Aries Gemini Compatibility

Aries Gemini compatibility is one that can be noted for all the sparks that are flying around – not romantically, but literally! Aries is a Fire sign and Gemini is an Air sign. When these two elements come together, the air makes the fire burn ever brighter – thus the sparks. Aries is a romantic sign, one that enjoys challenges and conflicts. Therefore, Arians are bound to be intrigued by the amusing, flighty and witty Gemini who dazzles all and sundry with the verbal volleys.

Both Aries and Gemini people are easily bored, impulsive and adventure seeking. If the wavelength of these two matches, then these two can drive everyone up the wall with jealousy with the amount of fun that they can have together. Both have unlimited energy and are not too high on the commitment part. They have the capacity to enjoy each other’s company and not be too bothered about the future. Both the signs need quite a bit of personal space and freedom and are not afraid to give the same to their partners. This attitude makes the Aries Gemini couple ideal for each other.

One problem that a Gemini will face in this relationship is that the Aries simply cannot understand the concept of toning down anything. The Aries is passionate, enthusiastic is always on the go. Even though conversation with the Aries can be stimulating (at times, not always) and thus pleasing for the Gemini, the constant need of some physical activity by the Aries can be a little taxing for the intellectual Gemini, who likes to sit down and wander around in the cloud of thoughts every once in a while.

Gemini people are opens and fairly open new ideas in the realm of sexual activity and love to talk about it too (as if this is a surprise!). The Aries surprisingly is not too big a talker here, but a little initiative will go far for them!

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Aries and Gemini compatibility ratings

Compatibility:               2

Communication:         3

Sexual chemistry:        4

Ratings are out of 5

Aries man and Gemini Woman

Aries is the mighty fire sign, and the baby of the Zodiac. The Aries man therefore is the leader the innovator, the guy-on-the go. The Gemini is woman is not only versatile, she is also quick in her wit as represents the child who has learned how to talk and communicate. She can engage the Aries man in the verbal dual that will leave him mesmerized and totally awed. She fulfills the inherent need of conflict of the Aries man. He feels drawn to her, challenged, and won over all at once.

Being born under one of the most romantic signs of the Zodiac, the Aries man loves the chase that the Gemini woman offers. Here, the Gemini woman has to be careful that she does not run so fast that the Aries is left behind altogether without a clue! She will also have to curb her flirtatious/fickle nature if she wants to keep the attention of the Ram. If she doesn’t, she will lose a good potential partner who can be a good complement to her inquisitive and restless nature. The Aries man too needs to put in a little bit of extra effort in being up-to-date about everything going on in the world as his Gemini woman will expect him to supply the gaps in her insatiable need to know something about everything.

The Aries man will find that the Gemini woman is not too touchy about who is the leader among the two of them, nor is she overtly emotional and clingy. She is her own person and has her own ideas, which she likes to discuss in detail from time to time. This is where the Aries man will become a little impatient and may even exhibit rude or abrupt behavior. However, if he can learn to handle the art of conversation with the Gemini woman, he will have someone who keeps him interested for life!

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Aries woman and Gemini man

When the high octane and self-absorbed Aries woman comes in contact with the charming and warm Gemini man, she is instantly hooked by his devil may care attitude. She senses that with this man she can finally be herself and her need for something new and bold will always be fulfilled, and never frowned upon. She also understands that a Gemini man is loves a good conversation and does not mind too much if at times she becomes a little mean. However, she will do well to not wound the Gemini guy too much, as though they have a thick skin, even they can get hurt!
The Gemini man will never try to usurp the limelight and overshadow the Aries woman, thereby fulfilling her need to be in the lead. As both these signs respect their own as well as their partners individuality, no one will put undue emotional demands on each other. Once convinced that her Gemini man is not interested in becoming her lord and master, she will shower him with all the attention he may or may not crave. The Gemini man in turn will be pleased to find an ever enthusiastic and independent partner who is game for his wildest of ideas. He will wine her and dine her and realize her most romantic as well as sexual fantasies.
The one thing that could sour this otherwise wonderful relationship is the fickle nature of the Gemini man. Though he will meet all the necessary appearances of her idea of romance, he may be a little inconsistent when it comes to keeping promises. He is keep on deep conversations, and therefore is the Aries woman can keep herself interested in the Gemini man’s unfolding of ides by putting up interesting questions and inserting smart remarks, he will find her an even more enthusiastic partner (as if that’s possible) for his impulsive adventures!

