and few between, and we always seem to work it out. With every fight, I love him more.

  34. Pull away –no joke! Aries love challenges and once she sees herself as the cat and u the mouse she’s gonna want to chase YOU. Give in a little sometimes but mainly play hard to get for awhile, she wants to feel she’s acheiving a well deserved trophy and doesnt want to feel bored. if pulling away for awhile doesnt work and she never started to come after you then come back to her making very bold first moves. aries women are very dominating and sometimes have trouble feeling feminine even though we may be the most girly girl out there but our sun sign is masculine and we have very intensely strong qualities so we secretly want a man to come be straight up bold, forceful, and dominate us for a change cuz we usually initiate everything we want! because we have such intense strong drives we dont always feel so feminine cuz we are strong ass women who are looking for a strong “real man” in return not one we can easily dominate who maybe helps us get in touch with our feminine side by being the powerful one but note: we do not take orders well so dont go there lol… but we love challenges and a good debate so use those as well to spark her interest. just always be a little mysterious and intriguing, and of course never boring and you got us hooked. Oh i almost forgot spontaneity, thats part of our nature so i hope you have a sense of adventure. best tip: create a challenge and keep her on her toes things to avoid: making her jealous or crushing her optimism

  35. Libra girl

    i am a libra girl and i am inlove with the aries guy and lately where we are in chat he was insulting me now why!!!!!???? is there a love on us two?

  36. interesting…….but i wish none of this will happen in my relationship…!!!.

  37. I’m a mid 30s Libran. I do t really fit the mould but I adore other Libran men as being thoughtful and equally complex in thei search for love which they talk about openly a lot. I met my first Aries girl when I was 15. My world exploded and we were together, completely in love for 5 years. She was spectacular looking and it did annoy me that men so openly admired her all the time. We complimented each other well, but when the going got tough we were young and failed to talk about our feelings. What I know is that Aries women are extremely stubborn. My friends thought she was a bitch but it didnt matter, together the look she gave me was special and noone esle got that love. Aries move on very quickly seeking admiration elsewhere during conflict. They are bossy though most times it is understandable and did not bother me.

    My second Aries relationship… She was chaos on 2 legs but I loved it. Only 6 weeks but explosive and the world existed in a dark lounge and bedroom. She dumped me when an ex arrived back from OS. It only took a week to forget about her.

    The last was a dear friend through my teen years. She was fun to be around and had the best and easiest laugh I’ve ever come across. She was well developed emotionally but we got together before their separation. I was so I. Love but she drove me insane. “we can’t do this” a weekend together and then a fortnight of no contact. I told her I loved her and wrote to her every day. I recall how a bar lit up like I was on crystal meth when she walked in. Her ex fell apart and
    it got messy. I felt for him as he had noone else to turn to for help. I also respect her for putting me off to help him. We waited and waited and then I met someone else. Why wait i thought, I went to her before starting the new relationship and she said she still wasn’t ready. Oh it went on and on, she enjoyed the challenge of getting me back and I should have gone back to her but ended up in hospital with a weird health condition. I couldn’t bring
    myself to impose on her after she had just picked up the pieces of her ex husband and I could die any minute. The new girl looked after me and I felt I owed her something.

    I miss the Aries dearly, love is love and should conquer all. It’s a gift when it happens, no matter how fleeting.

    The secret to an Aries woman is to show interest (easy) they unknowingly demand it, let the relationship unfold slowly (suspense kills them and they chase their prey), indifferent but sincere and clear about how special thu are and your feelings for them (also easy – if an Aries woman is I treated she will let you know – if not it’s a tough nut to crack but they will equally let you know they are not interested.)

    I’m not a typical Libran and focus my attention on making decisions and moving on. I’m pretty sure I have Scorpio rising but this seems to mean I’ve got the best of both signs. I do recall feeling really hurt by the first Aries.

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