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    • I’m in.

    • this is a single gemini woman out there will definetly respond back!are you still single?live in poway ca,here in san diego originally from san francisco!came here have been living here for almost 15 years now!different from the city by the bay but i love change that’s what we all need right!hopefully you live in san diego or in poway!american indian girl too!sioux pine ridge reservation!

  2. I am an aries and i really hope that gemini’s are one of the best hook ups because I really love this gemini for about 3 years. I really hope so!!

    • try and focus on the future. not the past

    • toody rose

      i wouldnt get so caught up a gemini does change his mind alot i am gemini i would know

    • l’m a aries women and been with my gemini for 3yrs to and boo you got alot to deal with espcialy if he been hurt b4 mine drives me crazy with his cheating a$$$#$#$.abd can becime very abusive so be careful hun it may not be like mind but they are very 2faced….

  3. I am a true Aries woman and recently through mutual freinds feel head over heals in love with a Gemini dude…hes so spontaneous, adventerous, self taught, educated, not afraid to learn how to do something and repair it. He defends his freidns those he truly cares about, Animal lover, sexy eyes and can hold his own in a great conversation. His curiosity is never off and his interests are broad. I know he is not into relationships and thats his choice I respect it 100%. we could never be togehter :/ I just wish I knew how he felt? He does reply to my messages and I really love his goofey way of responding back to me and always ends with a question about me to keep the lines of communication opened.

  4. I need an aries in my life. i love being a gemini and need someone who can keep up.

    • I’ve read and seen how Gemini’s are actually superb at keeping up with other Gemini’s. So don’t focus on just Aries :P

  5. i have the biggest crush on this aries and this website is so true the air is totally hot when he comes in and its so weird like i could be sitting in the classroom and the air conditoner could be going full-blast then he walks in and takes my breathe away and all of a sudden my ears get hotter then my face then it turns into a hundred degrees in the classroom and all i want to do is get up and kiss him. but i truly do think he likes me back becuase he always stares at me even though we dont talk that much its like i need his eyes on me. its like he searches for me and it turns me on so much.
    man i gotta tell this dude i love him :D

  6. dear aires woman. women? : i like sunsets, long walks on the beach, and poking dead things with a stick.
    june 7th.
    ps. i have a passion for internet dating sites.

  7. My man is a Gemini, and so far being with him has never been boring. :]
    I love him so much, he makes me feel beautiful and loved.
    We met and work at the same place, it’s so hard not to run up to him and pounce on him while on the clock. haha



  9. My Gemini man is my first love and he is absolutely my everything. I love him to my core and i consider myself an extremely lucky woman. My life is inexplicably better because of him. I can’t fault the beautiful man…good things come to those who wait :)

    • nuh uh!!! haha same here! im so in love with my gemini man(: amazing lol i never get bored either!!!! he makes me feel the same way! aries and gemini definately belong together(:♥


    • I totally agree with that! I often get into relationships with Gemini men (Aries woman) and they are very fulfilling. I am interested intellectually and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Gemini and Aries forever!

  10. So attracted to this one Gemini. He is amazing and so knowlegable and exciting! hes perfect How can I not be gaga over him!! Only thing getting in his way is another Aquarius. Guess like attracts like =)

  11. I am an Aries woman whose husband is a Gemini. It’s so true what they say about this match! We’ve been together 4 years now and the sparks still fly! He is so charming but gives me the space I need. In return , I really do shower him with love and affection. Seems like our love grows stronger everyday and I feel like we are this unstoppable team. I love my hubby : )

  12. I am a Gemini woman, and I am currently with a Aries Male. We have been together for 6 months!! He is the best thing that has ever happened to me! He had a 5 year crush on me! And I never paid him any attention other than being cordial and friendly. I was always close with his family and this year he finally asked me on a date! We have been inseparable ever since that first kiss!! We have a great relationship and we will be getting married!! As soon as he proposes lol!! However, Our rare fights are absolutely horrible!! It gets bad!! Cause I don’t back down once I’m in!! I am learning to back down and let him win, even if he is wrong. But, he is the love of my life and truly my soulmate!! He was an unexpected gift in my life and I am thankful to God for him!! This Combo is a great match in my opinion!! Until he and I, I had never dated an Aries!! My only con, is that I wish I would have given him a chance sooner!! He is the only earthly man for me!!



    • Oooo man that seems like my boyfriend. We haven’t been together long but i feel that our relationship has possibilities. He’s bull head though doesn’t like to really understand the words coming out of my mouth Lol. But I like how we can go head to head nether of us backing down but it does wear my patients and i just want to smack the crap out of him. But everybody seems so happy with their aries or gemini, I’m lost when it comes to him… My first aries. I hobestly think Libra are better.

  13. Leensey connor

    I,m an Aries woman thats had my fair share of Lovers! I,m passionate, sexy, fun & Very witty! I,m also hard to please & can be difficult to Live with! I met my Gemini Man at work 9 years ago & have never looked back! He has his Life & friends & I have mine! We also have a wonderful life together! What can I say he gets me with all my fire & passion & I get him with his need to get away & deep conversations! We compliment each other beautifully! Leensey 21st March



  15. My husband is an Aries. We met only 1 1/2 yrs ago. We met through an online dating site. The first time he saw my picture he said he fell in love with me. Our first date actually included our children from our previous marriage and it happened in April 2010. By May 2010 we were all living together, September 2011 relocated to his hometown and January 2011 married. From the first time we met it just seemed so right and that we were always meant to be together. He is my best friend and my soul mate. We compliment each other so much and even through hard times when things can get heated, we always know that together we are stronger than we could ever be apart. He is my best friend, my love and my life! I love you Sean forever and always!!!!

  16. LovelyAries

    I am a Aries woman & a very sexy/charming Gemini man walked into my life about 6 months ago. I was at work when I noticed him…he’s a friend of a ex co worker I was cool with. I asked my co worker to put in a good word for me lol im normally very shy when it comes to talking to men (yes i know a surprise coming from a Aries right lol)But i just couldn’t pass him up cause who knows when i would be able to see him again i nearly fell in love with him off tops lol. My co worker put in the word and i just eased my way on in mind you i was very nervous when i was talking to him and i wasn’t even sure if he was interested but i fund out soon enough he couldn’t take his eyes off me either but at the same time he couldn’t keep eye contact i found this very cute but i was slightly irate because when he came i noticed him looking but he didn’t say anything really…But every since then i have been falling for him i did not expect for it to go this far as it said we are both signs of not committing but all that’s out the window 4 me i wanted to be with this dude from day 1 seems like and i don’t want him to go ANYWHERE!! its been a while since iv felt like this for a guy & i am happy! He is a little hard to tie down & i can till he isn’t used to being n a relationship but with a the power of a Aries all that will end soon im patient n curious to see how deep we get & im not going to rush him into jumping into a relationship i fell that we both can use patience cause Aries n Gemini both have none!!! We don’t seriously argue at least not yet any way lol he always seems more calmer then me wen we have disagreements I know when the day comes n he really does get upset with me it wont be a good site to see lol. I feel like he dosent understand me n my feelings (typical emotional Aries woman) aries tend to run deep with our feelings n for a Gemini its jus a little to deep for them sometimes. He can have a careless attitude which drives me insane by the way but within seconds he can be the most loving caring individual i kno. i really want this to last n i Pray that it does by reading all these response i have lots of hope for us thanks guys :)

  17. i have been dealing with an aries for about a year on and off, and i am a gemini. we have never dated but the sparks do fly, and all this info is dead on!

    aries will tend to not realize how much he is missing, and mayy wander, but they may come back if they are intrigued ;) good luckk

  18. so…. there’s this guy. lol. He is an Aries. I. DO. NOT. UNDERSTAND. MY ATTRACTION. TO. HIM. OMG! he’s this amazing guy who just popped into my life. He liked me once he met me and to tell you the truth i was terrified of him. he’s not what i’m use to at all. He’s sweet, and a gentleman. we fight but not often and its usually petty. I haven’t told him how in love i am with him. i am petrified. but i cant stay mad at him. I think about him more than i think about myself. I go to sleep at night and he’s the last and first thing on my mind. i love kissing him. he’s this passionate guy and also patient (wont have sex with him yet.) with him i’m stranded in my own little world and its amazing, and beautiful, just cause he has a purpose in it. my only problem is we haven’t been fully open with each other yet. i just need more patience. but Oh how I love this man. :D

  19. I am a Gemini and I have had a huge crush on an Aries woman for the past few years. A couple of weeks ago we kissed and now I feel like our relationship is all screwed up. I want more but not at the expense of our friendship.

  20. this it so true I’m the arise and our relationship is just like this… i wonder if this site teach you how to save it

  21. I am a gemini woman and this aries guy doesn’t like me at all
    and im too dumb to keep his interest unlike other geminis
    and umm..
    well the romantic part is true

  22. RedSuzanne

    Ahh gees… Aries female here. I fell hard for a Gemini male. He however only saw a woman that he could use. He was always passionate and fun, but he could never be faithful, nor could he stop coming back to me. I would think he was finally gone for good, only to find him at my door a month later. Each time stupid me let him back in, hoping this time he was coming to me, not to rest. I was wrong every time. It is finally over, and I am fully burned. I can never trust a Gemini again. I wish it was not so, but I have never met a Gemini male that wanted a long time commitment with only one woman. To all of my Aries women with a Gemini male… I wish you luck and happiness. Gemini males are the best thing since sliced bread to us….just be sure he is keeping it in your playground, and not playing the field. They really do not think they are being unfaithful, because they have not said they love the other woman. But it sure feels like being unfaithful to us. We don’t share well. Ever.

    • ha you said it and when mind leaves again for the 10000000th time l gonna member your words and not let him back in for the 10000001 time..your words are to live by l’ve been doing the back and forth for almost 4 yrs l’m pluking tired of it

  23. i have a crush on this Aries man, we have talked, chatted, met up and yes.. he’s the leader and when i lead the meeting, he just my follower. we like each other very much even though he didn’t say it, but i can sense it. i hope we will arrive to something solid soon…

  24. This is a really nice article.

  25. Bitches love that Gemini dick.

  26. OMG, this is sooo spot on. I’m a Gemini male and from day1 i love this crazy, sexy, lovely girl. She just blew my mind and does it every time we meet. The sex is great and when we talk i feel really connected. We’re like magnets, i can’t get her out of my mind and i want to be with her all the time. When i see her, i feel the fire BURNING inside and her eyes tell me she feels the same. No other sign made me feel like this. Sure aquarius women (and sometimes libra) are fun too but this Aries woman just rocks my world. Aries women, dont be jealous and give us the space we need. My gf said i bring love to a new level, making me smile all day cause that was what i was thinking too. Gemini men , don’t look any further Aries is the sign you want. For the first time in my life i’m thinking about marriage. She’s my fuel in life. I know her for about 3 years and i really dont want to lose her. Ever. This connection is of the charts. Thank you god for this Aries girl.

  27. Ive been trying to date this Gemini for the longest. We met in 09. And ever since then the sex has been all we did. We grew feelings for each other afterwards. But I’ve later learn he was loving someone else with me on the side. It hurt like Hell cuz I really fell for him hard. Times I do think bout him and hard to get over him. We had incidents when we would have sex and I would catch feelings but he wasn’t ready for that. It fucking sucks Idk why I want to give him a chance. As of now he wants to just have fun with me…have sex and he’s not wanting a relationship at all. I love being intimate with him..but I feel I deserve better. But apparently its hard to find someone I’m comfortable with. This Gemini man is a good friend. But sometimes I can’t trust him or rely on him much. He never really keeps his promises. And he still wants to b with his ex.. So in some way I feel like I’m being used..until he feels he ready fo. aRelationship..not with me but with her. And she treated him like shit. iDnt understand. But anyways times I miss him and want to b with him.. Ad times I need to let go and move in I’m afraid is getting my heart broken again. Unrequited love sucks!! Gemini and aries is a good combo but I’m having trouble trusting the free spirited Gemini.

    • I’m sorry if this is going to hurt but you need to unstand what went wrong.
      You just made every mistakes you possible could make with a gemini.
      Just like Aries , gemini like the chase. Never give a gemini the idea he’s got you for good. You gave yourself to hem , leaving nothing left to chase for. Never tell him you love him. Mistake1. You’re still giving him the sex without having to worry about feelings. Unless you’re ok with it , you should show him your fire inside and yell at him and give him the cold shoulder afterwards. If he really wants you he’ll come back. One thing gemini dont like is not communicating. It drives them insain. Give him the chance to miss you. Mistake2
      A gemini that doesn’t want to talk about feelings , should not be trusted. He doesn’t respect your feelings. We’re the kings of communication, it’s what we love most. Mistake3 You gave him sex while you knew he wanted to go back to his ex. It’s ok to make him feel your fire burning inside, just dont give him the sex. Make him want it so bad. Mistake4

      The best thing to do now is to tell him you’re not ok with not talking about feelings. Dont give him any sex untill he showed you respect.
      If he doesn’t want to talk and runs away, let him go. dont be affraid that he wont come back, because he will. If he doesn’t come back , he doesn’t deserve your love.
      Don’t send him any message, don’t call him. Give him some time to miss you. I know it’s going to be hard for you but if you want this to work you have to get some controle.
      Right now he’s controlling you.
      Don’t tell him you love him. Again very hard to do. I know when you’re in love , you want to tell him how you feel, but don’t. It’s ok to show your love ,just dont tell it to him. Once he’s got you there’s nothing left to chase for. It might be hard to understand but he doesnt care about how much you love him. He only cares about his love. Make him feel like he’s loving you a little bit more then you love him. Make him want to chase you. A gemini in love will do everything possible to get what he wants. The only problem we have is that we get bored very easily. Get your control back and you will see that he’s going to change into what you really want.

      • Yes, he is right. I am a gemini woman and we love the chase just as much as we loveto be chased. Not many geminis are into settling down especially when we’re young. Not unless we find someone who can keep us interested, like long time interested because we bore easily and we are big time first. But like everyone, when we love we love hard. so if your gemini guy still wants his old tc back It’s probably because she still has his heart and if that’s true that just means you only have his cock when he wants to give it to you. Not to sound mean but youre probably just his rebound. When it comes to US geminis you have to take a stand and be assertive, the boss! but becareful we don’t like for ppl to try and dominate us, only in the bed but not always. and make sure to never give a gemini an ultimatum cause you will be assed out. But if you have spunk you just might find him giving you a call, but becareful make sure you guys are on the same page before giving It up again.

  28. I joined this new school and my first friend was a Gemini women
    We fell in love in about 2 months, we’ve been dating and it’s been wonderful.

  29. Wonderful website. Plenty of helpful information here. I am sending it to a few friends ans also sharing in delicious. And of course, thank you in your effort!

  30. I am new to dating after 10 years and just met a gemini right before Thanksgiving. We have had one date (06 Dec.)where both of us connected not to mention when we kissed we both saw fireworks. Since then we have mostly texted each other. I want more dates and to get to know him but there isnt alot of response. Its like he wants to on one hand but doesnt on the other. Should I be patient or move on.

  31. I just have some questions for my GEMINI MEN!!! and be honest. What do you really see in your ARIES WOMAN? What drive you so crazy about her? How dose your ARIES WOMAN!!! other than sex make you feel good, make you feel like a man? What about her make you say I want to MAKE HER MY WIFE?

    • Mee Dee

      Well dear…words just are the words…and action clearly needed when i am with an Aries…I’ve never been date with an Aries for quite long..Long enuf to forget the pass. My last relationship with my Arian girl was in a year 2000….And after that…I’ve been a lot of experiences with a lot of females..(if you know about Gemini that well))….LOL….And this year 2012, I am madly in love with An Arian girl which is I never expected it can turns me on and madly deeply in love with her…

      Let me see whats the quality that I look at Aries women…Hmm

      Your directness, honesty, leadership, charming, feminity, understand Gemini outward and in inwardly, active mind, sports, adventurous, shyness, heavy hint, mental chase game and sexual intense is deeply killing a Gemini men….

      Your aries are know the hint and WE want as a restless and easy to get bored GEMINI..The mental thrill and challenge is definatelly is there…..

      If you want Gemini men to give a full commitment and cant wait to the marries zone…I think you’re the most capable zodiac that can do that….Just one thing thou…dont be to jealous or possessive…they will get frighten immediately and give them the reasonable space for them to breath…they will not run away from you cause they are quite responsible person as well not all flighty and flirty…

      Talk and communicate with them in every level of topics…we love intellectual, social and sexual talk…seduce them and surprise them with any possibility you can..makes them laugh…they love you for what you’re…don’t overdress or test them to much cause this will bring to curiousity that will never end…They do get jeoulous but they never show it at least..but you can read between the line…
      good luck for you…

  32. balderdash

    umm i see many people who think this works, i mean its really interesting to read and imagine the same, but i have been in love with an ARIES guy for some time now, he is 6 years older (and i think he makes a big deal about it) than me. We met at work and i fell for him! we became friends and just because i cant keep back stuff, i told him how i felt for him! and he went all cold! then some days he would be so nice to me(we are still txtng) and some days cold again! he never talks straight(and i dnt know what he thinks) and when i do the same, he gets irritated because i m not clear enough(WTF!). I am having a hard time getting him out of my head. well i am a long-texter and well he replies in monosyllables(which is sooo frustrating) but i dont see where am i wrong! i dont wnna be a stalker, just nice and not rude like him! Few days back he even decided we shouldnt talk anymore and after a week he was fine, said it was a ‘mood swing’(Oh for god;s sake!)..its creeping me out just trying to figure out what is he upto! i dunno if i should even stick around but somehow, he’s kept the mystery maintained and hence my attention otherwise I m pretty convinced i wouldnt have been out there so long! anyway, if anybody’s got any heads-up on what he might be upto or just free advice, i would really like to know! thnx a ton!!(replies prefered before i totally flip!!!). Being a GEMINI is cool by the way!! Proud!

  33. Gemini woman here….my best and first love was a headstrong Aries. Canoe the Yukon River…sure! Would you believe 1000 miles including the infamous Five Finger Rapids? Live in quixotic places like Lapland and visit Russia right when Chernobyl disintegrated? Hitchhike across Europe and Canada…work in an asbestos mine in the Yukon…live with Indians…write a book…be heard on the Radio-Au-Canada expressing your political views…much more. This Aries guy was FANTASTIC!!!

  34. It does take a certain type of woman to love this Zodiac sign or else, they’ll drive you cuckoo! You definitely have to be strong, independent, and act like you don’t care. We work together. My Gemini is 50, gorgeous, tall and charming. I’m just a tall, attractive and sexy 37 years old Aries woman LOL…He has been a bachelor all his life, we’re in the media, and he has a reputation with women in the community. Not my cup of tea! because I DO NOT SHARE! But a year later (2010), I’ve realized that he was flirting with me all along, and I, back unconsciously. He never asked me out. It started off this way! One Thursday, we went to get something to eat late after work. Friday, we spent the whole evening on the phone. Saturday night, we went for a walk, First Kiss! Sunday morning, I brought him breakfast and as I turned to leave, he said “I Love You” I didn’t know what to say, that afternoon, we were in bed making Love. Crazy Huh? Now! a year and a half later (2012) I’m still madly in love, but, there are a few issues with this man, “He’s too damn friendly, his past is catching up with his present, his exes still have hopes, because he has never closed the doors fully. He never says “No” to anyone. Now! He’s been working overseas for the last year, but visits every 4/5 weeks or so, we talk on the phone almost every day, I visited him 6 months ago, on his birthday…but I know he has someone there. He has never denied it, his answer was “you believe everything you hear?” I even went as far as calling a few psychics on different networks. LOL They all say the same thing. “He’s in love with you, they are women around him, but he’s not cheating” Some of his friends said, she’s around him all the time. They work together…Well, someone’s lying! I told him that, I’m coming to visit in a few weeks…LOL…I love being an Aries woman, because he can’t say “NO”. My whole thing is everyone says to just be patient! Patient???? the man is 50 years old. At this AGE! Gimme a break! what else are you looking for? They say he has changed since he met me…This is the first time he has claimed a woman. I don’t know, Sometimes out of the blue he’ll call and say “baby, just wanted to say I love you”. Hmm! I’ve read somewhere where they said Gemini men will never use the 3 little words if they don’t mean them. His actions confuse the hell out of me sometimes. When I told him that I can’t do this! He gets frustrated! but he does not realize that he’s the problem because he has not opened up fully…Some of his previous lovers were cheating on their husbands with him…so the man is a challenge! I have to show and teach him him love…and that all women are not the same.
    We care about each other tremendously, we’re best friends, we’re attracted to each other’s intelligence.
    I can honestly say this is the first man that actually took my Aries warrior armor off, meaning stop leading/wearing the pants all the time. The world knows how strong and independent Aries women are, but at the end of the day, we are still women and need a break every now and then. It takes a special type of person to do that. With him! I will forever be grateful, because he did it with such a poise that I didn’t even notice.
    I get angry at times and throw the Aries Fire balls at him, but he’s too cool and collected to argue with, which I love because we just move on quickly to making up :-)

    Aries-Gemini *****

  35. I enjoy being with my gemini bf however one thing that the guy lacks is sexual maturity. By this I mean the guy doesn’t know how to please me sexually. I enjoy many qualities about this man however being an aries its true I have to admit that my sex drive is possilby more than the poor guy can handle. Weve been together for a little over a year and everything is great, conversations, he stimulates me mentally, however after a year of being with someone I realize that I need a lover that pleases me sexually otherwise I think its safe to be in the friend zone. Sometimes I need him to just stop with the talking and start doing. Not sure if this relationship is going anywhere. Truthfully it makes me miss my ex=lover.

  36. Aries Raider

    I am a true Aries and I have been dating a Gemini man for 1 year, I dont know what it is, maybe its the fact he is 23 years older then me but, but we do share a bond, a very strong bond, so maybe its the age diffrence, but we just are not making it as a couple right now. I love him and he loves me, but its not working. Makes me sad.

  37. Aries Pixxi

    I’m a Aries Women and everything on this site is right about gemini men.I’ve only dated one gemini which I would have to say was the best relationship I ever had.We didn’t end on bad terms either,he was moving away from our home town for his job and at the time I wasn’t ready for moving that far from my family.IDK y I never dated another gemini since him but here lately I’ve been talking to this guy I met at the college I go to and we just clicked from the first time we spoke.A plus is he oh so cute.:)I just got home not to long ago from hanging out with him outside of college and I had the most fun I’ve ever had n a long time.He’s funny,smart,out going and loving.It’s kinda crazy how fast we just clicked and if feels like we have known each other for years.I really like him and he seems to like me back so we will c how this goes.:D If anything I know I’ll get a great friendship out of it.

  38. LatinaAries

    I’m a 29 yr old Aries woman. Just met a Gemini man about a month ago. I’m falling fast it’s scary. We Aries don’t like to loose control or surrender to our partner. My biggest fear is everything I’ve read about Gemini not being capable of loyalty. I don’t know if I should walk away while it’s early or if I should stay for the ride and lose myself to this guy. We’re the same age and neither one of us has been married. I need advise from Aries women who’ve had experiences with Gemini men and i want to ask Gemini men why they can’t keep it in their pants when WE ARIES GIVE IT ALL TO YOU, were beautiful and intelligent.

    • Gemini33

      I’m a 33 Gemini man and i never cheated on a girl.
      True, we’re very hard to keep. The advice i’m giving to everyone who’s dating a Gemini is : give them space and they will come back.
      We love/need to chat so dont be jealous when we do, even when its with another girl.
      My Aries girl rocks my world, i would never cheat on her.

  39. Thank you for that, i m just recently seeing a Gemini n to be honest ive never dated one , but what drives me nuts is that he can become very very quiet and he thinks too much!! Got any pointers on this? Thanks your input is appreciated :-)

    • Well idk about the gemini guy but as a female not only do we think alot we tend to over think. especially In relationships. we either take note of the multiple possibilities or lack of. And if we see one thing wrong our heads are gonna stay there. And something’s wrong if hes quiet because we love to talk. we are amazing with words. Becareful with geminis though we are very indecisive but we wouldnt stick around if we dont want to. So if your gemini is still there, u still have his attention which Is good!

  40. Heya i am for the primary time here. I found this board and I find It truly helpful & it helped me out much. I’m hoping to present one thing back and aid others like you helped me.

  41. Help!!Sexy Aries.. Hi there,I’m an aries female who is so crazyed over my Gemini man,all the articles here really helped but what stood out the most for me was from Sexy Aries who has been with her Gemini man for a year and a half.I read about how suspicious u are about him,yet trust him.I’m in the same boat lol. Its actually my Birthday today weird enough,I just turned 22 and my Gemini Male is a year younger than me…Yes I know,we quite young yet we’ve know each other for 4years..we dated in high school but I cheated on him once,that’s cuz I was so young and naïve *smh* he took it pretty bad bt forgave me.We later separated cuz he had to move to Benoni,which is like an hour and a half away.We still stayed in contact but lost it somewhere down the line..

    We recently started talking again,Its been a year now and we’ve been getting together,which meant long drives to Benoni lol bt being an aries,I didn’t mind..for the past year we’ve been on and off but not confirming anything,it would just sort of be said without words…with this all happening,Iv been ecstatic..I recently found out that he has his ex girlfriend pregnant,he actually didn’t tell me for a couple of months,cuz I think he was afraid of losing me,well as he said bt not in so many words lol which is typical of a gemini to do..He finally had to courage to tell me,and of Course I was heartbroken..I decided to support him in every way cuz i still love him and I know he didn’t plan to be a father at such a young age.The thing is that in some crazy way this whole pregnancy thing has sort of brought us closer together.

    I recently visited him,just out of blue…When we together its like nothing else matters and we embark on a new adventure each time.He gives me my space and I give him is cuz he hates it when I smother him lol took a while for me to figure that out lol He still Jokes about how I broke his heart bt a part of me still thinks a small part of him is still hurt,even though he forgave me.He tells all his friends about me,even the ones I haven’t met,had me aware of that,which I found so cute!That day,for the first time,we became fully intimate with each other (sexually) after 4 long years lol It was amazing and indescribable..In the past iv been with other guys bt being intimate with him was making love,I’m sure I sound crazy bt he turns this Independent & fierce aries into such a little girl lol,I really love him..Its crazy cuz Through all my past relationships every guy iv dated has never compared to him or how he calms my fire and sparks it up too,I swear every guy knew about him…What’s confusing now is that after being intimate we grew even more closer bt yet things are still the same in a unspoken committed way.

    I don’t know what to do about his ex girlfriend being pregnant cuz I don’t want to lose him,I’m so scared that he’ll get back with her so they can be a family.I’m trying my level best to be there for him,besides all the “woman trust issues”,I have an even bigger thing to worry about,which is losing him.I don’t show him that I’m scared or anything,I’m just being there for him,and I’m already loving his unborn daughter from a distance..I know we young but it just feels so right,it always has.He feels like my soul mate,we always said we’d be together through all these years…He even keeps telling me how he’s so sorry cuz it was me who was suppose to have his kids.He tells me Loves me all the time,bt mostly random times when he’s not in his own space lol which I love.I just don’t know what’s holding him back from committing to me,in the normal gemini way,cuz we can sometimes go days without speaking and I don’t know if he’s holding back cuz he still thinks I’d break his heart again.I need to know where we stand before his daughter is born bt I don’t want to scare him off by being too pushy and naggy.I just want to build a future with him as well as his daughter some day,when the time is right…Please give me any advice,anyone else can also comment,I’d love to hear your thoughts.. ***Fearful Yet Still Hopeful Aries***

  42. ArdentAries

    Nice article. I find Gemini men fun for a short time, but I can never find a connection. I get bored so easily and I just end it without word. Many of them are handsome, but I find Scorpio and Taurus men more attractive. Conversations are nice with these men, but after a while, I feel like I’m talking to another woman. I can’t say I could be myself with these males, nor have I ever really noticed one until he’s approached me. Although I’m not entirely crazy about these types, I find the signs I’m most compatible with *and have the most fun with* are Leo (know-it-alls, but provide good conversations), Scorpio (clingy and moody, but CAN BE pretty fun(ny) to be around), and Taurus (not the brightest, but SOME are funny and cute). I did know one Gemini that made choices I was not entirely happy with, and when I ceased communications with said Gemini, he tried to come back as if nothing had happened. It was almost irritating the way he would come back after I would try to let him know it was over by avoiding him whenever he would come around, or by simply ignoring him and only treating him as I would a stranger on the street, but he eventually caught the hint and now we just act civilized towards one another (I do anyways) as if we had no relationship to begin with. I sometimes feel bad whenever his acts/words of *slight* aggression would not faze me whenever we do come in contact with one another, or whenever he switches around and tries to speak to me in a friendly manner I would act as if he’s not speaking as a means to say, “If we communicate, it will only be about business and nothing more. Let’s keep this strictly professional,” but I’m sure he bounces right back and doesn’t get bothered by it. Although I sense some resentment/hostility when I approach this Gemini about business *as I’ve found it clear, overtime, that this Gemini thinks I am approaching him as a means to go “running back” to him* I’m hoping that this Gemini eventually sees that he was never the center of my attention and that I was not the type to get emotionally attached to his suspicious and fickle character to begin with. All-in-all, he was a fun short-time “buddy”, not fling lol *considering this (as well as other Gemini) guy(s) was not trusted enough to get too far with, but I’ve done better and had more excitement with other signs.

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